Episode #45 :

Peloton, Cybertruck, Netlfix

Peloton Under Fire, CyberTruck reveal a Smash Hit , and Netflix Bankrupts Theaters | Ep. 45

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The Rundown

During this week’s rundown, Scott discusses some trending topics including the following:

Lisa Congden, a practicing educator, left her job to pursue an artist career and now has over three hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Her art has been featured in the MoMA, Harvard University, and many other exhibits.

The United States has seen millions of jobs be introduced to the country. The quality of these jobs however has led to a steady decline on the job quality index for general quality and stability in said jobs.

This Thanksgiving, American cinemas have seen a sixteen percent decline in sales than previous years. Many are citing Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman which premiered on Netflix for this and making cinema fans wondering if streaming services will lead to the closure of traditional cinemas.

Online retailers have seen the biggest online sales in history for Cyber Monday this week as customers bought over nine billion dollars worth of product. At the peak of sales, retailers saw a steady eleven million dollars of product being sold a minute!

Hotels in Oregon are testing with smaller portions and requiring patrons to pay a small fee for bread with their meal in an attempt to reduce food waste. So far they’ve seen a surprising decrease in the use of food in the kitchen notably dough and butter.

Mack Move or Wack Move

In your favorite podcast game show, Scott talks about trending stories dealing with companies, products, and entrepreneurs for the week, topics include:

Tesla unveiled their new Cybertruck in a press conference. The company boasts about the car’s durability, featuring bulletproof windows. In a showcase of the windows, they ended up shattering the window with a steel ball getting the public talking and wondering if it was just a marketing ploy or simply defective.

Mustang in attempts to compete with Tesla announced their new electric car, the Mustang Mach-E. The new car is unlike any Mustang developed before as it’s an SUV more suited for families than their iconic sports car.

McDonalds released their new chicken sandwich with hopes to rival the well known brands that are already available at Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes.

Scientists from universities around the world are working together in creating artificial skin that allows robots to feel tactile sensations. This is said to prevent injuries to humans due to the force modern robots are able to produce, but some people think this could be used for more intimate reasons. Peloton recently broadcast their new ad for the holiday season with much criticism to viewers. Many people are saying the ad is classist, sexist, and misogynist with the YouTube video of the ad now having over twenty five thousand dislikes causing a decrease in their market value.

Highlights from this episode:

» 0:00 – 5:50 – Show Intro
» 5:53 – 7:56 – Career Change
» 7:58 – 11:58 – More Jobs Pay Less
» 12:00 – 15:18 – Netflix and Chill Thanksgiving
» 15:20 – 19:20 – Cyber Monday
» 19:25 – 23:30 – Smaller Portions
» 23:32 – 28:29 – Tesla CyberTruck
» 28:31 – 30:53 – E-Mustang
» 30:54 – 33:29 – McDonalds Chicken Sandwich
» 33:35 – 35:15 – Robots Get New Skin
» 35:20 – 40:23 – Peloton Ad
» 40:25 – 47:32 – Show Wrap-up


00:00 Chase: What’s up, guys? This is episode 45 of The Mack Talks. And on this episode, we cover Tesla’s new cyber truck, Peloton’s TV commercial blunder and why changing careers mid-life can be a great thing. Let’s go.


00:17 Scott: Chase, tell the people what The Mack Talks are.

00:19 Chase: If you’re an entrepreneur, impactful leader or business owner, The Mack Talks are that vehicle that brings you the stories that you need to hear.

00:26 Scott: That’s right. Real stories from real leaders. Check us out every Thursday. Welcome everybody, episode 45 of The Mack Talks. Not your conventional business podcast but we have fun and we get it done. Co-host, Chase Hutchison on the scene, cue it up.

00:52 Chase: If you guys even knew what it took to get you guys this podcast, then you would love it.

00:58 Scott: Seriously.

01:00 Chase: Sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears.

01:02 Scott: So, yeah. What Chase is talking about is yesterday we actually recorded this jammy and the cameras cut out. So we have to redo it. So if we seem a little impatient, that’s ’cause we are, right?

01:16 Chase: We gotta switch gears from basically… Not panic mode, but just like, you know…

01:24 Scott: Yeah. So we…

01:24 Chase: Having a rough morning too, all of a sudden now we gotta, just gotta change gears.

01:28 Scott: So yesterday we were so positive. Yesterday, we were super, duper, duper positive and today we’re gonna need to get it back on the positive. We’re not starting so positive, right?

01:40 Chase: No, we had a rough morning.

01:41 Scott: Alright, so what were some of the in-house stuff that we needed to cover?

01:49 Chase: So we talk a little bit about sales here.

01:52 Scott: Oh, yeah. We were speaking about your rectal client.

01:54 Chase: But yeah, so we don’t need to copy it exactly. But yeah, we were speaking about a rectal client. We did a pitch and Scott refers to him as the rectal client but really the full name is Colon and Rectal Surgeons of Greater Hartford. But it’s just easier to say rectal but it’s also just weird.

02:10 Scott: I keep asking him how his rectal client’s doing and yeah, we didn’t get it. But anyway, we got lots more on the plate. We’re plugging away, we’re trying to hit some of these goals that we have set up and we also spoke about our video department.

02:28 Chase: Going through a big change.

02:29 Scott: Yeah, how we turned a new leaf, turned the page, what’s the… Some more… Give me some more sayings.

02:35 Chase: Start a new leaf… I don’t know. That’s it, I’m out, I’m done.

02:38 Scott: New chapter, new… You know what I mean?

02:41 Chase: It’s good, though, because we got some great new people in and I feel like we can learn from a lot of the mistakes that we’ve made in the past with these new people and hopefully grow a new culture in there.

02:54 Scott: Yeah, so obviously, like anything, I feel it’s gonna be maybe a small step, small step backwards but I do feel that we’re gonna take multiple steps forward in a relatively quick time. So, that’s my thoughts on that. What else before we jump into it?

03:11 Chase: Well, it’s the holidays, obviously, we’re in December.

03:14 Scott: Yeah, it’s cold as shit outside, that’s why I have this hat on.

03:16 Chase: It’s really cold, there’s snow out there. But also it’s the end of Q4, which means that we’re wrapping up and we’re in a race to the finish line. And one of the great ways to retain the business you already have or bring in new business is to send a little note, a little treat or something.

03:38 Scott: Or you can go above and beyond like we do, and you can drop a fruit basket on ’em. Like one of those edible arrangements.

03:46 Chase: Exactly. Those crush by the way.

03:48 Scott: Or a little bucket of brownies from Stew’s. Shout out to Stew Leonard Jr. He did the…

03:55 Chase: He talks like this.


03:56 Scott: Don’t. Dude, we’re trying to get him on the show.

03:58 Chase: Alright, but he’s… I love him though.

04:00 Scott: Bro, you’re not helping out.

04:01 Chase: His story is amazing.

04:02 Scott: It’s a good thing that Stew doesn’t listen to this podcast. And to be honest with you what he said was, “How do you make it into podcast?” That’s actually what he said when I spoke to him briefly. It was pretty funny though.

04:13 Chase: Genuine guy.

04:13 Scott: Very genuine.

04:13 Chase: Great guy. Great guy.

04:13 Scott: I like that guy.

04:15 Chase: Love him.

04:16 Scott: He’s a lovable, huggable, funny guy that loves talking about platters and different types of milk and just how times are changing and Stew’s is changing with the times.


