Episode #37 :

OBJ, Alienstock

The One Where OBJ wears a $350k watch and the Guys Discuss Alienstock 2019 | Ep. 37

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On this week’s episode of the Mack Talks, Scott gives you this weeks rundown, and mack move or wack move. Topics include the Golden Toilet Heist, SpaceX’s new launch site, Seinfeld coming to Netflix and much more. Scott gave listeners a rundown on the most popular trending topics of the week and voice their opinions about how they feel about them.


In the rundown, there are many trending topics that Scott covers. From the 18k gold toilet being stolen from Britain’s Blenheim Palace art exhibit to Bstroy and how their brand sparks outrage over school-shooting themed hoodie. They also discuss the Area 51 raid and how over two million people said they were attending and could have possibly turned into an inspired music festival!

Mack Move or Wack Move

During this week’s game of Mack Move or Wack Move, Scott discusses how he feels about Saved By The Bell Reboot, Kyrie Irving X Friends Collab, OBJ’s $350K Game Watch, Jon Taffer’s Spiked Seltzer and Miami’s Bang Bros Center, lots of interesting content!

Highlights from this episode:

» 1:545:18 – The Golden Toilet
» 5:238:40 – Noisy Neighbors – SpaceX Launch
» 8:4712:45 – Alienstock 2019
» 12:5220:27 – Seinfeld Arrives at Netflix
» 20:3524:39 – Gun Violence is Not Fashion
» 25:1527:12 – Saved By The Bell Reboot
» 27:1828:52 – Kyrie Irving x Friends Collab
» 28:5731:26 – OBJ’s $350K Game Watch
» 31:3236:26 – Jon Taffer’s Spiked Seltzer
» 33:3640:36 – Miami’s Bang Bros Center
» 40:5242:15 – Scott & Chase’s Life Update



00:07 Scott Johnson: Welcome to The Mack Talks everybody. I am your host, Scott Johnson. This young fellow across from me is your co-host, his name is Chase Hutchison.

00:15 Chase Hutchison: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

00:17 SJ: Yes, sir. And today we have no guest but what we do have is a Tori. Tori say hello.

00:22 Tori: Hi guys.

00:23 SJ: Alright, so Tori is gonna be reading some of the topics that we’re gonna be doing for the rundown and the Mack Move or Wack Move. Tori started off as an intern and she is rapidly climbing the ranks here at The Mack Talks and I think she’s landed into producer position, has she not?

00:40 CH: She’s head of production at The Mack Talks.

00:42 SJ: Yes, I’m gonna say she’s a producer. So she’s a… What’s her title that we’re going with?

00:47 CH: Tori?

00:48 Tori: CPO.

00:48 SJ: CPO, Chief Podcast Operator. Let’s go.

00:51 CH: Yup.

00:52 SJ: So we got Tori aboard and we’re excited to bust through some of these topics with inside of the rundown. So Chase, first off, tell us what the Mack Talks is all about.

01:04 CH: In case y’all forgot, the Mack Talks are the vehicle that bring you the stories that you need to hear.

01:11 SJ: That’s right. But today we’re gonna bring you the topics that you need to hear in the business world, the mainstream world, just in the world, the social media’s world, the interwebs. We’re gonna run through those topics. So Chase, what do we do with the rundown?


01:31 CH: So the rundown, we’re gonna take some business-related topics from the news and we’re going to basically chop it up, break them down for you, the Mack Talks way. Me and Scott are, we’re gonna give you our opinions, and then we’re gonna move on to Mack Move or Wack Move, that’s it.

01:44 SJ: Yes sir. Alright, so let’s just go ahead. Tori are you ready to jump in to this?

01:49 Tori: Yeah.

01:49 SJ: Alright, so let’s jump in to topic number one on the Rundown.


01:57 Tori: So, topic number one is a $5 million, 18-carat gold toilet is stolen from Britain’s Blenheim Palace Art exhibit. It was fully functioning and about 100,000 visitors were able to use it. So it’s caused significant damage in flooding.

02:15 CH: How weird is that?

02:17 SJ: So hold on a second. This thing is worth how much?

02:19 Tori: $5 million.

02:19 SJ: $5 million and they let people go to the bathroom on it?

02:22 CH: Yes. Isn’t that insane?

02:24 SJ: What is up with that?

02:25 CH: Oh…

02:26 SJ: I don’t even know that I could put my buttocks on it.

02:28 CH: Hold up though, hold up though. Hold up. One thing that we forgot to mention about this toilet, Donald Trump was offered this toilet to be put, installed in the White House, when he was… And this is true. To be his personal use toilet and he declined.

02:43 SJ: Wow.

02:44 CH: So this toilet’s got some… Got a reputation going around.

02:47 SJ: So people would go visit the toilet, and then they would go potty in the toilet. And then they would leave? Like I don’t understand, I’m so confused.

02:58 CH: Yeah. No, that’s it.

03:00 SJ: Wow.

03:00 CH: So what is your critique on this? So what do you think this toilet means from an art perspective? Because I think it’s trashing America. I think it’s trashing… I think that’s what they’re trying to do. America’s the golden toilet, is what they’re saying in Europe. That’s why, this… Like bro, big ups to these guys, although I don’t condone any illegal activity whatsoever. But to have the gumption to do this, they must be some real patriots. And I know that’s a hot take. That’s a hot take.

03:28 SJ: Yeah, I don’t know. I mean I just think it’s kinda weird first of all, to spend that, to create such a thing.

03:34 CH: It’s art. All art is weird.

03:36 SJ: Alright. I hear you.

03:37 CH: In a way.

03:38 SJ: I hear you. Tori, Tori what are your thoughts on this?

03:40 Tori: I think it’s strange.

03:41 SJ: You think it’s very strange?

03:42 Tori: And it’s sad that they’re lacking a toilet now.

03:45 SJ: Tori, question. How many $5 million pure gold toilets have you went to the bathroom on?

03:54 Tori: Zero. [chuckle]

03:55 SJ: Okay, well you know what? Zero for me as well, but I will tell you this, my family’s from Delaware, and my real family like my grandparent’s family, they’re from Virginia. So when we were small, we used to go and we had this house that didn’t have a bathroom in it, in Virginia. It was probably… They had a driveway that was probably about 15 miles long, and it was dirt. So I don’t…

04:19 CH: You used to poop down the driveway?

04:20 SJ: No, you used to go and go in the outhouse.

04:22 CH: Dig a hole?

04:23 SJ: No, it was a little house, like a shed, like an outhouse.

04:26 CH: I actually have the same story.

04:27 SJ: They still do this…

04:28 CH: I have the same story.

04:28 SJ: They still do this in Brazil.

04:30 CH: In Connecticut.

04:31 SJ: So although I’ve never went to the bathroom on one of those, I’ve went to the bathroom in the complete opposite of that, which is the lowest toilet you can possibly… Like the lowest of low. So, I just wanted to just…

04:43 CH: Oh by the way this was…

04:44 SJ: Relay that.

04:45 CH: This was a active usable toilet, and for that reason, when they stole the toilet from the museum, it flooded the entire… That exhibit hall.

04:53 SJ: Oh my God, so it ruined all the other art?

04:54 CH: So it caused damage. It caused a lot of… I don’t know if it ruined other art.

04:57 SJ: They couldn’t clog…

04:57 CH: They caused damage.

