What will abbreviated Subscribers mean for influencers and companies?

Leave a Comment / Blog, Celebrity / By Maxine Philavong

The way companies view engagement and subscribers are about to change, for better for worse?

In a blog post, Youtube announced starting in August 2019, they will only show abbreviated subscriber counts for all creators who have more than 1,000 subscribers.

For example, as Youtube provides, if a channel had 147,988 subscribers, they would abbreviate it to show 147K. Further, if a channel had 18,876,812 subscribers, they would abbreviate it to only show 18M.

How will this Effect creators?

This abbreviated subscriber count comes as a huge hit to the way businesses, creators, and influencers who generate business through the site. With an abbreviated subscriber count, they will find it more difficult to show engagement.

The way creators, businesses, and influencers make money off the site is simple. Generally, ads will play before, during or after a creator’s video. Depending on how many views the ad or video receives, the creator is paid. Usually, this happens per thousand view.

Companies can also sponsor a video. Meaning, the creator themselves usually talk about the company or product during the video. In this way, engagement, views, and subscribers are incredibly important to how an influencer is able to make money.

What’s the big deal about abbreviated subscribers?

So, what’s the big deal about an abbreviated subscriber account? Typically, influencers/creators used sites such as Social Blade to track their engagement and subscriber count. Using their engagement/subscribers, influencers have been able to show companies how well their ads are doing. As the Verge writes, with an abbreviated subscriber count, Social Blade will have a difficult time tracking exactly how many subscribers an influencer is gaining or losing.

For businesses, creators, and influencers, understanding how many subscribers have been gained or lost is a huge part of their job. Companies will sometimes use subscriber amounts to gauge whether or not to run ads on a video or channel.

With an abbreviated count, it’s unclear how companies will react. But, one thing is for certain: we will soon start to see a change in how ads are distributed throughout channels on the site.