04:27 Chase: Different types of milk.

04:29 Scott: He’s like, “But nowadays, they’ve got almond milk.” And he’s like talking about the almonds.

04:32 Chase: And that blows his mind.

04:32 Scott: Yeah, he’s like, “What?”

04:33 Chase: Almond milk?

04:34 Scott: I used to milk cows and now you got almond milk. So, that’s cool. We also…

04:41 Chase: He’s in the Connecticut Business Hall of Fame.

04:43 Scott: He definitely is, without a doubt. He’s up there with Bob, Bob’s Discount Furniture.

04:46 Chase: And Larry, and Larry.

04:47 Scott: And Larry, of course.

04:47 Chase: Who we’ve had on the show.

04:48 Scott: Yes.

04:49 Chase: He’s a GOAT.

04:49 Scott: Royalty, royalty. We also spoke about how my wife turned 44 and we went and got some wings and they give you 44 wings that cover, too.

05:02 Chase: Yeah, that’s crazy.

05:02 Scott: And I ate about 40 of them and my wife had about four of them. No, she probably had maybe six. So yesterday, my stomach wasn’t feeling so well.

05:14 Chase: Still cranked off a podcast, though.

05:16 Scott: Yes, yes, definitely did. But alright, cool. Well, let’s jump into some of these topics. I gotta sell some shit after this. I got an appointment coming up and we got a busy day so…

05:31 Chase: Alright. So I guess I’ll bring us into the run-down.


05:37 Chase: Everybody knows what the run-down is at this point. Basically, big stories, big news stories from the business section. And we’re gonna cover those. We’re gonna break ’em down for you. A lot of really interesting stuff this week. So, let’s jump right in.

05:54 Scott: Yes, sir.

05:55 Chase: Topic number one of the run-down.


06:01 Chase: It’s called career changes. Alright, so there’s a woman by the name of Lisa Congdon who spent years in the education non-profit industry. She even started her own non-profit. But midway through her career, she decided to become an artist. She took her first art class at 30 and by 39 she left her job in education for art. Now she has over 300,000 followers on Instagram and her art has been featured in the MoMA, which is the…

06:01 Scott: MoMA.

06:01 Chase: Modern Museum or The Museum of Modern…

06:01 Scott: The Museum of Modern Art.

06:01 Chase: Yeah, Museum of Modern Art. And that’s just a great honor. It’s incredible that she made that big of a stride in such a short amount of time.

06:01 Scott: So I like to say that I can kinda compare myself to this story to a certain extent. I ran a business that was obviously nothing to do with what I do now, but they have a little more similarities to what I’m doing, which is kind of… She doesn’t. She went on a completely different direction, don’t you think?

07:00 Chase: Yeah. I mean, she did 180.

07:01 Scott: Yeah, so I think that’s awesome. You know how Gary always says that shit.

07:06 Chase: It’s never too late, guys.

07:07 Scott: It’s never too late.

07:08 Chase: Scott decided to start Mack Media when he was 37.

07:13 Scott: 37. And that’s not too late.

07:14 Chase: That’s young. That’s young. 37, you still got a lotta…

07:19 Scott: So could we afford any of her art? I’m going to say no.

07:24 Chase: No, unless she’s doing pro bono stuff, then we’re probably SOL, shit out of luck.

07:30 Scott: You don’t think she’s gonna design us a new Mack Move sign or anything like that? It’s not really her art. She’s not really…

07:34 Chase: I don’t know, we could reach out. I would love to commission her for a mural out there, keep adding to the wall.

07:39 Scott: I don’t think we can…

07:40 Chase: But I don’t think we can afford that.

07:41 Scott: I definitely know we can’t afford it. But that’s awesome. What’d you say, she’s got 300,000 Instagram followers? So, go check her out and I think this is a great story.

07:53 Chase: Yeah, it’s always great when somebody can do a 180 and be successful.

07:58 Scott: Yeah, I think it’s awesome.

08:00 Chase: It’s entrepreneurship at its finest.

08:01 Scott: Alright. Topic number two.


08:06 Chase: Topic number two. It’s called, More Jobs, Pay Less. So a new study published by the Job Quality Index indicates that the US economy is churning out jobs at an alarming rate, which is good, but the market isn’t so hot in terms of pay and stability. 63% of all jobs created since 1990 were low wage, low hour jobs. It means they’re either part-time or a minimum wage style jobs.

08:29 Scott: The thing I love about this article is that it gives you a Job Quality Index, which I would like to know a little bit more about, Job Quality Index. It obviously has to do with the type of job that it is, type of pay that it is, those type of things. So Job Quality Index back in 1990-95, was up at like a… It was in the 90s. Job Quality Index in 2020, it looks like it’s hovering around 80. So where is the Job Quality Index when your boss allows you to have a couple beers at lunch on a Friday? Like you get. Your Job Quality Index is in the hundreds.

09:15 Chase: It’s up there.

09:16 Scott: It’s in the hundreds.

09:17 Chase: It’s up there.

09:18 Scott: It wasn’t in the hundreds this morning, but it’s usually in the hundreds. Is it not?

09:22 Chase: Yeah.

09:23 Scott: I think that it is. I think that it is. So the point of this whole thing is that there’s a lot of… They’re probably more labor… Not labor… Labor intensive type jobs, retail.

09:38 Chase: Yeah, retail, stuff like that. So the point is, I guess Trump and the Republican administration and everybody’s talking about how it’s opening up new jobs and how it’s great for the economy and that’s kind of true, but also it’s a lot of crappy jobs.

[overlapping conversation]

09:52 Scott: They are shitty jobs. But you can’t say you can’t work. There’s work out there.

09:56 Chase: Yes, that’s what I was getting to.

09:58 Scott: There’s work out there…

10:00 Chase: You can’t… There’s no excuse anymore. There’s a million jobs.

10:02 Scott: Yes.

10:03 Chase: Get out there and get a job.

10:04 Scott: Trump’s creating shitty jobs, that’s great. But they’re jobs. Jobs are jobs.

10:08 Chase: And it helps, I think it helps, but it’s probably just a short-term solution to a long-term problem. We need good jobs.

10:12 Scott: My thing is this, these people that run these large companies that are spending all this money are gonna implement the robots into this industry of these low-paying jobs that a robot can do. You know what I mean? A little later on, we’re gonna be covering a topic about robots actually being able to have skin and feeling it, like feeling sense, you know what I mean?

10:32 Chase: Yeah. I’m not down with that by the way.

10:35 Scott: So if that’s happening… Well, that’s later on in the show. If that’s happening, right? They’re definitely gonna have a robot that can stock a shelf.

10:44 Chase: Yeah. I’m sure they already have one already, dude. Somewhere.

10:47 Scott: And there’s going to be one person that’s meant to, in case something gets stuck in the robot or something like that.

10:57 Chase: A robot supervisor.

10:57 Scott: No, but the robot is gonna be in charge of that employee, though. I firmly believe that, though.

11:01 Chase: I don’t think that’s… I think we’re screwed if that happens.

11:03 Scott: I think so. I think it’s gonna happen.

11:06 Chase: I don’t think so.

11:06 Scott: I think it’s gonna happen. And we’re talking about these jobs, dude, you know. The type of jobs these jobs are. Let’s not hold such a high standard.

