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At Mack Media, we collaborate with our clients to create some of the most inspiring, compelling, and engaging commercial videos. Since we go above and beyond with our commercial video production, we consistently exceed our client’s expectations. For us, commercial video production is more than just creating videos geared toward achieving marketing goals. It must also be about sharing a message most creatively and plausibly possible. This is one of the primary reasons why CT residents consider it the best in commercial video production.

Commercial video production has made it easier for brands and marketers to do customer outreach. The presence of online video hosting platforms such as Facebook and YouTube poses a huge opportunity where brands can put up the outcomes of their commercial video production. Commercial video production can change how your audience perceives your brand and, in turn, positively change their minds about how they see your products and services.

Mack Media is all about commercial video production. It runs in our blood and is what we’re good at. Contact us, and let’s get started on your commercial video production project today!

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What is a Commercial Video?

Nowadays, people are more likely to consume information from the internet, mainly social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And it’s no accident that this information includes your brand and its offerings. Back in the day, commercial video production mainly revolved around television. But with social media platforms like the ones mentioned above, brands and marketers are innovating their commercial video production processes.

Posting commercial videos online, particularly on social media platforms, is a great way to market any product or share any message. Commercial videos are short-form videos created to advertise goods or services. Sometimes, they’re used to spreading messages too. 

During commercial video production, brands must focus on making their videos as concise and compact as possible, focusing on their core message while marketing their offerings simultaneously. Since the timeframe for a commercial video is usually 30 seconds or less, brands must be innovative about how they’ll accomplish said task. Yes, it’s pretty tricky, but with the help of experts in commercial video production like Mack Media, it doesn’t have to be.

What is Commercial Video Production in CT?

Commercial video production is all about producing videos for commercial purposes. It’s a process that involves three main phases: pre-production, production, and post-production. These commercial video production phases are crucial to attaining a good video that can generate desired results. With the help of Mack Media, their commercial video production team can help you develop a compelling, inspiring, and engaging video. We can guarantee that our videos can inspire your target audience to take action in favor of your business.

Commercial Video Production in CT: Our Services

Branded Content

Branded content catches your audience’s attention while conveying your core message. Here at Mack Media, we can provide you with branded content where you can showcase how impressive your products and services are genuine. The type of commercial video production involved in doing branded content requires expert videography and mesmerizing clips. Luckily for you, we can easily do those.


Have you ever wondered why some commercials are so good? That’s because they employ the best people for commercial video production. With our help, we can produce amazing commercials guaranteed to leave lasting impressions on your audience. Our crew has access to the best camera and lighting equipment, and we’ve got the best video editors in town. You can count on us to deliver visually appealing and enticing commercials that capture your target audience’s attention.

Promotional Videos

Do you need someone to cover your construction project from the skies? Do you need help creating a promotional video for your landing page? You may need a compelling video showcasing your previous projects on your homepage. At Mack Media, we can provide you with some of the most professional and appealing promotional videos. You can use these videos and put them wherever you want to: social media pages, blogs, landing pages, or product pages – you’re the boss!

Professional Photography

Aside from commercial video production, we are also quite skillful when it comes to professional photography. Our team of professional photographers can snap the best photos you can use for your business. We can also use the photos we captured as materials for your marketing campaigns.

Why Should You Invest in High-Quality Commercial Video Production in CT?

When done correctly, commercial video production can significantly increase your brand awareness and encourage current and prospective customers to take action toward the benefit of your business. Commercial video production guarantees a presentable and share-worthy video that can foster consumer confidence and trust. And oh, did we tell you that videos have a higher sharing rate than any other content types like blog posts, podcasts, and whitepapers?

According to recent statistics, 88% of consumers claimed that watching a brand’s video has significantly influenced their purchase decision toward the said brand. For this reason, investing in quality commercial video production is almost a no-brainer. Let’s face the truth: people are likelier to watch videos than read blogs, social media posts, or product pages. So if you want a surefire boost in your brand’s visibility, social engagement, and revenue, you can never go wrong with commercial video production.

Expert Commercial Video Production in CT at Your Service

If you need someone who can produce high-quality videos guaranteed to generate the best results, you’re lucky – Mack Media is here to help. We are experts in all things commercial video production, and we understand how effective it can be for propelling business growth. Contact us today, and get a free quote for your commercial video production needs!