Episode #42 :

Space Wine, Coors Light

Space Wine, Coors Light Rebranding, and Facebook Hates Fruit | Ep. 42

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For this week’s episode of the Mack Talks, Scott sees Tori off for her last day at Mack Media. They go through their rundown of recent events this week and run your favorite podcast gameshow, Mack Move or Wack Move. The group talk about Dick Sporting Goods CEO’s possible presidential bid, censored emojis on your favorite social media, and space aged wine? You’ll have to watch to find out more and hear all the other topics discussed.


During this week’s rundown, the trio cover topics including:

Google acquires Fitbit for over two billion dollars with the rise of personal fitness devices and Google’s past endeavors in wearable devices.

The rising social media company, Tik Tok’s ties to the Chinese government sparks national fear of our data usage and privacy of especially our youth’s which the app is designed for.

A local Stop and Shop turned a twenty five million dollar lottery ticket to a potential marketing move through donating their commision.

McDonald’s CEO was recently outed from the company for engaging in a relationship with an employee. Sparking controversy of whether a company should get in the way of love.

Mack Move or Wack Move

In this week’s segment, Scott and Tori talk about topics including:

AirBnB CEO Brian Chesky announced their newest policy changes banning party houses on the service after a deadly mass shooting at a rental in California.

Declining beer sales with the popularity of seltzers and other alternative drinks are forcing Molson Coors to rebrand with endeavors to produce their own brand of seltzer, CBD infused drinks, and other products to keep their brand relevant.

A college kid in Iowa made almost twenty thousand dollars after he commute Kripsy Kreme

Highlights from this episode:

» 9:00 – 13:50 – Stacks Running for President
» 13:56 – 18:10 – Google Buys Fitbit
» 18:13 – 23:30 – Tik Tok
» 23:35 – 27:50 – Stop and Shop Winner
» 27:55 – 31:05 – McDonald’s Scandal
» 31:10 – 35:10 – Air BnB Banning Parties
» 35:13 – 37:57 – Coors Light
» 38:04 – 40:10 – Space Aged Wine
» 40:15 – 45:10 – Krispy Kreme Guy
» 45:18 – 49:25 – Peaches and Eggplants are Gone


00:00 Chase Hutchison: On this, and Tori’s last episode, number 42 of The Mack Talks, we talk throwing parties in an Airbnb, selling Krispy Kreme Doughnuts out of the back of your car, and flying wine into outer space. Let’s go.


00:15 Scott Johnson: Chase, tell the people what The Mack Talks are.

00:17 CH: If you’re an entrepreneur, impactful leader or business owner, The Mack Talks are that vehicle that brings you the stories that you need to hear.

00:25 SJ: That’s right, real stories from real leaders. Check us out every Thursday.

00:33 SJ: Welcome to The Mack Talks, episode 42. Some people were confused before this thing kicked off and they thought it was 43, Tommy, but I know, because I’m the navigator of this ship, that it was episode 42.

00:50 CH: El capitan.

00:52 SJ: Chase Hutchison.

00:54 CH: Howdy, guys.

00:56 SJ: Tori.

00:58 Tori: Hi, guys.

01:00 SJ: So we have a very sad, very…

01:05 CH: Heartfelt.

01:06 SJ: Heartfelt episode here today. Today, ladies and gentlemen, is Tori, our Chief Pod Operator’s last day. Where’s the sound effects?


01:18 Tori: I made it. I made it.

01:22 CH: A very bittersweet day here at The Mack Talks studio.

01:25 SJ: It’s sad. I’m sad. I’m happy. Tori went and got herself what we know as a…

01:30 CH: A job.

01:31 SJ: Real job. A real job, that’s what she went and got. Tori…

01:36 CH: Yeah, I still don’t have one.

01:38 SJ: Shut your face. Tori, tell us where did you get your real job at?

01:46 Tori: I got my real job at Vineyard Vines headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut with the customer care department.

01:53 SJ: Are you running their podcast or no?

01:56 Tori: No, but maybe…

01:57 CH: She’s gonna absolutely crush it over there.

02:00 SJ: Okay. I don’t agree with that. Yeah.

02:00 CH: Can we talk about how much she’s gonna crush it?

02:01 SJ: You’re gonna crush it over there.

02:02 CH: You’re great at everything you do. You’re gonna…

02:03 SJ: Can we check in with you every once in a while?

02:05 Tori: Thanks, guys.

02:06 SJ: Can we check in with you?

02:07 Tori: Absolutely.

02:07 SJ: Alright.

02:08 CH: We better. We better.

02:09 SJ: Just get that podcast go… I’m sure they already have a podcast, but when they see what you’re able to do with this pod, I’m sure you can get into that part of the company.

02:20 CH: Yeah. You’re gonna have a great time. You’re gonna crush it. We’re rooting for you.

02:23 Tori: Thank you.

02:24 SJ: We’re rooting for you.

02:24 CH: We are like also super sad though.

02:25 SJ: And we’re doing a karaoke send-off, I heard. Right?

02:28 CH: Mm-hmm.

02:29 SJ: Isn’t that what we’re gonna do?

02:31 CH: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

02:31 SJ: Karaoke send-off?

02:32 CH: Mm-hmm.

02:33 SJ: Alright. So we are happy for Tori. Of course she will always be a friend of the show, a friend of the program, even though she got a real job. Occasionally, we’ll bring her in. Occasionally, we’ll bring her in for, you know… For any…

02:47 Tori: For a celebrity shot.

02:48 SJ: For a celebrity shot, you know what I mean? See how things are going over there at Vineyard Vines. She went corporate on us. No, I’m just kidding. Vineyard Vines really isn’t technically… They’re not really corporate, so…

02:58 CH: They kinda are.

03:00 SJ: What was I gonna say right before we started this…

03:01 CH: You have a gripe that you wanted to air out.

03:02 SJ: What was it?

03:03 CH: I don’t know but I was gonna talk about the person I just got off the phone with, interesting… But whichever one you want to start with first, before we hop into these rundown topics.

03:12 SJ: You can go ahead and talk about that, and then if it comes to me, I’ll just do…

03:15 CH: Do you ever have one of those deals…

03:17 SJ: Hold on a second, I wasn’t done speaking.

03:19 CH: Oh, sorry.

03:19 SJ: But what I said was… What I was gonna say was if it comes to me, I will interrupt you and interject and then we’ll talk about…

03:27 CH: Like you just did. And then I just did.

03:30 SJ: Yeah, like I always do. Exactly. Carry on.

03:33 CH: Alright…

03:34 SJ: Oh! Wait, I got it. I thought about it.

03:36 CH: Okay.

03:37 SJ: We went and we were having some beverages, my wife and I, my lovely wife, which I love to death, and we’re having some beverages, some alcoholic beverages, and she was bitching about her knee, and I… ‘Cause she has to get her meniscus done, because the first time she got her meniscus done is when she came over to the United States. What happened was…

04:02 CH: On a floating door.

04:03 SJ: No, we smuggled her over underneath of a car.

04:05 CH: Oh, yeah.

04:06 SJ: So there was some rattling going on, it screwed up her meniscus, but anyway she’s all legal now, so anybody do not call ICE on our family. Don’t do it, she’s legal now. Everything is good. She’s got an American husband, everything is legit. But let me just tell you really quick, I sent this to Chase via audio text because sometimes when I’m out and I’m in my beverages, when I get deep in my beverages, and I was deep in my beverages on Saturday night, I’ll just bypass the typing and I’ll go straight to the audio message. So the audio message… You know what? Oh, my phone’s recording, otherwise I would play it, but the audio message went like this, “If you were a doctor and your last name was meniscus, you’d be killing the game. Dr. Meniscus…

04:52 CH: Yeah.

04:53 SJ: He’s the go-to for the meniscus. Is he not?

04:56 CH: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Or like Dr. ACL.

05:00 SJ: Yeah.

05:00 CH: Dr…

05:00 SJ: But then I feel like if I bring this topic up it’s gonna lead me into all these names that I have. Like if your last name is Time, naming your son Justin.

05:09 CH: Doctor Rectum.

05:10 SJ: Whoa.

05:11 CH: Rectal surgery, ever heard of it?

05:13 SJ: Alright. Anyway, go ahead, talk about your guy. I didn’t mean to interrupt you. Go ahead, talk about your…

05:16 CH: No, no, no. I’m glad we got that out of the way. By the way, I don’t know… I didn’t think I’d ever listen to that message you sent me… Sometimes you send me such volume of content in such short bursts…

05:24 SJ: Something else I do when I’m in the bevs.

05:26 CH: It’s hard for me to consume it all in a timely manner, so some stuff gets overlooked. That’s what happens. You ever just have one of those deals that just come out of nowhere, that just comes… Kind of gets dropped in your lap like it’s out of the ether, like it just… You just reach up and you just kind of pluck it down, and it’s just up there, and it’s like a low-hanging…

05:46 SJ: Wait, are you reaching it? Grabbing it? Is it landing on you?