11:13 Chase: Right. But there can never… We can never hold a robot… Then why won’t we just have a robot as our government?

11:18 Scott: He’s not in charge of the whole entire corporation. Bro, because he’s gonna control the one employee?

11:25 Chase: I’m cool with robots like telling you what to do that’s most efficient. So they’re like run here and run there.

11:31 Scott: I’m saying the robot would be in charge of the location. He’s not in charge of McDonald’s. It’s not like McDonald’s now has a CEO robot, that’s what I’m trying to tell you.

11:39 Chase: The robot’s not making fiscal… It’s just trying to maximize efficiency.

11:45 Scott: Nobody said that. I’m just saying, the robot is gonna be in charge of the people because the robot will think the way…

11:48 Chase: Alright, you want me to agree with you? I agree with you. Alright, great.

11:51 Scott: Great. Alright, cool. So that’s good. We got jobs out there. We got jobs out there. Granted, it’s hard to live off of $20,000 a year, but there’s jobs out there.

12:00 Chase: Live with your parents.

12:01 Scott: Live with your ‘rents, bro, live with your ‘rents. Alright.

12:03 Chase: Live out of your car.

12:04 Scott: What do we got?

12:07 Chase: Topic number three.


12:12 Chase: A Netflix and chill Thanksgiving. And this is all about how the Thanksgiving domestic box office is down 16% from last year due to streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ which have awesome new shows. People are blaming Martin Scorsese’s, The Irishman in particular, which kept a lot of people out of the theaters this weekend… Last weekend, it would have been…

12:36 Scott: I watched it. Did you watch it?

12:38 Chase: Yeah, it was too long. But it was good.

12:39 Scott: It was long as shit. But yeah, it was definitely good. It was like, I didn’t know it was three hours and 30 minutes because I watched it the Thanksgiving. It came out the night before, right?

12:44 Chase: Yeah, the 27th.

12:44 Scott: So, I didn’t hear everybody bitching or saying how long it was, but it was kind of a marathon. I don’t think it needed to be that long, but that’s not actually the point in this topic. The point in this topic is, is Netflix gonna shut down movie theaters? Is streaming services going to shut down movie theaters? And the answer is, yeah.

13:11 Chase: I think somewhere in the middle. I think that it’s got to be more of an experience. Like going to the movies, it’s got to cash in more on the experience. So they got to make reclining, heating, air-conditioned chairs, put a bar in there. I don’t know. Hey, I’m not a movie theater manager, but I think that they need to find ways of drawing people in, and I think it’s still gonna be a niche industry, but it’s just… It’s gonna start to… Yeah, it’s gonna start to die. They’re gonna start closing movie theaters.

13:24 Scott: I’m down with all of that. That’s where it goes. So, I know that this was actually out in theaters, right? For a few weeks?

13:46 Chase: Mm-hmm.

13:47 Scott: But it was selected theaters.

13:48 Chase: Yeah, I think it was out November 7th or…

13:50 Scott: I think the theaters were like, “Screw your movie. We don’t… We’re not… ” You know what I mean? ‘Cause it wasn’t in anything that I saw. It wasn’t over here in Danbury.

13:57 Chase: Loews or…

13:57 Scott: Wasn’t in that Loews, boy. But yeah, I mean, I think that this is obviously the future. I think that people, when they start, I mean, this is the first year that it really, really happened. It’s gonna continue to happen. Like you can guarantee that next year, or even come Christmas, probably, same shit. They’re gonna start dropping movies like Amazon, and… And that’s when the theaters are in some shit. When it… ‘Cause it’s gonna keep happening. I mean, look how much success it was. So, what was the percentage, it’s down what, like 14%?

14:33 Chase: 16%.

14:34 Scott: 16th percentiles!

14:37 Chase: A lot of people have it as their family tradition to go to the movies and watch a movie around Christmas time and around Thanksgiving.

14:44 Scott: Yeah.

14:45 Chase: And that’s typically when they see ticket sales go up.

14:46 Scott: When I was a little boy down in Delaware, we used to do that, and we actually used to take the Thanksgiving leftovers with us.

14:52 Chase: Really?

14:53 Scott: And I used to sit there and suck on a big old turkey bone as I was watching a movie.

14:57 Chase: Really?

14:58 Scott: Yeah, that’s what we used to do.

15:00 Chase: That’s kinda gross.

15:00 Scott: Well, we’re white trash. We were down in Delaware, so.

15:01 Chase: So, there’s cranberry sauce all over the seats in Delaware?

15:04 Scott: Yeah.

15:04 Chase: In the movie theaters?

15:05 Scott: Yeah.

15:06 Chase: And also, let’s not… I’m not gonna get started on my whole Netflix is gonna go out of business.

15:11 Scott: No, I know. I was actually hoping that you weren’t going to start…

[overlapping conversation]

15:13 Chase: So, I’m not gonna… But I wanna acknowledge that I’m not doing that.

15:16 Scott: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Why is my phone buzzing over here? Thank you for not doing that, I truly appreciate you. All right, so that’s that topic. The Irishman, Martin Scorsese.

15:32 Chase: Go see it.

15:33 Scott: Go see it.


15:35 Scott: And put the movies out of the business.

15:38 Chase: Make your own little movie theater at home.

15:40 Scott: Yes. Yeah, with your man cave. Alright, next topic.

15:43 Chase: Alright, topic number four.


15:49 Chase: Cyber Monday, the numbers are in. Total sales, $9.4 billion, most of all time.

15:55 Scott: Holy smokes.

15:55 Chase: All right, that’s one, that’s one. First day in history, people spent $3 billion from their phones.

16:00 Scott: Holy smokes.

16:03 Chase: That’s two. At its peak, consumers were spending $11 million per minute. That’s nuts.


16:13 Scott: We got a soundboard, and…

16:16 Chase: Scott’s really happy about it.

16:17 Scott: Yeah, I’m really happy about it. We’re still working out some kinks, but we have a soundboard. Those are big numbers, eh?

16:24 Chase: Yeah. Yeah.

16:26 Scott: Why don’t you run through some of the winners?

16:32 Chase: So, the…

16:34 Scott: It’s toys. It’s toys.

16:34 Chase: Yeah, it’s toys.

16:36 Scott: Who the hell is buying toys a month before Christmas? These people, seriously.

16:41 Chase: Well, now, because they’re getting the best deal.

16:44 Scott: They’re getting a better… Best deal.

16:45 Chase: The best deal. And my parents are part of these. I didn’t personally do it, but I can tell you, my parents are all about it.

16:51 Scott: You know what’s really funny, though?

16:52 Chase: I feel like older people are the ones who are really buying on these days.

16:55 Scott: Alright, everybody… This is a little bit of switching up the topic.

16:58 Chase: That’s just the intuition, though.

17:00 Scott: Switching up the topic for a quick second, but you know how there’s remarketing, correct? You go, you look at something on Amazon, you go to your Facebook, it shows up. You go to a New York Post, it shows up, right? ‘Cause they’re remarketing you that product. What happens when your kid uses your computer and then they see that, that you’re being remarketed? They know that you’re getting that, correct? Or they think you’re getting it, and then they get let down at Christmas. See, that’s the type of shit with the times that change that these people, they don’t understand, you gotta clear your cookies, boy.

17:38 Chase: Yeah.

