Episode #47 :

Oakland Raiders, TIME, Ford Bronco

Greta Wins Person of The Year, Ford Unveils a new Bronco, and the Raiders have left Oakland | Ep. 47

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The Rundown

For this week’s rundown, the team discusses some trending topics including the following:

Competitive videogame broadcasts, known as ESports are rivaling that of traditional sports as the 2019 League of Legends Championship had one hundred million unique viewers while the Super Bowl that year hovered around one hundred and three million viewers. Investors like Mark Cuban and Robert Kraft are also investing in this rising industry.

Studies show that half of all employees leave their job due to “bad bosses”. Scott recalls his previous years working and how he’s tried to have his employers perceive them positively.

The cost of college has risen more than twenty five percent in the last ten years. This is mainly caused by decreased spending on the part of states towards state run public schools. Many are wondering if the benefits of college outweigh the overwhelming cost.

Previously known as the Oakland Raiders have run up on their contract and are now relocating to the Las Vegas area to be known as the Las Vegas Raiders.

Amazon recently chose to block third party sellers from using FedEx to ship products sold on their site. This could be a further move to fuel Amazon’s own shipping services which have been booming in recent years.

Mack Move or Wack Move

In your favorite podcast game show, the team talk about trending stories dealing with companies, products, and entrepreneurs for the week, topics include:

Concept art for the new 2020 Ford Bronco shows that the newest model takes a lot of inspiration from the original model which was manufactured in 1965.

IHOP announced a new fast casual dining experience similar to McDonalds featuring breakfast favorites called Flip’d. With many people still remembering the company’s marketing ploy where they said they were rebranding as IHOB (International House of Burgers), people are questioning if this is going to be a real thing.

Tech giants, Apple, Google, and Amazon have banded together with the goal to have their different in home smart systems have the ability to communicate fully with each other.

PepsiCo has announced the introduction of their newest flavor of Pepsi, Pepsi Coffee. This is in an attempt to compete with Coca Cola Coffee which is already a big hit in the market.

Greta Thunberg has won Time Magazine’s Person of the Year from her environmental activism which has made waves around the world after her famous speech at the UN Assembly. Some critics however are saying there were people more deserving of the award.

Highlights from this episode:

» 9:5513:55 – E-Sports
» 14:0020:09 – What Makes a Good Boss?
» 20:10 – 26:10 – Costly College
» 26:1530:34 Raiders leaving
» 30:3535:13 FedEx blocked
» 35:1538:07 Ford’s new Bronco
» 38:1042:55 Pancake Blitz
» 42:5847:15 Smarter Homes
» 47:1850:05 Coffee Cola
» 50:1057:24 Greta of the year



0:00:01 Scott: This podcast is brought to you by ugly Christmas sweaters. Episode 47 of The Mack Talks, where we do the rundown and Mack Move or Wack Move. Let’s go. Chase, tell the people what The Mack Talks are.

0:00:17 Chase: If you’re an entrepreneur, impactful leader, or business owner, The Mack Talks are that vehicle that brings you the stories that you need to hear.

0:00:24 Scott: That’s right, real stories from real leaders. Check us out every Thursday. Episode 47, correct, Tommy?

0:00:38 Tommy: 47.

0:00:38 Scott: 47, right? Chase, it’s good, bro.

0:00:42 Chase: 47, that’s my favorite number.

0:00:44 Scott: Is it really?

0:00:44 Chase: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

0:00:45 Scott: Well, this is gonna be your favorite show, dawg.

0:00:49 Chase: According to I don’t know who but 47 is apparently the number of the universe. It’s the most random number.

0:00:56 Scott: Is it really?

0:00:57 Chase: And special number for me because one of my favorite rappers, Captain Steez, Captain Steelo, he died back in 2012 but his gang was the 47, 47 gang.

0:01:10 Scott: I hear you. I never heard of that guy but… You know.

0:01:14 Chase: Yeah. He died, sadly, on Christmas Eve 2012.

0:01:17 Scott: So I don’t know if anybody’s noticed but today is The Mack Media Group Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.

0:01:27 Chase: Yeah.

0:01:28 Scott: So I don’t know if you’ve noticed, myself, I’ve got on this Will Smith joint. You know what I’m saying?

0:01:36 Chase: I have been told not to move an inch from my chair, so I’m not gonna stand up for fear of…

0:01:42 Scott: Will Smith?

0:01:43 Chase: Getting out of frame, but mine is Santa Claus, he’s got a cool pair of shades on and got some drip.

0:01:48 Scott: So, real quick…

0:01:48 Chase: And mine comes with a beer pouch too.

0:01:51 Scott: Real quick. So let’s just highlight how Chase dropped the ball. Originally, Chase ordered a Coors Light ugly sweater and I got a Bud Light ugly sweater, and it would go hand-in-hand with what we’re doing, you know, like I’m Batman, you’re Robin. You know what I’m saying?

0:02:10 Chase: Alright, you’re Batman, I’m Superman.

0:02:13 Scott: I don’t think so.

0:02:13 Chase: And we battle.

0:02:14 Scott: And kinda that’s how Bud Light and Coors Light is. Like, Bud Light is so much above Coors Light, so…

0:02:19 Chase: Oh, I don’t… I don’t agree with that at all.

0:02:21 Scott: But, anyway, needless to say…

0:02:23 Chase: I would say you’re Bud Heavy and I’m Bud Light, or something like that.

0:02:26 Scott: I feel as though you’re calling me fat. I’m not cool with that.

0:02:29 Chase: Well, I’m not not calling you fat.

0:02:30 Scott: So listen bro. So the deal is this, is that I ordered the Bud Light one, it was gonna go hand-in-hand. Obviously, that didn’t happen because Chase’s didn’t come in, because he couldn’t figure out how to get it here in time from Amazon.

0:02:47 Chase: Well, here’s the deal. It’s in China right now, so there is a chance that if they shoot it over here in a rocket, that it’ll come here in time for our 2 o’clock party.

0:02:57 Scott: Okay. So I bought two ugly sweaters. Like, how many people drop 50, 60… I think it was like 60 or 70 bucks on ugly sweaters?

0:03:05 Chase: I dropped 60 bucks on ugly sweaters.

0:03:06 Scott: I did.

0:03:07 Chase: You told me you dropped 150.

0:03:08 Scott: Well, I had to get Carla one too.

0:03:09 Chase: Alright, so say that.

0:03:10 Scott: Well, I did.

0:03:11 Chase: So you dropped 150 on sweaters.

0:03:13 Scott: I did, but two of them were for me.