04:58 SJ: Hold on a second. They didn’t bring a plumber when they stole it? You couldn’t like seal off the pipe? Jesus Christ.

05:03 CH: They just ripped that shit out of there, like it was an ATM at a 7-Eleven baby.

05:07 SJ: They sure did. Alright, well, it’s kind of a crazy story. And I think that Trump declined it, because he felt the reason that you had said.

05:16 CH: I think that’s what it is, it’s them basically saying America’s a golden toilet, which it’s not.

05:21 SJ: Sweet. Yes.

05:22 CH: It’s the greatest country on earth.

05:24 SJ: Alright. Topic number two.


05:30 Tori: Topic number two is, Elon Musk and his company, SpaceX, have been testing rockets from a launch site in Boca Chica, Texas. It’s right near a tiny beach and fishing village, and it’s the community has been completely transformed by the launch site.

05:48 SJ: Yeah. So I am the one that brought this awesome topic up. And…

05:53 CH: Nice.

05:55 SJ: It’s definitely… It’s definitely a weird situation you know. The woman that they’re speaking to, what’s her name Tori? Maria Pointer?

06:04 Tori: Yes.

06:04 SJ: So she… She went there. It’s a small little town, nice quiet little town, a couple streets. She went there, bought her dream home, and was just looking to retire and relax, and that’s not gonna happen anymore. But…

06:18 CH: It could still happen but…

06:19 SJ: But Elon’s out there trying to give them three, four times the cost of their house.

06:22 CH: Yeah.

06:23 SJ: Which I think is cool.

06:25 CH: It is.

06:25 SJ: What else is cool about what he’s what he’s offering? You get to come back…

06:32 CH: VIP.

06:32 SJ: VIP Event Launches.

06:34 CH: Yeah.

06:35 SJ: I would give anything to negotiate with Elon Musk and these people right now. Let me get in there, and let me be like… Alright, so, I want some Mars rocks. I want some moon rocks, you know what I mean? I’m gonna negotiate the crap out of that. But, I feel bad for these people that have lived in this town their whole entire life, because it’s kind of a tough situation to go through, but I also think it’s super cool, and really kind of groundbreaking, right?

07:01 CH: Yeah. We were talking about… It says it’s non-negotiable, but I’d be like, I’d go in there…

07:06 SJ: It’s negotiable.

07:07 CH: It’s negotiable. You’d be like, “Yo, listen. Give me your newest Tesla, and five times my house worth, and I won’t bring this to court.”

07:14 SJ: Yeah, and a job maybe.

07:15 CH: “And I won’t bring this to court.”

07:16 SJ: Yeah.

07:17 CH: “And then we won’t get in this whole… ”

07:18 SJ: Yeah.

07:19 CH: “Just do that now, and we’re good.” So yeah, that’s what I would be doing. But…

07:23 SJ: One of the things I think is crazy is that, some of the things that they have to do, when the launch pad is getting ready, when they’re getting ready to launch it, is they have to literally shut down all the beaches. They shut the whole entire town down. And a police officer walks around, and hands out notices to let everybody know. “Put them on notice. There’s gonna be a rocket. There’s gonna be a rocket in the sky up in there.” But yeah, I think it’s weird. I think it’s very strange that if you live in this town, you cannot have windows. That’s kind of weird. You gotta board up your windows, because you get them, you get them rocket rumblings.

08:00 CH: It’s almost like SpaceX has eminent domain, and they can just kick you out of where you live.

08:06 SJ: I’m sure they researched a lot of places.

08:06 CH: Only the government can do that.

08:08 SJ: I’m sure they researched a lot of places, but indirectly that’s exactly what they’re doing.

08:13 CH: It is.

08:13 SJ: But you know what, some people gotta sacrifice for us to get to the moon.

08:16 CH: They picked a good town, too. There’s only a couple dozen people. That’s what the video said. There was only a couple of dozen people that actually live in the town. So it’s like, they pick a good spot, they cut them a deal. It makes sense.

08:28 SJ: Definitely interesting. Definitely interesting.

08:30 CH: Yeah, interesting.

08:31 SJ: Alright, Tori, what are your thoughts on this? What do you think about this?

08:34 Tori: I think it’s gonna bring a lot of jobs to the area.

08:37 SJ: Yeah.

08:38 Tori: The mayor’s pretty excited.

08:39 SJ: Yeah. Tori’s like, “Why don’t you buy some property there?” If you think about it. Probably a good area to buy some property around. You know what I mean? So…

08:47 CH: Yeah.

08:48 SJ: Alright, cool. So let’s go into topic number three.


08:55 Tori: Topic number three. Alienstock, the Area 51 raid inspired music festival is cancelled over fear of becoming the next Fyre Fest.

09:08 CH: Someone’s gotta come in, and save this, right? This could be the next Burning Man guys.

09:12 SJ: How many people… How many…

09:13 CH: This could be the next Burning Man.

09:15 SJ: How many people are on the event list that said they were going?

09:18 Tori: Two million.

09:19 SJ: Two million.

09:20 CH: Ooh!

09:20 SJ: You have two million. I don’t wanna call them losers.

09:24 CH: Savages.

09:24 SJ: But I’m gonna call them losers.

09:26 CH: Savages.

09:26 SJ: I’m gonna call them two million people that will probably, you could definitely squeeze some money out of five hundred thousand of them. How can you not make money out of this?

09:34 CH: I love the title of the event, too. It’s “Storm Area 51. They can’t stop us all.” It’s like, “Yes. They can stop you all.”

09:40 SJ: And they will stop you all.

09:41 CH: Yeah, not a problem. US military is like, “Excuse me?”

09:46 SJ: I wasn’t for this from the beginning, but… I’m for, not the storming, but I was for everybody showing up, and it turning into a festival, or whatever. I was all for that, and I thought that that was gonna be very easy to do.

09:58 CH: Yeah.

10:00 SJ: Why is he… I don’t understand. What is wrong with this dude? Can we get at this dude? Let’s have this dude on the show.

10:04 CH: He started it as a joke.

10:05 SJ: Tori, can we get this dude on the show?

10:07 CH: He’s not serious. He wasn’t serious. He started as a joke.

10:09 SJ: I know, I know. But there’s gotta be a way…

10:10 CH: He’s not a loser. He’s funny. He’s interesting. He’s got a good idea. And it went super viral. I’m actually jealous. I want to have him on the show.

10:15 SJ: There’s gotta be a way, there’s gotta be a freaking way, that he can make money on this.

10:19 CH: What’s his name, Tori? You got that?

10:22 Tori: His name is…

10:23 CH: ‘Cause I wanna do a personal shout out to this dude right now, and invite him to be a guest on The Mack Talks. Please come on our show. Please tell us how you came up with this idea, and tell us what it was like to have it go viral.

10:33 SJ: Can I tell you the reason why it went to shit? It went to shit because he decided to call it Alienstock. A so-called Woodstock for alien watchers. Bruh, that’s where he went wrong. No?

10:50 CH: The name?

10:51 SJ: It sounds so stupid.

10:52 CH: The name is where he went wrong?

10:54 SJ: Yeah.

10:54 CH: I think…

10:54 SJ: We got a bunch of fucking, friggin aliens out there smoking doobs. Getting dirty.

10:57 CH: Ever heard of tear gas guys? Ever head of tear gas?

