Episode #38 :

Stelios Stavrianos

Disrupting the Beverage Industry with Cylinder Vodka

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Early Life

Before Stelios Stavrianos founded the Core Beverage Group, before he invested his time creating the perfect vodka, Stelios was a boy with a passion for business. The son of two Greek immigrants, Stelios witnessed first hand how important a good work ethic is. His father worked at a pizzeria, while his mother worked at Lord and Taylor’s. He and his sister could be found selling lemonade from their little stand. As time went by Stelios started his own Ebay store, selling whatever he could much to the dismay of his mother. At 19 Stelios got a job that would change the direction of his life. Stelios became a bartender.

The Start of the Core Beverage Group

One of the first things Stelios noticed during his time bartending is that customers were not ordering vodka. He noticed that many customers were put off by how difficult it was to drink. This inspired Stelios to create a smoother vodka. He would go on to teach himself how to distill vodka in his parent’s basement. Stelios would spend three years testing out different formulations before he found the one he felt was both delicious and most importantly smooth. Thus Cylinder Vodka was born.


One of the most challenging aspects of entering the vodka business, is the competition. Stelios finds himself having to compete with companies with an already established brand, and also against celebrities with their own vodka brands. Stelios has to compete with companies that have much more capital to work with. Another big challenge is having to face rejection. In order to get stores to stock Cylinder Vodka, Stelios will have to personally pitch to them. There have been moments when he would walk into a store and would get rejected before he could even say anything. Some stores are so hesitant to take on new products that even if a customer is requesting Cylinder Vodka, they would just point those customers in the direction of stores that carry Cylinder Vodka instead of carry it themselves. Still Stelios preservers, and understands that with time Cylinder Vodka will be able to overcome these challenges.

Giving Back

Stelios feels that not enough vodka brands are giving back to their communities, and he wants to ensure that Cylinder Vodka can create a new trend of helping out. For every bottle of Cylinder Vodka sold 5% of the proceeds go to benefitting clean water initiatives around the world. Currently Cylinder Vodka is looking to use those proceeds to help clean the Long Island Sound. Also they are going to plant 150 trees in Stamford, Darien, and Greenwich. In the past they have donated bottled water to different areas impacted by natural disasters.

The Future

Cylinder Vodka is releasing a public tasting room at a dedicated Cylinder Vodka Bar on November 1 at Sterling Farms Golf Course in Stamford. By the end of the year Cylinder Vodka will be headed to stores in Florida, Toronto, California, Colorado, and Wyoming. Also starting in January 2020 Cylinder Vodka can be found in Greece. This is only the beginning as Stelios has many more goals in store for Cylinder Vodka.

Highlights from this episode:

» 1:389:22 – What is Cylinder Vodka?
» 9:2417:02 – Vodka Industry
» 17:0323:26 – Competitors
» 23:2725:07 – Future Plans
» 25:4629:42 – Inspire Brands Acquires Jimmy Johns
» 29:4533:25 – Google Wins Right to be Forgotten Case
» 33:3036:14 – Robot Delivery Service
» 36:1740:39 – Amazon Wireless Earbuds
» 40:4144:44 – Emmy’s Ratings Decline
» 44:4548:24 – Wrap-up w/ Stelios



00:06 Scott Johnson: Welcome to The Mack Talks everybody. I am your host Scott Johnson. The fella on my right with a gigantic bottle of Cylinder Vodka in his hand is my co-host, Chase Hutchison.

00:18 Chase Hutchison: Good morning guys, how you doing?

00:20 SJ: Chase, tell everybody what our program is all about.

00:23 CH: If you are and you don’t have to be these things, you could be anything and like this show but if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or community leader, The Mack Talks are the vehicle that brings you the stories that you need to hear.

00:35 SJ: That is right and say hello to our lovely producer. Wait, what is she again? She’s our C…

00:42 CH: Head of production?

00:44 SJ: Yeah Chief…

00:45 CH: CPO.

00:45 SJ: CPO, Chief Pod Operator, Tori.


00:47 CH: Chief Pod Operator.

00:48 Tori: Hey guys.

00:48 SJ: Alright so Chase, why don’t you go ahead? We got a great guest obviously, you see the Cylinder Vodka in front of you so we know it’s gonna be a good episode.

00:57 CH: It’s gonna be a good episode guys.

00:58 SJ: So why don’t you go ahead do a intro for our guest?

01:00 CH: A lot of great stuff to talk about today. Our guest today is Stelios Stavrianos. Stelios is the founder and CEO of Core Beverage Group, a group dedicated to bringing high-quality and unique spirits to the market. Under the CoreBev Group, he created Cylinder Vodka. For those who believe vodka is un-drinkable and not smooth, he created this. He began distilling in his parents’ basement and now Cylinder is distributed to over 150 locations in CT and New York. I feel like all truly great businesses start in their parents’ basement, right?

01:33 SJ: Yeah. You have to.

01:34 CH: That’s where all the magic happens, is in your parents’ basement. Anyway Stelios, welcome to the podcast, how’re you doing?

01:40 Stelios Stavrianos: Thanks guys, thanks for having me. Great, I’m excellent. Yeah, amazing. It’s early but I’ve had a cup of coffee already on my second in this Mack Talks mug.


01:48 SJ: Yeah, I would imagine most of your business dealings are on the later half of the day just cause you’re dealing with a lot of restaurant owners and things of that nature.

01:56 SS: Yeah. Sometimes I’m in meetings until 1:00, 2:00 AM.

02:00 SJ: Yeah because you gotta work with their time. [laughter]

02:02 SS: Yeah, I mean if someone says “Hey, stop by the restaurant at 12:00, that’s when it’s downtime” so what am I gonna say?

02:08 SJ: Yeah. Exactly, exactly. Well, thank you so much for coming on.

02:11 SS: Yeah, thanks for having me.

02:12 SJ: You’re the first type of guest we’ve had with insight of this industry and we’re super excited to dig in and hear your story. So tell us a little bit about what made you start Cylinder Vodka.

02:22 SS: I started bartending at 19. I begged my way into the bartending scene because obviously 19, a 19 -year-old bartender is kind of taboo. It wasn’t legal to drink so begged my way into the bar scene and quickly realized that vodka wasn’t very good. After I was able to drink legally, I had a favorite rum, I had a favorite bourbon, I had a favorite everything but vodka was missing something for me and I knew very, very early on that I wanted to start my own vodka brand. I was like you know what, I’m gonna take vodka and just make it better. In every way imaginable.

03:00 SJ: That’s awesome. Yeah, that’s awesome. So that’s kind of where it all kind of started from. You came up with the idea that you wanted to be able to make vodka smooth.

03:08 SS: Yeah, yeah. It started behind the bar. It started with me just tasting different vodkas and saying like, “Why is this so undrinkable? Why does it taste like gasoline”?

03:19 SJ: Yeah. So you reverse engineered, kinda?

03:20 SS: Pretty much.

03:21 SJ: You tasted it and then you went back to be like why is is like this?

03:23 SS: Yeah.

03:24 SJ: Now, have you had a background in that before or no? You just kind of saw something that interests you just dove in?

03:30 SS: I have no chemistry background.

03:30 SJ: That’s the entrepreneurial spirit, right? [laughter]

03:32 SS: Yeah. I have no chemistry background.

03:35 CH: It’s always like you find a problem and then you’re like “I can either fix this problem or I can make the solution better than what it already is.” You know what I mean? Either fix the problem or make it better qnd that’s what you did with this vodka so.

03:50 SJ: So tell us, how long have you been actually, have you had Cylinder Vodka for? Did you have other companies that you tried but then you ended up with this one or this is your first shot at doing this?

04:01 SS: This is my first shot at doing this.

04:02 SJ: Awesome.