0:03:14 Chase: I dropped 60 on sweaters.

0:03:15 Scott: Alright. Well, two of them were for me, and I had to go with the other one now, the Will Smith because you screwed up our little shtick that we were trying to do, like our little funny. Now how are we supposed to go out afterwards and look cool?

0:03:28 Chase: I think we’re still gonna look cool. I think it’s…

0:03:31 Scott: Alright.

0:03:31 Chase: It’s not gonna be like what you said, like Batman and Robin, but it’s gonna be something, still gonna be fun.

0:03:35 Scott: I hear you. Alright. Well, let’s get into this goddamn program.

0:03:37 Chase: Let’s talk about it. We ordered some food from Amigos for the whole office. Amanda told us there would be six interns coming in.

0:03:45 Scott: All the interns are showing up.

0:03:46 Chase: And she was right. They all showed up today, even… Oh, get this, man. Imagine it’s your first day.

0:03:51 Scott: What?

0:03:51 Chase: It’s your first day at an internship.

0:03:53 Scott: What?

0:03:53 Chase: And it’s the day of the office sweater party.

0:03:56 Scott: Yeah.

0:03:57 Chase: Ugly sweater party. And…

0:03:57 Scott: Yeah. There’s two people out there.

0:04:00 Chase: Yeah. Two people, new day… First day.

0:04:02 Scott: Yeah. Yep.

0:04:02 Chase: Yeah. So imagine that’s your first day, you walk in and you see this pandemonium that’s going on, you know, and everybody’s dressed up all ridiculous.

0:04:09 Scott: And then imagine this, like you see these guys that sit in this office, that’s completely disconnected from the rest of the… Of the rest of the office.

0:04:16 Chase: Yeah.

0:04:17 Scott: And they’re just drinking tequila. I’m just joking. We keep it professional here. We keep it professional.

0:04:19 Chase: And one of them is the boss, and you’re like, “Wait, is that guy just like a townie that comes by and harasses everybody here?”

0:04:25 Scott: Let’s actually talk about that for a second real quick. Let’s talk about that. A lot of times, it takes interns a little while to figure out that I’m the owner of the company.

0:04:33 Chase: Yeah.

0:04:36 Scott: And Chase, when he was an intern, actually said the same thing, that he didn’t think that I was the owner of the company.

0:04:42 Chase: Yeah, I didn’t.

0:04:43 Scott: And I’d like to know why. Is it because I’m in the trenches with everybody, and I’m just a regular guy? Is that the reason why? Like what are some of the reasons as to why you got that feeling?

0:04:53 Chase: So, visually, you don’t wear like, technically… I mean, you do dress up when you have to, but you wear usually jeans and a shirt and a flat brim hat to work, and that’s like a regular day. And then, also, sometimes you come in at 9:00, sometimes you come in at 8:00, sometimes you come in at 10:00. It’s kinda up in the air when you’re gonna come in. And then the last part is…

0:05:14 Scott: Well, really quickly, though.

0:05:15 Chase: It’s the way that you carry yourself is not… I mean, it’s playful, it’s fun, but it’s not… When you’re interacting with people, you try to just make sure that they’re having a good time and you’re comfortable. So it’s not like this demanding presence that you’d expect from a boss.

0:05:32 Scott: Okay. One thing really quickly.

0:05:34 Chase: Does that make sense?

0:05:35 Scott: The way that you were saying, it does make sense, but the way that you were saying like that, you know, like sometimes I come in at 8:00, sometimes I come in at 9:00, sometimes I come in at 10:00, just so you know, always working.

0:05:46 Chase: Oh, he’s always working. Not… No, no, no. That… No. It’s not what I’m saying. It’s not what I’m saying.

0:05:48 Scott: I’m not… So it’s not like I just come strolling in at 10:00. I just wanted to just make that very clear. Yes.

0:05:52 Chase: It’s… All the other employees here, they have a very set schedule. You’re on the road, you’re mobile.

0:06:00 Scott: Yeah. So do you think that…

0:06:00 Chase: You like to be light on your feet.

0:06:00 Scott: Do you think that when I come in and I tell this crazy story about a crap stable, and I’m just like over the top with my stories, and I’m like…

0:06:00 Chase: Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know who the hell I thought you were. I was like, “I think this guy is a bum.” [chuckle]

0:06:00 Scott: Wow, dude. There’s no way that who you’re talking to is a bum.

0:06:00 Chase: Came up off the street, he’s friends with the owner and he comes in here to harass the employees. Nah, I’m just playing.

0:06:00 Scott: Just make sure like…

0:06:00 Chase: I’m just playing, guys.

0:06:00 S?: I’m a fun guy.

0:06:00 Chase: I’m a fun… He’s a fun guy.

0:06:00 Scott: I just am. I’m a fun guy. That’s what I am.

0:06:00 Chase: I don’t know. I think people think that I’m the boss.

0:06:31 Scott: Not with the size of the desk that you have, I’m sorry.

0:06:34 Chase: Yeah, but they can’t see my desk from here.

0:06:35 Scott: Yeah, but it’s a little, tiny desk.

0:06:37 Chase: And you do that on purpose to demean me.

0:06:39 Scott: I do.

0:06:40 Chase: And make sure that I know my place.

0:06:41 Scott: You just got a desk recently. This dude had a table for the longest time, he just had a table.

0:06:46 Chase: Yeah, I had a table, but I like it, I like it, because one day I’m gonna have a big fucking desk right in the corner of the office, and it’s gonna be overlooking… It’s gonna be awesome.

0:06:55 Scott: It’s gonna be so big you’re actually going to be able to put a little bed on this desk for Scrappy to take a little snoozer on.

0:07:00 Chase: Let’s… It’s so fun… Actually, it’s more fun probably talking about and envisioning and executing on your dreams, in everything, than it is when you actually get there and achieve it. I think we’re gonna look back on these days, we’re gonna laugh because we’re gonna be… One day, we’re gonna be in a big office. I’m gonna have my own… I’m gonna get the corner office with the…

0:07:22 Scott: Wing.

0:07:22 Chase: Yes.

0:07:22 Scott: Somebody was talking about a wing.

0:07:22 Chase: Yeah, my own wing and I’m gonna look back on this day and be like, “Damn, I wish I could go back and be in the trenches again. I miss it.”

0:07:29 Scott: We’ll just start over. It’s like how those jacked guys just eat shit and get fat, just to prove that they can start over.

0:07:36 Chase: That’s what I’m doing right now. I was ripped before this, like in 2018, and then 2019, I got fat.

