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Does your company want to start up a new website? Are you looking to refresh your existing site? What is an Enfield business to do? Well, you’ve found the professionals! Here at Mack Media, we specialize in creating mobile-friendly, convertible websites that takes into account your budget, your timeline, and your goals. Our websites are designed to be friendly not only for site users but for the companies we serve as well.

We work closely with listen carefully to you during the design process to ensure that the website we create will stand the test of time. By creating a web presence that is relevant to your brand both now and in the future, your site can live online without requiring any major tweaking or redesigns down the line. For the greater Enfield area, we are your trusted website design and development agency.

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Why Choose the Mack Media Group for Your Danbury, CT Web Design?


Every Enfield company is unique. That company’s brand must shine through in order to be effective and truly showcase the products and services offered. Mack Media makes sure that your website’s look and feel makes your brand come to life online. As such, each of our designs are custom made with your business in mind. Our sites are designed to shine on mobile devices and we strive to build websites without a template look.


Key-performance indicators —such as leads, sales, and page views—inform the way we build our websites. Mack Media keeps your goals and objectives front and center when building an online presence for your Enfield business.


A website design schedule is important, so we will establish one—and stick to it—following our initial planning meeting. Your completed website will be produced on schedule and on time.


Mack Media enables your company to update your website as needed by building websites on the content management system of your choosing. If you aren’t sure about which CMS is best suited for you, or you don’t want the responsibility of updating your website by yourself, the Mack Media team is here to support you!

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Some of Our Past Web Design Projects

We design websites for companies of all sizes in the CT and NY areas and the US at large. Every one of the websites we design has been built specifically for each company. We don’t use templates as CT’s web designer. Every company is unique, and your online presence should be a reflection of that. Our refreshing designs are build using industry best practices. Our expert team will design a website that your company can be proud of.

We’ve featured a few of our favorite website development projects that we’ve completed for previous clients.  Interested in seeing more? Visit our portfolio page.

Web Design Customer Testimonials

Great company to work with. They explained everything that they were going to do and delivered. Staff is great to work with and extremely knowledgeable with web design. Highly recommend. Two thumbs up!
Joan M.
Finding a partner to help you succeed in business is a wonderful thing. I have been in need of a website revamp for more than a year. Enter Mack Media. They had my site redesigned and live within days. That is critical when you are dependent upon your site like I am. If you need a web dev partner – I HIGHLY recommend them!
Noelle M.
I wanted to create a website that would not only work for me but also my customers. Sam Kim & Doug Wenz went above & beyond for me. I am so happy with the end results of my new website. I can’t thank Sam & Doug enough for all of their help. I highly recommend them if you’re looking to create your dream website!
Erika K.
I used Mack Media to build my website. They were great to work with. They also took over my ppc account and I’m getting more business then ever. The Mack team is on point. This is a real review from a real person who is REALLY happy with their services. Top notch, professional company.
Dan H.
Scott and His Team were very helpful in helping me design and build my new website. They were very accommodating to me being a small business. Sam who designed my page was quick and responsive with answering questions and making adjustments. I plan to continue to work with them for my multi-media and web design needs. Thanks Mack media Team for all your help and support.
Chase C.

Our Complete Web Design Process


Every great project begins with a thorough understanding of the information that is needed and an anticipated outcome. We begin our design process by getting to know your Enfield business. We want to hear your own vision for your company so that we can design a site that meets your requirements and objectives and has the features you want to see in your website. We also look into your competitors and other companies in a similar line of business to see how you are similar and different.


By setting a general timeline, Mack Media can easily track progress so that you can track each of the milestones during the design phase. We also create a site map so that your company and our design team can visualize the end product. After this, the design team develops a blueprint wireframe to make it come alive. Once we make sure the content flows, we begin to build the site.


If you have content for your website already, great! If not, our team can help you come up with it. If you’re interested in our content writing services, we include keyword research, creating page outlines and writing site content. It is important that the messaging on your site matches the voice of your company, so we will work with you to make sure it is cohesive and effective. After you review the content, we will make any necessary revisions and move toward final approval.