11:03 SJ: I think his name is Matty Roberts.

11:05 CH: Ask the people of Hong Kong how tear gas works.

11:07 SJ: Listen, if your name is Matty Roberts, you should be able to pull this off. First of all.

11:11 CH: That’s his name?

11:12 SJ: Yes, Matty Roberts.

11:13 CH: Matty Roberts come on the Mack Talks. We’d love to have you.

11:16 SJ: Matty Roberts let us talk to you, bro.

11:17 CH: Even if it’s on Skype.

11:18 SJ: Bro just reach out to Gary V., and be like, “How can I make money on this?” And Gary’s gonna tell you a million different things. He’s gonna be like, “Oh come there with a shopping cart with a bunch of aliens on it.” Like you see in the parades.


11:27 CH: Anyways, listen I don’t want this to be like Fyre Fest, but I do hope the festival, they find a way to make this happen.

11:35 SJ: Hold on one second, I just clicked on the event list, and I found Tori’s name in there.


11:41 Tori: People in the town are still trying to capitalize on it. A local inn owner has sold 2,400 camp sites.

11:49 SJ: Wow. Non-refundable I hope.

11:52 CH: If this was a Mack Move or Wack Move topic, Mack Move on that guy.

11:55 SJ: Yeah.

11:55 CH: Capitalize it.

11:56 SJ: Don’t start. Don’t start cross-promoting the rundown and Mack Move or Wack Move, ’cause you’re gonna get me confused.

12:02 CH: Sorry, sorry.

12:03 SJ: Don’t do that. Don’t do that to…

12:04 CH: Sorry. I always look at the camera too when I have something personal to say. Guys, I’m sorry, I apologize for that.

12:09 SJ: Matty Roberts. So what else are people doing in the town? Anything else that’s good?

12:15 Tori: Well, they booked some performers. The ones that were previously booked are just gonna be performing that same weekend in Las Vegas.

12:23 SJ: So I think that there are still gonna be a lot of people in that town for this weekend, when this happens, and honestly, I would be willing to go just to capture the content.

12:34 CH: Yeah, I would love to go.

12:35 SJ: Just to capture the content of these freaking heathens.

12:40 CH: Dude is Travis Scott gonna be there? ’cause this seems like something he would do.


12:44 CH: This seems like something he would headline. Hey yo, if Travis Scott was headlining this I’d be down there in a heartbeat.

12:50 SJ: Just get the Kardashians involved.

12:51 SJ: I’m gonna take out a loan.

12:52 CH: Seriously.

12:53 SJ: I’m gonna take out a loan from the bank, and go down there.

12:55 CH: Alright, enough about that. Let’s go on to… What are we going to, topic four.


13:02 Tori: Netflix acquires the rights to Seinfeld for 500 million dollars trying to keep up with the streaming wars.

13:13 CH: Can I say something about this?

13:14 SJ: Say something about it.

13:15 CH: Seinfeld. So the show Friends, I believe, makes up up to 70% of the viewership of Netflix. These shows are… I’m being dead serious. These shows anchor Netflix. The Grey’s Anatomy, the Friends, the classics that are already out there, those are the shows that people are watching on Netflix, just saying. They need Seinfeld to survive.

13:40 SJ: Sein-flix.

13:40 CH: Seinfeld.

13:41 SJ: They need Sein-flix.

13:42 CH: They need Sein-flix.

13:42 SJ: I’m gonna say that the stats that you just gave have to be bullshit. And I’m not sure. Tommy’s shaking his head no that they’re not bullshit. They are bullshit, or they’re not?

13:51 Tommy: No they’re not. The Office, too.

13:53 SJ: Listen, the fact that Tommy is saying it’s not bullshit.

13:55 CH: This means goal. This means goal.

13:57 SJ: No.

13:57 CH: Goal.

13:57 SJ: Listen, listen.

13:58 CH: This means good. It’s good.

14:00 SJ: Chase. Can I tell you something real quick?

14:00 CH: Yeah, yeah.

14:02 SJ: The fact that Tommy says, that it’s… Tommy’s on your side. Not good for you. That’s not good for you.

14:06 CH: Tommy, can you just pull this up on your phone real quick?

14:08 SJ: Tommy is the most inaccurate person. He’s the most inaccurate person ever to walk the planet.

14:09 CH: Just pull it up. Listen.

14:12 SJ: One day he told me the Mets tickets were 80% off for the…

14:15 CH: I know you hate, I know you hate when I do this.

14:16 SJ: And it wasn’t even the off spring break.

14:17 CH: I know you hate when I do this, but… But this time, I’m right. I am right. And I’m just waiting for it to come out.

14:22 SJ: It just really seems… It really seems insane though, that they would pay that much money for shows that are already on…

14:28 CH: It’s what keeps them afloat.

14:29 Tori: Basic, basic cable TV.

14:31 CH: They need to do it to survive.

14:33 Tommy: So the top three streamed shows on Netflix are The Office, Friends, and Grey’s Anatomy.

14:39 SJ: Nobody…

14:40 CH: He’s good.

14:41 SJ: Yeah, what did he read?

14:42 CH: He’s good.

14:42 SJ: I love it when you do this, you don’t…

14:44 CH: He’s good.

14:44 SJ: You don’t even actually listen.

14:45 CH: Yeah, I’m just blocking out the rest.

14:46 SJ: Read what you just said. Read what you just said. Say it again. Say it again Tommy.

14:49 Tommy: I said…

14:51 SJ: The top three streaming shows. Yep. Those are the top three streaming shows.

14:55 CH: They make up… They make up a very, very large…

14:58 Tommy: I think it’s five minutes watched. Five minutes.

15:00 SJ: Okay, that’s great. You still have yet to read me the stats.

15:03 CH: They make up the top… A lot of the viewership.

15:03 SJ: Hold on a second, Chase. This is what I want you to understand. The stat that he just read serves no purpose in what we’re talking about, right? What, the comment that you had said. What he just said was that they’re the top shows. That’s great. That doesn’t mean that they’re the most streamed things on there, or they’re the most streamed shows.

15:20 CH: I win dude. Goal. Goal.

15:22 SJ: That makes no sense. He just gave you stats on the top three shows.

15:25 CH: Alright, just saying.

15:26 SJ: He didn’t tell you that it was the most…

15:27 CH: Hey, my point is that Netflix needs Seinfeld in order to survive. So this is a good purchase for them.

15:32 SJ: So what’s the deal with…

15:33 CH: Netflix, solid move. Position yourself in the marketplace, so that you have all the top hitters. You have all the best talent, and that is Grey’s Anatomy, Seinfeld, Friends, etcetera.

15:43 SJ: Are they gonna be getting new subscriptions, because they have Seinfeld?

15:48 CH: I don’t have the data in front of me, but I have to assume that they’re gonna be getting…

15:51 SJ: I don’t…

15:51 CH: New subscriptions, based upon Seinfeld being on…

15:53 SJ: I don’t think so. You telling me the reason why people don’t have Netflix is ’cause of Seinfeld.

15:57 CH: Well, it’s like, “Hey here’s the full discography of Seinfeld. And it’s included in the Netflix bundle.”

16:04 SJ: 500 million seems like a shitload of money. And what’s the deal with Hulu? So, Hulu has them. It’s on Hulu now or?

