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Most companies are starting to realize the benefits of using animation videos to share their messages, and we can’t blame them! Animation videos are fun, engaging, and effective in relaying messages across all ages.

From explainer videos to commercial videos, our team here at Mack Media can help you leverage the potential of animation videos for your business. We’ve seen how effective animation videos can be, especially when turning complex ideas into simple and understandable information. Your competitors are starting to realize how effective animation videos can be for their businesses, and it’s about time you beat them with bespoke animation videos specifically catered to your business needs. 

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How Can Your Business Benefit from Animation Videos?

Here’s the thing about business websites: visitors tend to stick longer if they contain videos. They tend to stay six times longer on homepages with videos than any other parts of a website! Imagine if your homepage only has text-based content; your visitors will find it boring to scroll through the page, and they’re more likely to bounce off toward your competitors. 

As a business owner, you must ensure your visitors stay on your website for as long as possible. Fortunately for you, that’s what these types of videos are good at doing. Animation videos will draw viewers to your content and can be a valuable tool for conveying information more straightforwardly and effectively. Not to mention how entertaining they can be!

Animation Videos and the Art of Storytelling

Animation can be a powerful technique for grabbing the attention of any audience. With the help of compelling storytelling, you can use animation to spin a narrative and convey a message that will linger with your audience for much longer. With animation videos, you can tear down any barriers that prevent your audience from interacting with your business, making them more open to learning new things when partnered with storytelling.

The most remarkable storytellers of our time know that a fictional character’s message can significantly impact how they perceive something more than a natural person would. However, this method can be risky, especially when creating commercial videos. With animation videos and talented voice acting, you can convey any message easily, mainly if you use the video to tell stories or explain concepts.

The Benefits of Hiring an Animation Video Production Company in NYC

Companies worldwide have employed animation videos to expand their operations. These types of videos will make your brand stand out because of how well they can communicate any message to any targeted audience. It’s about time you follow the footsteps of these companies and enjoy the benefits animation videos offer. 

Here are some well-known advantages of hiring an animation video production company in NYC like us.

  • We can boost your conversions
  • We can deliver emotion to your message
  • We provide cost-effective animation video services
  • We can help your business stand out from your competitors
  • We can help your business build rapport with your audience
  • We can increase your website’s SEO through animation videos
  • We can use animation videos to explain complex ideas in a more straightforward way
  • We can use animation videos to expand your brand’s reach

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Our Animation Video Production Services

Here is a list of the animation videos we can provide to help your company succeed.

  • Explainer Videos 
  • Product Videos
  • Tutorials and How-Tos
  • Internal Videos
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Video Series
  • Educational Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Commercial Videos

The Most Sought-After Animation Video Production Company in NYC

Using animation videos is arguably one of the most innovative ways to ensure your audience hears your message. Whether you need something fun and engaging for advertisements or an explainer video to clarify complex concepts, animation videos are here to help. Enjoy the benefits of animation videos today with the help of Mack Media.

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