05:50 CH: I’m not really doing much. I’m not doing much. I’m kind of…

05:51 SJ: You’re reaching it…

05:52 CH: I’m like, “Oh, it’s…

05:53 SJ: I’ve had deals that literally land on my lap. I don’t have to reach, they land on my lap.

05:56 CH: No, no, but it’s almost like I was open to it and it came to me.

06:00 SJ: Okay.

06:00 CH: That’s how I would describe it.

06:00 SJ: Tell us about this deal that made us late for this podcast.

06:00 CH: So, a couple months back… And that’s why it’s so surprising to me. A couple months back, we had an intern named Charlie. I had him kind of run through the motions ’cause I didn’t trust the kind of content he was putting out yet, so I wanted him to do some test campaigns on some easy companies, and one of the companies was this company called Innova Learn. I’m gonna give more plug right now, they do corporate education, and some of their clients include GE, Cigna, Aetna…

06:00 SJ: Nice.

06:35 CH: Amazing clients, they’ve got an excellent reputation, award-winning. Anyway, this went away for months and months and I didn’t hear anything about it. He just said, “Oh, I’m kinda thinking about a new website, I’m not sure.” And then he starts talking numbers with me.

06:47 SJ: Back on the table.

06:48 CH: He starts… Yeah. No, well, it never wasn’t on the table, it’s just like he wasn’t ready to talk about it yet, but now he’s thinking about doing it.

06:56 SJ: Was he in your pipeline to follow up?

06:57 CH: He was in my pipeline to follow up.

07:00 SJ: Okay.

07:00 CH: So, it came back. We spoke today. I didn’t know all this. I didn’t know that those were his clients. So, it’s just a real sweetheart that just kinda came… It’s like someone sending you a valentine. It’s like your crush sending you a valentine, that’s what it felt like when I got on the phone with him.

07:15 SJ: That’s awesome.

07:16 CH: I was like, “There’s a little Hershey Kiss in there.” And I didn’t know. I thought it was gonna be a shitty card.

07:19 SJ: Bro, let me just tell you… You know how I am, though, right? Close the deal, okay? And I’ll be your valentine. Close the deal.

07:25 CH: Alright.

07:25 SJ: It’s a good project though?

07:27 CH: It sounds good, yeah.

07:28 SJ: Alright.

07:28 CH: Sounds good.

07:29 SJ: ‘Cause until the ink is dry…

07:34 CH: When we are where we’re at, it’s okay to get excited about certain things.

07:39 SJ: And in case anybody is wondering, we are at 604 Federal Road in Brookfield. That’s where we’re at. I just felt the need, when you kept saying when you’re at where you’re at.

07:48 CH: That’s business and sales, though, and I know we don’t cover that a lot on this program.

07:52 SJ: Don’t touch that. Don’t touch that.

07:53 CH: We don’t cover that as much as we should.

07:55 SJ: But when we started talking, we opened the show, and we started talking about Tori’s career, getting a real job, we felt the need to talk about our real jobs. Right? That’s what we just did right there.

08:07 Tori: Right. It’s only fair.

08:08 SJ: We talked about our real jobs. So… We’re gonna have a send-off for Tori. She’s gonna be… Her first day is when? Your first day is Monday? Next week? We’re gonna get her so shit-faced.

08:21 CH: No.

08:21 SJ: At our going away… At her going away…

08:23 CH: She’s way too responsible.

08:25 SJ: She’s gonna be… She’s gonna have to take an Uber to her first day at work there.

08:29 Tori: Wow.

08:29 SJ: That’s how… She’s still gonna be hung over. She’s not gonna be able to drive.

08:31 CH: She’s too responsible for that. I’m gonna go…

08:32 SJ: No Remember November is what we’re calling it.

08:35 CH: We can try, but she’s just gonna cut herself off after like three or four, right, Tori? It’s true.

08:39 SJ: Alright. Let’s get into these topics here, and we’re gonna discuss that after the show.

08:44 CH: She’s very controlled.

08:44 SJ: Because Chase wants to have a pizza party, I wanna have a tequila party for Tori’s send off. So, we’re gonna have to figure that out.

08:52 CH: Leave your opinion in the comments, you think we should do a…

08:54 SJ: Write down in there, everybody. Come on guys. Write it down in the comments there. Let us know what you think.

09:00 CH: Down in the comments, which we have so many, put your opinion, should we do a [09:03] ____.

09:03 SJ: If you’re a bot that’s out there, please, comment in the comments. Go ahead.

09:07 CH: Alright, Scott Railroad Johnson, what’s next?

09:09 SJ: Alright. Next is the rundown.


09:13 CH: Alright, guys. We’re gonna go through some big business topics in the news. There’s some really exciting ones this week, and Tori’s gonna help facilitate that. Go ahead, Tori.

09:26 SJ: For the last time.

09:28 CH: For the last time.

09:28 Tori: For the last time.


09:33 Tori: Alright. Number one: Ed Stack, Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO quietly tests third-party presidential bid for the 2020 election.

09:41 CH: Wait. What’s his name?

09:42 Tori: Ed Stack.

09:44 CH: Big Stacks?

09:45 SJ: Big Stacks.

09:46 CH: Big Stacks.

09:47 SJ: I don’t know anything about this guy. Tori, give me some information.

09:49 CH: I like him already. His name’s great.

09:50 SJ: Give me some information about this guy.

09:51 Tori: So, basically, this is in the wake of the Parkland shooting, and three months before the shooting happened, the shooter bought a gun from Dick’s Sporting Goods, which was a huge controversy.

10:04 SJ: Yeah.

10:05 Tori: So, he’s coming from an angle of pushing for universal background checks and red flag laws.

10:14 SJ: But he already… But he didn’t do that. He didn’t… I don’t… I’m confused.

10:19 CH: Well, he didn’t do it in time, right? It’s horrible, but it’s…

10:24 SJ: Couldn’t he have just made the decision to not carry those guns if he wanted to? I’m not saying he’s right or wrong. I’m just saying…

10:31 Tori: A lot sales probably come from there down south, where gun laws are lax. They probably get a lot of gun sales.

10:37 SJ: I don’t know. I don’t think that it’s a good look for him, that he’s…

10:39 CH: Dick’s Sporting Goods started off with guns in the beginning of their business.

10:43 SJ: Yeah, come on down to Dick’s.

10:45 CH: Yeah.

10:45 SJ: Was that how their ads used to go? [chuckle]


10:48 SJ: Come on down to Dick’s, boy. Get yourself a 12 gauge. [chuckle] You need a shotty? You need to kill that wolf in the backyard? Come on down to Dick’s.

10:58 CH: Wait, real quick. Did you hear about the pregnant woman who killed the two robbers in her house who were attacking her husband?

11:03 SJ: Dude, you can’t switch fucking topics like that. You cannot do that.

11:05 Tori: No.

11:05 CH: It’s an example of gun… Of proper use of a gun.

11:09 SJ: Alright, hold on a second. That is a separate topic for a separate show.

11:13 CH: People break into your house.

11:14 SJ: You had your window.

11:14 CH: I said real quick.

11:15 SJ: You had your window in the beginning to talk about whatever you wanted to talk about.

11:17 CH: I said…

11:18 SJ: And you choose to talk about your deal. Don’t try to railroad Tori on her last day. This is bullshit. I’m not gonna stand for it. It’s not okay.

11:27 CH: Alright. Can I get through what I’m saying?

11:29 SJ: Jesus Christ. You better say something about Dick’s, dick.

11:31 CH: You saying that is actually taking us longer to get through it, because you had to say…

11:34 SJ: Alright. Go ahead. Hurry.

11:35 CH: So, I was just gonna say, Tori saw it in the news. This it something I thought we would talk about on the show is that this pregnant woman, two men broke into her house late at night, they started beating and pistol-whipping her husband. She pulls out… Eight months pregnant, pulls out not a baby, an AR-15.


11:54 CH: And starts shooting. One guy dies.

11:57 SJ: Why do you act like she had it on her hip? You’re like, she pulls out and you’re like…

12:01 CH: I don’t know, because that’s what I’m picturing in my mind.

12:05 SJ: Alright. That’s a good AR-15 story that some might say the NRA planned it. I’m just joking. I’m totally kidding.

12:12 CH: I’m sorry, guys. Sorry for the aside.

12:14 SJ: Listen, I would like to say this. Dick’s Sporting Goods has been selling firearms for so long that if Joe Biden had a problem with Corn Pop, like a real problem with Corn Pop, he gonna go down to Dick’s and get himself a gun and deal with Corn Pop.

12:30 CH: Blast them. Alright. Let’s get back to this. So he’s running a… He’s quietly testing a third-party presidential bid for the 2020 election. He wants to see…

12:39 SJ: Nobody that’s a good person is gonna run for president. That’s why is sucks.

12:42 CH: Wait, but let’s talk about what that means. He’s testing. So what does that mean?