16:12 Tori: Yes, and Netflix is getting it in 2021.

16:17 SJ: So in two years from now, Netflix is gonna have Seinfeld. Oh, that’s great. Can we check back in in 18 months, and re-remind me about that?

16:25 CH: If you want. Sure, I’ll…

16:26 SJ: Two years, bro!

16:26 CH: I’ll put it on your Google calendar, bro.

16:28 Tommy: Jesus Christ.

16:30 SJ: So Netflix previously payed a $100 million for the rights of Friends, but lost that show as well as The Office earlier this year. So, according to you, Chase, they’re gonna go out of business, because they won’t have Friends, or The Office.

16:46 CH: They’re gonna go… Listen Netflix is gonna go out of business, no matter what. I have a theory about this. Netflix is gonna be the next Blockbuster, because everything’s for free on YouTube already. It’s all just gonna go to YouTube. But, hey, that’s just me. That’s just my opinion.

17:00 SJ: I don’t think so.

17:00 CH: I think Netflix is a dying, dying… It’s already dying. They’re burning cash. They’re burning capital, and without shows like Netflix anchoring them, they’re not gonna have any viewership. People are just going to go on YouTube.

17:10 SJ: How about when they make their own content?

17:11 CH: That content…

17:12 SJ: Their movies that get released.

17:13 CH: That’s also their only hope. Their only hope. They gotta, they gotta… They better come out with a hit show because…

17:18 SJ: Something that I find… Something I find to be…

17:21 CH: That’s my opinion, bro.

17:22 SJ: I know, I hear you.

17:23 CH: Do I? When you say, I’m not gonna trash your opinion.

17:26 SJ: No, I hear you. I’m not gonna trash your opinion too. I just wanna just make sure that you have the facts in line, and everything. But what I’m a little bit, I didn’t know vintage is really, vintage is where it’s at. My boy Gabe, he’s got it figured out. Vintage is where it’s at for sharks. I mean, everybody just wants the old shit.

17:46 CH: Yeah.

17:47 SJ: I didn’t know there was this much money into the rights of these type of programs.

17:52 CH: Yeah.

17:52 SJ: And I’m old man. I’m old man Johnson. I sit on the couch. I watch my programs, but I don’t do it on Netflix.

17:57 CH: My programs.

17:58 SJ: I do it basically the regular way.

18:00 CH: I watch my programs.

18:00 SJ: Waiting for commercials, and shit.

18:02 CH: Yo, how much did friends cost? 100 million?

18:04 Tori: 100 million.

18:05 CH: That’s leaving? And they’re leaving, right?

18:06 SJ: And they’re gone. So is the Office.

18:07 Tori: That was a one-year contract, I guess.

18:09 CH: Oh, isn’t…

18:10 SJ: Carla is gonna be so upset, dude.

18:13 CH: That Friends is…

18:13 SJ: She’s gonna forget English now, because she learned English from watching Friends in the subtitles, my wife.

18:18 CH: Wow.

18:18 Tori: Oh my gosh.

18:19 SJ: When she came to this country.

18:20 CH: That’s incredible.

18:20 SJ: It was amazing. She came, I tell everybody this story. She gets upset, but she came from deep in the Amazon. She came off the plane with a leaf on and shit. She had leaf clothes, you know what I mean? She was from deep in the Amazon.

18:32 CH: Scott scooped her up from the jungle.

18:34 SJ: And I had to wipe all that face paint off of her, and stuff. You know what I mean, ’cause they had like…

18:38 CH: Yeah, yeah. You had to basically…

18:39 SJ: I domesticated her.

18:40 CH: Yeah, domesticated.

18:42 SJ: I domesticated her.

18:42 CH: You made her a lady.

18:43 SJ: So she came to this country, my beautiful wife, that I love so much… She came to this country, and you… She didn’t know how to speak English. She didn’t go through a wall. She just came here and overstayed her Visa, and found a hunky American fellow like myself to settle down with. So, my point that I’m trying to make really quickly is that, my wife learned English from Friends. So she watches Friends still. And I think that it helps keep her English sharp. So, what I’m a little concerned about is that, and I’ve been noticing around the house that her English has been much harder to follow, and I think this is the reason why. Anyway, that was just a little personal story I just wanted to lay out there. So, Tori. Thoughts on this Tori? Do you watch? Are you a Netflix person?

19:26 Tori: Yes.

19:26 SJ: Do you watch sitcoms on Netflix? Old sitcoms?

19:29 Tori: Yes.

19:30 SJ: You do?

19:30 Tori: Yeah.

19:31 SJ: How… What percentage?

19:34 Tori: I’ve watched Friends.

19:36 CH: But, I mean is it like 70% of what you watch is shows?

19:40 Tori: No.

19:41 CH: Okay. Alright.

19:42 SJ: That’s not what I was saying.

19:43 CH: Are you concerned… Are you concerned about Netflix losing Friends? Are you upset about that?

19:48 Tori: No. I’ve watched it already.

19:49 CH: Or have you consumed every episode 10 times?

19:51 Tori: Yeah. I’m okay.

19:52 CH: And have the box set.

19:53 Tori: But I would like to watch Seinfeld.

19:55 SJ: Yeah, so you can cycle through those. Alright.

19:58 CH: Shit, I love Friends, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

20:00 SJ: I’m not either.

20:00 CH: I used to have it playing on in the background, in college. I love that show.

20:03 SJ: It’s the whitest white people show to ever exist.

20:06 CH: Joey’s my favorite character.

20:07 SJ: Ey. What does he say? Forget about it? No what does he say? You’re kinda like Joey in a way.

20:13 CH: That’s actually the highest compliment that you’ve ever given me.

20:15 SJ: You’re a crossover between Joey and Zack Morris. Anyway, next topic.

20:19 CH: And obviously… Wait can I say one more thing? Both of these topics, what you just said, and the topic of Friends are gonna make a comeback in this episode of The Mack Talks.

20:28 SJ: But the Friends are huge. Friends are huge. Why are they gonna make a comeback?

20:31 CH: No. In our conversation here today.

20:34 SJ: Oh, okay.

20:34 CH: We have more topics about… That tie in with this. It’s gonna be interesting. It’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be great.

20:37 SJ: Alright.

20:38 CH: It’s gonna be great. Alright, go ahead next topic.


20:43 Tori: So to end off on kind of a sad, sadder note, the rundown…

20:47 CH: Oh, Jesus.

20:48 Tori: American fashion brand BStroy, a menswear brand, sparks outrage over school shooting themed hoodies. So there is a Columbine hoodie, a Virginia Tech hoodie, and a Sandy Hook hoodie with bullet holes in them.

21:06 CH: Yeah. You know what I’m thinking, right?

21:09 SJ: Yeah.

21:10 CH: First of all, the first thing you’re thinking is, This is fucked up beyond belief.

21:13 SJ: Yeah, this is extremely distasteful, that’s the first thing you think.

21:14 CH: The second thing you’re thinking is they did this on purpose, obviously.

21:18 SJ: Obviously.

21:19 CH: Obviously.

21:19 SJ: Yeah, yeah.

21:20 CH: They did this, because now they’re the company in the news.

21:24 SJ: Yeah.

21:24 CH: They pulled a publicity stunt, and this was not for fashion, or anything like that. This was…

21:29 SJ: And I gotta be honest with you, too. I think the kids that like to be rebels, or whatever, are gonna probably buy these things.