04:02 SS: I started it in 2012, 2013 as just a concept. 2012 was a concept, 2013 I started actually working on educating myself on the art of distilling and how that all works and then started immediately branding. I started coming up with names and what the bottle would look like and trying to source manufacturers and vendors.

04:23 SJ: Do you have a chemistry background because…

04:25 SS: No, none. No chemistry background. No. Whatsoever, no.

04:28 SJ: That’s funny.

04:29 SS: I self-taught distillation, yeah.

04:32 SJ: That’s great.

04:32 CH: So I see that on the bottle that 5% of the proceeds directly benefit clean water initiatives around the world. So what inspired you to make that a part of your brand?

04:43 SS: I wouldn’t call myself an environmentalist but I mean, the impact we’re making on our Earth is pretty devastating and so from a long time ago, I was very into recycling and clean water initiatives and all that sort of stuff and that’s one component that I thought was missing from all these alcohol brands. None were giving back and if they were, it wasn’t in any set way. If you have a manufacturer who’s selling a million bottles a year, who’s donating $1000 to some charity and says oh you know, we donate, that doesn’t really count. So every single bottle that we sell, 5% goes directly back to cleaning the Long Island Sound.

05:27 CH: That’s awesome.

05:28 SS: Which is massive.

05:28 SJ: Yeah, that’s great. We definitely wanna support that and put that message out there.

05:33 SS: We’re also planting 150 trees next week in Stamford, Greenwich and Darien.

05:39 SJ: I like that. That’s really cool.

05:42 CH: I think that makes the vodka taste a little bit better too. Honestly.


05:46 SJ: So tell us what separates your vodka from the other companies because I think that, based upon everything you’re saying, you really tasted all the different brands that were out there. You felt there was a need for this so tell us what’s different about your vodka from the other brands that are out there?

06:01 SS: Well so I formulated… I was testing out different formulations for probably maybe three years and the last sort of batch that I did in my then apartment, it converted from parents’ basement to my apartment, I tasted it and I’m like “Wow! This is, this is it”.

06:24 SJ: This is the one.

06:26 SS: And so, it’s a number of factors. It’s how we make it. It’s the ingredients that goes into it. It’s the filtration process. Filtration process is huge because we use a very unique and state of the art process that I don’t know who else is using this specific process but it pretty much cleans the vodka and makes it extremely drinkable.

06:44 SJ: Yeah, that’s great.

06:46 CH: And how are you marketing this?

06:49 SS: So we’re marketing it as… First of all, we’re heavily pushing the whole Clean Water initiative. So for anyone who who likes that, this is their vodka. Anyone who says “You know what, we’re destroying our Earth” this is the vodka for that because that’s gonna help, aside from the 5% that we’re giving back, we’re doing so much other stuff in helping with global disasters. Last year, we donated to four different areas that were impacted by natural disasters around the world and donated money to those organizations and sent them bottled water.

07:24 SJ: Yeah. That’s great.

07:25 SS: So, stuff like that, that’s part of our market initiative.

07:27 SJ: Yeah. I think that’s awesome.

07:29 SS: Other than that, it’s a really good price point. So for anyone who’s looking for a good quality vodka and doesn’t wanna spend $30, $40, $50 this is their vodka.

07:38 SJ: How much is it for a bottle?

07:39 CH: If you go to a store, it’s gonna be about $24 or $25.

07:42 SJ: Okay and you have it in stores in New York and Connecticut?

07:45 SS: Yeah, we’re in 150 locations. It could be 160, the numbers growing every single day. I can’t keep… I don’t know how many it is today but it’s around 150.

07:53 SJ: No, that’s great, yeah, yeah that’s awesome.

07:55 SS: It’s pretty cool.

07:55 SJ: So where are you at now? You started in your parents’ basement then you went to your apartment so do you have a facility now?

08:05 SS: We do have a facility. We have two locations. One in Michigan, one in Connecticut and we’re also opening our first public tasting room.

08:14 SJ: That’s what I was gonna say.

08:15 SS: November 1st.

08:16 SJ: Okay, congratulations. Where is that going to be?

08:19 SS: It’s gonna be at Sterling Farms Golf Course in Stanford.

08:21 SJ: Nice.

08:21 SS: Yeah. We have a location in one of the bars. In one of the buildings on the golf course and it’s gonna be a dedicated Cylinder vodka bar.

08:30 SJ: Yeah, that’s great.

08:31 SS: It’s pretty, pretty cool.

08:33 SJ: I know you mentioned before that you’ve got sales reps out there and stuff pounding the pavement, how big is the company, how many people do you have?

08:40 SS: It’s not too big.

08:41 SJ: Yeah, I would imagine you don’t really need it to be that big as far as, you know…

08:46 SS: It’s growing. We’re trying to hire more people but we also wanna keep it small, we don’t wanna…

08:54 SJ: Grow too fast.

08:55 SS: We don’t wanna grow too fast. We don’t wanna get ahead of ourselves, especially because business can be, it’s cyclical. It could be up and down so we’re trying to keep a lean tight ship. Right now, we have about seven employees. In the summer we hired four interns. Trained the hell out of them and hopefully we can do some more interns in the winter and then next summer as well but about seven people today.

09:19 SJ: Yeah, that’s great. That’s awesome man. Have you always had an entrepreneurial spirit to you?

09:24 SS: Always.

09:25 SJ: Always? Even when you were younger?

09:26 SS: Always, since I was young, always.

09:27 SJ: What type of stuff did you do when you were younger that…

09:29 SS: Oh man, I did everything. Lemonade stands with my sister outside our front door.

09:33 SJ: That’s the one we hear a lot of. Yeah.

09:37 SS: Yeah. When I was 15, I started an eBay store and I would sell just everything that I had around my house, that my parents didn’t want or I didn’t want and I made a killing. Garage sales, tag sales, all that stuff. Made a killing and got my first full-time job when I was 14.

09:56 SJ: Nice.

09:56 SS: Working for a relative’s halloween store that was in the mall.

10:00 SJ: Yeah that’s great man. Usually, when we have people in here that’s always the story. It’s always when we we’re younger, we start to show that entrepreneurial spirit at such a young age.

10:11 SS: You know what, I always wanted to work. I always wanted to make money. Not that money was a driving factor but when you’re young and you wanna buy something and your mom says “Oh we can’t afford it” or maybe for Christmas and you want it that bad you’re like “I’ll go make it myself”.

10:25 SJ: Yep, that’s usually how it starts.

10:28 CH: These damn Greeks man.


10:29 CH: They’re so economical and entrepreneurial to making…

10:33 SJ: One of my best friends…

10:35 CH: One of his best friends Parry…

10:36 SJ: He’s a Greek…

10:36 SS: Does he own [10:37] ____?

10:38 SJ: No, his name is Rhea.

10:39 CH: His name is Paraklesis Anististockis, I can’t even say it. Very Greek and obviously…

10:45 SJ: He’s the Greek God of fantasy football. He’s also my fantasy partner although this year, not so much there buddy but love you.

10:52 CH: Are your parents, are they immigrants or did they grow up here too?

10:56 SS: My dad and my mom were both born in Greece and then migrated over. My dad when he was about 15, my mom when she was about 27, 28.

11:06 SJ: What did they do for work?

11:07 SS: Here?

11:08 SJ: Yeah.

11:08 SS: My dad first worked at a pizzeria. My mom works at Lord and Taylor selling shoes.

11:16 SJ: Hard working right?

11:18 SS: Extremely hard-working. Insanely hard working. My dad worked multiple jobs, my mom worked around the clock and that’s also what drove me to work harder too is ’cause…

11:27 SJ: Yeah, you had that foundation.

