One Page Website Design

One page website design is a great option if you need to get your site up quickly. This is often the go-to choice for startups and business ventures. This route of website design allows companies to get basic information in front of users very quickly.

Why choose a one page website design

One page websites are simple compared to their multipage counterparts. With one page designs, you don’t have to worry about creating an extensive navigation (usually it is based on the sections of the homepage) nor would you have to worry about sidebar content. While they are simple you can pack a lot of functionality into one page websites such as contact forms, maps, and galleries.

If your company plans on expanding the website in the future, we can help you choose a theme that will allow you to create a simple one page website design and scale up to a multipage design in the future.

Pitfalls of One Page Website Design

There are some negatives to consider when thinking about one page website design. This type of website is not suited for extensive search engine optimization. Since there is only one page on the website, it is quite difficult to target multiple keywords and have your site rank well. You will also not be able to include as much content on a one page website like you can on multipage websites, this can also affect your ability to be found on search engines. If your website can be broken up into multiple pages, we highly recommend going that route, but we understand the need to get some content up quickly to have your startup or business venture have web presence.