The digital marketing world has seen a great deal of change over recent years. For website owners to increase their brand awareness as well as the overall quality of traffic to their sites and enhance their online success, they must create and implement an effective content marketing strategy and campaign that incorporates SEO and content marketing together. Writing SEO content can be looked upon as a writing art and plays a crucial role in website design of all business types. Implementing high quality content that is SEO optimized can help allure new clients to your site while offering solutions to their specific issues at hand that they set out looking for in their search.

The Important Role of Research

Whether you are designing and setting out to launch a whole new website, or are looking to revamp your existing site, it is important to understand how your created content will affect your overall search engine rankings. When choosing your domain name, naming pages on your website, creating hyperlinks or linkbacks, or even the use of images, research is critical to the success of your design, launch or revamping. With this in mind, take ample time to perform your due diligence, collecting all the data and insight you need to create and design the perfect website for your business.

What are SEO Content and Content Marketing?

SEO is quality content that is created and designed to achieve a high rank in search engines. From product and landing pages to interactive tools and blogs, SEO content comes in all forms. The content marketing for your business website can only be effective and successful if it is coupled with proper SEO. SEO and content marketing together are a very powerful marketing tool. When creating a marketing campaign, there are two important components to include. First, a process by which you can measure the result of your marketing campaign and strategy and second, an overall commitment and dedication to making it work. That is where high-quality SEO comes in.

The Absolute SEO Must Do’s

There are a number of must do’s that you must incorporate into your efforts when creating effective SEO content marketing. Some of those important steps include, but are not limited to:

  • Writing content for your website should be directed to your readers and should be designed to accomplish the very goal that your reader sets out to achieve. In addition, it should also include high-quality, informative content that satisfies the needs and goals of the reader and allows them to follow and easily understand the subject of your post.
  • Web content should be a balanced compilation of images, text and facts that are scalable to a level that not only captures the attention and interest of your readers, but also provides the reader with the information they want and need.
  • The primary goal of a post is to offer an effective solution to a specific problem that has warranted the reader’s visit to your post in the first place. With that said, when writing about a specific topic or issue that is the focus of the reader’s need, you want to be sure the content is informative and effective in providing them with the ideal solution to resolving their problem.

The Importance of SEO Content

The overall effectiveness of SEO and content marketing requires a good deal of consistency and accuracy. Content that is creative, unique and informative is sure to get indexed quickly and find its way to a higher ranking, much more so than repetitive content with a lesser overall value.

Your content must have the capability of attracting clients as well as offering a solution to a specific issue at hand. To write informative, high-quality content you must target your audience and visitors and engage the use of important keywords. The overall relevance of content and its ranking is highly dependent upon these two important components.

In your efforts to have your content viewed and acknowledged you must not only create luring content, but embed important keywords within that very content. The use of linkback and linking is also a major component of SEO. When your content can be linked to sites with high-domain authority (such as .org) this can drastically boost traffic. High-quality SEO content helps to attract many more potential customers to your online site which, over time, contributes to increased sales and revenues as well as the success of your business.

Important Steps to Writing Quality SEO Content

To increase the organic traffic to your website, you must be sure that your content is written with an SEO framework. That framework includes:

  • Selecting a proven topic of interest – Before you put your creative juices to work and begin writing content, it is imperative that you select a topic that can bring potential traffic as well as new customers to your site. This is an important first step that plays a significant role in the successful performance of your SEO content.
  • Analyze and assess the search intent – In order for search engines to return relevant results of a search, they must fully understand the intent of the search. In order to comply with search intent guidelines, you must first determine whether the top-ranking pages within a search engine are blog posts, product pages, landing pages, service pages or category pages. You then must research what type of posts present with a high rank, such as list-style posts, news articles, how to lists, or opinion pieces. You also want to give focus to what type of person is making the search and what their need is. Are they looking for a quick solution to a problem, are they searching out a ‘how to’ and what value do they have?
  • Create a data-driven outline – Top-ranking pages rank according to relevant keywords. With that said, be sure you know which keywords should be included in your content in your efforts to achieve top ranking. Once you identify the keywords and phrases be sure you do not overload your content with them, but rather incorporate them into your outline to define the angle of your content.
  • Write a first draft – You can now begin to put your creative thoughts on paper. Don’t focus on perfection at this time, but rather strive to create tangible content that you can work with further. One of the best approaches to writing your first draft is to simply write as you would speak!
  • Review and edit your first draft – Now it’s time to edit your first draft. Begin by correcting any grammatical errors or misspellings. If necessary, you can use an online writing assistant such as Grammarly to ensure appropriate corrections are made. Keep your writing simple, avoid complex phrases, terms and words and ensure that the content flows smoothly.
  • Add visual appeal to your content – You don’t want your content to be just a wall of words for reading. This can become quite boring and cause many readers to move on to your competitor’s post. Instead, break up your content by adding some simple images. Images can greatly help in getting out a clear message and can make for a more satisfied potential customer. Images also can help with rankings. If images do not satisfy your topic, or style of writing, then be sure to use sub headings to break up the content flow and ensure well-organized content.
  • Create a compelling and alluring meta title – Rankings are not only based on your content and text, but also on a meta title and description that explains to the viewer why they would want to choose your post to read. Remember, the more search result clicks on your page, the more traffic to your site! So be sure to make that title and description eye-catching and enticing.
  • Upload your newly created post – OK, after all your hard work and commitment it’s time to upload your post and see the results of your time and efforts.

When you choose to follow this SEO framework to write your creative and informative content, it can certainly contribute to a better chance of higher rankings. However, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that sometimes, even when you perform at high levels and do everything correctly, there are chances that you will still not achieve the results you are striving for. It may take a number of times to actually perfect your SEO and writing content to a level required in order to achieve high search engine rankings. Whatever the case, be patient, be resilient and never give up.

The Team You Can Trust

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