11:29 SS: Yeah. You keep struggling and…

11:29 SJ: Plus you want to be able to help them when they get older the way they helped you when you were younger. You know. That’s what it’s all about.

11:36 SS: 100%. They’re still working full-time jobs and I’m trying to get them retired as fast as possible.

11:42 SJ: Yeah, exactly.

11:44 CH: So you had both things going for you. You had it in your DNA kind of, the hard-working immigrant mentality is what people are referring to it as now but then you also have that, the environment that you grew up in as well pushed you to “I gotta make a dollar”. You know what I mean? “I gotta get out there and start my own thing and make money”. So you had the perfect storm and now this takes you where… And I’m surprised this is your first true business venture that you did, you said you did lemonade stands and stuff but usually…

12:16 SS: I mean, maybe the eBay store would kind of be… I had it for a long time. That kind of counts I guess.

12:22 SJ: I think so, yeah. You were able to buy a car off your parents’ old shit, that’s great. There’s nothing more entrepreneurial than that. They don’t even know where it’s at.

12:30 CH: Did your mom ever come home and the rug was missing in the house and she was like “Where is my rug”?

12:34 SJ: Where’s the microwave?

12:35 SS: I never did that. One time I broke one of her, she had these two really beautiful olive pourers, olive oil pourers and I broke one of them and I was like “I bet you I could find that on eBay”.

12:46 SJ: And you did, yeah, just replaced it.

12:48 SS: I found the same exact one on eBay.

12:48 SJ: Just replaced it. That’s funny.

12:50 SS: It was the only one on eBay and I was like “Yes”.

12:51 SJ: That’s awesome.

12:52 SS: EBay, love it.

12:53 SJ: I have a great question for you here. How do you do Vodka tasting? Is it similar to wine? Or do you have to actually swallow it, you don’t spit it out, right?

13:06 SS: You swallow it. Look, for wine…

13:09 SJ: But then you end up getting shit-faced? How many times do you have to be like “Okay, that’s enough tasting for today because maybe I’m a little bit off because I’ve tasted so much of it?”

13:20 SS: You know what, I think for wine, it depends on your culture about it, the way you were taught. When I do wine tastings, I drink it. I know people who spit it out. Whatever floats your boat. With vodka…

13:32 SJ: I feel like you have to taste it, to finish the finish, right?

13:36 SS: Yeah ’cause even when you spit it out, you’re supposed to swirl it in your mouth and you’re supposed to get it like everywhere and so even when you spit it out you still kind of swallow some but the point is to get it all around, just everywhere. So your taste is in your mouth, it’s not down here but…

13:52 SJ: Yeah, that’s true.

13:53 SS: Why put a big gulp of wine in your mouth and not swallow it? I like good wine. With Vodka, you’re supposed to really only kinda sip on it.

14:01 SJ: Okay you’re not supposed to do like a…

14:04 SS: You’re not supposed to take like a two-ounce.

14:07 SJ: Shot and just be like, yeah. You’re supposed to just taste it.

14:14 CH: I imagine that must be tough but my next question was, tell us what it’s like being in this industry? I’m really curious, what’s the biggest challenge out there for you being in this industry trying to make this company blow up and get this bottle in every liquor store every… What’s the hardest…

14:31 SJ: I wanna guess it’s… I guarantee one of them is the fact that so many celebrities get into this industry. In this alcohol industry.

14:39 CH: George Clooney.

14:40 SJ: I mean, especially vodka with the rappers and P. Diddy’s got a Vodka, right? Don’t they all have…

14:45 CH: 50 Cent has a vodka.

14:46 SJ: So many has vodka but go ahead, that’s my guess. Tell me.

14:49 SS: I think it is the hardest industry in the world. I think Vodka is the hardest category in the industry and yeah, everyone’s in it. Celebrities, musicians, who is that? Ryan Reynolds has a chain.

15:03 CH: Ryan Reynolds, yup.

15:04 SS: P. Diddy has a vodka, 50 Cent has a vodka. It’s tough. It’s tough because there are all these companies you have Diageo, you have Pernod Ricard. Billions and billions of dollars that they’re pouring into this industry and I’m just a regular guy. I self-funded, wasn’t a millionaire, worked from the ground up to bring this out to the market. I oftentimes encounter… I walk into a bar or a liquor store and they’ll be like “We’re Good!” Just without even saying anything…

15:36 SJ: Without even anything…

15:37 SS: Nothing “Hi, I’m Stu… ” Nope, we’re good. See ya.

15:40 SJ: Because they have that… That industry has that to where they’re like “Oh, our customers don’t… ” You almost have to have them know about it before you come in almost.

15:49 SS: You know, there’s a liquor store in Fairfield. I’m not gonna say which one it is but they… I would say every single month, I guarantee you they get at least maybe 10 people walking in asking for the product and they’re like “the liquor store down the street has it.”

16:04 SJ: And they don’t care, that’s weird.

16:04 SS: And it’s crazy and they blow me off every time and that’s the industry. Some people care and will carry your product and look at Tito’s. If you look at what liquor stores were doing with Tito’s a decade ago, the last liquor store in Connecticut to sell Tito’s, to not want it at some point, had to have been like “You know what, it’s been 10 years. Fine, I’ll buy a bottle so my customers can sell it.” Eventually they have to give in but there’s a lot of push on no new products, no new vodkas, we have a million vodkas. So it’s tough. It’s tough to stand out.

16:35 SJ: Yeah, it’s tough to break into the industry but the one good part that you have is that you just need a small slice of that market. They need a bigger slice because they’ve got all the funding, they have so much… The slice that you need is very small and once you can carve that slice in, which you’re already doing and the more you can just push that a little bit more and a little bit more, that’s when it’ll turn. You know what I mean?

16:58 SS: That’s so true.

17:00 CH: That’s when you can branch out too. I’m sure that you’re thinking about the future maybe making different I mean you’re a beverage company so you gotta be thinking about making different beverages too.

17:10 SS: We are working on a few right now, actually.

17:12 SJ: Awesome!

17:13 SJ: Nice. Well we’ll be your… We’ll come down…

17:16 CH: I’ll taste test.

17:16 SJ: Maybe do a second episode where we do like a little taste test or something like that, we’ll come down and check it out.

17:20 SS: That will be awesome, hopefully not this early.

17:21 SJ: Yeah, definitely not this early. That’s what I told him when I saw you come in with the two bottles. I’m like “If I would’ve known he’s bringing two bottles, I would’ve planned this thing at three o’clock.”

17:29 CH: Not in sober October though.

17:30 SJ: Yeah, not in sober October…

17:31 SS: Sober October, I’ve never heard that.

17:33 CH: You never heard that? It started from a Joe Rogan podcast where him and his comedian friends decided they’re gonna do a challenge, go sober for the entire month of October and then also they added in physical challenges as well and they actually started, it inspired people across the US to just go sober during October.

17:50 SJ: Sober October.

17:50 CH: So now we’re doing it. I’m gonna do it this October.

17:54 SS: Are you doing it?

17:54 SJ: I’ve yet to fully commit yet. I think I’m committed. I gotta talk with my team a little more. I’ll probably just text about it.

18:04 CH: I’m gonna take Cylinder vodka and I’m gonna swish it around in my mouth and spit it out and that’s not gonna count as drinking. I’m just taste testing.

18:11 SS: I wish I could do that. It’d be almost impossible for me. I did it in February after I came back from a very short trip to Europe, two weeks no alcohol and it was insanely hard ’cause you’ll walk into a bar or a liquor store…

18:25 SJ: Oh, it’s tough. Especially in your industry. I find it hard in our industry just because when you go to meet somebody for business and stuff, everybody usually especially…

18:33 CH: It helps.

18:34 SJ: When you meet with people in the evening. You go to networking events but for you, I would imagine it even more to be that.