12:46 SJ: Sticking his toe in the water? What does it mean exactly?

12:48 CH: What is a test… How do you test if you’re gonna be a good presidential candidate?

12:51 SJ: See if there’s any interest.

12:52 Tori: He was presented to a controlled group in one state.

12:58 SJ: I wanna present Chase to a control group.

13:01 CH: You’re right, I like what you’re saying though. If you…

13:05 SJ: He’s got lots of money, he stands no chance, that’s it.

13:08 CH: It’s the same thing with these polls, it’s like the only people that actually participate in polls are assholes.

13:14 SJ: Yeah.

13:14 CH: People who are smart, who care about their own business, don’t wanna be bothered with a poll.

13:20 SJ: Get your hand out of my camera. Get your hand out of my camera, alright?

13:23 CH: All eyes on me, boy.

13:25 SJ: Get your hand out of my camera. Alright. So this guy, he’s running, the only thing I like about this dude is his name, because it’s Mr. Stack. And personally…


13:33 CH: Big stack.

13:34 SJ: The only way I would like this guy more… I would actually vote for this guy if his last name was Stacks.

13:40 CH: Yeah. [chuckle]

13:40 SJ: But, apparently, he’s only got one, and if you want my vote, you gotta have multiple stacks. No, I’m just kidding. Today’s the day to vote too, as well, on your local first selectman or mayor race.

13:52 CH: Oh yeah, true.

13:53 SJ: Today’s your day.

13:54 CH: True.

13:54 SJ: Today’s your day.

13:55 CH: Get out to the polls.

13:55 SJ: Tori, did you vote?

13:56 Tori: Not yet.

13:56 SJ: Are you gonna vote?

13:57 Tori: Yeah.

13:58 SJ: You better. Tommy? Look at him. You’re fucking definitely not voting, Jesus Christ.

14:04 Tommy: No, I’m gonna vote.

14:05 SJ: Alright. Let’s go. Let’s go. We got this show started late because of Chase, so we’re gonna pick it up a little bit.

14:08 CH: This is like six weeks late, but get out to the polls, guys. [laughter] Get out to the polls. Make sure you get out to the polls.

14:14 SJ: Alright, topic two.


14:19 Tori: Alright, number two, Google buys Fitbit for $2.1 billion after showing interest in the wearable sector.

14:28 CH: You wanna start?

14:29 SJ: Go ahead, bro.

14:30 CH: This is a good move. This is a good move.

14:31 SJ: Definitely, it’s a good move.

14:33 CH: Number one, because Google doesn’t really have a great history of creating excellent wearable products, like their Google Glass failed.

14:43 SJ: No, they didn’t fail.

14:45 CH: They don’t have a great… I don’t… Their phone sucks.

14:47 SJ: We’re not ready for it yet.

14:48 CH: Their phone sucks. Their actual hardware, it hasn’t impressed me enough to where I’m gonna go out and buy it. So what they’re doing is basically outsourcing it to a company who knows what they’re doing. They’re like, “We’re gonna buy you, we’re gonna buy you, we’re gonna use your product design and everything, but we’re gonna make it Google, we’re gonna make it sexy, we’re gonna make it fun.”

15:07 SJ: For some reason, I can’t view this article, I don’t know why. But yeah, I think that as our devices start to tell us more and more how to live our lives, this is gonna benefit Google, big-time.

15:21 CH: Yeah.

15:22 SJ: Because they’re gonna tie it in with the Home, they’re gonna tie it in with everything. So, obviously a power move here for Google. I think it’s a good move, and that’s chump change for them. That’s chump change.

15:32 CH: You don’t even have to pull up the article, our amazing CPO has all the facts right here, bullet-pointed.

15:40 SJ: Stop slamming the table ’cause you’re making the sound go out, alright, buddy? You’re a little aggressive today.

15:44 CH: I’m an active body…

15:45 SJ: We didn’t even comment on the fact that…

15:47 CH: I am a hot pepper.

15:48 SJ: That Chase has on his Gary V saggy beanie because we had to record a Gary V spot this morning with my lovely daughter, Macy.

15:55 CH: Yeah, we had to cut quick.

15:55 SJ: Where Chase continually tells her to drop out of college, keeps telling my kid to drop out of college.

16:02 CH: She’s only…

16:02 SJ: She’s only in the sixth grade.

16:06 CH: 12.

16:06 SJ: She’s 11, bro. What the fuck? You don’t know how old your work sister is?

16:09 CH: I don’t even know…

16:10 SJ: You don’t know how old your work sister is?

16:11 CH: I don’t know how old anybody is here.

16:14 SJ: Alright. We’re gonna move on to topic three, hopefully, I can see that, ’cause of the ad blockers.

16:18 CH: I feel like we glossed over that one too quickly. There’s a lot to talk about.

16:21 SJ: Go ahead, Tori. Go ahead, talk about it Tori. Go ahead.

16:24 Tori: So, Apple is already firing back. They lowered their price for their Series 3 watch to $199, cheaper than the latest smartwatch from Fitbit, the Versa 2. And then also, they wanted to make a statement and say that the company never sells personal information and Fitbit Health and Wellness data will not be used for Google ads…

16:47 SJ: Yeah, right.

16:47 Tori: Which would be a concern for a lot of people, I’m sure.

16:50 CH: If that’s true… If that’s actually true, though, I like that, and I like how they’re making a stand on it. They’re not being shady about it, they’re saying we’re not using this data for our ads.

17:02 SJ: But do you believe that?

17:02 CH: Separation of Church and State, Scott.

17:04 SJ: Yeah, okay.

17:05 CH: In the founding of America, that was a very…

17:06 SJ: I don’t believe that, personally. Personally, I don’t believe that. I think that if you have high blood pressure, you’re gonna be getting served ads about having high blood pressure. You know what I mean?

17:18 CH: Yeah.

17:18 SJ: That’s what I think. That’s my opinion.

17:21 CH: I’ve been looking into these things. They’re too expensive, though.

17:22 SJ: I don’t trust them.

17:23 CH: Like the Whoop. You know the Whoop?

17:25 SJ: Whoop, there it is. Thought you knew? Great song.

17:28 CH: No, the Whoop is a device that you wear. It’s like a Fitbit, but it’s even more…

17:32 SJ: Speaking of watches, Chase, go ahead and show your watch that you scored at a tag sale, acting like you’re…

17:37 CH: I can’t even finish a single thought. This right here, this 1944 Rolex Submariner, limited edition…

17:46 SJ: No, it’s not.

17:48 CH: Goes for about 45,000 on the market, bought it for 250.

17:51 SJ: Well, that depends.

17:53 CH: Don’t go blind.

17:53 SJ: He bought it with a remote control helicopter, so we’re not actually sure.

17:56 CH: Wait, wait. Put your sunglasses on, three, two, one.

18:00 SJ: When people thought… When you said 250, they thought you meant $250, but he meant $2.50, because he bought it for $5 total, that came with a remote control helicopter. Some might say the helicopter was worth $4, and that was only worth a dollar, so maybe…

18:16 CH: Remember the Rolex watch that was found in that dude’s couch that was 250 grand?

18:21 SJ: Yeah, that’s not it.

18:22 CH: This is it.

18:23 SJ: That’s not it.

18:24 CH: This is it. I’m gonna go get it appraised.

18:26 SJ: Tori, what’s your thoughts on this Google buying the Fitbit?

18:31 Tori: It sounds like a good idea on…

18:32 SJ: You’re down with it?

18:33 Tori: Yeah, I’m down with it.

18:34 SJ: Alright. Alright. Okay, topic number three.


18:42 Tori: So TikTok is seen as growing national security threat due to concern that the Chinese video app might be working with the Chinese government. People are concerned that they’re going to spread disinformation, sensor content and harvest user data.

19:00 SJ: Yeah, of course they’re gonna do all that. What about all the other apps that are… They’re doing the same thing? Like… I don’t know. Apparently, this is gonna become a problem, right?

19:12 CH: Yeah. Wait, so, I mean…

19:15 SJ: Way to go show prep this guy. Way to go.

19:17 CH: But TikTok is… They’re a Chinese-based company, correct?

19:23 Tori: Mm-hmm.

19:23 CH: See, it’s hard because it’s so hard to get an app to blow up like TikTok has blown up. It’s so hard to do that.

19:32 SJ: Yeah.

19:32 CH: And a lot of them don’t have that interest in mind when they create them, but this is one of the ones that just fell through the cracks, and it is of Chinese interest to get our data.

19:42 SJ: Can I ask a question to you young millennials? What’s the difference between TikTok and Vine?

19:49 Tori: There’s essentially no difference, any… Well…

19:52 CH: No, TikTok is way more customizable. You could do a million things with TikTok that you can’t do on Vine.

19:57 Tori: Right, ’cause Vine was six-second videos, traditionally.

20:02 SJ: Yeah.

20:03 Tori: But it became longer videos as the app got more popular and…

20:10 SJ: Why did Vine go away? Who purchased the Vine? Didn’t somebody purchase or didn’t…

20:14 Tori: I think Instagram.