0:07:41 Scott: And then Thanksgiving came, and Chase was like, “Yo, after Thanksgiving, I’m gonna get back… I’m gonna get this gym bod back.” And then he went for like a week…

0:07:48 Chase: Eight days.

0:07:49 Scott: And then he goes, “You know what? I’m just gonna ride it out until New Year’s.”

0:07:52 Chase: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

0:07:53 Scott: Alright. Well, listen, you’re making a mistake by doing that, because you’re gonna hate the gym. Right now is prime time gym.

0:08:00 Chase: Yeah, now is the best time. You should go now.

0:08:00 Scott: Yeah, because nobody is in… The people that get the discounts and all that, they’re not in there. But anyway…

0:08:06 Chase: Oh, quick story, it only takes a second. I actually drove to the gym on Saturday to go work out, and then I got there and I realized that my headphones were out of battery, so I drove home.

0:08:16 Scott: I do hate working out without headphones.

0:08:19 Chase: Yeah, so I drove home.

0:08:20 Scott: My wife has these piece of shit headphones and I have no idea why she uses them. And one time I actually used them at the gym, look like a tool. But, yo, you see my headphones at the gym. I have the biggest… My headphones are like podcasting headphones. I’m there doing bench…

0:08:35 Chase: These, these headphones.

0:08:35 Scott: Yeah, I’m doing bench… I’m doing the bench or I’m curling, and people are like, “Yo, that dude is podcasting while he’s curling.” And I’m like, “Yo, I’m down.”

0:08:43 Chase: Yeah.

0:08:45 Scott: But yeah… So, anyway, can we get into this show, dude?

0:08:47 Chase: Okay. We’ll get into the show.

0:08:49 Scott: Seriously, bro, it’s not about you.

0:08:49 Chase: We’ll get into the show.

0:08:50 Scott: It’s not about you.

0:08:51 Chase: Here we go.

0:08:51 Scott: Alright. So we’re gonna get into this here rundown.


0:08:57 Scott: And we’re gonna get it popping with some topics in the rundown, and we’re gonna run them down, we’re gonna discuss them, we’re gonna decide whether or not Chase is gonna be allowed to pick these topics anymore. He’s had a bad run. No, I’m just joking.

0:09:10 Chase: No.

0:09:10 Scott: He picks good topics.

0:09:11 Chase: We got great topics on deck here today.

0:09:13 Scott: Alright. So are we ready to go?

0:09:15 Chase: Yeah, yeah. Alright, topic number one, guys, rundown.


0:09:21 Chase: And again, the rundown is basically we’re gonna share new stories with you guys, we’re gonna give you our take on them. For the rundown, it’s gonna be more focused on stories rather than Mack Move or Wack Move, which is more focused on quick topics, and physical objects, and stuff like that.

0:09:41 Scott: Yes. Thanks for the explanation.

0:09:42 Chase: So all business-related. So rundown topic number one.


0:09:51 Scott: No, that’s supposed to be [0:09:52] ____…

0:09:52 Chase: Alright. Damn, I hit that high note though. Alright, the rundown topic number one, making a living playing video games. Now, I know everybody’s being told by their parents, “What are you doing in your room all night, staying up until 1:00 in the morning? It’s not like you’re gonna make money on this stuff.”

0:10:09 Scott: Yeah.

0:10:10 Chase: That’s about to change, sir. Big-time investors like Mark Cuban have taken stakes in e-sports related entities in the past years. Robert Kraft, who owns the New England Patriots, also paid 20 million. He’s putting down $20 million to own the Boston-based team… And Activision’s Blizzard… Or Activision’s Blizzard Overwatch league. So they bought an Overwatch team. This guy, Riot, who’s a very popular video game…

0:10:34 Scott: 20 million he put into it?

0:10:36 Chase: Yeah. This guy, Riot, who’s…

0:10:39 Scott: Freakin’ crafty, bro.

0:10:39 Chase: That’s his gamer tag.

0:10:40 Scott: That guy is crafty. Bob Kraft, crafty.

0:10:43 Chase: Listen to these numbers though. League of Legends World Championships in November brought in 100 million unique viewers for the finals.

0:10:49 Scott: Wow. Whoa.

0:10:49 Chase: Last year’s Super Bowl hovering at around 103 million.

0:10:55 Scott: Are you serious?

0:10:56 Chase: So it’s catching up. It is catching up rapidly. People wanna watch that now.

0:11:02 Scott: Wow, that’s amazing.

0:11:03 Chase: So, obviously, this opens up a lot of jobs.

0:11:06 Scott: Good for the gamers.

0:11:06 Chase: This is great also for our economy, like opening up a new industry of events, like going and watching e-sports and like all that…

0:11:15 Scott: Yeah.

0:11:15 Chase: Like different venues, they’re gonna…

0:11:16 Scott: That’s some cool shit.

0:11:17 Chase: You know, in Korea, they’re building these… South Korea, of course, not North Korea, ’cause they don’t even have running water there, but they are building these e-sports stadiums where… And some of them, I think, are outdoor. And they fill the stadiums, and they put up a giant screen, and you can watch… With a stage, and you can watch these guys game. So what do you think about it?

0:11:38 Scott: Yeah, I’ve been seeing it in the stadiums.

0:11:40 Chase: What do you think?

0:11:41 Scott: I think it’s pretty goddamn cool.

0:11:44 Chase: I mean, you have no chance of ever playing video games ever.

0:11:46 Scott: No chance. I stopped playing Madden years ago. Madden got hard as shit. I was like, “I can’t do this.” But I will tell any kid that’s out there, “Come at me, 93 Madden on a Sega Genesis. Come at me.” That’s all I’m gonna say real quick.

0:12:03 Chase: Alright. Yeah, I think it’s awesome, good for the economy, good for just maybe do a standing desk when you’re gaming, try to keep in shape.

0:12:10 Scott: I think that would be good. Maybe like a… They have those treadmill standing desks. I think that would be good.

0:12:16 Chase: I wanna game outside.

0:12:18 Scott: Yeah. But, yo, just like anything else…

0:12:19 Chase: Have you ever gamed outside?

0:12:20 Scott: Listen, just like anything else, gaming could be an addiction too.

0:12:24 Chase: Yeah.

0:12:24 Scott: You know what I mean? You can be an add… I don’t understand, though, why they call it e-sports, though?

0:12:30 Chase: Electronic sports.

0:12:30 Scott: Like I understand… But what exactly are you doing that revolves sports, like that has anything to do with sports?

0:12:30 Chase: It has the same attributes.

0:12:30 Scott: I get it if you’re playing basketball.

