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 Professional Video Production For Your Business

If you are looking for professional video production services in a variety of video styles, The Mack Media Group is able to create high-quality video content for your Connecticut business. A style video we find important to businesses are testimonial videos. The Mack Media production team can put together professional and attractive testimonial videos so customers that have already interacted with your business can vouch for the exceptional experience your business brings to the table. Let us help deliver the experiences of your customers so we can help make up the minds of those still on the fence about your business.

Testimonial videos are important if you want to get across your business’s credibility from a primary source that has already experienced your services. Just like a recommendation, testimonial videos can help influence new business.

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Why The Mack Media Group For Your Video Production?


Our video production team has put together high-quality videos for a large number of businesses in a plethora of industries. We have a passion for creating outstanding production work both, you and your audience, will appreciate.


We’ve worked with so many businesses in multiple industries so no production plan is the same as the last. That is why we choose to sit down with you and cover everything you want to see in your business’s testimonial video.


We know things may come up and new ideas come about which is why we stay in contact with you so we are on the same page throughout the entire production process. The Mack Media Group are strong believers in a transparent work ethic.


Aerial drone footage is a revolutionary videography practice changing the video production industry. Our producers are FAA-certified pilots who are able to capture amazing drone footage making your business stand out even more!

Why You Need a Testimonial Video

Create Awareness

Testimonial videos are a phenomenal way for you to create awareness and attract new business. Customers already hold the idea that businesses will say anything in order to make a sale. That is why testimonial videos are great for tackling this preconceived notion held by new customers. Instead of trying to pitch your business yourself, let customers who’ve had a pleasurable experience with your business tell others about how great you are!

Get Viewers To Consider You

Testimonial videos are a great way to plant the seed of your business in the minds of potential customers in the market for your services. Since awareness is coming from someone just like them – a customer; except they’ve already used your services – you are more likely to be considerable and trustworthy to new business. Additionally, since the person leaving the testimonial is leaving a positive impression, this will increase the likelihood of individuals choosing your business after watching your testimonial video.

Influence Decision-Making

For customers who have cash-in-hand, and are ready to act, testimonial videos are a great way to get those who are prepared to buy, choose your business without any second thought. Just like positive reviews left online, testimonial videos are able to paint your business in a positive light. Additional visual influencers such as tone of voice, positive expressions, and body language coming from the individual in the testimonial increase chances of securing that customer who is ready to buy.

Build Customer Loyalty

Testimonial videos are a great way to build loyalty among your consumer base. When they see how happy other customers are for choosing your business, they will feel safer knowing they chose you for your services. This makes it less likely for them to choose someone else for the same services you provide. As a result, you will build a reliable consumer base you can trust to stay loyal to your business.

The Testimonial Video Production Process

Defining Your Vision

Before we begin any production we like to sit down with you to get a firm understanding of exactly what you are looking for in your video. It is the job of our production team to visually represent your business so we need you to be as detailed as possible with what you would like to see, and achieve, so we can create a video you will be more than happy with.


Once we have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve for your business through video, our production team goes through a brainstorming phase to think of creative ways to put your video together. We want to make your video visually appealing so your audience is immediately influenced to choose your business.

Scheduling and Planning

After we’ve come up with the idea, we contact you to establish a schedule for shooting your video. Video production can take some time so there is a chance we may need to schedule for multiple days to meet to acquire footage. During this stage we will cover deadlines as well as dates and times for when you want your video to launch.

Video Production

Lights, camera, action! This is the stage where we finally begin shooting your video. During this phase we will collect as much footage as possible so we can give you a final edit that you will be proud of. This phase is always a fun experience. You get to see our video production process and the hard work and passion that goes into making a visual to promote your business.

Post Production

This is the last step in our in video production process. This is the stage where our production team is working tirelessly, editing the footage into a cohesive work of art. Once the final edit is finished rendering, we will preview your video to you and cover the platforms and times for when you should launch your new video!

Testimonial Video Production FAQs

This all depends on the size and complexity of what you want to achieve in your video. Our production services are customizable. This means video production is specifically tailored to your business goals. Our production team will work hard to produce a high-quality video that works within the budget you set for us.

Video production is increasingly gaining popularity throughout the digital industry. Thanks to video platforms like Youtube, video production has become more important than ever. Additionally, social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter are adopting video features of their own which every one of their users are taking advantage of.

Again, this all depends on the size and complexity of what you would like to see in the end. Schedules of individuals who will be in the video will always play a big factor in the amount of time it takes to make your testimonial video. This is why the scheduling and planning process is important to us. However, to give you a rough estimate, the production process of your testimonial video can take anywhere up to 6 to 8 weeks. This time frame allows us to schedule shoots accordingly and to optimally edit your video.

Testimonial videos are a great way to build trust for potential customers on the fence about choosing your business. Testimonial videos are a great way for those new customers to connect with someone in the same position as them. Hearing from someone who has had a pleasant experience choosing your business is always reassuring. You can even build loyalty among customers who choose your business after they experience those same positives mentioned in your testimonial video.

Video Production Services To Grow Business

Increase awareness, influence decision-making, and establish consumer loyalty by choosing The Mack Media Group to produce your next testimonial video. Go beyond positive reviews online and create an enjoyable visual to show people and spread the word about how awesome your business is!

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