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As a full-service video production company based in NYC, we have catered to many clients, particularly politicians who need quality political campaign videos. We’ve helped a handful of politicians with our expertise in video production, and the political campaign videos we made for them motivated the people they represent to take action. We offer a comprehensive range of political campaign Videos services to help our clients spread their message or win their races. 

We offer efficient options for any NYC politician looking for high-quality political campaign videos. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you inspire your audience and spread your advocacy as a running political candidate through political campaign videos.

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How Can You Benefit from Political Campaign Videos?

Recent studies show viewers only recall about 10% of the total information if they consume it from text-based content. On the contrary, they’re more likely to get about 95% of information if they consume it through video. This statistic shows how effective video content can be, especially if you’re trying to share the importance of your advocacy through political campaign videos toward the people you’re trying to represent. 

Relaying a message to a large audience can be extremely difficult, especially if it involves your political campaign. Luckily for you, our team is an expert on such tasks. We don’t only deal with commercial, corporate, and events video production; we’re also quite knowledgeable in creating some of the most compelling political campaign videos today.

Political Campaign Videos: Our Services

Here’s the thing about political campaign videos: they’re not as easy to create compared to other video content. Producing political campaign videos leaves no room for error, or there will be massive consequences to how an audience will view the politician. At the same time, nobody can deny how helpful videos are when used for political campaign purposes! As the best video production company in NYC, Mack Media is dedicated to helping you produce compelling, engaging, and meaningful political campaign videos to help you run your campaign.

Here are some of the political campaign video production services we offer:

Political Campaign Ads

The emergence of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube made it easier for politicians to appeal to the public. Leveraging these platforms using video production is what we’re good at doing. We believe publishing your political campaign videos on the right platforms is critical to successfully disseminating your political campaign ads, whether social media, TV, or sometimes both.


Our political campaign video production team believes in the power of storytelling, and we can put our genius to good use to cover the fundraising events you’re organizing. Storytelling is one of the prime movers of fundraising events; without it, fewer people will believe in your movements. 

As the most-sought after video production company in NYC, we will produce your fundraising event videos to forge an unbreakable bond between you and your audience. Such a connection is far more valuable than photos or written content. This is what political campaign videos are all about, and with our help, we can aid you in your quest to raise more money for your cause.


Political campaign videos can be a gateway for your audience to understand how serious you are when driving your advocacies. Since you’re in the best position to share important messages, let’s boost things by incorporating video production into your political campaign videos. 

We can use political campaign videos to inspire your viewers to think critically about the topics you’re passionate about. And when produced correctly, advocacy-centered videos can motivate them to take proper actions benefiting your advocacy and your political race.

Live Streams

There’s no denying how live broadcasting has impacted how elections turned out. These live political campaign videos can advance your career if used effectively. People adore live-stream political campaign videos because they see your human side, not just someone trying to run for a position. Our team can handle your live-streaming political campaign video needs, from live recording to white labeling.

Win the Race With High-Quality Political Campaign Videos

Before running your campaign, consider working with a top-notch video production company in NYC like Mack Media. Our skills in creating political campaign videos are second to none. We can guarantee that the people you’re trying to represent will clearly understand your qualifications as a candidate and possible public servant. Get in touch with us for a free quote for your political campaign video production needs.