0:12:30 Chase: It has similar attributes.

0:12:30 Scott: Even if you’re playing basketball, it’s not really the same.

0:12:30 Chase: No.

0:12:30 Scott: You’re not exercising.

0:12:30 Chase: No, it’s not athletic, but it has the same attributes as a sport.

0:12:30 Scott: Yo, I got the strongest thumbs in the game, boy.

0:12:30 Chase: It does.

0:12:30 Scott: Could you be a thumb model, if you’re a gamer?

0:12:30 Chase: We’ll see. We’ll see.

0:12:30 Scott: Alright. Alright, so that was topic number one, correct? Do you have anything else to say about that, Chase?

0:12:30 Chase: No, I mean that’s pretty much it. You’re never gonna make it to the league, you’re terrible.

0:12:30 Scott: No, I’m never gonna make it.

0:12:30 Chase: Yeah, never. Okay.

0:12:30 Scott: But I tell you what I will do, though, I will continue to beat your ass in video games at my house, which I do on the reg reg. Real quick…

0:12:30 Chase: You guys…

0:12:30 Scott: Shout out to me in NBA 2K. I beat Chase by 40 points the other day.

0:12:30 Chase: You don’t mention the times that I beat you by 30, 25, 28.

0:12:30 Scott: Yo, this isn’t about you. This is about…

0:13:26 Chase: Plus, I won the game directly before that game.

0:13:29 Scott: This is about making a living playing video games.

0:13:30 Chase: I stopped playing, it was 11 o’clock at night, I was like, “I’m tired, I wanna leave.”

0:13:33 Scott: This is…

0:13:34 Chase: This old man keeps yelling at me to play him in NBA. I’m like, “Alright, I’ll play.” So then I start, I lay down on the couch, I close my eyes, and I just…

0:13:40 Scott: I keep giving him beers, is what I do. I’m like, “Bro, you wanna stay, have one more beer?” And he’s like, “Yeah.” I’m like, “And run a game?” Because in order to get the beer, you gotta run the game.

0:13:50 Chase: Guys, this is how I play Scott in video games, like this, right?


0:13:57 Chase: Alright. Alright.

0:13:57 Scott: Funny guy, you’re a funny guy.

0:13:58 Chase: Topic number two…


0:14:02 Scott: This one I love, this one I feel is placed in here just for me.

0:14:07 Chase: Yeah. What makes a good boss?

0:14:09 Scott: Yeah! Ugly Christmas sweater parties, and three flavors of three different types of tequila.

0:14:15 Chase: What makes a good boss? A bad boss can wreak havoc on an organization, half of employees saying they’ve left a company because of a bad boss. So what does it take to be a good boss? Study asking workers to rank their managers in seven areas. While bosses didn’t have to reach a perfect score to avoid being labeled a bad boss, they had to do well in some stuff like feedback, respect, support, and praise.

0:14:40 Scott: I feel as though I’ve gotten better at this throughout my career. Obviously, when I was much younger, I was also running a different type of business. When you’re running a labor business…

0:14:52 Chase: It’s way different…

0:14:52 Scott: It’s way, way different. But I feel as I’ve gotten a lot better… I feel like I’ve kind of taken some things in stride and I’ve done some of the things that they’ve mentioned. You always gotta evolve, you know what I mean? You always gotta evolve, being a business owner, when it comes to treating the employees, and stuff like that. But yeah, I mean, this isn’t about me. I thought this was about me.

0:15:19 Chase: No, it’s…

0:15:20 Scott: Oh, I’m sorry.

0:15:20 Chase: It’s about you, Scott, it’s always about you.

0:15:23 Scott: Thank you. Thank you.

0:15:25 Chase: And I try to remind myself all the time when I’m at work. I’m like, “This is about Scott.”


0:15:32 Chase: No, my first… I think it’s… A good boss is just a good leader, and leadership goes across all platforms, whether you’re a leader in the military, a leader on a sports team, a leader of a company, it’s all about growing that culture, that successful culture, and providing suppo… I always liked when Gary V said that, “People say that I have 300 employees, but it’s, really, I have 300 bosses.” And I was like, “That may be a little too much, but I think he’s on the right track to where… You need to make your employees feel like they’re a part of the grander mission, and that you are there to help them succeed as well.

0:16:11 Scott: Yeah, and honestly, the tricky thing about that is that there’s a bunch of different personalities. You know what I mean?

0:16:19 Chase: Some people need to be left alone.

0:16:21 Scott: Yeah.

0:16:21 Chase: And they can manage their own… Their self. Others need to be constantly encouraged…

0:16:25 Scott: Thatta boy, Tommy.

0:16:28 Chase: Or disciplined or praised. Some guys, you gotta be right up in their stuff or some guys you can just leave alone, and you gotta know your distance.

0:16:35 Scott: Yeah. And that’s something that is… Like I said, it’s something that I’m definitely trying to get better at, and I think that I’ve gotten better at. Obviously, like I said, when you have employees that are… This is a lot different of an environment than where I came from before.

0:16:55 Chase: Yeah.

0:16:55 Scott: So, where I came from before, it was like… You can’t use your cellphone, you know what I mean? You’re supposed to be laying out shirts, or you’re supposed to be unboxing shirts. You can’t stop and use your cellphone for 30 minutes, four times a day.

0:17:09 Chase: Yeah.

0:17:09 Scott: You know what I mean? Where this is a lot different of a situation.

0:17:12 Chase: Mm-hmm.

0:17:13 Scott: Where it’s like, “Oh, you wanna use your cellphone, go ahead.” But the work has to still get done, as long as the work gets done.

0:17:18 Chase: Yeah, yeah.

0:17:19 Scott: You can’t say that to labors because… You know what I mean? A lot of times, it’s just tough, but… But anyway, yeah, I can imagine, though, that that makes or breaks a company, is the boss, a lot of times.

0:17:32 Chase: Yeah.

0:17:33 Scott: We frequent a certain restaurant a lot, we’re not gonna say any names, and I just wanna say that the looks on these employees’ faces… The way that this specific owner of their business speaks to their employees, you look at the employee in the face when they’re getting spoken to, and you can see… I can see, from across the bar, that this person is contemplating three things: Walking out, punching him in the face, or punching him in the face, or just keep working, you know what I mean? It’s just miserable.

0:18:11 Chase: Yeah.

0:18:11 Scott: It’s so miserable.

0:18:13 Chase: Yeah.

0:18:13 Scott: You know what I mean? I feel like when I go in there and I do impersonations of this guy to the employees, it actually helps a little bit.

