episode #31 :

Evan Hafer

Evan Hafer is the CEO and Founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company. Before founding BRCC in 2015, Evan spent 20 years of his professional career in service to the US Army as an infantryman, a Special Forces soldier, and a…

episode #30 :

Apple & Podcasts

On this week’s episode of the Mack Talks, Scott covers Amazon’s growing shipping services and the negative impact it has on the environment, Goldman Sachs expanding their services due to their new CEO David Solomon, millennials and their pessimism when…

episode #29 :

P.J. Prunty

P.J. Prunty, is the current President and CEO of the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce and a good friend of Scott. P.J. is a Danbury native and went through the Danbury Public schools. He received a Bachelor of Science degree…

episode #28 :

AJ Vaynerchuk

AJ Vaynerchuk is the COO of VaynerMedia and the co-founder of VaynerSports. He is an entrepreneur and early investor in companies like Uber and Snapchat and is known to have an eye for successful startups.

episode #27 :

Juuling Is In

This week on The Mack Talks, Scott talks about woke-washing, Juul’s success, and Nike’s self-tying shoes with special guest, Macy Johnson (Scott’s daughter.) Also, we discuss Connecticut’s minimum wage increase, the international space station allowing private citizens to spend a…

episode #26 :

Leslie Mayes

In this episode of the Mack Talks, we sit down with Leslie Mayes to talk about what it's like to emerge as a reporter in the modern day news industry, developing interpersonal skills to extract the truth from the stories…

episode #25 :

Tyler Babin

Tyler Babin is a content creator and photographer living in NYC. He previously worked with Gary Vaynerchuk filming, editing, and designing for Gary’s personal brand and ancillary properties. He’s currently an Adobe Creative resident, allowing him to dedicate his time…

episode #24 :

Facebook in the Dating Game

On this week on The Mack Talks, the guys discuss the new Facebook “Secret Crush” feature, the Anheuser Busch v Molson Coors case, Amazon’s new facial recognition software, and more.

episode #23 :

Taco Bell Resort

On this week of the rundown, the guys talk Elon Musk saving humanity, the most important IPOs in history and Taco Bell's new resort. Also, we discuss why people are having fewer babies, Sears' rebranding and Adobe pulling the rug…

episode #22 :

Cyber Café & Instagram Likes

Scott gives you the rundown on the big stories of the week and other odd happenings in the business. Will Instagram stop you from seeing likes forever? Would Facebook be better if it was regulated by the U.S government? And…

episode #21 :

Valerie Boffy

CEO of Waft, an online perfume retailer of customized fragrances and Co-Founder of WOAM, Valerie Boffy is a successful French Entrepreneur. She started her career in Hong Kong working with brands like Estee Lauder, Bally, and Cartier. Her biggest adventure…

episode #20 :

Alycia Chrosniak

Alycia Chrosniak is founder & blogger of CT Eats Out. Alycia has been featured in Travel + Leisure, Food52, Connecticut Magazine, Boston.com, Hartford.com, and Seasons Magazines. She's been filling in Connecticut on the best cuisine in the area since 2014.