20:15 CH: Facebook. Well, Facebook owns Instagram, so…

20:19 SJ: Facebook bought Vine?

20:19 Tori: Facebook bought Vine.

20:19 SJ: Just to what?

20:20 CH: Either that or…

20:21 SJ: I don’t think that’s correct. I thought Twitter bought… And then just shut them down. I’m not really sure. Fact check that, Tori. Go ahead, I love it when you can hear the typing. Fact check it. Fact check it.

20:32 CH: TikTok though, I don’t get it. I just… Do you get it? Would you have fun… It’s huge.

20:39 Tori: Oh.

20:41 SJ: Twitter?

20:41 Tori: Twitter shut Vine down.

20:43 CH: Oh.

20:44 SJ: Boom!

20:45 Tori: And then all the Vines went to Twitter.

20:47 SJ: Old guy.

20:47 CH: You were just guessing.

20:48 SJ: Old guy. No, I wasn’t. That’s pretty goddamn accurate.

20:50 CH: Yeah, you were like, “Oh, I’m pretty sure, not sure if a… I don’t know. It may be Twitter.” And then she’s like, “Yeah, Twitter.”

20:52 SJ: That’s pretty goddamn accurate. I might have heard a certain 13-year-old talking about it when it happened, when he was 11. I might have heard a certain certain.

21:01 CH: Alright.

21:01 SJ: First thing I wanna say is that Chuck Schumer, he a douche. Anything that Chuck Schumer says, I’m not down with.

21:08 CH: Yeah, he is a douche.

21:10 SJ: I wanna know if there’s any Chuck Schumer fans out there. This guy is a douche of all douches when it comes to politicians. He’s not happy about it, alright? He is not happy about it. He’s perfectly okay with everybody in Congress getting paid for life, he’s okay with that, that’s okay, but he’s not happy about the Chinese penetrating our app market.

21:28 CH: Yeah, this is the last thing we wanna give the Chinese, is all of our citizen’s personal data.

21:32 SJ: Can I just be honest with you, though? Can I be honest with you? Can I be honest with you, sir, young man, as an elder…

21:38 CH: When are you not?

21:40 SJ: As an elder that you hang out with, I wanna just say this: If the Chinese wants our fucking data, they will go and get it. They don’t need to create some stupid goddamn app. Really? Everybody and their mother hacks the social security sites and all this shit. You don’t think that they don’t have some way… Other way of getting our data? Tommy, do they have another way of getting our data?

22:03 CH: This is a really, really easy way of doing it…

22:05 SJ: I think they do.

22:06 CH: And you don’t have to hack anything. It’s just there. It’s very convenient.

22:10 SJ: Bro, they’re Chinese. Hacking things is like getting up and going to the bathroom.

22:13 CH: Dude, go ahead, but it’s probably gonna cost you more money or it’s gonna cost you more time. This is an easy way to just get those assets.

22:18 SJ: I mean…

22:19 CH: Hey, guess what? They also know what your face looks like. That’s not just from looking at hacking your shit. They have a profile of your face now.

22:26 SJ: Let me just ask you one quick question. Where does that cellphone that you have in your hand originate from? Where’s it come from, Chase? Where’s it come from?

22:37 CH: The US.

22:39 SJ: China.

22:40 CH: The US.

22:40 SJ: China. Give me your Trump China.

22:42 Tommy: China.

22:43 SJ: China.

22:45 CH: China.

22:45 SJ: China.

22:46 CH: China.

22:46 SJ: China, that’s where it comes from, okay? So I mean, listen, this is definitely a problem. I’m not okay with it, but there’s a lot of things that are problems that I wish Chuck Schumer would worry about some of those things, alright? And not this. Your thoughts on this before we move on.

23:00 CH: It’s Wack. I mean… What am I gonna do? I don’t use TikTok though.

23:04 SJ: I don’t care, bro. Tori, your thoughts on this before we move on from it.

23:09 Tori: I just assumed that they already have all the data…

23:11 SJ: They have all the goddamn data. We’re willing to give it to them. We’re like, “You want our data?”

23:15 CH: Let’s jump from point A to point Z.

23:17 SJ: Bye, child! That’s my child leaving.

23:20 CH: Let’s jump from point A to point Z. This is all gonna build up until it’s war between China and the US. That’s what’s gonna happen, because it’ll build up.

23:29 SJ: Because of TikTok?

23:33 CH: Yes, ’cause of TikTok.

23:33 SJ: I don’t think so…

23:33 CH: That’s modern warfare. Don’t app me.

23:35 SJ: I think they were like this, I think they were like, “Oh, you’re gonna drop some tariffs on us? Okay, here. Here, use this app, we’ll see what’s up.”

23:42 CH: I’m just telling you, once they make an offensive gesture online against the US and our information and our data, they’re gonna wake the sleeping dragon.

23:51 SJ: That’s not what they’re gonna do, though. They’re just gonna basically… Whatever, we could go on for… This could be a whole episode. Anyway.


24:01 Tori: Topic number four.

24:01 CH: Whatever.

24:02 Tori: Some local news…

24:04 SJ: Local news!

24:06 Tori: A $25.8 million lottery ticket was sold in a Danbury Stop and Shop and plans to donate its commission.

24:14 SJ: That’s great.

24:14 Tori: So their commission’s like 10 grand.

24:17 SJ: That’s awesome.

24:18 Tori: Yeah.

24:19 SJ: Aren’t they great? Aren’t they trying to be a really good feel-good story? Oh yeah, isn’t this the same company that’s employees were on strike because they were trying to take away their health benefits? Stop and Shop, you’re full of shit. I just wanted to say that quickly.

24:31 Tori: Yep. That was…

24:31 CH: Now, they’re gonna give away money?

24:32 SJ: Your full of shit, is what you’re doing. You’re full of shit. You don’t wanna give away your money, but you’ll give away the commission of someone else’s money. I’m not buying it.

24:39 CH: And you’re pre-made buffalo chicken wraps are also full of shit, because I bought one the other day for lunch at work and it was garbage. I just wanna say that.

24:48 SJ: I feel as though this should be a Wack move.

24:50 CH: Tommy was there to witness it.

24:54 Tommy: I thought he picked up some roadkill on the way to work.

24:54 SJ: This should be a Wack Move or Mack Move topic but I think we all know what Stop and Shop is doing here, so we would all be Wack move probably, right?

25:02 CH: Yeah.

25:02 Tori: Mm-hmm.

25:03 SJ: I mean, that’s so goddamn ridiculous. Look at them.

25:06 CH: Don’t front…

25:06 SJ: Look at them trying to be all… The better question is this: Who won that 25.8 million? And well, I lost…


25:16 Tori: Well, they have until April 29th to come forward.

25:20 SJ: Hold on, I lost sound when I slammed the table there. I gotta make sure I don’t do that. I lost sound. I wanna know who won. Let me say this in more of a calm manner, I wanna know who won the 25.8 million, number one. And number two…

25:33 CH: Nobody’s claimed it.

25:34 SJ: Would you like to invest in a podcast?


25:38 Tori: Isn’t that the trend now? They wait until the last possible second so no one comes forward and tries to steal.

25:43 SJ: They come in like a… All incognito.

25:44 Tori: Yeah.

25:46 SJ: They come around through the back door to pick up that gigantic check.

25:49 Tori: Yeah, that’s scary.

25:49 CH: What would I do if I won the lottery?

25:50 SJ: No, you could claim it.

25:51 CH: I would shout it from the rooftops. I’d be like, “I’m rich, bitch!”

25:55 SJ: No, you wouldn’t.

25:55 CH: Yeah, I would. I would buy this building and be like, “Get out.”


25:58 SJ: That’s why people run out of money when they win the lotto.

26:01 CH: Yes, and I’m saying I’m one of those people for sure, would definitely run out of money.

26:03 SJ: Let’s, without a doubt, find out… That’s a lot of money.

26:07 CH: I’d buy this town.

26:09 Tori: Apparently, hasn’t been this high since 2002, which is shocking to me.

26:15 SJ: Wow, and it wasn’t Powerball? It was just regular Connecticut-state lotto?

26:19 Tori: Yeah, just regular Connecticut lottery.

26:20 SJ: Well, I mean, I think that is Powerball, so… Well, hey, good for that person, I hope they… I hope they do some good with it.

26:26 CH: I’m surprised you don’t play the lotto.

26:29 SJ: I play the lotto everyday when I have you making sales calls under my company name, okay?

26:34 Tori: Oh.

26:35 CH: Wow, that was mean.

26:36 SJ: I know.

26:37 Tori: Oh, I thought that was nice.

26:38 SJ: She said… She said, “Oh, that’s so sweet of you.” I went for the jugular. I went for the jugular.

26:40 CH: You thought that was nice? That was really mean.

26:42 Tori: Oh.