17:39 Scott: You gotta clear your cookies so little Jimmy doesn’t know, right?

17:41 Chase: Yeah, I never thought about that.

17:44 Scott: Right?

17:45 Chase: Yeah.

17:45 Scott: Those are true facts right there.

17:46 Chase: Don’t let your kids use your devices, number one, I would never. Do…

17:49 Speaker 3: Pretty cool, pretty damn cool.


17:54 Chase: Who is that? Tell them who it is. Steve Ballmer.

17:55 Scott: That’s Steve Ballmer, he’s the man. We’ve got a few of him in here.

18:00 Chase: He’s one of our idols.

18:01 Scott: He is our man. You know, and then we got… We’ve got… Of course, we’ve got…


18:05 Scott: Kawhi. We’ve got Kawhi in here. We’ve got…

18:10 Speaker 4: I’m a fun guy, I’m a fun guy, I’m a fun guy.

18:11 Scott: Some more Kawhi. Whoa, whoa.

18:16 Chase: He’s a really fun guy.

18:16 Scott: Whoa, whoa, Kawhi, settle down.

18:16 S5: It’s big-time Tommy.

18:18 Scott: Wow, big time Tommy. That shit is loud as shit.

18:22 Chase: Steve Ballmer, you don’t even know it, but you keep the morale up in this office.

18:24 Chase: You do buddy. You are the man.

18:25 Scott: You do. Especially around the holidays when everybody’s hustling and bustling.

18:29 Chase: Yeah. Alright, so, back to the topic at hand.

18:32 Scott: Okay, top-selling products, Frozen 2 toys, the Nintendo Switch, VR devices, Nerf products, and video games. So yes, it’s all toys, and Cyber Monday is really the day to get the best deal.

18:44 Chase: And Peloton.

18:45 Scott: I’d say… Like I was saying, I think if you track this, it’s all people like who are parents who are buying…

18:52 Chase: Has to be.

18:53 Scott: On Cyber Monday.

18:55 Chase: It has to be. But yeah, so, people buy a lot of shit on Cyber Monday, that is the… That’s the point here, right? Record-breaking.

19:02 Scott: It’s the most sale, online sales of all time, which is notable. It’s remarkable.

19:02 Chase: People don’t go… So, let’s just… Let’s cover the last two topics, people do not go to the movies, they stay home and they watch the movie. People do not go to the store, they stay home, and they order the shit.

19:02 Scott: We’re gonna be some antisocial people.

19:02 Chase: That’s what I’m saying, that’s what I’m saying. But we’re gonna be get our… We’re gonna be buying shit very easily, I think that’s the plan. But alright, cool. So, that’s that topic. What do we got? What’s next?

19:02 Scott: Topic number five.


19:37 Scott: We’re calling it, tiny loaves and the death of the all-you-can-eat buffet. So, Gen Z and millennials are calling for smaller portions of baked goods, including bread loaves, a survey says. Averse to food waste, the young shoppers are joining the growing ranks of people who live alone, many of them already prefer buying half loaves. Shoppers don’t mind paying a slight premium for products that are slightly more manageable.

20:03 Chase: Yeah, thoughts on this?

20:08 Scott: It’s a change in culture, I think. A change in human behavior. People are living by themselves, and they don’t need these large portions that just go to waste anyway. But my point is, if you’re averse to food waste, it’s bread though. It’s biodegradable.

20:28 Chase: Yeah. Still costs money.

20:31 Scott: I think food… I don’t think… Okay, here’s my mistake, is that I don’t think this is an environmental thing, as much as it’s a privilege. There are people starving out there and you’re not finishing your food, type argument. It’s not an environmental argument.

20:43 Chase: No, I think, it’s a portion thing. I think it’s a…

20:46 Scott: It’s a… Why are we throwing away all this food? You know what I mean?

20:49 Chase: No, but I also think it’s a portion thing. It’s like, we’re just so used to consuming more portion, they’re gonna give us less portion, we’re gonna get used to it. I think that’s what it is too, right? That’s what it seems like the main thing is. Because if you lookie right here, the Kimpton Hotel Monaco, in Portland, Oregon stopped offering free bread with its meals at its Red Star Tavern Restaurant. Four months into the experiment, the hotel noticed it used 22 fewer pounds of dough and 65 fewer pounds of butter a month. Bro, I don’t know, that butter to bread comparison seems a little crazy.

21:27 Scott: Yeah, isn’t that weird?

21:29 Chase: Shouldn’t it be the other way around?


21:33 Chase: You cannot do the sound effects bro, come on. You can’t do the sound effects.

21:36 Scott: I don’t have a soundboard.

21:38 Chase: I know but you just can’t…


21:42 Chase: You know what I mean? You just can’t do them. So then it says that bread was still offered for a small charge, but if guests balked, they would get it for free. Not many complained. So if you balk at the bread and you get it for free, then if you balk at the dessert, do you get that for free? And my other thing is this, Portland, Oregon, where all the stoners are, where all the stoned people are, they smoke a couple doobs before they walk in, they want bread, and they probably want it right away. Nice warm bread, nice melted butter.

22:21 Scott: We would… I don’t know, the people in Oregon are different.

22:24 Chase: They’re different. They’re different.

22:25 Scott: They’re different, bro. They’re not like us.

22:27 Chase: But I don’t know, I guess, give me my goddamn bread. You know what I mean? Don’t charge me for bread. How much are they charging for bread anyway?

22:36 Scott: Well you can just balk and you’ll get it for free.

22:38 Chase: Then I’m gonna start balking at everything.

22:39 Scott: I’m balking bro.

22:40 Chase: That’s what I’m saying, you get me balking dude, you don’t wanna get me balking.

22:44 Scott: Dude, I’m like like Jim Jones, I’m balking bro.

22:46 Chase: You don’t wanna be doing that.

22:48 Scott: Alright. Balling.

22:49 Chase: What’s the next topic?

22:52 Scott: That’s it for the rundown.

22:53 Chase: Whoo-hoo!

22:55 Scott: In case you didn’t know, that was five.

22:57 Chase: That’s five, I don’t know how to count. Now, it’s time for, which we definitely need some sort of a sound effect for this which we don’t have, but it would be pretty sweet if we did…

23:11 Scott: It would be like this…


23:16 Chase: No, you’re not supposed to play that one.


23:21 Scott: We got it. That’s my favorite sound.

23:24 S5: Yes, yes.

23:24 Chase: So that’s our boy Eddie, he’s in the soundboard. What’s good Eddie? Eddie you made it into the soundboard, bro. You made it.

23:32 S5: Yes, yes.

23:33 Chase: There you are. Eddie’s gonna come on the show.

23:36 Scott: Shoutout to Eddie.

23:36 Chase: Eddie is gonna come on the show soon enough. We gotta reach out to him and get him on, right?

23:43 Scott: Yeah.

23:43 Chase: Alright, it’s time for Mack Move or Wack Move.


23:51 Chase: And a couple of things I wanna say about Mack Move or Wack Move, whenever we do it.

24:00 S6: I’m just fired up to be here today.

24:01 Chase: I just perk up. These sounds are just blowing out my eardrums. We gotta regulate these sounds.

24:07 Scott: Sounds Ballmer.

24:09 Chase: I get it. Tommy and Kevin have only been working on the soundboard for, I think four days. I get it, we’re working it out though, we’re gonna get it. By the sixth day, we’re gonna get it. I feel it, I can feel it. Alright, so Mack Move or Wack Move. Go ahead Chase, run us down.