21:39 CH: I hope not dude.

21:40 SJ: I hope not either, because I think that it’s very distasteful. But yeah, it’s a publicity stunt.

21:47 CH: Dude, if someone catches you wearing this out in public. Can you imagine?

21:50 SJ: I mean, I’m just really concerned that as time goes on, especially with the really big school shootings, because now it’s like no big deal, it feels like. They just happen all the time.

22:01 CH: Yeah every day.

22:02 SJ: Which is just pathetic. It’s just horrifying, but I’m just concerned that things like this, video games, that have those type of situations where it was maybe even the same location, or the same whatever… It’s just scary, you know what I mean, like.

22:21 CH: Yeah.

22:21 SJ: And it desensitizes these kids to this shit.

22:24 CH: Yeah.

22:24 SJ: Which I think is… Especially the troubled ones.

22:27 CH: I think you have a point. Yeah.

22:28 SJ: Yeah.

22:29 CH: It’s happening more and more. There was a video game actually back in 2000 and something that was called Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and in that game, in the opening scene, you come out, and you’re a Russian terrorist, and you’re in an airport, and you’re shooting civilians. And for some reason that made it into the game, and that made it on to the market, and nobody said anything.

22:48 SJ: Yeah.

22:48 CH: And I was 12 years old playing that game.

22:50 SJ: Yeah.

22:50 CH: You know what I mean? So we’re already becoming desensitized to this stuff. It’s just a common occurrence.

22:56 SJ: I mean…

22:57 CH: This is a disgrace. It’s a disgrace.

23:00 SJ: Yeah. Yeah, it is, but this is what people do in business, they try to… They try to make a splash like that, so everybody is talking about them. So everybody is talking about them. I think that… I’m all for that type of marketing except for when it comes to school shootings. I think that’s where it’s like, have some god damn morals, you know what I mean? Have some freaking morals.

23:21 CH: There’s having fun, and there’s getting in the news, and then there’s this which is just a disgrace.

23:25 SJ: I mean you could be serious too. It doesn’t always have to be fun, you can pull… But I just think this is…

23:31 CH: Do you wanna be known as the company that profited off of gun violence? Like…

23:34 SJ: Yeah. It’s horrible.

23:35 CH: That’s horrible.

23:36 SJ: It’s horrible.

23:36 CH: Alright. Let’s…

23:37 SJ: Tori, thoughts?

23:37 CH: This is a bummer.

23:38 SJ: Thoughts on that Tori?

23:39 Tori: I think this is awful.

23:41 SJ: Yeah. Something else though too, real quick that I wanna touch on since we’re on the subject is, and this is weird, because this kind of does cross over with business as far as it being relevant with inside of our show. This topic right here with the branded clothing, and the themed hoodies is… And I saw the Sandy Hook Promise video. Did you see that?

24:01 CH: No I didn’t watch it.

24:02 SJ: Have you seen that?

24:03 CH: No. Didn’t watch it.

24:04 SJ: I’m gonna show it to you guys after.

24:07 CH: I saw a screen shot of it.

24:08 SJ: I think it heightens… I don’t know. It’s just a… It’s a tough… It’s a tough thing to watch.

24:12 CH: Can I… Can I say one more thing about this?

24:13 SJ: Yeah. Go ahead.

24:14 CH: Us releasing this discussion between me and you, and as… About this topic as a clip on social media. I’m even uncomfortable with that.

24:23 SJ: Yeah, me too.

24:23 CH: Because I feel as though even though I feel like it would get a lot of views. I don’t want… I don’t wanna be that guy that’s like we’re talking…

24:30 SJ: Not when it comes to this.

24:32 CH: You know what I mean?

24:34 SJ: No.

24:34 CH: I’m actually afraid to release this on social media.

24:34 SJ: Yeah, yeah.

24:35 CH: ‘Cause I don’t wanna come off like that.

24:37 SJ: Not when it comes to this, but anything else we’re game for. [laughter] Pretty much, but… All right, so did Tori give her her opinion on this?

24:46 CH: Tori hates it.

24:47 Tori: Yeah I hate it.

24:48 CH: It’s bullshit. Right?

24:49 Tori: Yeah.

24:49 SJ: Yeah. So.

24:50 CH: Alright.

24:51 SJ: That… Does that conclude the run down? Tori?

24:53 Tori: That concludes the run down.

24:55 SJ: That concludes the run down.

24:56 Tori: So now onto Mack Move or Wack Move.

24:58 SJ: So Chase, tell us.

25:00 CH: Mack Move or Wack Move, my favorite segment of the show. My favorite segment of the show. Mack Move or Wack Move. We bring up a… Again, topics from the news.

25:11 SJ: Quick hitters.

25:11 CH: Quick hitters.

25:12 SJ: Is what these are known as. Quick hitters.

25:13 CH: Quick hitters.

25:14 SJ: And we’re not going to dive in, and give a deep dive. We are going to give quick hitters. Mack Move or Wack Move.

25:20 CH: Yeah, and it’s basically if we agree or disagree with it. If we think it’s a good thing, or a bad thing. That’s it.

25:29 Tori: The first Mack Move or Wack Move is Saved By The Bell reboot.

25:34 CH: Woo!

25:34 Tori: In your honor.

25:36 SJ: In Chase’s honor.

25:38 CH: Let’s go. Bring it back.

25:40 SJ: [25:40] ____ doesn’t look like you anymore.

25:41 CH: Run it back. He does not look like me at all anymore.

25:44 SJ: Not at all. Not at all.

25:45 CH: When we were 12 or 13, or however old was in… We were the same person. Yeah, we were the same person.

25:51 SJ: Wow, he does not look like you. Alright, go ahead Tori.

25:54 Tori: So the plot surrounds the now California Governor Zack Morris, and his education policies.

26:01 CH: Yup. He even ran for office. He even ran for office. I’m gonna run for office, dude.

26:10 SJ: Is AC Slater his…

26:12 CH: No. He’s the coach. He’s the high school coach.

26:16 SJ: Are they really getting the whole staff, like the whole…

26:18 CH: They’re trying.

26:18 SJ: The whole cast back?

26:20 Tori: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, how could you do it without all of them?

26:23 SJ: Yeah, that’s true. I wonder, Tiffany Amber Thiessen. Is she coming back?

26:30 CH: Yeah.

26:30 SJ: Is she coming back?

26:30 CH: Yeah. Yeah I think the principal’s coming back too.

26:32 SJ: Marty and Mr. Belvedere. No. Mr. Belding? Was it Belding?

26:36 CH: Yeah, it was Belding.

26:37 SJ: Alright. Alright so go ahead.

26:38 CH: That show was a smash hit.

26:40 SJ: Thoughts on this? Netflix is gonna make a killing…

26:41 CH: Oh, I don’t know, I don’t know, maybe Mack Move. Maybe. Possibly Mack Move. Yes, absolutely Mack Move guys. I’m gonna watch the shit out of this.

26:49 SJ: Tori, what do you have on this one? Tori?

26:50 Tori: Mack Move. I love that show.

26:51 SJ: Pick up your sign, and stick it in front of that camera angle there please.

26:55 CH: Can we just say that…

26:56 SJ: Do you watch this? Does Netflix have Saved by the Bell?

26:58 Tori: No. Hulu does.