26:42 CH: He’s basically saying you’re inept and you can’t do your job right, and every time that you represent me…

26:48 SJ: It was a joke, I didn’t mean it.

26:49 Tori: I was coming at it from a luck perspective.

26:52 CH: No, no no.

26:53 SJ: No, it was a he’s a loose cannon.

26:54 CH: You’re a gambling man. You’re a gambling man.

26:57 SJ: I’m a gambling man, but I’m also not a $1 consistent gambling man, that’s what I’m not.

27:02 CH: You’re a big money gambler. You’re a high-roller.

27:04 SJ: Somebody could tell me… I wouldn’t say that.

27:06 CH: You’re a medium-roller.

27:06 SJ: But I will just say I’m not gonna mosey my ass on down to the store to bet a dollar, but I will pick up them lovely winnings though, that I will do.

27:14 CH: Comp me the suite.

27:18 SJ: Dude, stop banging the table.

27:17 CH: Comp me the suite.

27:18 SJ: I don’t understand…

27:18 CH: Comp me the suite.

27:19 SJ: That’s Chase doing his impersonation of me when we were stuck in traffic and it took us five and half hours to get to the Borgata, ’cause we were in a traffic rain delay.

27:29 CH: He was like, “I got four words for you, comp me the suite. That’s five.”

27:33 SJ: That’s actually how it went down. Chase was so terrified that day. He was scared. He didn’t know what he was doing. He didn’t know what he was…

27:40 CH: I was really paranoid. I was sitting in the passenger seat and I was like, “What is this guy doing? Just stop!”

27:47 SJ: No, I was getting that suite.

27:49 CH: That’s all that was going through my head.

27:51 SJ: I was getting that sweet suite.

27:52 CH: It was like, “This is so uncomfortable.”

27:52 SJ: Alright. So good luck to that person, and Stop and Shop, suck it, and your half-ass commission that you’re trying to donate. That’s some bullshit. Pay your employees the benefits you already agreed to giving them, than try to take them away.

28:05 CH: You know what the worst part of all this is? Is I give them my business all the time.

28:08 SJ: You know what the best part about all this?

28:10 CH: ‘Cause it’s convenient.

28:10 SJ: They sell Scrapple at Stop and Shop. Did you know that they sell Scrapple at Stop and Shop? They sell Scrapple at Stop and Shop. You gotta dig deep, though. You gotta dig deep.

28:18 CH: That fact is irrelevant to me. They might as well…

28:20 SJ: Alright, let’s go, topic number four… Number five.


28:27 Tori: Five, last rundown topic. So, former CEO of McDonald’s, Steve Easterbrook, terminated for engaging in a consensual relationship with an employee, violating company policy.

28:39 CH: You can’t even have consensuals these days, bro. You can’t even have consensuals.

28:44 SJ: Alright, give me the…

28:46 CH: McDonald’s, you’re gonna come in-between a love… Love triangle for this man? Come on.

28:51 SJ: He’s gotta have a lawsuit, right?

28:53 CH: He’s gotta have a… Everybody, their heart belongs with another… There’s another certain significant other out there for you, and he found his, and now he’s being fired for it. I protest this.

29:06 SJ: McDonald’s doesn’t allow a CEO to have a relationship with anyone in the company. That sounds like they would need a separate department that just investigates that, doesn’t it? That’s crazy. He’s eligible for 26 weeks of severance pay. This guy got done dirty. Why can’t he have some lovins?

29:30 CH: That’s what I’m saying, bro, it’s fudged up.

29:32 SJ: I know, I’m not down with that. Tori, thoughts on it.

29:35 Tori: Well, it sounds like he was really beneficial for the company. Hey, he almost doubled the stock since he started in 2015.

29:43 CH: This is crazy.

29:44 Tori: He led the charge into online ordering and delivery.

29:48 SJ: Who was the lucky lady or gentlemen? Which is perfectly fine, but who was it? Does it say?

29:54 Tori: No.

29:54 CH: They wouldn’t disclose that.

29:56 SJ: I guess if she’s like a counter worker, you know what I mean…

30:00 CH: He just walked into a random McDonald’s and was like… Oh, that… Whoever’s at the register, he’s just like, “I love you!”


30:08 CH: They’re like, “You can’t do that, sir.”

30:10 SJ: I think that would be awesome.

30:12 CH: That would make for a good movie, I feel like.

30:14 SJ: I think it would. I think it would as well.

30:16 CH: He’s the CEO… It’s like a pretty woman, but instead of a prostitute, it’s a McDonald’s employee.

30:19 SJ: I feel there’s more to this story. I feel there’s more to this story.

30:23 CH: Julia Roberts wearing the M.

30:24 SJ: Don’t you feel there’s more to this story? I feel like there’s more to this story.

30:27 Tori: Yeah, it sounds like he willingly stepped down because he said, “Given the values of the company, I agree with the board, that it’s time for me to move on.”

30:37 CH: This is a juicy story. We need to learn more.

30:38 SJ: It’s definitely more juicy than a Big Mac, that’s for sure.

30:40 Tori: Oh yeah, he also sent a mass email on a Sunday morning or something to the whole company, saying that he was stepping down.

30:43 CH: That was a good one.

30:47 SJ: Oh, I thought it was gonna say… I thought it would say he was professing his love to the lovely lady.

30:48 CH: He did something that messed up, man.

30:54 Tori: Yeah. Well, it basically is.

30:55 SJ: To the fry girl. He’s like, “I’m in love with a fry girl.”

30:58 CH: When the CEO of a company like just gives up like that, he did something wrong, ’cause, typically, CEOs of companies are like, “I’m not fucking leaving! I’m not fucking leaving!” This guy’s just like, “I fucked up. I’m leaving. The doors opened in the back.”

31:13 SJ: “I’m taking a 20 piece with me on the way out. Thanks, guys.”

31:15 CH: And $675,000 severance package.

31:19 SJ: What is it like at McDonald’s Corporate, though? What is it like at McDonald’s Corporate? Just nuggets everywhere?

31:21 CH: Oh, apparently, it’s like… It’s a beautiful… They have all these different types of food.

31:26 SJ: They don’t actually serve McDonald’s food, though.

31:26 CH: Yes, they do, dude.

31:27 SJ: I bet you they don’t.

31:27 Tori: Oh my God.

31:27 CH: It’s legit. Google it. Gargle it.

31:30 SJ: Gargle it. Alright.

31:31 CH: No, don’t Google it. Don’t Google it. Google it later.

31:33 SJ: This guy should run for president with the dude from Dick’s, you know what I mean? That’s what I’m saying. Alright, so that’s gonna conclude the rundown and we are going to move on to…

31:43 CH: Mack Move or Wack Move.

31:45 SJ: That’s right.


31:49 SJ: Tori, what is this first topic of Mack Move or Wack Move?

31:54 Tori: Alright. So…

31:54 SJ: Everybody has their sign? Everybody has their trusty signs?

31:58 Tori: Yes.

31:58 CH: It’s right there.

31:58 SJ: Yours is right there, next to your calculator.

32:00 CH: Mack Move.

32:01 Tori: Got it?

32:01 SJ: Alright. Okay.

32:03 Tori: So Airbnb CEO… A lot of CEOs today.

32:06 SJ: Yes.

32:06 Tori: Brian Chesky says the company is banning party houses in the wake of a deadly shooting at an Airbnb rental in California.

32:13 CH: Council…

32:14 SJ: Yeah, we need to get those guys on it.

32:16 CH: I wanna formally proclaim…

32:18 SJ: What are their names again? Chad Kroeger and JT Parr.

32:20 CH: Yeah.

32:21 SJ: “We would have protested this law about not having ragers with inside of Airbnbs, bro.” I don’t know. I get… This is a tough one. This is a tough one.

32:34 CH: No, they can’t allow this shit.

32:35 SJ: If I own the property, I wanna allow it. I wanna allow it if I own the property. I don’t care, I’m making money. But if I live there, I don’t, I’m not down with it.

32:45 CH: Yeah, you can’t have this as a… Can you throw a party in a hotel room? No. Once it’s over a certain… Only a certain number of people are allowed in that room. You can’t have a party in your Airbnb.

32:57 SJ: Yeah, but can I just tell you, though, that this is actually the smaller story. The bigger story is there’s changing something with inside of New York City about just having one night stays at Airbnbs. They’re gonna… This industry is in for it. This industry is in for it. But for this specific topic I’m going to go Mack move because you can’t be having them parties in there, bothering all those people. You got people like Tommy and his boys in there, creating some problems. You know what I mean? Drinking too much, smoking too much, chasing his friends. They’re real obnoxious, they’re like the Buffalo Bills fans, they throw people through tables, wrestle out in parking lots.

33:44 CH: Yeah, there’s usually an injury.

33:47 SJ: So, I’m going Mack move on that. I think they should ban it. Chase, what are you going with? You’re all for… Oh! You just said, “They can’t be doing this.” Airbnb crack house parties, “They can’t be doing this.” Alright, we’re just gonna move on ’cause he’s confusing. He just wants to go against me.