0:18:19 Chase: Yeah. But also, it’s… You gotta remember too that a bad boss doesn’t completely make or break the company. You have a responsibility too as an employee to deliver and to operate and be a professional.

0:18:32 Scott: Hey, listen, we’re just people too.

0:18:33 Chase: So it’s like… Yeah, yeah.

0:18:34 Scott: Bosses, we’re people too.

0:18:37 Chase: I guess I had a very early experience with leadership that really framed the entire way that I lived my life, and that was when I was captain on my wrestling team in high school, and we had the Sandy Hook tragedy happen, and that sort of framed… And I realized it’s like, “Oh, that was eight years ago. What does that have anything to do with who I am today? But when I think about it, it really framed how I think of leadership. And because I had to make hard and fast decisions and I had to be strong and level-headed for everybody on the team, because I was literally dealing with 14-year-olds, they have no idea what’s going on. You have to be like an adult when you’re 17, and really… And then also my coach left the team.

0:19:23 Scott: Yeah.

0:19:23 Chase: So it was literally just me and then my other friend who wasn’t that… Wasn’t as strong or dominant of a person, and I just felt like I’ve learned a lot of lessons. I think it’s important to remember that leaders are people too.

0:19:25 Scott: Yeah.

0:19:25 Chase: And they’re trying their best.

0:19:25 Scott: I think that’s good, though. That’s awesome. That’s awesome because obviously that’s… You’re kinda forced to be put into a leadership role, and obviously, you had to lead. I think that’s…

0:19:25 Chase: It was huge for my life. I feel like now, forever, I’ll always think that I can lead if I need to.

0:19:25 Scott: Yeah, because you led in a crazy circumstance that was like… You know what I mean?

0:19:25 Chase: Yeah, it was right in the center of our season. Alright, let’s move on to the next topic.

0:19:25 Scott: Okay.


0:20:13 Chase: Topic number three. This one hits close to home. College costs are soaring. Over the past 10 years, the cost of attending college… This is no secret, by the way. This is no secret.

0:20:24 Scott: How can it continue to soar? Shouldn’t it be climbing at the rate that everything else is climbing? But it’s not. It’s climbing at a…

0:20:31 Chase: There’s disparity. We’ll talk about it, but let me finish the… So the cost of attending college has risen by 25% at private colleges, and 29% at public colleges. Analyzing recent college board data, CNBC Make It tells us two major factors behind the rising tuition costs. One is lackluster state funding. From 2008 to 2018, 41 states spent an average of 13% less per student or about $1200. In addition, cost of living in the US has steadily increased over the years, which not only affects students but also college faculty and staff. So things are getting more expensive for everybody, and that burden is being carried by college students now, unfortunately, and it’s making a lot of people consider whether or not they should even go to college. Back when I was in high school, it was like… Where I’m from, in Newtown, Connecticut, it’s like, “Oh, you’re going to college.”

0:21:34 Scott: Yup. They run that shit down your throat.

0:21:35 Chase: Yeah, they run that shit down your throat. You really…

0:21:37 Scott: The schools do.

0:21:39 Chase: But I always knew I was going to college…

0:21:40 Scott: Hang on a second. You know what I heard the other day?

0:21:41 Chase: From when I was 10 years old.

0:21:41 Scott: You know what I heard the other day in a board meeting that I was involved in? Because you know… You know that I’m on boards now.

0:21:48 Chase: He’s on boards, Scotty boards.

0:21:48 Scott: It’s what I do.

0:21:49 Chase: Scotty boards.

0:21:50 Scott: I’m on boards now.

0:21:50 Chase: Scotty boards.

0:21:51 Scott: I am a part of boards.

0:21:53 Chase: Not skateboards.

0:21:54 Scott: I heard that the college… I mean the high school counselor gets some kind of credit for each student that goes to a college. They get some sort of accreditation or accreditation… Something they get for a student to go to college. And the system…

0:22:17 Chase: So they’re incentivized, is what you’re saying.

0:22:19 Scott: Yes! I’m not saying with inside of their salary, I’m saying with inside of their…

0:22:22 Chase: Position.

0:22:23 Scott: Benchmark goals, with inside of their position. So the whole topic about this was basically that you can’t find kids to work in the field, and this all starts in middle school. You gotta like… You know what I mean? And instead, they’re sending them to college, and they’re coming out with debt, and no jobs.

0:22:39 Chase: You can’t find kids to work in the field, is what you said?

0:22:42 Scott: No, these big-time manual labor jobs. When they can get jobs making 20, $25 an hour. Dude, I don’t know the gentleman’s name that’s on the board with me, but he’s bringing in… Dude, he’s bringing in people from outside of the state and putting them up into hotels and flying them home on the weekends. That’s how bad it is.

0:23:01 Chase: Yeah, they’re shipping workers in. Yeah, it’s bad.

0:23:03 Scott: And I just wanna say that college is kind of bullshit, for the most part, it really is. I don’t mean to go Gary V on you, but take that money, get a job, you’re gonna make more money. I mean you’re gonna get more knowledge, and you’re not gonna have as much debt by just working within the field that you wanna be within. Now I understand certain things, obviously, you need a degree for, and I get that, but I’m just saying I feel that this whole college thing and how it just continues to climb and climb and climb… What are some of these stats, Chase?

0:23:39 Chase: I will always defend college, but some of the stats with the cost, 13%… An average of… The state spends 13% less on students and the rise for private schools’ tuition is 25%, which is crazy, and 29% for public colleges.

0:23:56 Scott: Listen, if a lot of these kids were like you, I would endorse college, because the way that you treat a college is a lot different. You went there, you did what you had to do, you drank a lot of beers, of course…

0:24:06 Chase: Well, I did what I wanted to do.

0:24:07 Scott: But you…

0:24:08 Chase: But I wouldn’t have gone to college and studied something I didn’t wanna study. That’s my thing, is go to college and study what you wanna study…

0:24:15 Scott: And get the experience too.

0:24:17 Chase: And get the experience, and get in there. If you do college right, there’s almost not a price you can put on it.

0:24:24 Scott: Do you even college, bro?

0:24:25 Chase: The experience is absolutely priceless. If you really… And I’m not even saying that I did that, I don’t think that I got… I maximized my time there…

0:24:33 Scott: But let me ask you this question…

0:24:34 Chase: When I could have.

0:24:35 Scott: Why do you think they’re climbing at such a… That the costs are climbing so much? Why?

0:24:40 Chase: I think part of it’s just really effective branding, and they’re… I don’t know, I think…

0:24:47 Scott: You know what my problem is with this? My problem is they get state money, right?

