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Do you need an experienced and competent video production company in NYC to handle your corporate video production needs? We’ve got you covered. 

Whether you need live or animated videos for your company, Mack Media can provide you with the corporate video production you need. Our skilled camera crew can provide simple yet informative corporate videos for internal and external purposes. And if you need video animations, we can help too! We have a team of excellent artists and animators who can lend their expertise to create engaging videos for your business.

We’ve been in the corporate video production industry for years, providing countless companies in New York City and surrounding areas with high-quality videos. Whether you need internal videos to disseminate a company-wide message or an external one for marketing purposes, we’re the company for the job. They call us the best video production company in NYC for a reason!

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The Importance of Corporate Video Production in the 21st Century

Corporate video production has been crucial to the growth of many businesses in the world for the past few years. And we can see the potential of video being leveraged by many companies in the foreseeable future. Back then, executives didn’t have access to high-quality corporate video production and had to rely on massively gathering their employees to tell a particular message or send it down the hierarchy. This process is time-consuming and somewhat tedious, especially if these executives have to relay company-wide messages more than once.

Additionally, more and more executives are starting to understand how powerful corporate video production can be. According to a Forbes study, around 75% of executives watch business-related videos at least once weekly. Without video, their jobs will be more complex, and the people they manage will get disorganized, hence the importance of quality corporate video production.

From this point forward, companies will use corporate video production to spread their message effectively, either for internal management or external marketing purposes. Sure, webinars and whitepapers are still a thing, but many businesses see corporate videos as an excellent alternative to other antiquated modes of relaying information. 

Our Corporate Video Production Process

The corporate video production process can be time-consuming and laborious. To keep our corporate video production seamless and organized, we divide our production process into three general phases. Doing so allows us to focus on preparing, executing, and polishing our corporate videos for our clients.


To put things into better perspective, when the filming process starts, we’ll organize everything and put things in their respective places. During this process, we’ll also handle tasks such as scriptwriting, conceptualization, and creating a realistic budget for the project. We’ll also take this time to record any necessary voiceovers. We consider this the most critical corporate video production process because of how vital preparation is during these projects.


We’ll follow a storyboard during corporate video production to ensure every sequence is appropriately executed. Each scene, action, and style must be perfectly established, hence the storyboard. We’ll make the storyboard with the approval of our client.

For live-action corporate video production, we’ll have to do steps such as choosing a proper venue for the shoot, hiring any necessary talents, and filming the videos with the help of our trusted camera and lighting team. 

As for animated corporate video production, we will create an illustration based on the previously agreed-upon style and storyboard. Afterward, we’ll begin animating those illustrations with software such as Adobe After Effects. 


The work doesn’t stop after we finish filming the video. It still needs to be polished; that’s why our post-production team will work diligently to ensure the output exceeds our client’s expectations. We will not stop until we provide you with the best possible outcome for your corporate video.

Corporate Video Production in NYC: Our Services

Live Action Business Videos

Many executives prefer a tangible product that’s simple to distribute to their employees, wherever they are in the world. Live-action videos are popular choices for many companies because they show a relatable fictional story that contains an opportunity to showcase the value proposition of a particular product or service. With our help, we can improve your live-action corporate videos more than your competitors’ subpar videos. This is what corporate video production is all about, and it’s about time you realize its full potential for the benefit of your business.

Animated Business Videos

Many people nowadays think animated videos are for children, but little do they know the power these types of videos hold. When used correctly, animated videos provide a straightforward explanation of complex ideas or instructions, allowing viewers to digest the video’s core message quickly. And did we also mention how many senior-level executives love the animated videos we make for them? Get ahead of your competitors and let the best in corporate video production help you today.

Internal Communications Videos

One of the best ways to relay company-wide messages is to use video. Internal communication is essential to keep a business operating smoothly, and corporate internal communication videos are starting to be an excellent alternative for many business owners. Create a well-produced video, and send it to your employees or contractors, wherever they are in the world! Internal communication videos are one of the primary reasons corporate video production exists – to give executives a better way to communicate widely with their employees on a deeper and more human level.

Testimonial Video Production

The videos of your clients telling the benefits of opting for your company can influence how your existing loyal customers and potential customers look at your business. With testimonial corporate video production, people can see how well your product or service performs from the perspective of an actual user of the offering. Their perspective is crucial to letting your audience know how your product can solve their pain.

Brand Anthem Video

You can rally your employees around a unified message with a brand anthem video. These videos help your company directly connect with your employees emotionally, helping them absorb your company’s values, mission, and philosophy. This is why we love corporate video production – it can motivate employees and make them feel more productive and fulfilled.

Recruitment Videos

Make your HR department’s job easier through quality recruitment videos. These videos can help your company attract more talent by showcasing what it’s like to work for you and your company. Talent acquisition can be much easier with the help of well-produced recruitment videos! Use corporate video production now and hire the best talents you need to propel your company forward!

This is Why You Need Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production has been a potent tool for many businesses worldwide. However, it’s not as easy as assigning an employee to film a video using a DSLR camera. High-quality corporate video production requires skill, experience, and knowledge in using the right gears and equipment. Unfortunately, you can acquire these overnight, especially the talent and genius required to generate a fascinating result.

For this reason, many companies nowadays rely on experts in corporate video production like us. We have the skills, experience, equipment, and insider knowledge of the best practices in this industry. We can guarantee that by the end of the project, you will have a high-quality corporate video that will produce the results you want.

The Best Corporate Video Production Company in NYC

We are confident that we can produce whatever corporate video your company needs. And we’ll do it as efficiently, excellently, and effectively as possible. Whether you need animated explainer videos for your company’s website or a recruitment video to make your talent acquisition process more accessible, Mack Media can help you. Talk to us today and get a free quote for your corporate video production needs!