34:06 CH: No! No! I need to speak. I have the air time, I’m gonna speak.

34:10 SJ: “I need to speak.” Then speak, boy!

34:13 CH: Listen. Airbnb, these things are gonna happen when you open up people’s houses to other people, without a staff, without a regulatory body in there, and without an administration that’s taking care of the home and making sure that it’s clean. When you leave it to regular people, this stuff is gonna happen and you can’t prevent it, so might as well lean into it and start a new company, Airbnb Party Warehouse fucking Supply, or some shit, and be like…

34:40 SJ: Yes.

34:41 Tori: Yes.

34:41 CH: You can rent an Airbnb party house and you can buy the tchotchke stuff that you need. So roll it into something. I don’t know. Lean into it.

34:50 SJ: Hit me up. This is where you go like this, “Hit me up, Airbnb. I got you.”

34:56 CH: Alright.

34:56 SJ: Tori, what do you have?

34:57 Tori: I’m going with Chase on this one. I think it’s a Wack move. There’s no way to regulate it.

35:00 SJ: Oh wow! Anybody over 40 is…

35:02 CH: You’re an old geezer, bro.

35:03 SJ: Wow.

35:05 CH: You’re an old geezer, bro. There’s the door, bro. Who do you know here, bro?

35:08 SJ: No regulation… Wait a minute. Wait a minute. What did you just say?

35:10 Tori: There’s no way to regulate it.

35:14 SJ: Yeah. So you should be going that it’s a Mack move.

35:17 Tori: Why?

35:18 SJ: Oh wait, there’s no way to regulate the… Yeah.

35:19 CH: Yeah, so why do we try?

35:20 Tori: I think this is just to…

35:21 SJ: You said it earlier though, there’s only so many people that are allowed in the house.

35:26 CH: In a hotel, I said.

35:27 SJ: Yeah, so it’s the same thing. Why would it be different?

35:29 CH: No, it’s different…

35:31 SJ: Fire hazard.

35:31 CH: Because there’s no administration, there’s no hotel staff, there’s no institution. It’s just someone’s freaking house.

35:37 SJ: Yeah, I guess so.

35:37 CH: This statement is just to satiate anyone that’s complaining about the deaths.

35:43 SJ: Gotcha.

35:44 CH: Lean into it.

35:45 SJ: Gotcha.

35:45 CH: Lean into it.

35:46 SJ: Alright, next topic.

35:48 Tori: Topic number two, so beer sales decline and Molson Coors rebrands. So amid declining beer sales and the growth of trendy drinks like White Claw, Molson Coors, the maker of Coors Light, Miller Light and Blue Moon, announced Wednesday will cut 500 jobs and rebrand itself to a beverage company, not just a beer one. Over the past year, Molson Coors has invested in or started selling other drinks besides beer, which I didn’t know, including Wine Spritzers, Kombucha and CBD-infused beverages.

36:21 CH: This is how you go out of business. This is how you market and product design yourself right out the door. Molson Coors, what the hell are you doing? Stick it out. Have some goddamn brass ones on you.


36:34 CH: For Christ’s sake, you just give up your beer of legend for years… I’m a huge Coors Light guy.

36:42 SJ: Dude, you sound like an old man.

36:43 CH: I’m a huge Coors Light guy and they’re just gonna… What? Also this is…

36:47 SJ: You sound like an old man. They gotta adapt with the times, bro.

36:47 CH: No, dude.

36:51 SJ: Looks into this.

36:51 CH: No, this is how you go out of business.

36:51 SJ: You should be all for this. You’re a millennial. You think that… Dude, Kombucha and CBD-infused beverages, that’s the future.

37:00 CH: No, it’s not. It’s a fad. It’s gonna go away.

37:03 SJ: The stats show that it’s going down. The percentage of how many people are consuming this beer is going down. They drink Bud Light when they play beer pong. They drink Bud Light.

37:14 CH: That’s when you grab the…

37:15 SJ: You are the only fucking 24-year-old that drinks Coors Light drafts. You’re the only 24-year-old out there. Let them adapt. Let them adapt.

37:27 CH: That’s when you grab the reins of that bad boy and you start slapping its ass and you go, “Haah! Haah!”


37:33 CH: Alright, you hang on tight and you ride that shit out, because all of this shit is a fad.

37:37 SJ: I’m going Mack move because they gotta do it. You gotta adjust with the times. We always talk about that. We always talk about that. You just want… You want Coors…

37:46 CH: No.

37:47 SJ: Molson to just sit there and let the industry change and you just wanna just let that happen, and you wanna just let…

37:53 CH: I’m cool with the rebrand of the logo, but…

37:55 SJ: I’m gonna tell you right now…

37:56 CH: If you’re telling me they’re stopping selling Coors Light, door’s right there. Get out! Get out!


38:03 SJ: Alright. Alright.

38:04 CH: You are high. They’re smoking something.

38:06 SJ: Tori, what do you got?

38:08 Tori: I’m going with Mack move. Change with the times. They see…


38:12 SJ: Chase is old as shit, seriously.

38:14 CH: Whatever.

38:15 SJ: Openings, and I can see that they’re moving toward a more millennial-based audience. They’re coming out with…

38:23 CH: You just picked this topic ’cause you knew it was gonna piss me off.

38:25 SJ: It’s true.

38:27 CH: Sure.

38:28 SJ: Bud Light’s not going anywhere, buddy. The millennials drink the BLs.

38:30 CH: Alright.

38:30 SJ: Alright.

38:32 CH: Alright.

38:33 SJ: So that was topic number three. No, wait, that was…

38:34 Tori: Two.

38:35 SJ: Topic number two. This is topic number three.

38:35 Tori: Another alcohol-themed topic. Space Cargo Unlimited, a European startup, is launching 12 bottles of its red wine into space…

38:35 SJ: Oh my God.

38:35 Tori: To study how the aging process for wine is affected by a micro-gravity, space-based environment.

38:35 SJ: Oh my God. It’s such bullshit. I’m down with it.

38:36 CH: I love this.

38:36 SJ: This bottle of wine is gonna cost, what? 200 grand? I mean…

38:36 Tori: A premium price.

38:36 SJ: It is gonna cost a lot of money.

38:37 CH: And for what? This is gonna barely, barely affect the taste.

38:37 SJ: No, I can taste it.

38:37 CH: Ooh, that’s…

38:37 SJ: I can taste it.

38:37 CH: Oh, is that mercury?


39:18 Tori: Well, this is why…

39:18 CH: Oh, was this aged on Mars?

39:19 Tori: We’re sending it into space.

39:20 SJ: Yeah, we’re gonna find out.

39:21 Tori: We need to know.

39:21 SJ: Bro… Don’t even try to be science, bro, this could actually work.

39:24 CH: No, I’m not. I’m saying like you’re gonna pay 400 grand for a bottle of wine that is barely noticeable in how different it is.

39:31 SJ: Listen, I’m not gonna buy it. I’m not gonna buy it. I definitely wouldn’t buy it for a couple of reasons. Number one…

39:37 CH: Don’t have the money.

39:38 SJ: Can’t afford it.

39:40 CH: Can’t afford it.

39:40 SJ: Can’t afford it, that’s number one. Number two, don’t like wine. And number three, can’t afford it. But I will say that I think this is genius marketing. I will say somebody should have did this a long time ago. And I’ll say this too, you ready? Do I see a Gary V, Elon Musk…

40:03 Tori: I was thinking the same thing.

40:04 SJ: Partnership? This is the reason why I love Tori, see? This is the reason why. She said, “I was thinking the same thing.” You weren’t there yet, you weren’t there. Me and Tori, we got you there.

40:17 CH: Please.

40:18 SJ: We got you there, bro.

40:19 CH: Please. I was there waiting for you with a newspaper.

40:21 SJ: We got you there.

40:22 CH: I was there waiting for you with a fricking…

40:23 SJ: Like a good book.

40:23 CH: People Magazine.

40:25 SJ: Like a Golden Retrievers. I am going to say that this is a Mack move. I like it. I like the idea of it. I’m going Mack move. Chase?

40:36 CH: Yeah, Mack move. Mack move.

40:39 SJ: Tori?

40:39 Tori: Mack move across the board.

40:41 SJ: That’s what’s up. If we only had a sound board, we’d have ourselves sounds.

40:44 CH: It’s crazy, but it might work.

40:45 SJ: This one I really, really like. Can you say hustler?

40:51 Tori: Mm-hmm. So topic number four, Krispy Kreme cracks down on a guy who drove 500 miles each weekend to buy donuts and sell them for $17 a box. So Jayson Gonzalez is a college student who would drive… They call him the Doughnut Guy.

41:06 SJ: Yes.

41:07 Tori: Would drive 270 miles to a Krispy Kreme in Iowa, pack his car with a 100 boxes of donuts each trip and then deliver to customers in Minneapolis. I guess there hasn’t been a Krispy Kreme in Minnesota for 11 years.