0:24:53 Chase: Well, public schools do.

0:24:54 Scott: Well, that’s what I’m saying. But even still, when you get student loans, isn’t that through… What’s that through, the government?

0:25:02 Chase: Yeah.

0:25:02 Scott: So that… So they get subsidized.

0:25:04 Chase: You can do it through the government, but you…

0:25:05 Scott: That’s what I’m saying. I feel as though the colleges are kinda…

0:25:08 Chase: No. So…

0:25:09 Scott: They’re taking that into consideration, and then they’re upping the price based upon that.

0:25:12 Chase: But the…

0:25:12 Scott: They’re like, “We’re still gonna get this money out of you.”

0:25:13 Chase: No, they’re upping the price for out-of-state students. So if you’re a student, you live in the state and you pay state taxes, then you’re not gonna pay as much in tuition, which is the way it should be, ’cause those are… That’s your tax money that you’re cashing in on, basically. Out-of-state students, yeah, like they should… They should up charge them.

0:25:31 Scott: Yeah, I hear you.

0:25:33 Chase: Anyway, it sucks because I feel like this is gonna take a lot… Education’s important and I think that you… If you… I think college is a good thing for your career and everything, but this is…

0:25:46 Scott: Certain situations.

0:25:47 Chase: Definitely gonna hurt some people.

0:25:49 Scott: Certain situations I’ll go with. Alright. So that’s the college costs soaring topic, and now we are moving…

0:25:57 Chase: Yeah, yeah. Yes, yes.

0:25:58 Scott: Into… I was trying to find that one, it’s so funny. I was moving into the one that I picked out, which I think is real cool. There’s some shake-up happening with inside of the NFL. Chase, go ahead and read topic number four.


0:26:16 Chase: Yes, the Raiders are leaving behind a fan base with a passion you can’t buy.

0:26:21 Scott: They are.

0:26:22 Chase: So, Scott, tell us what’s happening.

0:26:25 Scott: So everybody that loves them some football knows that the Raiders are no longer gonna be playing in Oakland, in the Oakland Coliseum. They signed a deal to go to Vegas. What… They did that, what? Like three years ago? Well, now it’s time. It was looking a little promising for a little bit there. The Raiders were off to a horrible start with the Antonio Brown nightmare debacle… But then they were playing really good, and had a chance to make the playoffs, and I was hoping that they’d make the playoffs, because I was hoping for the city, I was hoping for the people.

0:27:01 Chase: I was too.

0:27:01 Scott: They’ve got some passionate, passionate fans.

0:27:03 Chase: They’ve sucked since the 80s, right? I mean, since… What’s his face…

0:27:06 Scott: No, they went to the Super Bowl. Basically, Tom Brady, they had a Super Bowl. They should’ve went to the Super Bowl… But, you know… You ever heard of something called the “Tuck rule”? Yeah, exactly. Google it. Anyway…

0:27:18 Chase: The “Tuck rule”? Alright.

0:27:19 Scott: So anyway, they didn’t make the play-offs, they shit the bed. Fans weren’t happy.

0:27:24 Chase: Oh no… Yeah, but tell them the last thing… They lost their last home game in the stadium, and they broke the hearts of their fans.

0:27:31 Scott: They did, and the hearts of their fans, and the fans let them have it.

0:27:34 Chase: And all the fans are gonna do is go and be LA Rams fans now.

0:27:39 Scott: I don’t think so.

0:27:39 Chase: They’re not gonna follow them to Las Vegas after losing in… Well…

0:27:42 Scott: I think you have to.

0:27:43 Chase: I don’t know, I think…

0:27:43 Scott: They’re not gonna follow them, like they’re not gonna move to Las Vegas but they’re still gonna be Raiders fans.

0:27:45 Chase: No, no, no, they’re not. They’re gonna be Las Vegas Raiders fans, the Las Vegas Raiders.

0:27:51 Scott: My thing is this, I don’t… This is gonna be quite the experience. I mean, an NFL team in Vegas, let’s talk about that for a minute.

0:27:58 Chase: Oh my God.

0:28:00 Scott: Let’s talk about that. They’re gonna stay the Raiders forever?

0:28:01 Chase: Is that gonna make them better or worse?

0:28:03 Scott: I feel the Raiders work for Vegas. I’m just… I wanna know when other teams come in to Vegas. You know what I mean? Like that night before. [chuckle]

0:28:15 Chase: Yeah, true.

0:28:16 Scott: You know what I mean?

0:28:17 Chase: True, yeah.

0:28:18 Scott: Wow! Those spreads are gonna be crazy.

0:28:21 Chase: The Golden Knights went to the NHL Stanley Cup final in their first season?

0:28:28 Scott: But they were an expansion team, though.

0:28:29 Chase: Or second season?

0:28:30 Scott: It was their first season, but they were an expansion team.

0:28:32 Chase: Still.

0:28:33 Scott: Yeah, but…

0:28:33 Chase: Leave it to Vegas to get the number one team.

0:28:36 Scott: The Raiders are just moving a team, though. You’d never be able to do that in football, and personally, I got a problem with the way they did that expansion draft if a hockey team could do it. You’re supposed to suck for 10 years when you’re an expansion team. You know what I mean?

0:28:48 Chase: I disagree with that.

0:28:49 Scott: Hey, keep it quiet out there, alright? We’re trying to do a podcast in here! Jesus, these guys. Holy shit.

0:28:54 Chase: They’re playing the drums out there, bro.

0:28:57 Scott: But yeah, it’s gonna be interesting for the economy, right?

0:29:02 Chase: Yeah.

0:29:03 Scott: I mean, within the economy, with inside of Vegas. I think this is cool. I think it’s cool that they have another sports team. Are they gonna get a baseball team, you think, eventually? I think they might.

0:29:13 Chase: Probably.

0:29:14 Scott: I don’t know. They would definitely…

0:29:15 Chase: Las Vegas.

0:29:16 Scott: I tell you what, they’d be definitely… Be doing the shady shit that the Astros were doing, and all that money.


0:29:21 Chase: Yeah.

0:29:21 Scott: All that money, run to the bookie… Run to the sports book real quick. Alright, so that’s the Raiders. What do you got on the Raiders? You got anything on the Raiders, Tommy?

0:29:32 Tommy: I’m just thinking to myself, “When they host the Super Bowl there, that’s gonna be a hell of a party.”

0:29:37 Scott: That’s what I’m saying.

0:29:38 Chase: That’s…

0:29:38 Scott: They have a brand new stadium, right?

