Your Guide to Digital Marketing Guides

Looking to optimize your digital marketing experience? Look no further! The internet has now become the largest and most popular communication platform worldwide. From chat rooms to direct messages, the internet has developed a form of communication the world has never seen before. Now with good internet connection, almost anyone is any part of the [...]

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What You Need to Know to Optimize Your On-site SEO

Search Engine Optimization has come a long way. From its humble beginnings to its domination in the search engines, you can't go wrong with learning all about this helpful marketing strategy. Let's start off by defining the two different types of SEO you can use for your business or website. It can be segmented into either [...]

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How Instagram Can Grow Your Brand

Why Instagram? Social media is a huge part of the marketing industry. As of 2017, 2.46 billion people worldwide are social media users. Social Media is especially important for companies who want to get their products or services out there. I am sure you have heard of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat… etc., but a [...]

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15 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a crucial tool that can either grow or hurt your business. SMM gives your company character and maximizes the opportunity for your brand to engage with its customer base. Social Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn allow your business to spread the brand message and post content related to [...]

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UI/UX Design and Your Business

Once upon a time, computer developers were the only ones able to write code to dictate commands. However, they rapidly began to realize they needed a way to create a user-friendly computer interface, to make the technology more widely accessible. This is about the time the idea of a Graphic User Interface (GUI) began to [...]

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How to Create a Successful Adwords Account

How To Create a Successful AdWords Account Leaving traditional platforms to start marketing through digital marketing methods like SEO and PPC (Pay per click) advertising can be a big step. But, If you’re making that move then good for you! You have probably realized that you can really step up your advertising game by [...]

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10 Best Tips for Branding Your Business on Facebook

Social media marketing shouldn’t have to be something you’re afraid to conquer. In fact, with the right tools, a little bit of knowledge, and a good understanding of who you are as a brand, marketing on social media can be easy. Here are Mack Media’s 10 best tips to marketing your brand on Facebook: [...]

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How Inbound Marketing Can Grow Your Business

How Inbound Marketing Can Grow Your Business Inbound Marketing is the focus on attracting customers through content in every stage of a customer’s search. Content creation plays a vital role in this, by providing your clientele relevant and helpful information they can use in their search for an appropriate product or service… while simultaneously [...]

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The History of Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO? Put simply, SEO is about increasing the quality and quantity of internet traffic to your website. Webmasters employ SEO tactics to generate more business for their clients by making their websites appear higher in search engine results lists. Now, the methods they used to achieve these goals have evolved substantially over [...]

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12 Costly, Common Adwords Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Google Adwords can be a great investment for businesses. After all, businesses make 2 dollars in revenue for every dollar they’ve spent on Adwords. That comes as no surprise considering 85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. While 70% of searches conducted on mobile results in action taken within an hour. Still, [...]

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