41:20 SJ: So how much is he like making on each one of these?

41:26 Tori: That’s a great question.

41:27 CH: Probably 10 bucks a box.

41:29 SJ: And he’s get… And how many boxes can he get?

41:32 CH: Something like that. Hundreds.

41:33 SJ: Yeah, I wanna know numbers here. I wanna know what’s he making each trip.

41:37 Tori: Okay. So a box, like a dozen of original glazed, which I’m assuming it is, is eight bucks.

41:44 SJ: Yeah, so he’s making double his money.

41:46 Tori: He’s making a killing.

41:47 SJ: But then he’s saying… So he’s doing 100 boxes. 100 boxes times 10 is what? What is that simple math, Chase? Loyola graduate?

41:55 CH: I mean, it’s not that much money.

41:56 SJ: What is that?

41:57 CH: It’s like maybe… Tori, is it like two…

42:00 SJ: It’s a 1000 bucks.

42:01 CH: It’s like a 1000 bucks? I mean…

42:05 SJ: Where is our math major? That’s a 1000 bucks, correct?

42:09 Tori: I can’t do math that fast.

42:10 CH: What’s 10 times… 10 times 100?

42:11 SJ: Yeah, because 10 times 10…

42:13 CH: Is 1000.

42:14 SJ: You got a calculator right there.

42:15 CH: He makes $1000… He doesn’t make $1000, he does $1000 in sales.

42:21 SJ: No, he’s making $10 on each one.

42:24 CH: That’s what I’m saying, dude.

42:25 SJ: He’s making $10.

42:26 CH: So there’s a 100 boxes…

42:27 SJ: He’s profiting $10.

42:29 CH: Oh okay.

42:29 SJ: Profiting $10.

42:30 CH: Alright, so then it’s… So then it’s a $1000.

42:32 SJ: Yeah.

42:33 CH: And he does this every week? Makes a quick… This is a genius idea, bro. I’m gonna start doing this.

42:37 Tori: Right, it’s what the people want.

42:39 SJ: Get a U-Haul.

42:39 CH: I’m gonna go to Benihana and pick up shrimp and freaking deliver it.

42:42 SJ: And he was served a ceased and assist, correct?

42:44 Tori: Yes.

42:45 SJ: And tell him to shut down?

42:47 Tori: Yes, they told him to shut down.

42:49 SJ: Alright. I am going to say that… So is it a Mack move or a Wack move that he’s doing this? Or is it a Mack move or a Wack move that they’re shutting him down? It’s a Mack move or a Wack move that he’s doing this, and I’m gonna say that it is a Mack move that he is doing this, this gentleman. I give him credit, and I’ll say this, ready? Krispy Kreme, put a goddamn store there. What are you doing? You’re getting sales out of it. Why do you give a shit? I mean, last I checked, there’s no MSRP on a freaking glazed doughnut.

43:18 CH: Well, they need somebody to buy the franchise license, right? And then…

43:21 SJ: Well, hey, that’s their freaking problem.

43:23 CH: And we’re all about business here and I’m all about business. I’m all about reality. I’m all about real business advice for you.

43:29 SJ: And you’re all about that watch, that’s for sure.

43:32 CH: Put your sunglasses on now. Put them on now.

43:36 SJ: Pow, pow, pow. So what are you going with?

43:37 CH: Oh, Mack move all the way.

43:38 SJ: Alright. Tori, what do you got?

43:39 Tori: Mack move.

43:40 CH: Yeah. This guy’s a boss.

43:41 SJ: Alright.

43:42 Tori: If he didn’t get shut down, he would have made his 20th run that week.

43:45 CH: 20 grand.

43:47 SJ: He’s making 20gs on this. What I would do is this…

43:51 CH: A nice little side hustle.

43:51 SJ: He should take all that money, invest it, make his own doughnut shop. He’s already branded out as the Doughnut Guy, and that’s not like the Bagel Boss, thank God. You’d be better off to be known as the Doughnut Guy instead of the Bagel Boss ’cause we know what that boy is all about.

44:06 CH: Or the Krispy Boy.

44:07 SJ: Krispy Boy. Here comes Krispy Boy! No, but real quick, whenever I think of Krispy Kreme, I think of glazed doughnuts. And whenever I think of glazed doughnuts, I think of being on the back end of a bender in Atlantic City, and Chase has heard this story a million times. I think I’ve even talked about it on this program before.

44:23 CH: Ham, egg and cheese on a doughnut.

44:25 SJ: I got a ham and cheese on a glazed doughnut after like a 10-hour poker bender. I went and played poker all night long, on the way out the door, tired as a motherfucker, didn’t sleep in the room that I paid a lot of money for, and on the checkout, I grabbed me a coffee. Now, when I was grabbing that coffee, I looked over to my left and I saw stacks of ham, a couple slices of them Swiss cheese, you know the ones with the holes in them, and a glazed doughnut all perfectly stacked. And I said, “Give me that,” without really thinking.

45:01 CH: You need to reward yourself.

45:02 SJ: So…

45:03 CH: You need a little sugar boost.

45:04 SJ: I then get on the highway and I’m just crushing this thing, and then I realize I got sticky hands and I gotta drive three and a half hours with sticky hands.

45:15 CH: Alright, that was the dumbest story we’ve ever told on the Mack Talks, total waste of everyone’s time.

45:16 SJ: Good news is this, good news is this. Here’s the good news. The good news is that I have Easy Pass, so I didn’t have to throw them sticky changes. You know what it’s like to throw change when you’ve got sticky fingers, bro? It’s not okay. It’s not okay. Alright.

45:31 CH: Alright.

45:31 SJ: Topic… Tori, what did you go with on that? Did you go with that? What did you go with on that? That Krispy Kreme hitter story, what’d you go with?

45:37 Tori: Mack move.

45:38 CH: She did Mack move.

45:38 SJ: Alright, I didn’t know. I just wanted to make sure, that’s all.

45:40 CH: Mack move, bro.

45:41 SJ: It’s her last day, I want to give her some respect.

45:43 CH: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

45:43 SJ: I wanna put some speck on her name on the last day. I wanna put some speck on her name.

45:46 CH: Sorry, bro. Sorry, bro. I’ll sit on my hands.

45:49 SJ: Alright. Tori, go.

45:50 Tori: Alright.

45:50 SJ: This one’s funny.

45:51 Tori: Fifth and final Mack Move or Wack Move.

45:54 SJ: Yes. Did you hear a little emotion?

45:56 CH: I’m gonna cry. I’m gonna cry.

45:57 SJ: I heard a little bit of an emotion.

45:58 Tori: I’m sad.

45:58 SJ: I heard… I heard…

45:58 CH: There’s a tear coming down my cheek right now, you just can’t see it.

46:02 SJ: Emotion in her voice when she said that, and it’s so funny because this story is an emotional story as well. It’s very emotional, and you know emotional stories come with emojis.

46:13 CH: This is a great one. This is a mic drop kind of topic.

46:16 SJ: It’s an emoji emotional story. Go ahead, Tori. Sorry.

46:19 Tori: Okay. So Facebook and Instagram ban sexual use of eggplant and peach emojis. In July, Facebook and Instagram updated the company’s community standards language regarding what type of sexual expression is allowed on the platforms. It says, “Content will only be removed from Facebook and Instagram if it contains a sexual emoji alongside an implicit or indirect ask for nude imagery, sex or sexual partners or sex chat conversations. We aren’t taking action on simply the emojis.”

46:51 SJ: Why are they trying to sensor us? They’re trying to sensor us, and I’m not okay with that. I’m not okay with it. Listen, I’m sorry that your emoji got rebranded in a way that you didn’t want it to be rebranded as, but you can’t stop the people. The people will do what they want with your emoji. So I’m going Wack move for them trying to freakin’ put that on us right now.

47:14 CH: Yeah.

47:14 SJ: Don’t put that on us. Don’t do it. Don’t put it on us.

47:19 CH: It’s funny ’cause people are just gonna try to find a way to make things sexual no matter what. So if you ban the emojis, they’re gonna use texts… I dunno. They’re gonna put a video. They’re gonna do… They’re gonna find a way around it because that’s what humans do, they love sexual humor, sexual conversations, and they’re always…

47:38 SJ: Sexual end… What is it? Endy-endo? Endue-endos?

47:40 CH: Innuendos. They love finding ways around and circumventing the regulation and laws in order to get a laugh. So I’m gonna go Mack move because people are going to find funnier ways of using these emojis.

48:00 SJ: Wait, [chuckle] hold on a second.

48:01 CH: And all Facebook is doing is making this a more fun ride for everybody.

48:05 SJ: Wait a second. You’re saying it’s okay that they ban that… That they ban the…

48:10 CH: I know. Take a minute to absorb it, ’cause this is such a genius, so smart, such a complex idea that I know your tiny pea brain…


48:19 CH: Can’t wrap around it.