18:42 SS: It’s so hard. You’ll walk into a liquor store. I’ll walk into a liquor store and someone will be like “Hey we have this new bourbon” and it’s like “Aged 100 years, try it’s free.”

18:48 SJ: People always wanna give you stuff too. That’s the other thing that people wanna give you stuff too because you know what I mean…

18:54 SS: All the time.

18:55 SJ: They’re like “Hey try this.”

18:56 CH: It’s must be impossible to not be an alcoholic. It’s really hard to not be an alcoholic.

19:01 SJ: Well it’s that sipping… It’s not the…

19:03 SS: No but you know what, a lot of times if I’m at an event…

19:05 SJ: Yeah, you probably don’t even get drunk. You probably don’t even get drunk just ’cause you’re just…

19:09 SS: Sometimes I don’t even drink, I’ll ask for a club soda.

19:11 CH: You do the throw it over your shoulder.


19:13 CH: Club soda with a lime in it…

19:14 SS: Actually, a few times I’ve dropped alcohol down on my feet and just went to… ’cause you gotta keep your composure and you have to keep your wits about you, especially if you’re around other industry people, you don’t wanna be known as a person who gets totally trashed at events.

19:33 SJ: Yeah you gotta be on point.

19:34 CH: You don’t wanna be a stiff either though.


19:36 SS: Yeah, you wanna…

19:37 CH: You gotta find your line.

19:38 SS: You wanna be fun. You wanna be cool.

19:39 CH: Yeah, you gotta find your line. It’s a lubricant, right? You’re supposed to… That’s why I always found with alcohol is just like it helps you get comfortable in social situations which could be a bane for a lot of people but for the most part, it could be very useful.

19:52 SJ: Yeah, remember that event that we were at at the Metro Club? Metropolitan Club a couple of months ago and there was a gentleman that was walking around there that… He got a little too loose.

20:02 CH: No he was… It was bad.

20:03 SJ: Yeah. Somebody had to carry him out.

20:04 CH: Yeah. He was acting like a jerk.

20:07 SJ: It was… I was so embarrassed for him. I mean, it’s the Metropolitan Club.

20:08 SS: That’s awful.

20:09 SJ: Yeah, I felt so bad for him and I really felt bad for the person that brought him.

20:11 CH: It was really too bougie of an event to be doing that.

20:15 SJ: Yeah, to be doing that.

20:16 CH: You know what I mean? Like it’s almost like there’s charities there and you know what I mean? You just don’t act like that.

20:18 SJ: Yeah, it was horrible. It was horrible.

20:19 CH: And people will never forget him.

20:21 SJ: Yeah, definitely not. Definitely not. So besides your vodka, what are some of your other vodkas that you enjoy, that you liked? How would you rank them?

20:33 CH: Did you take any inspiration…

20:35 SJ: How do you rank other vodkas besides yours? Who do you think is the best? I know Cylinder is number one.

20:42 SS: Alright. So if I was stuck on an island with only one other vodka, other than Cylinder, it would probably be Ketel. Yeah, Ketel’s good. Ketel’s what I drank before Cylinder.

20:55 SJ: That’s what I usually hear. I hear Ketel is way better than Grey Goose but people are just used to… People just like the…

21:04 SS: You know what? Everyone has their brand. Whether it’s because of the bottle or because of the flavor. You can’t knock people for liking what they like. I do believe Ketel is a better taste than a lot of other things on the market. Whether it’s a nicer bottle or whether you like the story more or whether you like the price point more, that’s all up to the individual person.

21:22 SJ: Tito’s kinda cracks me up like where they came from and their whole brand and how they just became this huge popular thing. It’s just kind of funny, right?

21:30 SS: They came out of nowhere and…

21:32 CH: There’s also… You know what’s funny about the alcohol industry too? Is like there’s certain drinks that you’re like “I’m never having that again.” Like it scars you for life. In college there was this vodka called Popov. Do you know Popov vodka? It’s everywhere.

21:45 SS: Yeah, it’s like rubbing alcohol.

21:47 CH: Oh, dude…

21:47 SJ: It’s what they make that… When you drink bottomless… No when you drink bottomless drinks like… What are the… What is it? The Bloody Mary. It’s got that in it. That’s what they do. That’s why they can pour it bottomless.

22:01 CH: We’ve all been there though.

22:02 SJ: That’s the plastic bottle.

22:03 CH: You got a shopping cart you’re walking through the liquor store, you see the Popov, you got a party, there’s like 200 people coming. You just start loading those in there.

22:12 SJ: You’ve got 20 boxes…

22:12 SS: Oh my God.

22:12 CH: It’s $15.

22:12 SS: I already have a headache just thinking about that…

22:14 CH: I have a headache just thinking about but I have it ingrained in my mind. I’m like “I can’t drink it anymore” because it’s just… It’s so bad.

22:22 SJ: I don’t think that you would after you got out of college. I don’t think you can be allowed to…

22:24 CH: Shoutout to Popov.

22:26 CH: Shoutout to shitty vodka.

22:29 SJ: We’re never having again.

22:30 CH: Real shitty vodka. No but now this is gonna be my vodka. I’m gonna rep this now.

22:34 SS: I hope so.

22:36 CH: This is gonna be my vodka.

22:36 SS: So speaking of scars, the first thing I ever got drunk off of and vomited from was Watermelon Smirnoff.

22:42 SJ: Ooh.

22:44 SS: I drank…

22:44 SJ: You must hate watermelon in general now.

22:45 CH: I can taste it.

22:46 SS: No, no. I love watermelon but just that artificial watermelon flavor and smell. I cannot do it. I just can’t.

22:53 SJ: Especially when you get sick off of it.

22:56 SS: I’ll probably instantly just throw up.

22:56 SJ: Yeah. That’s funny.

22:57 CH: I know. It’s so weird but then you also have ones that you’re just like “I’ll only break out when it’s a really nice occasion.” Alcohol is so interesting that way because it can be both, right? And then there’s ones that are just your go-to. You know what I mean? So that’s why what’s Scott’s saying is so true. You just need a slice, you just need to be that vodka that either, that’s their go-to or that’s their special occasion vodka. Hopefully, it’s not their scar-you-for-life-vodka.

23:23 SS: Yeah. Hopefully not.

23:23 CH: ’cause that can happen real quick.

23:24 SS: Hopefully not. Yep. Yeah.

23:27 CH: But yeah.

23:27 SJ: So tell us what you have coming up. I know you said you’re coming out with a new brand. I know you said you’re planting the trees. Tell us a little bit more about what’s coming up to finish out 2019 and what’s coming in 2020.

23:40 SS: Alright. So 2019, we are finishing off the year. We are gonna be distributed in Florida. Nobody knows this by the way. This is not public but I’m allowed to say it ’cause…

23:50 SJ: Yeah, ’cause you’re the boss.

23:52 SS: I’m the boss, yeah.


23:54 SS: Toronto, Florida. Lower Florida, California, Colorado, Wyoming and either December or January, we will also be sold in Greece.

24:11 SJ: Awesome. I like it.

24:13 CH: That’s cool. That’s awesome.

24:13 SJ: That’s nice. You need to get Drake up there popping this. The Cylinder up in Toronto up in the… What do they call that? Jurassic Park or what do they call it, that big area?

24:21 SS: The Six.


24:24 SJ: Yeah, so alright that’s awesome.

24:26 SS: So we’re working on some pretty awesome stuff.

24:28 SJ: Yeah, that’s great.

24:29 SS: We’re not trying to grow too fast though. We’re trying to secure just… We’re trying to do what we did in Connecticut three years ago and just secure a few locations.

24:37 SJ: Just rinse and repeat.

24:38 SS: Create a few fans, create a base and then solely organically grow from that, that area.

