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Did you know there are multiple ways to benefit more from your event? Through event video production, you can use bits and pieces of your recent event and turn them into marketing tools to gather more people around your brand. You can also utilize event video production to create bite-sized videos to entice more people to attend your next event, or else they will miss out! Of course, this will only be possible if you film your event. Luckily for you, we’re the event video production experts in the city.

Our team at Mack Media can make the most out of your event with our event video production expertise. We’re not only the leading event video production company in NYC; we’re also a top-notch video marketing agency. With our extensive knowledge in event video production and video marketing, we will drive your brand to action and use it to produce the results that you want. We can use your event’s videos to establish strong connections with your audiences, so they’ll look forward to attending your next event or being a part of your movement.

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Some of Our Event Video Production Services

Keynote Sessions

The keynote sessions of your event can be vital in raising the value of your event. It allows guests to digest as much information as possible from your event, even after it has successfully happened. Our event video production team can repurpose your keynote sessions so your audience can utilize them anytime, anywhere. Not only that, we’ll cut your long keynote sessions into bite-sized chunks so you can use them for your marketing campaigns.

Panel Discussions

Your audience usually relies on their notes to absorb everything they learned from your event. Help them learn more by providing them with portions of your panel discussions. Your audience can use these videos as additional learning resources. Moreover, you can strategically position these in-depth sessions on your website. Let our event video production team get you the most out of your panel discussions.

Customer or Attendee Video Testimonials

Your attendees have different thoughts about how they perceive your event. We’ll help you leverage their opinions using video testimonials. Through event video production, you can perfectly showcase why people shouldn’t miss out on your event. You can use event video production to create testimonials that highlight and recap the best moments of your event and how your attendees genuinely enjoyed participating in such a gathering. Event video production can also help you score more attendees for your future events through quality attendee video testimonials.

One-on-One Interviews

One-on-one interviews are perhaps one of the most exciting parts of any event video production, and it’s pretty tricky for your attendees to get all of the information during this part in one sitting. Help them get the most out of these interviews by filming them! Our event video production team will help your attendees digest more information from the extra learning material and give the thought leaders and CEOs you’ve invited a chance to promote their businesses or advocacies!

Product Demos

Demonstrating how a product works during a trade show can be time-consuming, especially if you’re trying to explain it to a broad audience. Let our event video production team at Mack Media help you by producing high-quality product demos you can show to anyone interested in your business. We’re the company you need for all your event video production needs, from product demos and launches to pitching. We’ll also help you market these products to ensure more people know how good your products are.

Behind the Scene Footage

The behind-the-scenes footage of every event allows the audience to appreciate the effort of everyone who made the event possible. This footage can also help build up the hype for the next event! Our event video production team can help you leverage your behind-the-scenes footage to communicate what those who didn’t attend your event missed! Our event video production team can help you create some of the most genuine yet exciting behind-the-scenes footage for your event.

Music Festivals

Utilizing event video production to cover music festivals will always be a great idea. Music festivals are packed to the brim with fun moments that deserve to be immortalized. Event video production is a great way to advertise your music festival online and create the much-needed hype your brand needs for your next event. We will put all the performers, audiences, and experiences in the best light to entice more people to attend your event.

PR and Publicity Events

You want your public events to reach out to the largest possible audience; it’s called a publicity event for a reason! Effective event video production allows you to share your message with your audience through enticing and engaging videos. These are the kinds of events where event video production shines the most.

Team Building and Company Outings

Do you want to make the most of your team buildings and company outings? The best way to do so is by hiring experts in event video production. Our team at Mack Media will film the best moments of your team buildings and present them in an impactful way, benefiting not only your employees but your entire organization as well.

Grand Openings and Unveilings

Hiring an event video production crew to cover your company’s grand opening is your best decision. Every moment of these events is worth filming, and if you want the highest quality videos, you’ll need someone with heavy experience in event video production. Whether opening up a new branch, a showroom, or a property, you can never go wrong with quality event video production.

The Best Event Video Production Company in NYC

Every part of your event is helpful for your marketing campaign, and luckily for you, we’re here to help. We’re the event video production team you need to help you get the most out of the investment you made to make the event possible. We’ll also aid you in marketing your event using the videos we filmed! At Mack Media, we can make the most out of your event. Talk to us today, and let’s get started with your event video production!