After the wireframe is done and the content has been developed, our design team will begin to put all of the pieces together. This is truly where your new, beautiful website will come into focus. We make a visual layout of the website’s user interface. This is also when the choice of fonts, font color or photo decisions are made. Once the first design draft is complete, we review it with you, making appropriate changes, and then move on to development.


Next, our development team will set the structure of your website. We take the final design and start programming and coding your business’ new site, adding functionality and interactive features. We build our websites through a content management system (CMS), typically using WordPress. You do have a choice of what CMS you would like to use. Once development is completed, we routinely test and debug the website.


3-2-1- LAUNCH! When it’s time for your site to go live, we will set up hosting (either in-house or with the provider of your choice), and run tests and checks for security, performance, and speed. Once the site has been debugged and is running flawlessly, we can go live with your new site.


Mack Media is there to support you even after the website has launched! We have a website maintenance package available for companies who want a little extra long-term support. If there are issues with your website or hosting, we’re there to help. We can also guide you through questions and problems with CMS management. If you’d like to be taught how to manage your CMS, we can run a training session. If you are looking to grow your Enfield business, you can also take a look at our digital marketing services.

*Disclaimer: Your project may not include all of the features described

Website Design & Development FAQs

Absolutely. In fact, we need your Enfield to have a say in what is created on your website! Even before the web design process begins, we need to know your business’ requirements and objectives in order to implement an effective, high-quality design. By using this info we can create initial designs for your website. You can then review the designs and request necessary revisions. We will only make your website live once we’ve worked together with you and you have given final approval.

When we create websites, we prioritize your business’ needs while taking into account industry standards and best practices. You can trust our expert web designers and developers to make sound choices when creating your site. Your business should be involved in every step of the way—and the more involved your Enfield business is, the happier you’ll be with the final product. If you ever have any problems with any designs, please let us know. We are here to get rid of any worries and create a website that perfectly fits your brand.

Yes!  Although you are absolutely invited to provide your own content and images (and we can help you optimize it for the website), Mack Media offers copywriting and photography services for your Enfield business.

If our copywriting, photography or video services sound like something you are interested in, we are happy to help. We have a professional video production team that can go to your business to capture images and video for your website. Unlike many other multimedia companies, you get to keep and reuse any photos and videos. Whatever content we write or images we capture belong to you.

The web design and development process depends largely on the design parameters themselves, but also on the relationship and communication between Mack Media and your company. The process differs when a website is more complex, because it takes longer to make an initial web design. The more complicated a site, the more design, development, and testing will be needed, too.

Some factors are entirely within your control, however. Your responsiveness to design and development requests and feedback can speed up or slow down the overall process. If you need your website to be live quickly, we can create a design that accommodates this need.

Mack Media offers hosting and maintenance.


If you have a particular hosting or domain name service in mind, or you have a company that you’re already working with, our team can definitely work with them. We also offer our own hosting packages.

Website Maintenance

Whether you choose to host your website with us or with another hosting service, we will still help you maintain your site. If you ever have any issues, need to make changes, or have security problems, we can take care of it regardless of where the website lives online.

Yes. The Mack Media Group offers a multitude of effective marketing strategies. We even offer digital marketing plans custom designed to help your Enfield business grow.

Here are some of the digital marketing services that we can offer you: 

  • Email Marketing
Less expensive companies create subpar products. When you go with a cheap company, you’re going to end up with a cheap product. Good web design and development takes time, so when you rush the site design you’ll end up with something generic build on a standard template with little to know custom graphics, multimedia, or ability for your users to interact. Mack Media builds custom websites created specifically based on your company’s needs. We ensure that for your money you’re getting cohesive design, visibility, opportunities for customer engagement and interaction, and optimization for search engines.

In the end, you’ll see a higher return on investment by trusting Mack Media’s expert web design services.

Our price structure is designed so that we can work within your budget range. Our consultations are always free, so give us a call for a free quote. We hope to hear from you soon.

Website Design Services to Grow Your Enfield Company

The Mack Media Group is Enfield CT’s trusted web design company. For our clients we go above and beyond, we are much more than just a website development agency.

The Mack Media Group is your one-stop marketing agency for PPC management, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), web design & development. If you are interested in any of our services, give us a call today at: 203-778-1120.