Episode #39 :

The Naked Cowboy

ICONIC interview with The Naked Cowboy in Times Square - From a Small Town to the Big City | Ep. 39

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In episode 39 of The Mack Talks we sit down with Robert Burck, better known as the “Naked Cowboy” at his office; Times Square, NYC. The Naked Cowboy is a world famous street performer who wears cowboy boots, a hat, and briefs in New York City’s Times Square, but has also built a brand around his street persona. 

How the Naked Cowboy Came to be 

Robert Burck admits that from a young age he was an attention freak, always making trouble and being a pain in the butt. That yearn for attention was manifested into success when he discovered the book Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins. From there, he wrote out his list of 25 goals, among them being, “the most celebrated entertainer of all time, the richest most famous man in the world, exponential growth of my name, brand, and net worth at all times…” These goals are the motivating force behind Burck, and led him to take a job down in Venice Beach for Playgirl where the Naked Cowboy persona was originally created.

More Than Just a Street Performer

After 15 police detainments across different states, and multiple news appearances, Robert Burck decided to settle in Times Square. The Naked Cowboy had now found his home, spending almost everyday in his boots and underwear singing to the people and tourists of New York City. But a street corner isn’t where the Naked Cowboy would remain. In his career, Burck has been in 4 motion picture films, has filmed a commercial with Beyonce, and has trademarked the Naked Cowboy. Now his brand has brought him into the food and beverage markets, with his name on multiple different varieties of wines and oysters. So why does the Naked Cowboy still grace the streets of Time Square? He had an easy answer, “I’m going to do as much as I can, while I can…”

The Unexpected

The Naked Cowboy explains that his future isn’t set in stone. Opportunities are going to come and go, and he will always be striving to complete his list of 25 goals. So for the Naked Cowboy there is no slowing down, because the unexpected is always around the corner. Stick around for the end of the podcast to see the surprise that happened live, and created a buzz on the streets of NYC. 

Highlights from this episode:

» 1:534:22 – Branding The Naked Cowboy
» 4:259:06 – From Citations to Content Creation
» 9:0915:22 – Lawsuits
» 15:3319:01 – Contracts & Appearances
» 19:0522:55 – Long Career/Meeting His Naked Cowgirl
» 22:5625:10 – Working in Times Square
» 25:4537:23 – That Was 100% Donald Trump
» 37:2443:31 – Credit Song & Closing