24:43 SJ: Well man, I think it’s awesome. Super excited that we met you. Definitely looking to continue to network with you, continue to see what you’re gonna be doing and to definitely try some of this vodka a little bit later on. A little bit later on today.

24:58 SS: I would love it. I would love some feedback on what you think.

25:01 SJ: Yeah, definitely. Maybe we’ll do a little video. We make some funny little videos.

25:03 SS: I would love that. Hell, yeah.

25:04 SJ: We make some funny little videos that we’ll show you after the show but alright, cool. So right now is Chase’s favorite part of the program. Go ahead.

25:12 CH: It’s everybody’s favorite part.

25:13 SJ: Go ahead, Chase. So tell them all about the program.

25:16 CH: This schtick is so old. Alright. So this part of the program is called Mack Move or Whack Move. Just to explain it, it’s pretty self-explanatory actually. It’s really… We’re gonna present you with business topics or topics from the news and you’re either going to say that Mack Move, you agree with it, think it’s awesome or Whack move.

25:34 SJ: So there is your sign, sir.

25:37 SS: Let’s do it.

25:37 SJ: There is your sign, sir. This one is mine.

25:39 SS: Thank you very much.

25:42 CH: Alright. Tori.

25:43 Tori: Okay.

25:45 CH: Topic number one.

25:46 Tori: First topic is Inspire Brands which owns Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and Sonic is buying Jimmy John’s which will make it the fourth-largest restaurant company in the US.

25:57 SJ: Wow!

26:00 CH: Jimmy Johns.

26:00 SJ: What are they trying to do? They’re trying to be like the Amazon of the food there?

26:05 CH: First of all, those are all restaurants that I don’t ever eat at.

26:09 SS: I’ve never eaten at any of those restaurants.

26:10 CH: Any of those.

26:11 SJ: But I would eat at a Jimmy John’s. I think I would.

26:12 CH: I heard Jimmy John’s is terrible.

26:14 SJ: Really, you did?

26:15 CH: Yeah. I’ve heard that it’s terrible.

26:16 SJ: ’cause Jersey Mike’s is the shit. So like Jimmy John’s…

26:17 SS: I’ve heard of Jersey Mike’s, never heard of Jimmy John’s ever.

26:22 SJ: Jimmy John’s, do they pre-slice their meat? Is that why it sucks, like Subway?

26:26 CH: Listen, I don’t know anything about them. I know zero about them.

26:30 SJ: ’cause you know Theo Wine says that Jersey Mike’s got them sweaty meats. They put that juice.

26:34 CH: They got that sweaty, vinegary, salty meats… No, it’s really good.

26:36 SJ: Bro, it’s good.

26:37 SS: Is it?

26:37 SJ: It’s really good, it’s Jersey style. It’s Jersey style. It’s good. It’s like Bon Jovi-esque. I’m gonna go Mack Move because good for them, they’re wrapping it up and they’re…

26:49 CH: Inspire Brands, huh?

26:50 SJ: Wrapping it up in…

26:51 Tori: I should add that Jimmy John’s touts it’s ability to drop off sandwiches in five minutes.

27:00 CH: That can’t be good.

27:01 SJ: I’m gonna go whack move on that one. I’m gonna change…

27:03 CH: You can’t change.

27:06 SJ: I just did in mid-flight. If you’re gonna tell me that you’re gonna make a sandwich and have it delivered in five minutes, that sounds insane. No, it’s gotta be five minutes. Like after you order.

27:14 Tori: If they can do it.

27:17 SJ: No, that’s gross. Even if it’s five minutes from when I ordered it at the location, that’s gross. I was all for them wrapping up and just buying more companies but you know what, you’re right. You made a good point in the beginning of this and that’s that we don’t eat at any of these shitty places and the quality of the food is not so great.

27:35 CH: You will not catch me in an Arby’s ever. Ever. Ever.

27:39 SS: Same.

27:40 SJ: Even in the commercials for Arby’s, like the commercials for Arby’s that show the sandwiches, look gross. The point in the commercials is where they look delicious.

27:49 CH: Yeah, they don’t look good.

27:50 SJ: We were watching the amazing New York football Giants, the amazing football Giants come back from the down 18 points and an Arby’s commercial came on.

28:00 CH: Play-offs.

28:01 SJ: And I’m looking at the pictures and I’m like…

28:05 SS: And look so delicious, right?

28:05 SJ: “Those pictures look” No, they look like shit. They look like shit. Usually McDonald’s, the pictures look delicious. You know, they do all those fake little tricks. Arby’s they look like shit on the commercial, I can’t imagine what they look like in-person.

28:17 SS: I think the sandwiches always look good on the commercial and then when you go to buy and they’re just like a sloppy disgusting…

28:20 SJ: Yeah, that’s usually the case.

28:21 SS: Like I don’t want to eat this.

28:23 SJ: Yeah, that’s usually the case… Not for Arby’s though ’cause they have to set the bar lower ’cause they know their sandwich is gonna look way worse.

28:29 CH: I’m gonna invent a word, right now.

28:30 SJ: What is that?

28:31 CH: Alright so their slogan is “We Got The Meats.” or whatever and that is just straight up neanderthalic.

28:39 SJ: I don’t even know what that means.

28:40 CH: That take me back to the prehistoric ages and give me an Arby’s sandwich ’cause that’s the only place that that sandwich has in history, is back when dinosaurs roam. Disgusting.

28:49 SJ: Do you know that the sandwich chain Jimmy John’s…

28:54 CH: Whack move by the way.

28:56 SS: Yeah, I agree.

28:56 SJ: Did $2.1 billion… You’re going Whack move?

28:57 SS: Whack move.

28:57 SJ: $2.1 billion in sales in 2018 and we don’t even have one.

29:01 CH: I find that so hard to believe.

29:02 SJ: Where is there a Jimmy John’s?

29:04 CH: Who’s eating at an Arby’s? Can we take a poll in the office and see how many people have eaten that? I think zero people in this office have probably eaten at Arby’s.

29:10 SS: Can they all hear this? Right now?

29:12 SJ: No. We should though that’s a good idea. I’m thinking that we should blare the podcast out into the office.

29:17 CH: And have people like…

29:19 SJ: It would be like “Hey, come in here I gotta ask you a quick question.”

29:22 SS: That’d be cool.

29:23 SJ: Alright cool so Tori what do you got on that? You got Mack Move or Whack move? You got no sign though ’cause we only got three.

29:28 Tori: Whack move.

29:29 SJ: Whack move, why?

29:32 Tori: Whack move.

29:32 CH: Show it to the camera.

29:32 SJ: Why? Why is it a whack move?

29:34 Tori: ‘Cause I don’t eat at those places. They’re disgusting.

29:35 SJ: You’re holding Mack Move.

29:37 Tori: Whack move.

29:38 SJ: Disgusting, right? Same reasons we said.

29:40 Tori: Yeah. Yeah.

29:42 CH: Alright, give me my sign back.

29:42 SJ: Alright. Alright, topic number two.

29:46 Tori: So the European Union’s top court has ruled that Google does not have to apply the right to be forgotten globally, which allows members of the public to make a request to any organization verbally or in writing to demand data about them be deleted. So this is like any damaging or like false information that is shared. They can have it deleted but only in Europe.

30:10 SJ: Wow!

30:11 SS: That’s interesting.

30:12 CH: You know what’s funny? You get caught in a loop though because if you ask for your information to be deleted. This dude, he was a national case because he asked for information about him to be deleted and then that…

30:25 SJ: And then that…

[overlapping conversation]

30:25 SJ: Search is up.

30:26 CH: Yeah. That information became the story and then you’re like dude…

30:30 SS: That blows my mind.

