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Are you searching for a brand new design for your website? Or are you refurbishing an old design? No matter what you are looking to achieve, Mack Media can help you make a website that looks great, is mobile-friendly, easily edited, draws customers in and converts them. Our Web Design team can offer you this and more.

The Mack Media Group designs and develops custom-made websites for businesses of any size and any specialty. We have a wide range of design options for your Bronx business to choose from and we can tailor them to budgets or business goals.

To achieve exactly what you are looking for, we will listen to your input and include your business goals and needs in the process. Mack Media Group is your trusted Web Design & Development agency throughout CT, NY & NJ.

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Why Choose the Mack Media Group for Your Bronx, NY Web Design?


Every company has different needs and requirements, so we customize your website to be unique just like your Bronx business. All of our sites are also mobile-friendly and never created with templates.


The websites we create are built around key performance indicators (KPI) known as your leads, sales, pageviews and whatever else you need to meet your business goals. With these in mind, we can make a website that suits your Bronx business.


In our initial meeting, we will create a schedule that will be utilized through every step in design and development of your website. This way we can create a final product on-time and according to our agreed schedule.


All of the websites that Mack Media creates are done through the content management system (CMS) of your choice. This way, when you want to edit your website in the future, either Mack Media or your Bronx business can easily take care of it.

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Some of Our Past Web Design Projects

Mack Media has created websites for companies of all sizes and professions throughout CT, NY & the U.S. When we design websites, we build them to match the needs of its business. For your Bronx business, we’ll take into account all of the best industry practices combined with our years of experience, and create something you are proud to show off.

If you would like to sample some of our past Web Design & Development projects, take a look at our portfolio page.

Web Design Customer Testimonials

Great company to work with. They explained everything that they were going to do and delivered. Staff is great to work with and extremely knowledgeable with web design. Highly recommend. Two thumbs up!
Joan M.
Finding a partner to help you succeed in business is a wonderful thing. I have been in need of a website revamp for more than a year. Enter Mack Media. They had my site redesigned and live within days. That is critical when you are dependent upon your site like I am. If you need a web dev partner – I HIGHLY recommend them!
Noelle M.
I wanted to create a website that would not only work for me but also my customers. Sam Kim & Doug Wenz went above & beyond for me. I am so happy with the end results of my new website. I can’t thank Sam & Doug enough for all of their help. I highly recommend them if you’re looking to create your dream website!
Erika K.
I used Mack Media to build my website. They were great to work with. They also took over my ppc account and I’m getting more business then ever. The Mack team is on point. This is a real review from a real person who is REALLY happy with their services. Top notch, professional company.
Dan H.
Scott and His Team were very helpful in helping me design and build my new website. They were very accommodating to me being a small business. Sam who designed my page was quick and responsive with answering questions and making adjustments. I plan to continue to work with them for my multi-media and web design needs. Thanks Mack media Team for all your help and support.
Chase C.

Our Complete Web Design Process


Before we start any web design work, we conduct research. We’ll learn about your Bronx business through our kickoff call and gather all of your requirements, objectives, and features that will define your website. To craft your site, we’ll also take a look at your competitors and existing design standards specific to your industry.


During our meeting, we’ll discuss milestones and create a general timeline for the final product of your website. During the beginning, we’ll make a sitemap that shows the structure of the website itself. Then, we can create a blueprint wireframe for a visual of our plan, craft the site’s user flow and figure out how to build your site.


When it comes to the content on your site, we give you the option of creating it or having Mack Media create it. Our content writing services include keyword research, page outlines and content creation. All of the content we create will be shared with you before it is live on your website.


After we create the wireframes and content, we can start to combine everything. Our Web Design team will put together a visual layout of the website’s user interface and let your Bronx business decide on font, colors, photos and other elements for your site.