24:29 Scott: Alright, Mack Move or Wack Move. So as you guys know we’re gonna bring up some fun products, services, things in the news again, and we’re gonna give you our take, Mack Move or Wack Move, pretty self-explanatory. And we’re gonna jump right into topic number one, everybody’s buzzing about this, this happened two, three weeks ago and people are still talking about it, the Cybertruck. The Tesla…

24:53 Chase: The Cybertruck.

24:55 Scott: Cybertruck. So Elon Musk reveals their new addition to the Tesla lineup and that is the Cybertruck, set to compete with brands like Ford and Chevy, and Dodge. But while he was presenting the truck at the reveal, he threw a metal ball at the window to test its durability…

25:17 Chase: And it broke, and it wasn’t supposed to break.

25:19 Scott: Yeah.

25:21 Chase: So originally everybody was saying that this was done on purpose because it made everybody talk about it, and I thought that that was true at first. But after seeing some time go by and hearing that the reason why it broke was because they hit it with the sledgehammer first, that I guess messed up the glass, and then they threw it. They should have thrown the ball first and then hit the thing, right?

25:34 Scott: So it weakened it?

25:34 Chase: My thing is this, aren’t they smart enough to figure that out? They’re smart, he’s trying to go to the… He’s trying to take us to space. Shouldn’t you be figured out how to do this demo? I’m really nervous about his first ride up there, you know what I mean? I’m a little nervous, like, “Oh, we forgot to… ”

25:34 Scott: “Roll the windows up.”


26:11 Chase: That’s it. We forgot to turn off the flux capacitor! You know what I mean? Just some basic shit. That’s basic shit. Really it is.

26:18 Scott: Yeah. Let’s talk about the car, though, itself just real quick before we give our takes. So it’s fully electric…

26:26 Chase: Steering wheel is wack.

26:27 Scott: Steering wheel is wack. Okay, Scott doesn’t like the steering wheel, it’s like a bow tie, so there’s two handles and there’s no top or bottom.

26:32 Chase: How do you drive with your knee?

26:33 Scott: Yeah, I don’t… Yeah.

26:35 Chase: Not that I do that.

26:36 Scott: Well, you don’t have to in this car, because it’s a self-driving car.

26:39 Chase: Oh, it’s a self-driver. Okay.

26:39 Scott: It’s fully electric, it’s good for the environment, it also has… It can go zero to 60…

26:43 Chase: It’s got torque, right? Does it have torque?

26:44 Scott: It has torque.

26:45 Chase: I’ve heard it has torque.

26:47 Scott: It has torques. It has torques.

26:48 Chase: Oh, mad torques, I’m sorry. Yeah. More torque than a Ford.

26:49 Scott: Yeah, more torques. So, goes zero to 60 in sub-three seconds some time, which is very, very fast, and it also has more pull capacity than Ford and Chevy rivals. So it can pull a Ford truck or a Chevy truck uphill while that truck is trying to pull it downhill, so it’s very powerful.

27:14 Chase: Do you know how people refer to their trucks as rigs?

27:17 Scott: Yeah.

27:17 Chase: Could you refer to this as a rig? And this goes to our conversation last night.

27:22 Scott: No.

27:24 Chase: So we had a very lengthy…

27:24 Scott: It’s a cyber rig.

27:25 Chase: Very aggressive conversation last night while we were watching a football game about whether an electric car can be a muscle car.

27:34 Scott: It can’t.

27:36 Chase: It can.

27:37 Scott: There’s no such thing as an electric muscle car, even if there was such a thing…

27:41 Chase: Alright, so then let me ask you this then, can you call the cyber truck a rig?

27:45 Scott: No.

27:46 Chase: Well, then… So just to be clear, then.


27:51 Scott: It’s not a rig…

27:52 Chase: It’s more powerful than a rig. If someone else…

[overlapping conversation]

27:54 Scott: A rig implies like a diesel engine and an exhaust that comes out the top.

27:58 Chase: That’s my rig. Yeah, and those duallies, and them dually hitters on the back.

28:03 Scott: Yeah.

[overlapping conversation]

28:03 Chase: I got [28:03] ____ the hitters in the back.

28:03 Scott: And this is not bad. Last thing, it’s $40,000.

28:07 Chase: Cost-effective, you’re excited, you wanna see these things out there. Right?

28:12 Scott: Yeah, I do. I wanna see them on the road, man. I’m super excited.

28:14 Chase: So what are you going with? A Mack Move or a Wack Move for this freaking truck?

28:17 Scott: Mack Move, guys.

28:19 Chase: I guess I’ll go with… I guess I feel a little pressure here from you, ’cause I know you love the guy. Also, I wanted to do our…

28:29 Scott: Bro, judgment-free.

28:32 Chase: I’m gonna go Mack Move, which means…


28:38 Chase: That’s what that means. So… Yeah.

28:41 Scott: Mack Move?

28:43 Chase: Mack Move.

28:44 Scott: Alright, topic number two guys.


28:48 Scott: This rolls off the back of the last topic quite nicely. Ford and this is really what started the whole argument.

28:54 Chase: This is what started that whole entire thing…

28:55 Scott: And I’ll explain that, but let’s cover it real quick. Ford unveils electronic Mustang to compete with Tesla for performance-based electric cars. And so guys, I wanna reiterate this ’cause nobody seems to understand, this is not a muscle car, this is not any sort of drag racing, not your traditional Mustang, this is different than anything that they’ve ever done. This is an SUV, it’s called the Mach-E, and it looks sexy as hell. It’s fast, fully electric…

29:29 Chase: Listen. Mustang is not… Are they trying to change the Mustang?

29:36 Scott: It’s just a different car. It’s a Mustang under the Mustang brand, but it’s an SUV.

29:41 Chase: I don’t know. It’s just weird, that’s just weird to me.

29:44 Scott: It is weird, but it’s cool. I want the car.

29:45 Chase: What they’re trying to do is this, they’re trying to make the Mustang…

29:48 Scott: Sexy as hell.

29:50 Chase: Like the Jordan Flight brand where it’s like they’re Nikes, but now they’re… They used to just be shoes that Jordan wore, but now there’s Travis Scott Jordans and there’s this guy Jordans and then there’s Drake Jordans or whatever the hell it may be.

30:04 Scott: No, but a more apt comparison would be if Jordan started making loafers, which I think they…

30:12 Chase: They do.

30:12 Scott: They do.

30:13 Chase: Yeah. Yeah. And then they start making sales.

30:14 Scott: That’s really the comparison, yes. Yeah, so different shoe.

30:17 Chase: I got you.

30:17 Chase: It’s a different car, but it’s under the same brand.

30:21 Chase: And it’s a different demographic that likes to be old school, pack some chewing tobacco, and fucking punch it.

30:26 Scott: Yeah, I think it’s a hybrid, hybrid demographic.

30:28 Chase: No, I’m not down with it. I think that’s stupid.

30:31 Scott: Mack Move.

30:33 Chase: Wack Move.

30:34 Scott: I want an electric car, by the way.

30:36 Chase: Wack Move.

30:36 Scott: This is why I’m so biased towards Tesla.

30:38 Chase: A Wack Move.


30:39 Scott: Because I really want an electric car.