30:32 CH: Yeah, isn’t that funny? Isn’t that…

30:32 SJ: That is hilarious. That is so…

30:33 CH: The right to be forgotten case is famous and this dude just screwed himself over, it was hilarious.

30:38 SJ: This is really tough ’cause…

30:40 SS: ‘Cause what if you’re the person who wants information deleted and he has something awful online and then what if you’re on the other end and you’re like, “I wanna find out some dirt about this guy.” If you’re trying to hire someone you make…

30:51 SJ: But then also who’s gonna determine whether your experience with that person or that situation was… And I get it, we’re talking about real serious stuff but let’s say we had a business transaction and it went really bad, like there’s two sides to every story and I feel like…

31:07 SS: Like that should be public.

31:08 SJ: Yeah I mean, I don’t know, it’s tough because…

31:11 CH: If what you did was tough.

31:11 SJ: Somebody could be lying and it’s like, “What are you gonna do?” In my mind, I feel like what’s gonna happen is there’s gonna become a separate court that’s gonna be known as like the Internet court. You know what I mean? To where it’s like you have to plead your case to Google.

31:25 CH: And Google’s gonna be like the judge, with a gavel.

31:26 SJ: Yeah Google’s gonna be like, “Alright, we found you to be telling the truth, keep the story going.” I don’t know, it’s funny though because this is something that we’ve heard a lot of throughout the years. People call us all the time and they’re just like… And it’s funny because whenever somebody… News flash, when you get a digital… When you are talking to a digital marketer and you say “How do I get some stuff off of… ” We are going to Google you within that phone call and we are going to look up the shit you did and we found some pretty crazy shit…

31:56 CH: Always, yeah.

31:57 SJ: Which we’re not gonna get into ’cause there are clients but just know there’s like… It’s funny because people are always like “But that’s not true. How can they just put that out there?” And it’s like well, you can’t regulate the Google but apparently they are regulating the Google in Europe.

32:11 CH: Do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing though? That’s really the question. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

32:17 SJ: I think it’s too much sticky, there’s too much sticky area, so I’m gonna go with Whack move.

32:21 SS: I’m gonna go with Whack move.

32:22 SJ: Yeah because I think there’s too much sticky area.

32:24 CH: Alright.

32:24 SJ: But although I do think it would make for good content. Like I like the whole story about the guy that made his case more popular because of that.

32:32 SS: I’m going with Whack move because how do you regulate that? How do you protect the public from people who should be online and should be searchable, like this guy murdered someone? I don’t know. How do you protect yourself from that?

32:43 SJ: Yeah. No, that’s true.

32:46 CH: I imagine stuff like that has to be public… Like you can’t get that…

32:49 SS: Yeah, but how do you… Where do you draw the line?

32:50 CH: Yeah, I know. Yeah. No, it’s so sticky. I’m gonna get peer pressured into saying Whack move so I was thinking about a counter-argument but I’m not gonna do that. Here you go, Tori. What do you think?

33:00 Tori: Whack move across the board.

33:00 SJ: Whack move.

33:01 CH: Wow!

33:01 Tori: Too much grey area.

33:02 SJ: Swept. We need a sound effect when everybody does a Whack move and then when we need a sound effect when everybody does a Mack Move.

33:08 SS: I like that.

33:09 SJ: I think we’re gonna do that from now on. Or if everybody does Whack move, we hit that Cylinder vodka. I’m just kidding. It’s not that type of podcast.

33:20 SS: What if you did like the SVU, like gavel, like…

33:22 SJ: Yeah, We’re gonna get some shit, we’re gonna get some shit. Alright. So topic number three. Tori.

33:31 Tori: Starship Technologies created a food delivery robot and will be partnering with Postmates and it’s already been introduced on the streets in DC. It’s like a cooler on wheels that pairs with an app on your phone to open.

33:45 SJ: You should see this thing. This thing is awesome. You should see this thing scooting through New York City. It’s just crossing streets and just watching out for people.

33:55 SS: I wanna see a video of someone just kicking it.

33:56 SJ: Yeah. No. There are videos out there of people trying to pry it open, you can’t get it open, you can’t get it open and that thing will shoot you, it’ll tase you. No, I’m just kidding. They should put a taser on it. [chuckle]

34:05 CH: I want one of these for my house, so I don’t have to walk into the kitchen.

34:07 SJ: Oh, please stop. Stop it.

34:08 CH: I’m laying in bed looking at my phone, I just want this…

34:10 SJ: When I saw this…

34:11 CH: Robot to bring me a burrito.

34:14 SJ: I think it’s cool for the fact that delivery services and stuff but it’s gonna take some money out of people’s pockets. This is gonna be…

34:24 CH: Human’s pockets.

34:24 SJ: Yes. This may be the first robot system that really penetrates the market, I think. Because obviously the Stop and Shop thing, it doesn’t… I don’t know. The self check-outs, they don’t seem to be… You know what I mean? They’re not really robots, but…

34:40 CH: It’s feasible.

34:42 SJ: I could see there being hundreds of these little bastards zipping around in New York City in the next couple of years. Just think about it. You know what I mean?

34:50 SS: Have you been to San Francisco?

34:52 SJ: No, I haven’t.

34:53 SS: Europe?

34:53 SJ: They have these?

34:53 SS: Europe recently?

34:54 SJ: No.

34:55 SS: Alright. So you ever heard about these scooters, electric scooters that you could just rent on your phone?

34:58 SJ: Yeah, and people hate them?

35:00 SS: And they’re everywhere ’cause they’re everywhere. They’re everywhere. You’ll just be walking in a sidewalk and there’ll be like three of them just in your way and you’re like “Why did someone just leave this?” I don’t think it’s gonna work.

35:09 SJ: You don’t think it’s gonna work?

35:09 SS: I don’t think it’s a…

35:09 SJ: You think it’s too much clutter?

35:11 SS: I think it’s a cool idea. I don’t think it’s practical. What if everyone on the street orders a burrito?

35:18 SJ: Yeah, yeah. I know.

35:19 SS: What? Is this thing just gonna carry a million burritos?

35:20 SJ: No, I got it, I got it, I got it. You use it as transportation as well. So you catch a ride with one of these things, you double down. Now you got people on top of these little bot things.

35:31 CH: So smart, yes. Alright, Mack Move.

35:33 SJ: See it? I’m going Mack Move too.

35:34 CH: I don’t even have to explain.

35:35 SS: I’m going Whack move.

35:35 SJ: That’s okay.

35:35 SS: I’m sorry. I’m going Whack move.

35:36 SJ: That’s alright, that’s alright.

35:37 SS: I wanna see this thing 10 years from now and go back to this conversation.

35:40 SJ: Everywhere like see where we’re at. Well, at that point, Elon’s gonna dig those burrows.

[overlapping conversation]

35:46 CH: We might be on Mars at that point. I don’t know.

35:47 SJ: Yeah, that’s true.

35:47 CH: The way the earth is going now, it’s pretty pissed at us. It’s…

35:52 SJ: Well, I’ll tell you what though. Keep buying that Cylinder vodka.

35:55 CH: And we’ll make it…

35:55 SJ: Clean that water.

35:55 CH: We’ll make it better, we’ll make it better.

35:58 SJ: That’s right. Alright. Tori, what do you got?

36:01 Tori: Whack move.

36:01 SJ: Whack move.

36:02 CH: Not a big fan of robots, they’re scary.

36:05 SJ: Alright.

36:06 CH: And that’s fair.

36:06 SJ: Some people are intimidated by robots.

36:07 CH: And that’s fair.

36:08 SJ: That’s okay, that’s okay. We’re okay with that.

36:11 CH: Flush everything we just said down the toilet. Topic number four.

