Episode #54 :

Scott Sokolowski

A Life Of Service With Scott Sokolowski of Save-A-Suit | Ep. 54

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On this episode of the Mack Talks, Scott has Scott Sokolowski on the podcast. Scott is an veteran of the Air Force International Guard who now is the founder of Save A Suit, a non-profit organization that aims to help other veterans transition into civilian life. Listen in on his life servicing his community and the country giving some uplifting stories during this tumultuous time of the coronavirus pandemic.

Family of Veterans

Scott and his two brothers were born to his active duty father and moved constantly from base to base around the US. His family has a long history of serving in the military from the Navy, National Guard, and the Air Force. When Scott finished his service and moved to civilian life he found that there was almost no assistance provided by the military to support its veterans post service. Due to this realization, Scott decided to change that through helping with his non-profit organization, Save A Suit.

Non-Profit Work

Scott started his work as a dress to impress event that garnered much community support. People all around Connecticut wanted to help support their veterans. Seeing the public’s longing to help Scott started Save A Suit officially in 2009. He would ask corporations and communities to clear out their closets and donate their old suits. Scott’s organization would fund their programs through these donations and begin working to help veterans through their many events.

Now Scott has started his national Ship A Suit program where veterans and transitioning active duty members can request a suit and Save A Suit will ship one to them. Currently they get dozens of requests a month and would be greatly helped by donations by people like you. Feel free to visit the link below and see what you can to help your veterans.

Donate to Save A Suit

Events for 2020

Scott has no plans on slowing down for 2020 and has plenty of events planned to help out more veterans. In April, Maryland’s Department of Labour is proud to sponsor the Soldiers to Civilians event that will be working to help veterans. The organization is also planning to work with the Coast Guard Academy in May in sponsoring their Fatigues to Fabulous campaign that works with female veterans to support the New England Shoreline Chapter of Women in Defense.





Mack Move or Wack Move

In your favorite podcast game show, Scott talks about trending stories dealing with companies, products, and entrepreneurs for the week, this week’s trends are more centric to the COVID-19 pandemic, including topics:

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo has instituted work for inmates where they make hand sanitizer. The sanitizer will be freely distributed to hospitals and at risk institutions for transmitting the coronavirus in hopes to flatten the curve and slow transmission.

The sports seasons by the MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, and NCAA are suspended until further notice due to the rising spread of coronavirus. With players within these organizations already testing positive for the virus already the safest path is to suspend the seasons until the virus has been dealt with.

A seven year old student from an elementary school in the Bronx has been suspended after they were discovered selling pumps of hand sanitizer. People are split as they wonder if they should support her hustle providing a product in high demand at the school yard.

Jet Blue has banned a passenger for life after he discovered after landing that a test he took before boarding tested positive for coronavirus. Flights have dropped prices drastically as people are too afraid to travel and people travelling while possibly being contagious is definitely part of the problem.

All travel into the United States from Europe and other countries has been banned while American’s ability to travel outside the country has not been limited. With the upcoming spring break and no sign of Americans not taking the pandemic coming to the States in full force, should the travel ban also apply to Americans as well?

Highlights from this episode:

» 0:002:30 Show Intro
» 2:357:50 Save A Suit
» 8:0013:30 Who Is Scott Sokolowski
» 13:4015:15 Transitioning From The Military
» 15:2516:25 Serving The Community
» 16:3021:15 Life In And After The Military
» 21:3027:00 Save A Suit’s Mission
» 27:0530:55 New York Sanitizer
» 40:0040:22 Seasons Canceled
» 40:2545:05 Virus In The Sky
» 45:1050:47 Travel Ban
» 50:5052:42 Show Wrap Up