30:40 Chase: Yes, you do.

30:41 Scott: Eventually in my life.

30:42 Chase: But now you got a Subaru.

30:44 Chase: Which I love, Subaru. I love it.

30:44 Scott: I love it. He tells everybody. Everybody.

30:45 Scott: I call it my Stormtrooper. You know what I’m saying?

30:46 Chase: People get in his car and he’s like, “You like my new car? It’s 2000… ”


30:49 Scott: ‘Cause they always…

30:50 Chase: He did it last night.

30:51 Scott: I do it all the time.

30:52 Chase: My boy got in the car, and he goes, “Hey, Shawn! Do you like my car? You like my car, bro? I just got it, bro!”

30:57 Scott: No, he complimented my car, and then I said, “Oh, you like my car?” Yeah, he did. When he got in, he goes, “This is a nice car,” but then we cut him off.

31:03 Chase: I think you started it. I think you just got…

31:05 Scott: I didn’t start it.

31:06 Chase: I know…

31:06 Scott: Mack Move, guys. I love this car. Alright, topic number three.


31:13 Scott: McDonald’s is testing a chicken sandwich to compete with Popeye’s and Chick-fil-A.

31:18 Chase: I really wanted to replace this with, “Pablo Escobar’s brother has a cell phone company.”

31:27 Scott: Yeah.

31:28 Chase: And he says he’s gonna put Apple out of businesses, and if I were Apple, I’d be shitting my pants. And I’m not saying that…


31:33 Scott: Because you think their product is better.

31:34 Chase: I’m not saying that because they have better cell towers if you know what I’m saying.


31:37 Chase: I’m saying it because, you know…

31:42 Scott: If the mob can kill Kennedy then…

31:44 Chase: Then yeah, the Cartel is…

31:45 Scott: The Carter can kill Tim Cook.

31:48 Chase: Yes. Yes.

31:48 Scott: CEO of Apple.

31:49 Chase: Whack him. No, they’ll just take him out, you know? Like how the mob, how they like, bomb things? That’s what they would do, they would just…

32:00 Scott: Yeah. But we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about the chicken sandwich.

32:03 Chase: Yes. You’re right, we’re not talking about that.

32:06 Scott: We’re not talking about that, we’re talking about the chicken sandwich, crispy chicken sandwich. They’re testing in Houston, Knoxville…

32:08 Chase: I hate McDonald’s. This shit’s a Wack Move.


32:08 Scott: Yeah. The sandwich features a fried chicken fillet served on a buttery potato roll topped with butter and pickles. A deluxe version, also, it says…

32:08 Chase: I’m gonna still say, they already have this sandwich. I’ve had a chicken sandwich at McDonald’s that had pickles on it, and it was called, “Buttermilk crisp whatever-the-fuck-it-was-called.”

32:08 Scott: Yeah.

32:08 Chase: So I don’t know if you’re pulling this article up from…

32:08 Scott: No, this is…

32:08 Chase: I’m just joking.

32:08 Scott: Monday, December 2nd.

32:08 Chase: I’m just kidding. But…

32:08 Chase: Do they got a spicy chicken hitter? ‘Cause that’s really all they need to really do, right?

32:41 Scott: No.

32:41 Chase: No spicy chicken hitter?

32:42 Scott: I don’t know.

32:42 Chase: You’re late to the game, McDonald’s.

32:45 Scott: But it’s like these companies are going to war with each other.

32:50 Chase: I’ll tell you what though, fast food…

32:51 Scott: It’s so cool.

32:53 Chase: Fast food, I’m really digging the way fast food places are doing their advertising and how they attack each other. I’m digging that.

33:01 Scott: Yeah, they’re going to war. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some fights.

33:03 Chase: I like that more than I like their food, to be honest.

33:05 Scott: Popeye’s employees and Chick-fil-A employees meet at night…

33:08 Chase: Yeah.

33:08 Scott: In someone’s basement and they beat the shit out of each other.


33:11 Scott: McDonald’s…

33:13 Chase: Nobody’s dying for a chicken sandwich from McDonald’s, alright?

33:17 Scott: People are gonna die for the one from Popeye’s, though.

33:19 Chase: You know what I mean? You tell somebody… There are people out there that’ll, they’ll go and get a chicken sandwich. They catch a body. You know what I’m saying?

33:27 Scott: Yeah.


33:29 Chase: Especially if, you’re holding up that line! What are you going with?

33:34 Scott: Mack Move, you gotta join the war. McDonald’s, I’m not gonna…

33:37 Chase: It’s just bullshit. You’re just hardcore about your McFlurries, so…

33:40 Scott: Alright.

33:41 Chase: That’s why.

33:41 Scott: Well…

33:42 S7: I’m a fun guy.

33:43 Scott: I can’t wait to try it.

33:44 Chase: Yeah, I hear you, I hear you, bro. I hear you.

33:46 Scott: Alright, you wanna move on?

33:47 Chase: Yeah, let’s move on. ‘Cause McDonald’s is just like Ford. I’m not down with either one of them.


33:54 Scott: Alright, this is topic number four.


34:02 Scott: Scientists last month unveiled an artificial skin that enables robots to feel and respond to physical contact. We kinda already touched on this but, this is some wack shit. This is some wack shit, alright? I don’t want… I don’t think that we should build robots that mimic the sensory things that we’re capable of. Like I said, a robot should be a box, like this.

34:26 Chase: God, you’re so old.

34:28 Scott: And all it does is it just makes you efficient.

34:32 Chase: This is…

34:32 Scott: And that’s it.

34:34 Chase: If I said that, your response would be, “Okay, boomer.” That’s what you would say to me if I said that…


34:40 Scott: No.

34:40 Chase: “It should be a box.” You realize what you’re saying, dude?

34:41 Scott: I’m not… It’s not about… This is not an age thing.

34:43 Chase: Look what’s in your God damn… Look what’s in front of you.

34:43 Scott: This is not… Yeah, I love it.

[overlapping conversation]

34:45 Chase: It’s not a box.

34:47 Scott: I love it. Keep it as a brick. I want bricks.

34:49 Chase: Why can’t it be a moving robot that just can’t feel?

34:51 Scott: Yeah, as long as it is a brick with wheels.

34:54 Chase: Alright.

34:54 Scott: It’s a box with wheels. I’m cool with that.

34:58 Chase: This one’s tough for me. I don’t know because you know where they’re going with this. You know where they’re going with this, right? You know where they’re going with this. There’s a lot of lonely men out there.

35:09 Scott: Yes.

35:10 Chase: You know?


35:10 Scott: Yeah.

35:11 Chase: You know where they’re going with this.

35:12 Scott: Yeah.

35:13 Chase: And it’s a good, you know… Maybe that’s good? I don’t know, I’m gonna say probably it’s not?

35:17 Scott: Probably not good.

35:18 Chase: Yeah, I’m gonna say probably not, so I’m gonna go Wack Move.

35:22 Scott: Yeah, Wack Move on that. I don’t think that we should make robots like us, I think we should just make workers, robotic workers.

35:33 Chase: Yeah, I agree.

35:33 Scott: Alright. Are you ready to move on? Anything else?

35:37 Chase: I’m ready. No.

35:37 Scott: Okay.

35:38 Chase: I’m ready.

35:38 Scott: Alright…

35:42 S5: I’m a fun guy.