0:29:40 Chase: Tommy, every time you contribute to this podcast, it’s gold.

0:29:43 S?: It’s big-time Tommy.

0:29:44 Chase: It’s gold. So… Yes, I think he’s right. The Super Bowl coming to Las Vegas is gonna be one for the ages.

0:29:53 Scott: I think so. Let’s go.

0:29:54 Tommy: Mack Talks does Super Bowl Las Vegas?

0:29:57 Scott: I wish.

0:29:57 Chase: Remember when it was in Atlanta and they shipped all the… It was called the StripperCon because all the strippers in the United States flew to Atlanta to go…

0:30:05 Scott: Oh, they all… Yeah, yeah, they all went there. [laughter]

0:30:09 Chase: So, it’s good for the economy…

0:30:11 Scott: Entrepreneurs. I tell you, female entrepreneurs… In that field.

0:30:12 Chase: Good for the female entrepreneurs in Las Vegas, who are gonna be the ones to benefit from this.

0:30:16 Scott: Alright. Well, good luck to the Raiders. Hope it works out. They’re gamblers, they gambled on Antonio Brown, that didn’t work. They should be called ‘The Gamblers’, though, right?

0:30:26 Chase: I wanted them to do well after Antonio Brown left.

0:30:28 Scott: They should change the name to ‘The Gamblers’.

0:30:30 Chase: ‘The Gamblers’?

0:30:31 Scott: Yeah. Alright, next topic, let’s go.

0:30:33 Chase: ‘The Gambling Bandits’. Alright, last topic.


0:30:37 Chase: Amazon block sellers from using FedEx ground delivery shipping. Amazon’s preventing third-party sellers on their platform from using FedEx. FedEx confirmed the move, saying it could potentially compromise sellers’ ability to meet customer demands and manage their businesses. This is really bad news for third-party sellers on Amazon.

0:30:58 Scott: I hate to tell you, but if I were UPS, and I were FedEx, and I were US Postal Service… Well, they don’t give a shit, ’cause they run off our tax dollars, so it doesn’t really matter, right?

0:31:09 Chase: Yeah.

0:31:09 Scott: We just bail their ass out left and right.

0:31:11 Chase: Yeah.

0:31:12 Scott: I’d be really nervous. Chase, what have I been saying? What have I been saying?

0:31:18 Chase: Be nervous.

0:31:20 Scott: You don’t listen to shit that I’ve said, bro. I’ve been saying that Amazon… I mean, it’s not like I’m some kind of freaking genius. I’m not Gary V. I’m not Gary V, where I’m gonna be like, “I see the future.” But Amazon is gonna take over the shipping industry. Why would they not? They’re delivering their own shit. Why would they pay somebody else? Why wouldn’t they make money off of it? They already are, so why did they… My question is, “Why are they doing this to FedEx?” ‘Cause FedEx doesn’t wanna give them a kickback or something? Listen, Amazon tells FedEx and tells UPS what they’re paying. Go ahead.

0:31:54 Tommy: In that article, they said that a lot of the third-party sellers are getting their stuff out…

0:31:58 S?: It’s big-time Tommy.

0:32:00 Tommy: Keep it a better experience for the Prime members.

0:32:02 Chase: God, Jesus.

0:32:03 Scott: Oh, FedEx can’t even keep up? That’s more of a reason why!

0:32:06 Chase: No.

0:32:07 Tommy: No, I think it was actually the sellers, the people selling their products on Amazon. The thing was like a mix.

0:32:12 Scott: They couldn’t keep up?

0:32:13 Tommy: I think kind of a mix of both.

0:32:13 Scott: The fuck are you talking about, Tommy?

0:32:20 Chase: I know what he’s talking about.

0:32:22 Scott: FedEx Ground stands ready to support our customers and will continue to deliver record-breaking volume this holiday season.

0:32:30 Chase: It just sucks for third-party sellers on the platform because FedEx and those other tertiary deliveries companies basically could provide a lower-cost service, or maybe it’s more convenient because of the location that they’re shipping it to, and now they have to go through Amazon, they have no choice. So, my thing that I was saying yesterday was if Amazon still keeps third-party delivery alive on their platform, then it’s just gonna cause cheaper, better options to arise in the marketplace. So I think there’s gonna be another company. I don’t know anything about shipping but you know the company Stamps and shit?

0:33:14 Scott: Yeah.

0:33:14 Chase: Like maybe your own home fulfillment office, it’s gonna cause people to try to find… When you try to block somebody from doing something, they try to find ways to go around it. And that’s what I feel like is gonna happen.


0:33:29 Scott: I felt the need, playing that right there, because it was like an intro to CSI, ’cause you say it, and then you just, “Brah!”

0:33:37 Chase: Do you get what I’m saying though?

0:33:39 Scott: Yeah. Do you get what I’m saying, about Amazon taking over the shipping world?

0:33:42 Chase: I hate Amazon. That’s why I don’t shop off of Amazon, and I don’t buy my clothes off of Amazon, for sure. I hate Amazon.

0:33:50 Scott: You taking shots? Dude, you buy a lot of shit off of Amazon. You have your card attached to my Amazon account. I see it. I see your history. Don’t make me pull it up and expose you on this show.

0:34:00 Chase: What are you talking about?

0:34:01 Scott: Don’t make me expose you.

0:34:02 Chase: I don’t buy anything off of Amazon.

0:34:04 Scott: I will expose you.

0:34:05 Chase: I can’t even remember the last thing I bought off of Amazon. It must have been for you. Here’s something I bought for the company.

0:34:09 Scott: Dude, I will open up my goddamn phone and I will expose you.

0:34:11 Chase: Go ahead. There’s nothing that I’ve ordered from Amazon. I hate Amazon.

0:34:15 Scott: Alright. So that is the FedEx story, correct?

0:34:20 Chase: Yes.

0:34:20 S?: I’m a fun guy.

0:34:21 Chase: It’s the last one, or… Yeah, it’s an Amazon FedEx saga.

0:34:24 Scott: Dude, this program is running extra-long today, I noticed that. We just did 44 minutes on the rundown, dude.

0:34:32 Chase: Well, let’s keep it moving then.

0:34:34 Scott: Let’s pick it up a little bit, everybody. We’re gonna go transition this thing into the next segment of the show which is called…

0:34:41 Chase: Mack Move or Wack Move.


0:34:42 Scott: Oh, that was a little too much.

0:34:44 Chase: That was too much.

0:34:46 Scott: Sounded like a little Stew Leonard.

0:34:46 Chase: Mack Move or Wack Move.

0:34:46 Scott: You sounded like Stew Leonard Jr a little bit right there.

