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 Professional Video to Brand Your Business

The Mack Media Group offers the best video production services all throughout Connecticut, guaranteed to capture the ideal audience for your branding goals. Our team of talented videographers are able to deliver top of the line production services and a final video that you and your target audience will love and remember. We only use the latest equipment and editing software, also used throughout the video production industry today. We want to build you the best promotional branding videos just like ones produced by big names.

Videos geared towards branding your business are essential if you want to create a loyal consumer base and leave unforgettable impressions among an audience of potential consumers.

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Why The Mack Media Group For Video Production?


Members of our video production team are no strangers to the intricacy that goes into creating effective branding videos. They are very familiar with current branding techniques widely used throughout the video production industry.


We work with clients in all types of industries which is why we don’t settle for a blanket package system when it comes to creating videos. We prefer to sit down with you and tackle what you want to see when we create your next branding video.


To minimize any discrepancies we stay in contact with you the whole way throughout the video production stages. Video production can be quite lengthy and we want to expedite the process while delivering exactly what you and your audience want to see.


 A new dynamic in the video production is drone footage. Members in our video production team are FAA-certified pilots capable of delivering to you and your audience, captivating drone footage, helping your company stand out against the competition.

Video Production For Every Branding Need


Vlogs are a trending video production strategy popularized by Youtubers and are proving to be an effective form of branding for public figures and organizations. Vlogs are great for retaining a loyal consumer base, resulting in new business through sharing from your loyal base. Additionally, Vlogs are great for keeping your audience updated about any important events or products that are coming up as well as creating a culture your audience can connect with.

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Videos For Social Media

Social media competitors like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter have adopted video features, allowing their users to easily shoot and share videos; thus reshaping the way we interact on social media. Creating short videos to upload to social media is a good way to expand your reach by branching off from Youtube. Additionally, you will increase impressions and conversions by expanding video branding to social media.

Promotional Videos

Do you have a new product or service you know your consumer base needs to hear about? Create a promotional video for it! Promo videos are a great media technique practiced by huge companies for decades now. Entice your consumer base by rolling out a great promotional video, leaving them with anticipation for your new product or service. They will be ready to buy as soon as you make the announcement thanks to your promotional video!


Do you have a new product, service, or news about your business you feel your audience needs to be aware of? Instead of just publishing a newsletter, or a webpage, why not create an in-depth presentation covering all of the important points of your new release? Presentations are a popular video technique used in a number of industries like big tech, automobile manufacturers, video-game producers, and more.


Interviews are a great way to connect with your viewership especially when you are interviewing someone of importance. This is a chance for you to build a strong link of interest between you and your viewers as you are helping uncover information they are willing to hear about from another source. Often times interviews help build brand credibility and popularity depending on the interviewee and content of the interview.

Branded Videos for Interviews

The Video Production Process For Branding

Defining Your Vision

Prior to any production, we spend the beginning stages getting an idea of what your goals are for your branding video and the image you are trying to establish for your business. We spend a lot of time here going through the vision you want to achieve as we further discuss ways to achieve your vision. Be as detailed as possible during this initial stage.


Once we have a solid understanding of the goals you are trying to achieve as far as branding videos for your business, we will spend time conceptualizing ways we can deliver a captivating visual for your audience. We think of ways to create enticing content to engage your audience to influence them to share your business as well as the video.

Scheduling and Planning

This is the stage where we begin scheduling specific times to shoot your branding video(s). We also cover deadlines for when you need your video finished as well as ideal dates and times for when you should launch your video. If your video is dependent on a setting that can only be met at a certain time during the day, then meeting these time hacks will be crucial.

Video Production

This is the phase where we begin shooting your branding video. During this phase we are collecting all types of footage that would be useful when putting your video together. Sometimes, depending on what is needed to achieve the goals of your branding video, this stage can take a while. Be ready in case we need to meet for multiple shoots.

Post Production

This is the final part of the video production phase. During this stage our video production team is putting together all of the shots from your shoot and editing them into a cohesive work of art. When finished, we will cover effective platforms for sharing your video as well as an ideal upload time to maximize impressions.

Branding Video Production FAQs

Since we sit down with you, one-on-one, to achieve a specific goal for your branding video; depending on the length of the project and what you want to achieve for your video will largely determine the cost of your video. With that said, we are committed to delivering a video project that you are satisfied with and is exceptional for the budget you set.

Considering that much of the digital industry is largely being influenced by video production, the answer is, yes! Platforms like Youtube have set the stage, increasing the importance of videos. Many social media platforms are taking note of this. That is why they are implementing features for their users to upload videos as well.

This is largely dependent on what your goals are for your branding video. Depending on the goals and the complexity of your project, the timeframe will always vary. However, to give you a rough estimate, our video production process takes roughly 6 to 8 weeks on average. This time frame allows us to maximize the quality and creativity of your video so that it stands strong against your competitors.

If you want to see your business thrive then you’ll want to implement branding videos into your marketing strategy. Branding videos help build brand loyalty among your audience, and can also increase the chance of new business due to your consumer base increasing your video’s reach through sharing on social media and even by word of mouth.

Your Trusted Branded Video Production Agency

Branding videos are a key strategy for businesses who want to grow and show their viewers how impressive their marketing techniques are. This is your chance to show off what your business is all about and gain a loyal base as well as new business! Choose The Mack Media Group to put together your next branding video!

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