35:44 Scott: Alright. Topic number five, Cinco.


35:45 Scott: Peloton’s market value dropped by $942 million…

35:52 Chase: Oh, we gotta play this one, hold on.

35:54 Scott: During a widely mocked ad. And actually, it’s funny, we were watching football last night and they played that. They still running the shit out of that ad.

36:02 Chase: Alright, well, let’s be clear that…

36:05 Scott: I think you know someone that has one.

36:07 Chase: The article… I do, Perry. The article makes it seem like it’s because of the ad, but it’s not. It’s not ’cause of the ad that the stock is dropping, I don’t think.

36:24 Scott: It’s because people are confused.

36:25 Chase: I’m sure it’s helping a little but…

36:26 Scott: Alright, let’s give you more context.

36:28 Chase: We’re gonna play it.

36:30 Scott: The ad features a young woman being gifted a bike. People are saying that the ad is confusing, sexist, and classist.

36:38 Chase: I don’t… I personally don’t have a problem with it and I think that if you were to bring in a thousand people, none of them would say that they have a problem with it. I don’t even know that anybody truly has a problem with it. This is one of those things where I feel like the media and just people, in general, can drive this story by talking about it and people are saying, “This is so stupid.” But they’re talking about it, but yet it’s not… I don’t know. I can’t see how this can bother people. I would love to have somebody explain to me how this is offensive.

37:10 Chase: It’s journalists looking for clicks, is what I think it is. I think it’s journalists that’s gonna write the next article that’s gonna blow up.

37:15 Scott: Do you know what I think it is?

37:16 Chase: And they’re just looking for clicks.

37:18 Scott: So Perry tells me that…

37:18 Chase: They don’t actually feel this way.

37:19 Scott: A lot of people are shorting the shit out of this company, which I don’t know why. So a lot of people are shorting it. Maybe it’s the people that are shorting it. Maybe the people that are shorting it… Because you gotta imagine there’s people that have serious money when they go in and short something. They definitely can plant stories and we’re just a stupid-ass society nowadays, where we just believe every single thing that we see on our Facebook page. But this is actually… It’s funny ’cause I just feel like they just took something that’s not an issue and they made it an issue but yet nobody really thinks it’s an issue. But yet everybody’s talking about how people think it’s an issue but I don’t think there’s anybody out there that actually does. That’s what I’m saying, I don’t think that anybody could possibly think this is an issue. I’m gonna go as far as to say this and this might be a little controversial.

38:03 Chase: That’s like some conspiracy theory shit. I just think that there’s a bunch of journalists that are looking for clicks and wanna blow up their article and be reactionary.

38:12 Scott: Maybe.

38:13 Chase: And then people just ride off of that. For the life of me, I can’t understand why you would put your money down… You read an article like this and you’re like, “I’m gonna short it now.”

38:25 Scott: No, they were already shorting it.

38:28 Chase: Before that?

38:29 Scott: Yeah, they were already… It was already a bunch of investors have been shorting this stock. They’re like, “We are gonna take these fuckers out.” So they’re shorting them, ’cause they think it’s overvalued. So when everybody starts jumping on shorting it, then it starts to come down and then they said, “Let’s go with this story.” My point is this and this might be somewhat controversial, but I wouldn’t have a problem. She was skinny, the commercial, the girl was skinny, she kept riding the bike…

38:58 Chase: She was already athletic.

39:00 Scott: She didn’t lose any weight or anything like that. My point is, ’cause that’s what people are upset about. I wouldn’t even be upset if the person was overweight, I wouldn’t care. What’s wrong with that? You want your loved one to be healthy, what’s wrong with that? I get it if you’re sitting on the couch and you’re eating fried mozzarella sticks with your stomach hanging out like I was last night, you know what I mean, I get it. You’re an asshole if you do that, but like what’s wrong with a husband buying his wife like some exercise equipment so she can actually be healthy and be in good shape.

39:32 Chase: Yeah, well…

39:32 Scott: What’s wrong with that?

39:37 Chase: The sticker price on this thing is like $2500 or $2900… It’s like a lot of money.

39:40 Scott: It is an expensive coat rack is what it is.

39:41 Chase: But it’s dope.

39:42 Scott: Alright, so anyway, needless to say, let’s do a bit on this, let’s get a piece of shit stationary bike, right? Let’s take a tablet, we’ll put it on the front of it, right? We’ll record me cheering on Carla.

39:54 Chase: Or we’ll have Tommy put a wig on.

39:57 Scott: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

39:57 Chase: And then we’ll have like Carla, come out at the end or something…

40:01 Scott: Yeah. It’ll be good, and I’ll be sitting on the couch eating mozzarella sticks.

40:05 Chase: Yeah.

40:05 Scott: Right?

40:05 Chase: Mm-hmm.

40:07 Scott: Dunking them mozzarella sticks… Keep that little thing of sauce right on my belly button it’ll hold it… You know what I’m saying?

40:12 Chase: Yeah.

40:13 Scott: Alright. Peloton. You’re in some shit.

40:17 Chase: So, what’s the Mack Move or Wack Move though, what is the question? The question is…

40:20 Scott: The question is about the commercial.

40:22 Chase: Is the commercial Mack Move or Wack Move?

40:22 Scott: Yeah.

40:23 Chase: It’s a Mack Move.

40:25 Scott: Yeah, I don’t have any problems with that, I think it’s a good commercial I got no problem with it, bro.

[overlapping conversation]

40:30 Chase: Shit dude, I hope I get to a point where I have enough money to where I can buy my girlfriend like a $3000 piece of exercise equipment.

40:36 Scott: And you know what, no one’s gonna care.

40:37 Chase: And she keeps it tight.

40:40 Scott: Whoa… No one’s gonna care bro, no one’s gonna care. Alright?

40:44 Chase: Alright, that concludes Mack Move or Wack Move guys. Scott, is there anything you wanna cover?

40:48 Scott: That’s really it? That’s five topics?

40:51 Chase: Yeah, that’s five topics man.

40:51 Scott: Holy shit.

40:52 Chase: We just blasted through that.

40:53 Scott: I got an 11:30 appointment.

40:55 Chase: Could you guys…

40:55 Scott: How about you, what you got going on?

40:56 Chase: Could you guys tell that… Well, I got a 3:30 PM but… Which is kind of late in the day for a Friday for me.


41:02 Scott: By 3:30 PM bro… I’ll be about four beers deep.

41:04 Chase: Yeah.

41:04 Scott: I’m just kidding… I’m just kidding, I do wanna say though that I hurt my back, old man Johnson hurt his back, haven’t been to the gym, in a horrible funk eating like shit… Hanging out with these young guys they can eat like shit and it’s fine.

[overlapping conversation]

41:08 Chase: Oh, you’ll stick around. Is it though? Is it fine? I don’t know. I think we should…

41:23 Scott: Look at Brian, look at Brian, that dude could gain 50 pounds and still need to gain another 10.

41:28 Chase: Yeah, yeah.

41:29 Scott: So we actually hired a new guy…

41:31 Chase: It’ll catch up to him. He’s an eBoy.


41:32 Scott: New guy, who is an intern in our sales department, young Brian, he’s a Brazilian fellow Brian Araujo.

41:43 Chase: Araujo.

41:44 Scott: Araujo. And there’s a rumor, there’s a rumor going around Mack media, that he’s an eBoy. So first of all, Chase, Imma need you to explain what an eBoy is because I didn’t know.