27:00 SJ: If they did 100% of the people on there would watch only Saved by the Bell.

27:05 CH: You know what the funniest part about this is? Is that the whole production in great… In Zack Morris true Zack Morris fashion is being held up by the actor who plays Zack Morris. So they’re stopping the… They can’t shoot the show until he… His schedule clears up.

27:20 SJ: Oh.

27:20 CH: I’m like y’all, that’s a Mack Move right there boy.

27:24 SJ: Alright, so that’s that one. What is topic number dos?

27:30 Tori: Topic number two is Kyrie Irving by Friends collab for new sneakers.

27:35 SJ: We’re just hammering…

27:36 CH: The sneaker’s cool. The sneaker’s cool, though. And what I say is that he’s not good at making friends, right? Traditionally on his basketball teams? He’s not good at making friends. So I have to say, did he knowingly? Is this a joke? Is this an ironic piece of humor here?

27:55 SJ: I don’t know. I’m gonna go Wack Move. I don’t like it.

27:58 CH: Alright, well…

28:00 SJ: I don’t like it. I’m going Wack Move. I think Kyrie’s Wack. I think he’s a baby. I don’t like him. Maybe if he was a nice guy, I think it would be cool that he had Friends shoes, but he went through the NBA finals without speaking to his teammates at all. That’s not a friend that should wear Friends shoes.

28:15 CH: I know, that’s why I think it’s kind of funny.

28:17 SJ: And he thinks the earth is flat.

28:18 CH: I don’t know. I’m gonna go Mack Move. Any collab with Friends…

28:21 SJ: You’re down with?

28:22 CH: Plus, I just like this shoe. It looks cool. It looks cool.

28:25 SJ: Yeah, you have horrible taste in shoes, but that’s for another show.

28:28 CH: That’s your opinion.

28:30 SJ: That’s for another program.

28:31 CH: That’s your opinion.

28:34 SJ: Tori, what do you got though? Mack Move or Wack Move? I know you’re gonna go with Mack Move because you love Friends.

28:39 Tori: I’m gonna go with Mack Move, because it’s just a cool sneaker, but it’s kind of random.

28:44 CH: Yeah, and she’s got great taste.

28:45 SJ: It is so random.

28:46 CH: She’s got great taste.

28:47 SJ: She does. She does. She has great taste. I love that sweater that you’re wearing Tori.

28:52 Tori: Thank you.

28:53 SJ: I could see Cam Newton wearing that this Sunday after the game. In the press conference I could see him… It’s got them frills on the side. I could see Cam doing that. You’re gonna need some head wear with that though, if you’re gonna try to be like Cam Newton.

29:03 CH: A babushka.

29:04 SJ: Babushka. Alright, so.

29:06 Tori: Topic three.

29:07 SJ: Topic three.

29:08 Tori: Topic three, OBJ wore a $350,000 Richard Mille watch during the Brown season opener.

29:16 CH: And then he wore another purportedly $2 million watch.

29:22 SJ: That was fake.

29:23 CH: They’re arguing if it was fake or not.

29:25 SJ: That was fake.

29:25 CH: Is it fake?

29:25 SJ: Everybody is saying it was a fakie.

29:27 Tommy: The first week one wasn’t…

29:28 SJ: The first week one wasn’t fake, but this one was a fakie.

29:29 Tommy: How are you going to wear a $350,000 watch and play like a $10 dollar watch.

29:34 SJ: Yeah.

29:34 CH: Yeah.

29:35 SJ: Tommy coming in.

29:35 CH: Geez.

29:35 SJ: Tommy.

29:36 CH: Geez.

29:36 SJ: Saying OBJ wore a $300,000… How much? $350,000 watch, and he played like a $10 wide receiver. What’s good.

29:46 CH: No, Tommy’s right. The team lost 43 to 13 to the Tennessee Titans. He only caught seven passes totaling 71 yards, and he never reached the end zone. How do you do that? Wear that watch, and then you don’t score.

29:57 SJ: Everything about Odell Beckham is a Wack Move, except for how great he is with the ball when he catches it in an open space. Other than that, everything about him is a Wack Move.

30:10 CH: But his name is on your lips every week though. He’s Mack Move. This is branding. This is marketing. He’s positioning himself to be a very high net worth individual. Even though I’m sad that the Giants and him couldn’t make a…

30:23 SJ: The thing that…

30:24 CH: A deal.

30:25 SJ: They made a deal, and then they traded him. That’s what happened.

30:28 CH: They couldn’t make it work…

30:29 SJ: Yeah, yeah. They couldn’t make it work. Yeah.

30:30 CH: Yeah, yeah.

30:30 SJ: So I mean I don’t understand this dude. OBJ. Because he cut his beautiful weird hairdo that he had right?

30:41 CH: Yeah.

30:41 SJ: Like he cut the hair, and why did he cut the hair? When people asked him why he cut the hair, his response was, because it’s all about football. That’s what he said. I swear to God. You can go look it up. So if it’s all about football, why are you fighting the NFL about wearing a $350,000 watch? You just, you just… You stup is what you are.

30:58 CH: Yeah.

30:58 SJ: You stup.

31:00 CH: Yup.

31:00 SJ: So that’s why I’m going Wack Move. You’re going Mack Move, because you seem to think this bullshit is good for his career of some sort.

31:05 CH: But it’s also… But if you… It’s also a dope watch.

31:09 SJ: Oh, it’s a dope watch. That’s not, that’s not the discussion.

31:11 CH: It’s a collaboration between Richard Mille and McLaren.

31:14 SJ: Oh.

31:17 CH: And it has Browns colors. It was perfect.

31:19 SJ: Alright. Tori, what have you got on that one?

31:22 Tori: Wack Move.

31:23 SJ: Damn straight. ’cause she’s a Pats fan.

31:25 Tori: I hate the watch.

31:27 CH: You hate the watch?

31:28 Tori: Yeah, it looks cluttered to me.

31:30 SJ: I don’t care. Any watch that costs $350,000 dollars. I don’t give a shit what it looks like, I like it. Somebody give it to me as a gift.

31:36 CH: I like it a lot.

31:37 SJ: Please, thank you.

31:37 CH: I like it a lot.

31:38 SJ: Alright, that’s… What was that three? Now we’re onto four?

31:42 Tori: Yes. Topic Four.

31:43 SJ: Alright.

31:44 Tori: Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffers is launching a new line of hard seltzer sparkling cocktails. The flavors include cucumber jalapeno, strawberry basil, and pineapple coconut. This is in the wake of the White Claws shortage.

32:00 SJ: Yes, I’m gonna say obviously Mack Move. This guy is a hustler, he’s an entrepreneur. And he knows, like I know from reading Tori’s notes that when fraternities are buying 75… Is it 7500 palletes?

32:21 CH: No, it’s $7500 palletes. Each palette is $7500.

32:26 SJ: And they’re buying them.

32:27 CH: ‘Cause it’s literally a crate, like a giant…

32:29 SJ: I don’t even like these things but…

32:31 CH: I love them.

32:32 SJ: Listen, John, get in quick. Don’t stock too much though, bro. ’cause there’s gonna be a window on this bullshit. ‘Cause once they find out that… How can you… Something taste that good, and have no sugar in it? Oh, I’ll tell you why, because there is something else in it that’s really bad for you and we’re gonna find that out shortly.