After the design stage, comes the development stage. This is when our Development team can take over the design and begin to program and code it, adding any additional functions and interactive features. We build our sites through the content management system (CMS) of your choice. We generally use WordPress, but we can use any CMS that you would like. After development, we’ll rigorously test and debug your site.


Finally, time to show your new website to your customers! For a hassle-free launch, we’ll set up your hosting which can either be with Mack Media or the host of your choice. We will place your site, check its performance and speed, and any additional live testing. We will also make sure that there are no potential security issues and that your site is complete for its new visitors.


After launching your site, we won’t leave you on your own. You have the option of signing up for our website maintenance program. This program includes protection against issues with your website, hosting or if you need to make any changes in the future. We can even train you to understand content management systems (CMS), or we can help you grow your business through our digital marketing services.

*Disclaimer: Your project may not include all of the features described

Website Design & Development FAQs

When it comes to anything dealing with your Bronx, NY business, you should always have a say in what is created for you. Before we begin, our designers will have a meeting with you and get your input and business requirements. We’ll let you review the design and request any revisions before we continue with it. Only after we receive approval will be go on to the development stage.

For your website, we will take into account all of your business needs, industry standards and our years of experience in Web Design. Mack Media believes that if your Bronx business is more involved, you will absolutely love the end result. If you see something you enjoy, please tell us! If you see something that doesn’t quite fit your standards, let us know! This website will be custom-made and built for your Bronx business. Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll make it happen for you.

Yes! Mack Media has both copywriting and photography services.

For our copywriting services, we can extend keyword research, page outlines, and content. You also have the ability to use your own content and photographs, but if you need help in these areas, we can definitely take over. For our photography services, our Video Production team can come to your Bronx business and take photographs and shoot videos for your website. Afterwards, all of the content, photographs, and videos are yours for reuse.

The length of your Web Design project will depend on what you are looking to achieve and how quickly you need it done. If you have ideas and needs that are more complex, the initial web design process and development will take longer. If your Bronx business responds quicker to revisions, images and site content, the process will go faster.

So, the exact time to build your site will vary by project. If you need your website to be live even quicker than we plan, we’ll still be able to accommodate more demanding timelines.

Yes! Mack Media offers both hosting and website maintenance for your Bronx, NY business.

For your Bronx business, we can offer our hosting or you can choose your own hosting and domain name services, and we’ll work alongside them. If not, we can extend our hosting packages.

Website Maintenance:
If you host your website with us or not, we can still offer our website maintenance services to your Bronx business. This means that if you ever face any hosting issues, security problems, or need to make general changes, we’ll be able to help you out. Avoid any confusion or headaches by depending on Mack Media to assist you with all of your maintenance needs.

Definitely! Mack Media is your one-stop shop for all things digital marketing. We even create custom digital marketing plans that are built to help your Bronx business grow.

Here are some of the digital marketing services that we can offer your Bronx busPay-per-click

Choosing a cheaper company that could offer you a website for only $600 could cause you more problems than ease. When companies advertise cheaper websites, they also advertise less options and no results. There’s a large possibility that they’ll take your initial payment and simply run away with it. You’ll be left with a website that was created with a generic template and won’t represent your Bronx business. They may also ask you for a bunch of text that will simply be dropped into these templates.

Don’t sell your company short and invest in something that will give you no custom graphic design, no interactivity, and won’t be optimized to search engines. Without being optimized, it’s basically as if your website doesn’t exist.

Still not sold on the idea? Mack Media offers free consultations to let you know what you could be investing in. To get an even better idea, call us today to discuss what you are looking for, what you need your website to do and what your budget is.

Website Design Services to Grow Your Bronx, NY Company

The Mack Media Group is your trusted source for all things Website Design & Development. For your Bronx, NY business we can help you attract more potential customers and convert them to loyal customers. We are much more than just a website development agency, we’re partners in your business.

The Mack Media Group is your one-stop marketing agency for PPC management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Social Media Marketing (SMM)Web Design & Development, and Email Marketing.

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