36:18 Tori: Amazon is building their own wireless earbuds to compete with the Apple AirPods. It’ll offer Alexa on-the-go and fitness-tracking.

36:29 SJ: Question. Will this work with an iPhone?

36:33 Tori: That’s a good question.

36:34 SJ: Because if it doesn’t work with an iPhone, I’m all about Mack Move because I love the Android-Apple battle and I’m team Android.

36:45 CH: Yeah, me too.

36:46 SJ: All day, every day but I get it.

36:47 SS: Well, I’m team Apple.

36:48 SJ: I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum, I get it. I get it. Most people, they like Apple.

36:53 SS: Did you hear Amazon just copied the Allbirds shoe?

36:56 SJ: No.

36:56 SS: Do you know Allbirds?

36:58 CH: I know. Yeah, I’ve heard of them.

37:00 SS: So they sell pretty much… It’s 100% sustainable. It’s a sneaker. It is beautiful. It’s $95. So it’s environmentally sourced wool and just…

37:09 SJ: So they just stole somebody else’s idea?

37:10 SS: Yeah and then just selling it for $45.

37:11 CH: Yeah, that’s what Amazon does.

37:12 SJ: That’s what Amazon does. It’s what they’re doing right now.

37:15 CH: So I’m going with Whack Move because Amazon can’t do everything ’cause then nobody will have a job, nobody is gonna have a business.

37:21 SJ: Oh, see, I’m so torn.

37:22 SS: Imagine Amazon vodka.

37:24 SJ: Yeah, I know.

37:24 SS: $12. Delivered anywhere within an hour? Yeah.

37:28 SJ: I think it would put Kirkland vodka out of business.

37:32 SS: It might. It might put every vodka out of business.

37:34 SJ: It’s true, it’s true. So for that sense, I’m with you and I wanna go Whack move but I like the Android side of things so I wanna go Mack Move but it’s not a Android-Apple thing, it’s more or less an Amazon thing and they’re trying to run the world and I’m gonna go Whack move on that.

37:53 CH: Yeah. I’m not gonna lie though, sometimes when Apple comes out with something new that looks cool, I’m like the dude in that meme where he’s walking with his girlfriend and he looks behind him and he… I’m like the dude in that meme and then Apple’s like that other company and my girlfriend’s Android and I’m just like, “That looks pretty nice.” But I’ll never switch over ’cause I’m a faithful good purse.

38:17 SJ: I mean, the camera thing is cool on the iPhone now.

38:19 CH: Yeah, the camera thing is cool.

38:20 SJ: With the three cameras.

38:21 CH: Alright, Whack move.

38:21 SJ: Thats a given, that’s a given.

38:21 CH: Amazon needs to take a hike, take a hike. You’re gonna ruin everything.

38:26 SJ: I mean, Jesus Christ, at least pay your employees a little bit better if you’re gonna do this shit. You know what I mean? You could probably pay all your employees double and still be the richest person in the world.

38:34 CH: We’re all gonna be employed by Amazon in 20 years, so doesn’t matter.

38:37 SJ: Great, great.


38:40 SS: But then I mean, the market wouldn’t really work very well ’cause who would be buying their products. If everyone’s gonna be paid $12 bucks an hour…

38:47 SJ: Bezos would be like Hitler basically…


38:49 CH: Whoa!

38:50 SJ: Sorry, that was a hot take…

38:51 CH: Whoa, that was a hot take.

38:52 SJ: I went way too far.

38:53 SS: Is that gonna be cut out?

38:54 SJ: No, we’re not cutting that shit out. I stand behind what I say.

38:57 CH: You might make it on the news with that.

39:00 SJ: I stand behind what I said.

39:00 CH: Local podcaster compares Hitler to Jeff Bezos.


39:04 SJ: Believe me, It’s been way worse, people have compared him to way worse I’m sure.

39:08 CH: Okay. Alright here, Tori what are you calling on this one?

39:12 Tori: I’m calling Mack Move just because of the fitness component and having Alexa on the go.

39:17 SJ: Yeah she likes the accessories of it.

39:19 SS: Doesn’t that scare you though. Alexa just in your ear listening to every single thing you say.

39:22 SJ: No I don’t, I’m not down with that Alexa shit.

39:24 SS: Do you have one at your house?

39:25 Tori: Yeah, I do.

[overlapping conversation]

39:27 SJ: I don’t have one. I’m not down with it. I am not down with it either. Old man Johnson? Hell no, you are not putting some shit in his house that’s gonna listen to him. I know my phone is but you know that’s… Whatever… What you gonna do?

39:40 SS: I know the technology is in the phone and it’s software built but anytime I go to Google something and I was just talking about it and it’s like the first thing that pops up. I’m like, this isn’t cool.

39:49 SJ: I see that same thing, it makes me nervous.

39:51 CH: They’re gonna re-market these ear pods to us after this podcast.

39:54 SJ: The other… What was that? A couple, was it like a month or two ago we came home after a little happy hour session and went back to my house, a couple Tommy, who else was with us, Drew and we put on a… What was that, Monster Truck?

40:09 CH: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

40:10 SJ: We’re not into Monster Truck.

40:12 CH: We just put it on the television.

40:12 SJ: We just put it on the TV and it was on ESPN and I think Monster Truck shit was on and we were just looking at it laughing. Dude for a week and a half straight the only thing that showed up on all of my shit was Monster Truck stuff.

40:25 CH: I’m a monster truck fan guy.

40:27 SJ: I never clicked on anything, I never searched anything, I never like… They converted me.

40:29 CH: I didn’t choose to be Grave Digger that’s my…


40:32 SJ: Next thing you know, I’ve got a grave digger tattoo and I don’t know what the fuck is going on.

40:35 SS: That’s scary.

40:35 SJ: Just getting the shit re-marketed out of me. I know, I know. So alright, what are we moving on to? Topic number five?

40:42 Tori: Yeah, so to close it out, Emmy ratings have hit an all time low for the second year in a row. This is after they’ve changed the show to no host and a lot of backlash in the award community. What do you think?

41:03 CH: This is… I got a problem with this topic. I got a couple of problems with this topic, maybe we should talk about it afterwards though but anyway, what do we call in the Mack Move or Whack Move on? What is the question?

41:15 Tori: Basically just award shows in general, like are they a scam?

41:23 SJ: Are they on their way out?

41:23 CH: Oh, okay.

41:25 SJ: I think they are… Times are changing.

41:27 CH: Oh so just like Emmys. Mack Move or Whack Move?

41:28 SJ: Yeah, this is what it is, ready? Times are changing and they’re not changing. They try to change with some half-ass shit like taking the host off. Right? But ultimately what game are we playing here? Is it about, you know what’s the deal?

41:42 SS: Why did they take the host off though?

41:45 SJ: I don’t know. Why did they take the host off?

41:46 SS: Is it because of [41:47] ____.

41:47 Tori: After Kevin Hart had like that problem with that backlash.

41:50 SS: See, I don’t agree with that.

41:51 SJ: Everybody is offended by everything that’s why there’s no host.

41:53 SS: People need to stop being offended by everything.

41:55 SJ: Yes.100% but that’s the reason why there’s no host because no matter what you do, somebody is gonna offend somebody.

42:01 Tori: Right.

42:01 SJ: Right? I mean who the hell else can you put up there?

42:03 CH: They gotta put up there a Black Chinese ginger, transgender paraplegic.


42:13 CH: Jesus Christ. That’s gonna be the next host of the Emmys. Can’t believe I just said that on air but that’s gonna be… That’s the only acceptable host option.

42:22 SS: I’m offended that the Emmys don’t have a host.

42:26 SJ: I’m gonna go Whack move because I think the Emmys are Whack. I think the Emmys represent the culture that we’re in right now, you know what I mean? Everybody at those awards are super offended by everything and that’s why they can’t have a host. Right? Because it’s the people of Hollywood and it’s the… They’re the ones that are driving the shit.

