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The Mack Media Group can help grow your business with the help of Connecticut Email Marketing. We can work with whichever email client you currently use. If you don’t have one we can set one up for you in MailChimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse or any other service. With the correct implementation of Email Marketing, your business can engage with your target audience offering powerful messaging.

It doesn’t matter if you have used Email Marketing before or not, we can help you set up and create useful content for your CT email marketing campaigns. The Mack Media Group is CT, NY & NJ’s trusted Email Marketing specialist.

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Connecticut Customer Testimonials

The staff is great to work with! They are fast, reliable, and always do a great job. We love the work they do and make it so much easier for us!

Alyssa A.

I tried other larger companies that were extremely expensive and very confusing to use and work with and never helped my business at all. Then through the recommendation of a mutual friend I sat down with the guys at Mack Media and it was the best move I ever made for my business.

Noelle M.

Mack Media had great customer service and worked with me quickly and efficiently. Great company!

Chase C.

I tried other larger companies that were extremely expensive and very confusing to use and work with and never helped my business at all. Then through the recommendation of a mutual friend I sat down with the guys at Mack Media and it was the best move I ever made for my business.

Shaun M.

Excellent people to work with! Everything I asked for they did in a timely manner !

Lauren F.
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What Is Our CT Email Marketing Process?

CT Email Marketing FAQs

If you are having trouble engaging and reaching your customers, Connecticut Email Marketing can come in handy. It is an effective way to communicate with your customers and an even better way to reach mobile users about your products, services, or special offers.
Email marketing is an easy strategy to set up and regularly optimize while saving you a few pennies compared to traditional marketing. You also have the ability to integrate your campaigns into other marketing efforts while personalizing your messages for your customers.

Connecticut Email Marketing is the process of leveraging the communication of messages, updates, tips or promotions for your business through email. This can be carried out through a multitude of email marketing providers like MailChimp, Constant Contact or the provider of your choice.
For your entire email campaign to be successful, you must determine what the purpose of your campaign is. What are you trying to achieve? Are you marketing a new product or service? Are you trying to drum up more business or traffic to a specific article you have posted?

Once you figure that out, we can then design your email through your provider. We suggest that you focus more on text than images. It is also good to have a call-to-action not only visible in text, but also in a graphic somewhere on your email. Another good tactic is to create an effective, eye catching subject line that will help you draw in customers. The last step is to review your tracking and determine how well your campaigns are running and what you can improve or keep consistent in the future.

Having trouble with your own Email Marketing campaigns? Mack Media can help you set up and write copy to improve your lead generation and grow your business.

The success of your campaign will be dependent on your goals and what you are looking to achieve. There are many reports that will tell you how important it is to have a good open rate. Open rate is the percentage of how many subscribers have opened your emails and it is crucial to the success of your campaign. In general a good rate for open emails would be between 15% to 25% for marketing emails and 30%-40% for transactional emails.

We don’t only prioritize open rate (although it is very important), we also focus on how many people click, unsubscribe, complain or forward your emails. This way we can determine the entire scope of your campaign and what needs improvement. We will also provide you with an accurate Return-On-Investment.

Under the CAN-SPAM Act, you will never be allowed to remove an unsubscribe button in your emails. Recipients should always find a visible unsubscribe link and, if they choose to unsubscribe, have the process completed within a timely manner.

If you notice that you are getting more and more unsubscribes, this can only mean that you are not providing the right material to keep your subscribers interested. There could be many reasons for your drops in engagement, but the best way to deal with this problem is to listen to feedback and to test out different ideas to get a feel for your target audience.


Research shows that 78% of all Americans are known to have at least one social media profile. The top being Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. This means that you have a higher probability of reaching your customers through one of these platforms. Social Media is on the rise and connecting with your customers is essential to your businesses success.

Your posts don’t just have to be all about advertising. Remember that social posts are a two-way line of communication. You will often receive likes, comments and other arrays of feedback from your customers. Use this to your advantage as you sell your products and services or promote an event!

Putting together fun, interactive and entertaining posts can help you keep users informed, and aware of what is going on in your industry. Making fun facts for your Connecticut contracting business, or health tips for you medical facility are all great ways to keep consumers engaged.

First off, there are multiple email marketing tools that exist, and Mack Media can help you choose one that best fits your business. Some of the most popular are MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Get Response.

The metrics that you should focus on for your Connecticut email campaign are Open rate, Click-Through-Rate (CTR), Conversion Rates, Clicks Per Link, Bounce Rate, Unsubscribers, Spam Complaints, Forwarding Rates, Time Spent, and Active Users.

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Are you looking for a Connecticut Email Marketing company that can help you grow your business? Look no further! Mack Media is your trusted solution. We provide effective, ROI-driven and honest Email Marketing campaigns for companies throughout CT, NY & NJ. We are not only an Email Marketing company, but partners in the growth of your business.

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