41:56 Chase: Yeah, so an eBoy is just like a dude…

41:58 Scott: You know what an eBoy is or not, you do?

[overlapping conversation]

42:00 Chase: Yeah, he’s like a… It’s like a pretty boy who parts his hair down the middle and he has to, 100% has to have a TikTok account and he has to create like thirsty videos on the TikTok. Like basically, trying to get like underage girls. Mostly the girls that like this?

42:18 Scott: Whoa…

42:18 Chase: No seriously, most of the girls that like this are between ages of 12 and 15. Because if you’re a grown-ass adult and you see this shit?

42:26 Scott: What the fuck is an eBoy? What’s the E stand for? Electric?

42:29 Chase: Like electric boy. Yeah, just like an eBoy, like an internet boy.

42:33 Scott: Dude, we gotta get Brian. First of all, Chase was actually trying to find his account. He’s like… I know I’m gonna find him.


42:39 Chase: I know… I was like…

42:39 Scott: Like he’s in hiding.

42:40 Chase: This dude is on TikTok, I look at him, I go, “You’re on TikTok.” And he could probably hear us, actually, right now, talking about him ’cause he’s right there.

42:49 Scott: Yeah, but he’s got his headphones in.

42:51 Chase: So anyway, we hired him…

42:52 Scott: Could you stop sticking your hand in front of my camera, you know about that.

42:54 Chase: We hired him for sales and we’ve always had difficulty in that department just because it’s tough, it’s a tough job, kind of…

43:08 Scott: It is. You’re on the frontlines…

43:10 Chase: You’re canvassing…

43:10 Scott: You’re on the frontlines, you’re taking punish… You’re taking heavy damage. It’s what you’re doing.

43:13 Chase: But it’s a great way… It’s an… You have to do it because you have to get new business from outside of your own network otherwise, you’ll never grow…

43:21 Scott: You gotta do that outreach.

43:23 Chase: And you gotta find your niche. So, we brought him on and he actually just started on Monday this week and we are putting together several campaigns to get… So we can actually get started on this. First of all, end off the year strong, with what we have and then start in January, with like a very, very, very aggressive…

43:44 Scott: So aggressive.

43:45 Chase: So aggressive, approach.

43:46 Scott: These guys are gonna start coming in at 7:00 AM…

43:48 Chase: Start banging out phone calls like…

43:51 Scott: 300 calls a day…

43:51 Chase: Like he can just do 50 calls in an hour like that’s what I’m expecting.

43:55 Scott: Wow, Wow. Araujo, Araujo.

43:58 Chase: Smiling and dialing. Let’s see how he does, I mean, I think that he really… I think he sees what an opportunity this is for him and I’m hoping that… And I also think that he can take the heavy damage and I think that he can sound good on the phone, he can present himself well…

44:15 Scott: He’s not gonna be like those Brazilian soccer players that fall on the ground and act like they got shot. Is he? Like…


44:22 Scott: After a bad call?

44:22 Chase: I hope not. I hope not.

44:22 Scott: After like a bad call?

44:24 Chase: But… Yeah. But we’ve been trying at this for a while, and so I think he’s the man.

44:31 Scott: Alright, well, I like Brian too, I think he’s gonna… I think he’s gonna do well.

44:35 Chase: He just needs to stay off TikTok.

44:37 Scott: He does, that’s what he needs to do.

44:39 Chase: Because that’s gonna be a problem.

44:40 Scott: That’s gonna be his downfall basically.

44:42 Chase: Alright, you wanna wrap this show up…

44:44 Scott: Yeah, we’re gonna wrap the show up here, folks. But you’re…

44:46 Chase: A little bit different than last time, Scott forced me to take his espresso shot last time…

44:50 Scott: So he had to leave.

44:50 Chase: And it made my entire body just set on fire, I was sweating and my stomach was like, “What did you do to me?”


44:58 Scott: Yeah, it did.

45:01 Chase: Yeah.

45:02 Scott: Alright, so why don’t you go ahead and close us out, dude.

45:04 S8: I have these notes.

45:05 Chase: I have these notes, so I don’t even got… This comes off the top, go to www.themacktalks.com.

45:12 Scott: Oh, real quick, real quick, shout out to the Danbury Chamber of Commerce for their new location on 1 Ives Street. We’ve got them back down on the green where they belong. Shout out to Tony Rizzo, Tony Rizzo Sr., Tony Rizzo Jr., the Rizzo corporations. We went last night. It was a great time. Saw PJ doing an awesome job. You could tell that PJ really, really cares about Danbury.

45:42 Chase: They’re grinding it out, man.

45:43 Scott: Yeah, and I mean just within…

45:44 Chase: They’re really trying.

45:45 Scott: Within the short period of time that he’s been here, I feel like the Chamber has literally doubled what it was able to do before. You know what I mean? It was a change that needed to happen and PJ’s been awesome. So I just wanted to just say that…

45:58 Chase: Awesome turn out too.

46:00 Scott: Oh my God, the place was packed…

46:00 Chase: Everybody’s supportive. Yeah, everybody’s supportive.

46:02 Scott: The place was packed. Did a little ribbon-cutting, welcomed them to their new office. So big ups to the Danbury Chamber, looking to do big things with them and help them grow in 2020. So Chase go ahead.

46:16 S?: I have these notes.

46:18 Chase: Go to www.themacktalks.com if you’re looking for fun, entertaining, engaging content that involves entrepreneurship and business, go to that website.

46:31 Scott: Yeah, we’re not your average show. That’s what we’re telling you. Not your average show.

46:33 Chase: No, clearly, clearly we do things differently.

46:34 Scott: We’re gonna discuss business. We’re gonna do it lighthearted, right?

46:38 Chase: Yeah, lighthearted.

46:38 Scott: We discuss business topics lighthearted. With a little bit of a flair to it. We keep it real.

46:42 Chase: We’re a couple of guys you can sit down have a beer with and chat about the economy. And shit like that.

46:48 Scott: Chase is gonna say shit that is gonna be way off the wall. He’s gonna make a lot of hot takes when you sit down and have that beer with him. He’s gonna say things like, “Netflix’s going outta business. They’re burning cash.” Like he just throws out crazy shit that makes no sense. But occasionally you can ground him and you can get some decent things coming out of his mouth. You know what I mean? He’s a very edumacated lad. He went to Loyola, he graduated there. It’s a Jesuit school, so I don’t know what that means. I think Jay-Z’s a Jesuit, young Hova.

47:14 Chase: It just means that… It just means that we get the job done.

47:19 Scott: That’s what it means.

47:21 Chase: Go to our Facebook, just search The Mack Talks. Go to our Instagram @macktalks follow us on there, where you can find all… Clips of our show. Go on iTunes, leave us a review, every bit counts, you know that that’s gonna crank us up in the ranking. So please help us out with that and we’re on Sound Cloud, Stitcher, Smart Radio…

47:41 S?: I’m a fun guy.

47:42 Chase: Spotify, we’re everywhere, man. We’re everywhere. Just search The Mack Talks. The Mack Talks podcast.

47:48 Scott: Get you that content, boy.

47:49 Chase: Alright.

47:49 Scott: Alright, we’ll see you guys next time, episode 45.

47:52 Chase: Alright, love you.

48:03 Scott: Wrap.