42:51 CH: I love the drama Mack Move. Love the Emmys, love the drama. I’m not gonna lie, when Inside Edition is on TV and I get home and it’s a late day and my brain is mush, I just get drawn into the highlights and I’m like “Oh, Jennifer Aniston said what?”

43:05 SJ: You are a sheep.

43:06 CH: Öh like she wore that dress? I get it, I get it, I like it, I’m sure Tori… You love the Emmys right?

43:11 Tori: Yeah, I do.

43:12 CH: She loves the Emmys.

43:12 SJ: No but she likes the highlights of the Emmys though, she doesn’t like the actual show. Do you?

43:17 Tori: No, no one does.

43:18 SJ: She likes the outfits. You like the after effect of it.

43:21 SS: So I’m going Mack Move. I think this is a sign for the Emmys to stop being so square and rigid and just chill a little bit.

43:28 SJ: Yeah. I agree with you.

43:30 SS: Change up their mantra.

43:33 CH: I love the Emmys. I don’t know why I love the Emmys. I love the Emmys.

43:35 SJ: Who was the host of the Grammys?

43:37 Tori: They didn’t have a host. They were the first one that was, because of Kevin Hart.

43:41 CH: Really?

43:42 SJ: We’re gonna start doing this show with no host.


43:45 SJ: Seriously because especially what Chase just said. We’re going to be in some shit.

43:50 CH: Dude listen, this is what it is right? Anything that is a meme generator is good in my book. If it generates memes, and I’m not talking about memes like funny memes, I’m just talking about things that generate thoughts and opinions in culture are usually cool.

44:06 SJ: This is why on Chase’s bio on his instagram it says “send memes”.

44:12 SS: You’re right, you’re right. Things that generate anger or frustration. Those sell and that’s our culture right now. It ignites something.

44:21 SJ: And it’s like one thing is like some of these people are super offended by all this stuff and some people are super upset and then there’s the people that create the funnies right? And people that create the funny memes about the topics and stuff and then there’s people like us that just laugh about it. You know what I mean? We’re just in that we don’t really give a shit category. Alright, that is going to wrap up Mack Move or Whack Move for this program. What did you think? Did you have a good time with it or what?

44:46 SS: I had a great time. Yeah, it’s great.

44:47 SJ: I think we could definitely do it with the little vodka in our… Sorry. I think it would definitely be…

[overlapping conversation]

44:52 SS: I think you should start the segment with a shot of Vodka.

44:55 SJ: That would be a great idea.

44:56 CH: I wanna do this… We should’ve done this out at the bar.

44:58 SJ: We’re going to start it later.

45:00 CH: We should have done this by the bar.

45:01 SS: You’re gonna shoot at a bar?

45:02 SJ: This is a great. I love the product, I love his energy, I love everything that we were doing. We’re gonna do something else. Definitely a 100%.

45:10 SS: Okay.

45:11 SJ: We’re gonna need to do something that is gonna help, it’s gonna be good for both of us. We’re gonna do a cross promotion. Something that’s good for The Mack Talk, something that’s good for Cylinder Vodka.

45:21 SS: I have an idea.

45:22 CH: What’s that?

45:22 SS: Alright we pick a bar in Brookfield or somewhere…

45:25 SJ: I just wanna first, I wanna let you know though, that Chase, we gotta keep him. He gets a few in him… He gets kicked out of places.

45:30 CH: It’s true. I don’t feel… I don’t get drunk.

45:32 SJ: He gets kicked out of places.

45:33 SS: Alright so we’ll give him drink tokens. We’ll give him three and all the bartenders will know like… “Give me the drink token. How many of you had?”

45:42 SJ: I never heard of that before. No, he’s usually good. It’s usually when he’s out with his boys. Business-wise, he’s professional as can be. It’s when he goes out with his boys on Halloween that he acts like…

[overlapping conversation]

45:51 CH: Yeah. It’s when I’m by myself and not in a professional environment that it just gets ridiculous.

45:53 SJ: Yeah, that’s when he cuts loose.

45:54 SS: I think that’s okay.

45:55 SJ: And I think that’s because he’s in the professional environment so much that that’s why he does that.

45:58 SS: Yeah, you have to let loose once while. You have to just not care and…

46:01 SJ: It’s funny though when it ends up being one of my friends, like a restaurant owner that I know from the gym and I say to him “Yeah, my boy got thrown out. ” He’s like, “The blonde-haired kid?” And I’m like “Yeah.” He’s like, “He was out of control.” But you know just some people don’t like great dancing. Some people don’t like a lot of great dancing and he gets out there, he does the worm. He does all that shit.

46:21 CH: I don’t do that.

46:22 SJ: Alright, go ahead. What’s your idea?

46:23 SS: Alright. So we throw a party at a bar. Fund-raiser. Money goes back to cleaning the Long Island Sound and we do a little podcast episode.

46:33 SJ: I’m down.

46:33 CH: Chef Plum.

46:33 SJ: I’m down.

46:34 CH: Chef Plumb? Get him involved somehow. He’ll be cooking. We’ll be drinking, eating food, podcasting. It’ll be like the [46:40] ____.

46:40 SS: Let’s do it. Chef Plum, he sounds like a celebrity chef.

46:43 SJ: Yeah, he is.

46:44 CH: He is…

46:44 SJ: He’s our boy.

46:45 CH: Yeah, he’s our boy.

46:45 SJ: He’s our boy.

46:45 CH: Came on the podcast.

46:46 SJ: Came on the pod. He has a radio show, he’s a private chef in Montauk.

46:51 SS: Oh wow!

46:51 SJ: And he just does a ton of different stuff. He has a show called Restaurant Road Trip which is on Facebook and he’s a chef and he’s basically an entertainer is what he is. He’s funny.

47:07 CH: Yeah in CT he’s…

47:09 SS: He’s the man.

47:09 CH: He’s pretty well-known, you know what I mean? He’s kind of a taste-maker.

47:11 SJ: We’ll bring him on in on it.

47:12 CH: Yeah, he’s kind of a taste-maker.

47:14 SJ: Oh dude, now you got my brain thinking.

47:16 CH: I know, now I’m thinking all these ideas. Alright, let’s just get this along…

47:18 SS: There’s a lot we could do.

47:21 SJ: We’re gonna start a group chat. We’re gonna start throwing some shit in there. We’re gonna see what we can do. Alright? Alright, cool. So this will conclude this episode of The Mack Talks. Chase is gonna go ahead and close us out. Is going to give everybody’s handle and go from there.

47:35 CH: Alright, so thanks for joining us, everybody. If you’re looking to learn more about Cylinder Vodka, you can visit their website www.cylindervodka.com. They have a neat little location tool on there where you can find out where you can buy Cylinder Vodka nearest to you.

47:51 SJ: Awesome!

47:52 CH: They’re also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at Cylinder Vodka, you could just search that on Facebook. Stelios, thanks so much for coming in man.

48:00 SS: Thank you guys. Thank you so much.

48:00 CH: It was awesome. I hope you had fun.

48:01 SS: Yeah, I did.

48:02 CH: And for all of our listeners, if you wanna find out more about The Mack Talks, how to listen, watch and subscribe, you can visit our website www.themacktalks.com. If you like our content, please leave us a review on iTunes, subscribe to our YouTube channel, like us on Facebook, also follow us on Instagram at M-A-C-K Talks.

48:21 SJ: Alright. Thank you so much. Tori, say goodbye to everyone.

48:23 Tori: Bye, everyone.

48:23 SJ: Alright, thanks guys.

48:24 CH: Thanks.

48:35 SS: See yeah.