32:50 CH: Yeah, but let’s… Let’s keep cranking.

32:52 SJ: JUUL and White Claw will be the death of the youth.

32:54 CH: Jeez…

32:55 SJ: I’m just joking, no, I think it’s a great… I think it’s a great thing for him to do because he’s gonna make a shitload of money on it. But, how many other companies are out there that are doing this?

33:04 CH: Yeah, a lot…

33:04 SJ: They are all jumping on.

33:05 CH: Natty Hard Seltzer just came out, they also wrapped a race car with it, a NASCAR, an official race car.

33:12 SJ: It’s what we do man, we jump all in on it. So, what have you got, you love it.

33:18 CH: No listen, here’s the thing, like, Mack Move on the idea and the products, love it. John Taffer, huge John Taffer fan. Whack move on the flavors that they have coming out. Hate these. Don’t… I wouldn’t drink…

33:29 SJ: Let’s run through them.

33:30 CH: I wouldn’t drink any of these.

33:31 SJ: Cucumber Jalapeno.

33:32 CH: No.

33:32 SJ: Strawberry Basil.

33:34 CH: No.

33:34 SJ: Pineapple Coconut.

33:36 CH: No.

33:37 SJ: Oh, but you can… What are the ones you can drink in White Claw?

33:39 CH: Mango, Mango, Mango, Grapefruit, Grapefruit and Lime, Lime.

33:43 SJ: No need to say it three times. Okay, Tori, how many White Claws did you crush? How many White Claws are you gonna crush this weekend? Oh, none. There’s a shortage. But how many did you…


33:52 SJ: How many did you crush before the shortage? Are you a White Claw fan?

34:01 Tori: I’m a Truly gal. Black Cherry.

34:02 SJ: Okay.

34:02 CH: Tori, I always keep a couple of those one two White Claws hitters under my pillow at night. So if you want one…

34:07 SJ: Sometimes Chase, are you inviting her over?


34:08 SJ: Jesus! I am thinking what the hell?

34:09 Tori: Oh, my god.

34:10 CH: No, listen, I’m just saying I have extra White Claws.

34:11 SJ: That was weird! It was like, so if you’re ever drunk one night… Did you just make an advance on Tori? You’re like, “So, if you’re drunk one night you’re looking for another one, I got one under my pillow.” Fucking weirdo!

34:22 CH: Listen, I know she appreciates White Claws as much as I do.

34:27 SJ: Oh, my god! Dude.

34:29 CH: It was hot girl summer, it’s also White Claw summer.

34:31 SJ: Wow. I think you were too busy worried about the second, the next topic or something, I don’t know but, Jesus Christ dude. So you don’t like the flavors is what you’re saying?

34:39 CH: No I don’t like the flavors but I like the idea.

34:40 SJ: Do you like the flavors that you see?

34:42 Tori: I do.

34:42 SJ: So you like which one for Truly?

34:44 Tori: Black Cherry.

34:45 SJ: Black Cherry.

34:46 Tori: And the tropical.

34:46 CH: Oh, I like that one too. Black Cherry.

34:48 SJ: Chase doesn’t like to drink Truly because he doesn’t like their branding. That’s what he said, he goes, White Claw’s branding is so much cooler.

34:55 CH: It is.

34:55 SJ: It’s what he said.

34:56 CH: Do you agree?

34:58 Tori: I disagree. I like Truly.

35:00 CH: Yeah, I don’t like Truly.

35:00 Tori: It’s simple.

35:01 CH: Alright, well then you can’t have one of my White Claws.

35:04 SJ: You know what, I take back that.

35:06 CH: I take back that offer.

35:07 SJ: It’s not under my pillow, you gotta get it from under Colin’s pillow. Good luck with that, trying to move him out of the bed.

35:12 CH: Colin… Colin keeps a Truly in his back pocket.

35:14 SJ: Trying to roll that big slug off to his side so you can get under his pillow. Good luck with that!

35:18 CH: Jeez, dude! Oh my god!

35:19 SJ: I’m just joking, I love Colin.

35:20 CH: Whoa dude.

35:21 SJ: I love Colin. Personally I don’t think that Colin…

35:22 CH: I hope he doesn’t listen to this episode.

35:23 SJ: I hope he does. I don’t think that Colin even drinks White Claws, does he?

35:28 CH: Yes.

35:29 SJ: Does he?

35:29 CH: Of course he does!

35:30 SJ: He seems like more of a man’s man.

35:32 CH: He drinks…

35:32 SJ: Unlike you.

35:32 CH: He drinks whatever’s in front of him.

35:34 SJ: Metrosexual.

35:34 CH: And you should know that.

35:35 SJ: Alright, so, Tori what do you have on that? You have Mack Move or Whack Move?

35:39 Tori: I’m gonna go Mack Move because when there’s lot of competition, the people benefit and…

35:44 SJ: Yes.

35:44 Tori: I just wanna be drinking the best hard seltzer.

35:46 SJ: Yes, you wanna make them compete to get the most delicious product.

35:51 CH: Alright, change your flavors.

35:52 SJ: And I’m down with that.

35:53 CH: Change your flavors.

35:53 SJ: Change your flavors, you’re right, tell him. Tell him right into that camera.

35:56 CH: John Taffer, change your goddamn flavors.

35:58 SJ: Maybe add some.

36:00 CH: Make it palatable.

36:00 SJ: Add something.

36:01 CH: He did… In his defense, I did read this part of the article, he is releasing three more flavors in I think January.

36:09 SJ: Okay. Of course.

36:10 CH: Later. Those flavors sounded a lot better.

36:12 SJ: Can I make a suggestion? Can I make a suggestion? I would like to make a suggestion that Rita’s water ice gets into the seltzer game.

36:21 Tori: Yes.

36:22 CH: Oh, true.

36:22 SJ: Despite [36:23] ____.

36:23 CH: That’s a good idea.

36:24 SJ: Rita’s water ice.

36:24 CH: Yeah.

36:25 SJ: Water ice, they can make it with the eagles color, they can make eagles water, they can make the eagles one. My girl Aunt whats her name?

36:34 CH: Aunt Mary Pat.

36:34 SJ: Aunt Mary Pat, she… She loves them eagles and she loves her water ice. Alright, lets go to the next topic here.

36:40 Tori: Okay, so fifth and final Mack Move or Whack Move topic.

36:42 CH: This is… This is… This one.

36:44 Tori: Porn site Bang Bros just bid $10 million for Miami’s NBA stadium to become the Bang Bros Center.

36:56 CH: Traumatizing.

36:56 SJ: Mack Move or Wack Move?

36:57 CH: Traumatizing.

36:58 SJ: I’m just gonna let that marinate for a minute. I just wanna let it sit in the sauce for a little bit. Let it marinate a little bit.


37:05 SJ: I could’ve swore that this was a fake article when I first saw it.

37:09 CH: Yeah.

37:09 SJ: Is this gonna happen?

37:11 CH: No, its not gonna happen. They under-bid, they low-balled them.

37:15 SJ: This right here is genius marketing. Not like they need it. Like not like they need…

37:22 CH: They already own the internet.

37:23 SJ: They don’t even have to do any marketing honestly.

37:25 CH: Yeah.

37:26 SJ: But we’re not gonna get into that industry and how, you know… How it runs the internet. We’re not gonna get into that.

