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If you have an idea for a Connecticut video series you believe will help with marketing your business, choose The Mack Media Group to put it together. Our video production team at The Mack Media Group is comprised to professional videographers with an outstanding visual portfolio, making us the perfect choice for producing your new video series. We are able to help you create video content that will entice your viewers and boost your brand image for your business. We want to help you create a captivating story for your next video series to impress your audience through a visually artistic gestalt.

A video series is a great way to brand your businesses since they essentially serve as a library of videos important to your audience. The consistent visual appeal is a great way to create awareness and retain customer loyalty.

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Why Us for Video Series?

Effective Video Series Solutions

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Popularized by Youtubers, vlogs are a great way to deliver information you would typically deliver in a blog. However, given the visual and audio features that come with video production, Vlogs are far more captivating for audiences and eliminate the need for users to sit and read through lengthy text.

Give your business some personality through Vlogs, essentially create a connection between you and your viewership.

Videos for Social Media

Popular social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter have adopted video features of their own, and are always improving on them. Creating video content and uploading it to social media is very important due to the seamlessness of the shareability these platforms provide. The ability to share videos with the click of a button has revolutionized how information spreads and in many cases, has launched businesses and regular people into stardom due to video content going ‘viral’.

Informational Videos

Does your business provide multiple products or services? Why not showcase them in a series of videos. Go beyond just textually explaining what your business has to offer and give them a visual representation that, literally, makes it easier for them to see what your CT business is all about. Does your business sell products or specialize in services ordinary people do not know about? This is your opportunity to create tutorial videos they can look up for those do-it-yourself projects. Additionally, this gets customers to continually check back in with your business as a reliable source for help!


Do you have a line of services or products on the way that you’d like to roll out the red carpet for? Create presentations for these things in advance and release them in a series of videos so your customers will be impressed by how many new things are coming from your CT business. What better way to showcase new features of your business than with a visual presentation!


Impress your audience by delivering interviews with people they are likely to be interested in hearing from. Interviews are a great way to build popularity for your business’s brand as you align yourself with the interviewee; thus attracting new customers and even increasing brand loyalty among your consumer base. Schedule interviews with multiple people to create a Connecticut video series of interviews your customers can keep coming back to!

CT Customer Testimonials

Great company to work with. They explained everything that they were going to do and delivered. Staff is great to work with and extremely knowledgeable with web design. Highly recommend. Two thumbs up!
Joan M.
Finding a partner to help you succeed in business is a wonderful thing. I have been in need of a website revamp for more than a year. Enter Mack Media. They had my site redesigned and live within days. That is critical when you are dependent upon your site like I am. If you need a web dev partner – I HIGHLY recommend them!
Noelle M.
I wanted to create a website that would not only work for me but also my customers. Sam Kim & Doug Wenz went above & beyond for me. I am so happy with the end results of my new website. I can’t thank Sam & Doug enough for all of their help. I highly recommend them if you’re looking to create your dream website!
Erika K.
I used Mack Media to build my website. They were great to work with. They also took over my ppc account and I’m getting more business then ever. The Mack team is on point. This is a real review from a real person who is REALLY happy with their services. Top notch, professional company.
Dan H.
Scott and His Team were very helpful in helping me design and build my new website. They were very accommodating to me being a small business. Sam who designed my page was quick and responsive with answering questions and making adjustments. I plan to continue to work with them for my multi-media and web design needs. Thanks Mack media Team for all your help and support.
Chase C.
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Video Series Production FAQs

It all depends on the size and complexity of your video. Depending on what you want to achieve and the budget you set will determine the final result of your video. The Mack Media CT video production team works hard to deliver high-quality videos that you will be satisfied with!

The digital marketing industry is increasingly moving in the direction of video production. So in short, yes! CT video production is definitely worth your investment. We encourage you to take advantage of video production because digital platforms like Youtube and even social media platforms are constantly improving ways videos are being spread all over the internet!

Once again, it all depends on what you want to achieve for each video. The length of the production process will always depend on the size of the project, the complexity of the project, and scheduling. However, to give you a timeframe, video production roughly takes 6 to 8 weeks. That is why we encourage you to begin production for your video series as soon as possible!

A Video series is an effective way to brand your business, spread awareness about your business, and keeps your consumer base engaged. By consistently releasing videos, you are creating a theme or personality for your business, essentially forming your brand. Customers loyal to your business are more likely to share your videos, thus increasing impressions and engagement for your business overall.

Trusted CT Video Series Video Production

Effectively brand your business and keep your audience engaged by choosing The Mack Media Group to produce your next video series! We are passionate about growing businesses through artwork produced by our CT video production team. Impress your customers and blow out the competition by showing off new and engaging content created by our expert videographers at Mack Media!