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Finding an experienced and competent expert in corporate video production who cares about your business can take time and effort. Luckily for you, we’re just the company for the job.

Mack Media can offer you the corporate video production your business requires. Whether you need live or animated corporate videos, we’ve got you covered. Our talented corporate video production crew can deal with any corporate video, whether it’s for internal or external purposes. We also have access to highly-talented animation video experts who can use their skills to produce exciting and engaging video content for your company.

Ever since we first started our career in corporate video production, we have produced innumerable videos for various medium to large businesses in CT and surrounding areas. We are the corporate video production company you need to produce the caliber of video needed to send company-wide messages or create ones for marketing purposes skillfully. There’s a reason why CT businesses refer to us as the best in corporate video production in CT!

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Corporate Video Production in CT: How Important is It?

For the past few years, corporate video production has been essential to the operations of numerous companies throughout the globe. And we can already see numerous businesses soon taking advantage of the potential corporate video production has to offer. To convey a company-wide message with impact and panache, business leaders have to rely on passing down said message down the hierarchy. But today, many realize they can impact their employees more with the help of quality corporate video production.

Additionally, more and more business leaders are beginning to recognize the effectiveness of corporate video production. Around 75% of executives watch business-related videos at least once every week; without videos, their tasks will become more and more difficult. Consequently, the employees they supervise will get disorganized, highlighting the significance of top-notch corporate video production in today’s corporate world.

We can see that businesses will use corporate video production to effectively disseminate their messages, whether it’s for internal management or external marketing purposes. While many companies still use webinars and whitepapers, corporate video production is becoming an increasingly superior alternative.

Corporate Video Production in CT: Our Services

Live Action Business Videos

An actual video is easily preferred by many executives, especially if they need to convey a message to their employees living in many different countries. Many businesses prefer live-action videos because they can represent fictitious scenarios that showcase a specific commodity, service, or scenario from which the employees and other audiences would benefit. It’s about time you utilize corporate video production to the fullest extent possible.

Animated Business Videos

Many people today believe that animated videos are only for kids, yet they’re unaware of the potential benefits these types of videos can offer. When it comes to corporate video production, animated business videos remain one of the top choices of many companies because they can effectively convey complex ideas into something more straightforward. Furthermore, many senior-level executives adore the idea of animated videos being used for their company’s benefits, particularly for their websites and ads. Let Mack Media, the expert in CT corporate video production, help you get a leg up on your rivals with quality animated business videos.

Internal Communications Videos

Utilizing corporate video production is one of the finest ways to communicate with your employees company-wide. With corporate video production, you can create videos like the ones mentioned below, all of which can benefit you and your employees greatly:

  • Leadership messages
  • Training videos
  • Brand awareness campaigns
  • Company culture videos
  • Announcement videos

Corporate internal communication videos are starting to be an excellent alternative for many business owners because they convey information effectively. 

Testimonial Video Production

Videos of your clients describing how your products or services have solved their problems can radically change your prospects’ perception of your company and everything it represents. For this reason, many businesses nowadays employ corporate video production experts like Mack Media, who are skilled enough to create testimonials that touch every viewer emotionally.

Brand Anthem Video

A brand anthem video is a great way to inspire your staff. These videos focus on rallying people around a unified message, mostly telling its viewers that you sell who you are and not whatever you’re trying to make as a company. Brand anthem videos produced by talented corporate video production companies will highlight your brand’s philosophy, values, mission, and vision, allowing it to connect deeply with your employees and people outside your company.

Recruitment Videos

Make your HR department’s job easier by employing an experienced corporate video production crew specializing in creating recruitment videos. These types of videos will not only help your company acquire more talent but also help them during their training process. Use corporate video production now and get the most value out of your bespoke recruitment videos!

Corporate Video Production in CT Done Right

At Mack Media, corporate video production is a chance to show how deeply we care about our client’s brands and businesses. We understand that a video is a powerful tool that can help create a seamless, productive, and bountiful experience for any company. With corporate video production, any business can promote its products and services to the right audience. 

You’ve come to the right place if you need quality corporate video production services for your business. Contact us today and get a free quote for your corporate video production needs!