37:32 CH: We might.

37:32 SJ: We’re going to talk about… We are gonna get into that but that when we have somebody from that industry on our program.

37:38 CH: Yeah yeah yeah, cause we wanna be well informed…

37:40 SJ: And I just wanna let all of our fans know that I am actively pursuing an adult film star to interview because I think that is gonna make for some amazing podcast material.

37:49 CH: Yeah, interview like…

37:51 SJ: It’s gotta be a good entrepreneurial story…

37:52 CH: Just you and them.

37:53 SJ: Within sight of that. Whoa! I’m married. Just me and them? I’m married, bro. You’re gonna be there, Tori’s gonna be there, everybody’s gonna be there.

38:00 CH: We’re all gonna be there?

38:00 SJ: Yeah.

38:00 CH: Okay.

38:01 SJ: Alright, so. I’m… I’m gonna go Mack Move because, I think it’s awesome that they were able to get this in the news…

38:11 CH: Yes.

38:11 SJ: And they were able to like spin it.

38:13 CH: Yes.

38:14 SJ: It’s the same thing with Nike with Kaepernick thing.

38:16 CH: Yeah.

38:17 SJ: They’re just poking the bear.

38:18 CH: Yeah.

38:18 SJ: And when you poke the bear, nowadays, you get views.

38:23 CH: Yeah.

38:23 SJ: That’s what you get. So, I think… I think it’s pretty funny. What are they actually getting? Like, what amount are people paying, like what’s the sponsor gonna pay for this?

38:32 CH: Double that. Pretty much.

38:34 SJ: I think probably even more than that.

38:35 CH: Yeah, at least double that.

38:37 SJ: Like per year?

38:37 CH: You need to make at least a $20 million commitment.

38:41 SJ: This is funny.

38:42 CH: So.

38:42 SJ: So, let’s just first of all be very clear that…

38:45 CH: It’s Miami too.

38:46 SJ: They wanted… They wanna call it… So it will be the Bang Bros Center, but they would just call it the BBC?

38:51 CH: BBC.


38:54 SJ: Which…

38:54 CH: We don’t need to talk about that.

38:55 SJ: Which we don’t even need to go into that.

38:56 CH: Let’s not talk about that.

38:58 SJ: But so, Tori, so what else in this story? It was American Airlines, last year they announced they were no longer gonna be doing it.

39:08 Tori: Yeah, so right now it’s the American Airlines Arena. But it sounds like the Bang Bros are not likely to win this bidding war.

39:16 CH: I don’t think so.

39:17 SJ: No.

39:18 CH: But that’s not even the point.

39:19 SJ: Let me ask you the question: Are the Bang Bros a couple of guys that are brothers, kind of like Bierstick guys?

39:28 CH: Yeah, the Bierstick Bros.


39:30 SJ: You know what I mean, like…

39:31 CH: No, no, I don’t know. I don’t know who they are.

39:34 SJ: Alright, so…

39:34 CH: Couple of gentlemen.

39:36 SJ: I went with Mack Move on this, but obviously, I know what they’re doing, but as far as if we were gonna really really name a stadium that, I would have a problem taking my kids there. I just wanna be honest with you.

39:48 CH: The Bang Bros are in a sense already sponsoring the NBA because a lot of their athletes are involved with some of their talent, so they’re already kinda sponsored by Bang Bros in a secretive way, but this is… It’s not even the point, is are they gonna get it or not? It’s like, they’re in the news, we’re talking about them. This is genius. I love this type of marketing. Get your name on people’s tongues and, you know, you’re headed in the right direction.

40:18 SJ: Let’s get somebody on from Bang Bros to talk about this.

40:21 CH: Yeah, Bang Bros.

40:22 SJ: What do you think?

40:23 CH: Come on our podcast, bros.

40:25 SJ: Bros. Tori, what do you have on this one?

40:28 Tori: Mack Move. I love it from a publicity standpoint. Yeah.

40:34 SJ: Alright.

40:34 CH: They’re gonna turn the NBA into a circus.

40:37 SJ: If they have things like this, yes. And then you’d be able to actually bet like in-game betting at the Bang Bros Center.

40:44 CH: Dude this whole country is turning into a circus, man.

40:48 SJ: Alright, so that concludes Mack Move or Wack Move, does it not?

40:53 CH: It does, it does. Is there anything else you wanna talk about?

40:56 SJ: I don’t think so because I have to go to an appointment. So I don’t really… Is there anything else that you would like to talk about? We can briefly discuss how we went away, when was it, last week? And on the weekend before?

41:08 CH: Yeah.

41:09 SJ: We went to Cape Cod.

41:10 CH: Yeah, we went to Cape Cod.

41:11 SJ: We wanted to do a podcast there and call it the Cape Pod but we were just too lazy to set the shit up. We didn’t do it.

41:16 CH: Feels like a missed opportunity.

41:19 SJ: Chase was busy out there producing.

41:23 CH: Yeah, I was exhausted at the end of the day.

41:25 SJ: Addiction treatment people are really nice.

41:26 CH: They are.

41:28 SJ: They’re very kind people, I like them.

41:28 CH: They are. They’re easy to talk to.

41:31 SJ: We’re looking to get into that industry a little bit more, obviously, and sell them digital marketing and video content. Some other news that we have here, little show notes, couple show notes here. Somebody spoke to the Naked Cowboy yesterday and looks like we’re gonna be doing a full-on Naked Cowboy interview in Times Square.

41:51 CH: Yeah, we’re all excited for that.

41:53 SJ: So that’s gonna be fun. That is gonna be fun. So that we’re excited for. Tori, what else? What else you got? You got anything?

42:01 Tori: No.

42:02 CH: You can’t say that guy’s not a hard worker. He’s a hard worker, he works hard.

42:05 SJ: Yeah, he does.

42:06 CH: And he also works out hard, in the garage.

42:08 SJ: And he will also sue the shit out of you if you’re trying to take his Steelo.

42:13 CH: Yeah.

42:14 SJ: He’s not down with that.

42:15 CH: That’s why we really had to run this podcast idea down his throat and be like, “Hey… ”

42:20 SJ: Yes. Alright, well, we’re actually 20 minutes late on this podcast and I have to go to an appointment, so thank you for joining us. Tori, how did your first episode go?

42:30 Tori: Fabulous.

42:31 SJ: It went great?

42:32 Tori: Yeah.

42:32 SJ: Alright, so we’re gonna let Tori go so she can get back on Netflix and watch Friends. Awesome. And look at some more of Cam Newton’s attire for the next podcast.

42:41 CH: Geez, dude. Alright, guys, thanks for stopping by. If you wanna review us on iTunes, that would be great. Every review counts.

42:49 SJ: Give a shoutout to Tori too.

42:50 CH: Shoutout to Tori. What’s your handle?

42:52 Tori: @tmuniza.

42:55 CH: @tmuniza, follow her on Instagram. If you’re looking to find out more about what the Mack Talks is all about, view some of our episodes, go to www.themacktalks.com. We’re on Instagram @macktalks. Search us on Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, wherever you listen to your podcasts, that’s where we are. Scott Johnson, thanks for taking us through this podcast today.

43:14 SJ: Hey, thank you, Chase Hutchison. I really appreciated it and we will see you all next time.

43:22 CH: Alright.

43:27 SJ: Thanks.