48:24 SJ: You actually gave all the defenses of why it wouldn’t…

48:27 CH: No, so I said what you’re doing is basically… You’re gonna… People are now going to find new ways of implementing sexual images into Facebook content and all Facebook is doing is making that more fun and more complex. So, Mack move, Facebook, I get it. I see the double play here.

48:45 SJ: Bro… He’s an asshole, he doesn’t go…


48:46 CH: Oh my God.

48:48 SJ: He’s gonna be the first one being like, “Bro, they took down my post ’cause I put an eggplant on it!” He’s gonna be the first one. You know you are. “Bro, they shut down… I was talking to this girl in this thread, and I threw out a couple peach emojis and now I can’t find her! They just deleted the whole conversation!” Tori, what you got?

49:08 Tori: I’m going Wack move because…

49:09 SJ: Thank you. Don’t sensor the people.

49:11 Tori: I think the eggplant and peach emojis are a more PG way of saying…

49:19 CH: That’s a really good point. That’s a solid point.

49:21 SJ: Thank you.

49:22 CH: Solid point.

49:22 SJ: That’s why I have two college-educated people on this show.

49:25 CH: I’m not gonna say I’m converted, but…


49:27 SJ: Two college-educated people.

49:28 CH: I respect your take.

49:31 SJ: Yes.

49:31 CH: Good take.

49:31 SJ: So what do they want us to… Just say it flat out? Would they rather us then say it with it censored, with the little star, question mark, whatever?

49:43 CH: The birds and the bees conversation is gonna change from the birds and the bees to the eggplants and the peaches.

49:48 SJ: Ahh.

49:49 Tori: There you go. Wow.

49:51 SJ: There we go. That’s true, but not for Facebook because Facebook is gonna ban it. They’re gonna ban it, ’cause they’re super-sensitive about everything.

49:58 CH: It’s a really great point though.

50:00 SJ: Alright. So are you gonna change your thing or not?

50:02 CH: Tori… No, I’m not. Tori ends her…

50:05 SJ: Her run here.

50:06 CH: Her run here…

50:07 SJ: She had a great run.

50:08 CH: With an excellent take.

50:08 SJ: She goes up there on the Intern Hall of Fame with… Who were some of the other Hall of Fame interns that we have?

50:16 Tori: Wow.

50:16 CH: Erin.

50:16 SJ: E-Money? We had E-money.

50:18 CH: E-money. Carmen is definitely on there.

50:18 SJ: Carmen’s up there, but not for the…

50:20 CH: Not for the reasons that you think.

50:21 SJ: Yeah. Carmen is on the Intern Hall of Fame.

50:23 CH: She’s the worst intern.

50:24 SJ: Yeah. But she was also the best intern. She did nothing, but she was fun. She was fun, she had a good sense of humor, and I mean, ultimately, she let us made fun of her. We made fun of her, and she was good about it.

50:38 CH: Yeah, yeah. She just took it.

50:38 SJ: And then she… And then what else I liked about her? She constantly threw shade on you. And when her and Macy were here together, it was…

50:46 CH: It was shit on Chase day.

50:47 SJ: It was shit on Chase day.

50:48 CH: It was a national holiday everyday.

50:49 SJ: And that’s why I like Carmen. Tommy was in… His toe was itching its way in, slowly making its way over, and then I smashed it with a fucking sledgehammer because he fucking no-showed on us on Saturday. And there was a little bit of… We’re gonna get into Tommy off the air. Off the air, we’re gonna get into Tommy. Put it this way, it’s not gonna be as good a story said off… You know what I’m saying? Anyway…

51:16 CH: No. Yeah. We love you, Tommy.

51:17 SJ: So…

51:18 CH: You’re definitely on the Hall of Fame.

51:20 SJ: Who else do we have on the Hall of Fame list for the interns?

51:22 CH: I think… Somebody…

51:24 SJ: ‘Cause Brian…

51:25 CH: You wanna talk about Fitz? He’s a current intern.

51:27 SJ: But is he a Mack Media intern? Is he a Mack Talks intern? He’s kind of crossed over to both.

51:32 CH: He still has time where he has to prove himself.

51:35 SJ: Yes.

51:35 CH: He has not been here for long. You guys have been here for a long time. You’ve really earned your spot.

51:41 SJ: He’s in contention.

51:41 CH: Yeah, he’s… I’m not saying he’s not on his way.

51:44 SJ: Chase is quick to call so many NFL players Hall of Famers.

51:48 CH: No, it’s MLB players.

51:49 SJ: Oh, that’s what it is. What other interns? ‘Cause I don’t wanna leave anybody out.

51:54 CH: Who else is there?

51:55 SJ: Well, we have Carlos but he doesn’t count ’cause he just tried to railroad our show and then got upset.

52:00 CH: No, he’s not in our Hall of Fame.

52:00 SJ: So, he doesn’t count.

52:01 CH: Ian’s fit.

52:02 SJ: Ian’s fit… But not Ian.

52:04 CH: But not Ian.

52:04 SJ: Just his fit.

52:04 CH: Just his fit.

52:06 SJ: Just his fit.

52:06 CH: We took Ian’s fit…

52:08 SJ: Yeah.

52:10 CH: Just his clothes. Oh, Dro. Oh, he’s…

52:12 SJ: He was never…

52:13 CH: Easily in the… He was an intern, unpaid.

52:13 SJ: Not for The Mack Talks. I’m talking about The Mack Talks, bro. If we start talking about Mack Media interns, that fucking list is forever, and we don’t really have too many of those.

52:22 CH: Anna.

52:23 SJ: Dro’s in the Hall of Fame for being a lightweight.

52:25 CH: Always ate potato chips everyday.

52:27 SJ: Oh yeah, Anna. I think Anna… I think we should stop, actually, right now.

52:33 Tori: Yeah.

52:33 SJ: That’s what I think we should do.

52:36 CH: Who else is there?

52:36 SJ: We’re gonna check in with Tori. Tori is always gonna be a part of the show.

52:41 CH: She’ll come back, maybe do an episode.

52:42 SJ: And that’s because we can’t go and edit all the other episodes that she was in, so we can’t do that. So, for that reason, she’ll always be a part of the show.


52:49 CH: We’re gonna create an AI like Tori.

52:53 SJ: Yes.

52:54 CH: We’re gonna create a hologram Tori, and she’s gonna call the show.

52:57 SJ: Yes. So, Tori, it’s been fun. It’s been real. You’re gonna stay in touch with us.

53:02 Tori: Absolutely.

53:03 SJ: And if we can ever afford to pay somebody on this show…

53:05 Tori: Hit me up.

53:06 SJ: We’re gonna reach out to you. We are gonna reach out to you. If we could ever make this your real job, we’re gonna do that.

53:11 CH: And I also wanna say I’m sorry for everything that, you know…


53:16 SJ: I wanna say also…

53:17 CH: I’m sorry for everything.

53:18 SJ: I’m sorry for all the things that Chase has said as well, because Chase is really inappropriate sometimes, and he doesn’t hold back, and he really needs to, so…

53:26 CH: Well…

53:27 SJ: I just wanted to say that I’m sorry.

53:28 CH: You caught me at some raw moments.

53:30 SJ: Yeah.

53:30 CH: So…

53:31 SJ: He’s very emotional.

53:32 CH: I’m unfiltered.

53:33 SJ: So is there anything else that you would like to say, Tori, before we sign off?

53:36 Tori: I’m gonna miss The Mack Talks.

53:38 SJ: Alright. Okay.

53:39 Tori: And now you have a lifelong podcast subscriber, YouTube subscriber.

53:44 SJ: That’s right. And listen, what I want you to do is I want you to tell every single person over there at your new company all about this podcast, and just have them go and leave a review, that’s all.

53:52 CH: Yeah, just go and leave a review. That’s all.

53:53 SJ: Subscribe to The Mack Talks, leave a review on all channels…

53:55 CH: I’ll write it for them.

53:57 SJ: All of that. All of that.

54:00 Tori: Alrighty.

54:00 SJ: Alright. So, Chase, go ahead, close us out, brosef.

54:03 CH: Alright, guys, thanks so much for tuning in to The Mack Talks. This week…

54:07 SJ: Episode 42.

54:09 CH: Episode number 42.

54:09 SJ: The one where Tori retired. Sorry.

54:10 CH: The one where Tori retires. So go to our website if you’re lookin’ to see all of our episodes, all of our content, our blogs, all of that stuff, where you can listen: Www.themacktalks.com. Follow us on Instagram at M-A-C-K Talks. On Facebook, just search The Mack Talks. We’re on Stitcher, Spotify. We’re everywhere. Also, leave us a review on iTunes. Every little bit helps.

54:37 SJ: That’s right. Alright, everybody, this concludes Episode 42. Tori, say goodbye.

54:43 Tori: Bye, forever, everyone.

54:45 SJ: Oh, stop with the forever.


54:46 SJ: Alright, next time.

54:48 CH: Alright, love you.

55:00 SJ: Bye.