0:34:47 Chase: Keep his name out your mouth.



0:34:51 Scott: Come on down to Stew’s, we got all kinds of milk.

0:34:56 Chase: Alright, you’re gonna…

0:34:57 Scott: I know, I’m trying to get him on the show.

0:34:58 Chase: Get us cancelled.

0:34:58 Scott: He’s not listening, bro. What’s it take to do a podcast?

0:35:02 S?: I’m just fired up to be here today.

0:35:04 Chase: So these are a little bit quicker topics, like I said before, we’re just gonna give you Mack Move or Wack Move.

0:35:07 Scott: We’re gonna run through. We’re gonna bang them out. It’s gonna be the speed round. Let’s go.

0:35:13 Chase: Topic number one…


0:35:18 Chase: Ford’s new Bronco.

0:35:19 Scott: Woo!

0:35:20 Chase: Take a look at this thing. Take a look at this puppy.

0:35:22 Scott: Let’s pull her up. Wow.

0:35:24 Chase: Yeah.

0:35:24 Scott: I like that.

0:35:25 Chase: Modern. It’s a little boxy, but the Bronco’s boxy.

0:35:28 Scott: I like it though.

0:35:30 Chase: The Bronco’s boxy.

0:35:30 Scott: I don’t like this one as much as the other one, though. Where’s the other one?

0:35:34 Chase: There’s nothing like a 1988 Bronco, the one that OJ…

0:35:37 Scott: Well, first of all, it looks nothing like a 1988 Bronco.

0:35:41 Chase: The one that OJ…

0:35:44 Scott: I would say, it kinda looks a little bit like a Jeep, a little bit. I think it’s dope. I like it. Put it this way, I like it better than the Cybertruck.

0:35:55 Chase: I disagree.

0:35:56 Scott: I hear you.

0:35:57 Chase: But, no, Broncos are sexy, man.

0:36:00 Scott: Yeah, I like Broncos.

0:36:02 Chase: They’re beefy. They’re manly.

0:36:03 Scott: They gonna come out with the OJ edition?

0:36:05 Chase: They should…

0:36:06 Scott: No.

0:36:06 Chase: If they were smart.

0:36:07 Scott: I think they should stay as far away from that as they possibly can.

0:36:10 Chase: That’s probably why they haven’t made one.

0:36:12 Scott: Mack move on the Bronco.

0:36:15 Chase: Mack move on the Bronco.


0:36:20 Scott: That’s what you get when you get a double Mack move. Alright…

0:36:22 Chase: How do you think it’s gonna do sales-wise? You think people are gonna buy this thing?

0:36:26 Scott: You know what’s funny? I don’t like Ford. Tommy, you like Ford? Fixed or repaired daily.

0:36:33 Tommy: I like Fords. I don’t have nothing to say bad against them. Apparently…

0:36:36 Scott: You know when you drive a Ford, though, like the wheel feels like a little more loosey-goosey. And I hope I don’t upset Todd Ingersoll when I say that that’s a Mack move, that Bronco, still gonna buy a Tahoe.

0:36:47 Chase: He’s a Chevy guy.

0:36:48 Scott: I know. So I don’t want a…

0:36:52 Chase: Corvette.

0:36:52 Scott: I’m on a board with Todd now and I just wanna say that he’s my guy. I love him. I love Chevy. I love GM. And just because I gave that a Mack move does not mean that I am not a GM guy, ’cause I am a GM guy. Alright?

0:37:06 Chase: Alright.

0:37:07 Scott: So, that’s the Bronco. I like it. I think it’s kinda dope.

0:37:13 Tommy: They said, apparently, that the doors and the roof will come off too, like a Jeep.

0:37:19 Scott: Ooo.

0:37:19 Tommy: So they’re doing a little competition.

0:37:20 Scott: Wow.

0:37:20 Chase: Tommy says that the doors and the roof come off of the new Bronco, like a Jeep, like a Jeep.

0:37:25 Scott: Listen, I’ve seen this psychopath… I forgot that we have to say what he says. I’ve seen this psychopath driving, I looked outside the window today… You know how cold it is out there, and it’s just like straight ice. I think it was actually yesterday, this psychopath was driving a Jeep Cherokee with no doors on it. And I guarantee you guys have seen this thing before, ’cause it drives around Bethel and Danbury, and I guarantee you’ve seen it. It’s got this big exhaust thing on the side, and it’s green.

0:37:52 Chase: Yeah.

0:37:52 Scott: And this dude is cruising down the road, with no doors on this thing, and I’m just like, “Wow, buddy. Why not just have a motorcycle? Or a quad or something?” But…

0:38:01 Chase: Yeah, what a maniac.

0:38:02 Scott: Anyway, let’s go on to topic number two.


0:38:10 Chase: Alright, IHOP is opening a concept store. It’s gonna be fast food. It’s gonna be a lot like a McDonalds, to where you can just walk in. It’s not really meant to sit down and enjoy your food. It’s more…

0:38:18 Scott: It’s called Flip’d?

0:38:18 Chase: Take to go. It’s called Flip’d. And they’re opening a flagship location right now for this, but they’re trying to get into the fast breakfast.

0:38:31 Scott: Can I just say something real quick about IHOP, real quick? How come nobody wants to talk about how they did that thing, what was it like, two years ago or a year ago, where they said they’re gonna change their name to IHOb, International House of burgers?

0:38:45 Chase: Breakfast.

0:38:47 Scott: Bro, man. Seriously, bro.

0:38:49 Chase: Sorry, bro.

0:38:49 Scott: They’re already IHOP, they already do breakfast.

0:38:50 Chase: I got my information…

0:38:51 Scott: If you’re a House of Pancakes, you’re the same thing.

0:38:54 Chase: Alright, I gotta call my news plug.

0:38:56 Scott: Don’t make me attack you, bro. Don’t say some shit like that, that’d make me attack you.

0:39:00 Chase: Oh, Jesus. Alright.

0:39:00 Scott: So, what I’m trying to say is this, they made this thing that they’re gonna change their name and they’re gonna go into a different… I mean, it was… Listen, I give it… I give them credit, but they never changed.

0:39:11 Chase: It was…

0:39:12 Scott: They never went to IHOb.

0:39:13 Chase: It was never a thing.

0:39:14 Scott: It was never a thing.

0:39:15 Chase: You know why, right?

0:39:16 Scott: It’s a publicity stunt.

0:39:17 Chase: Yeah.

0:39:17 Scott: And I like that. I like publicity stunts.

0:39:19 Chase: I do too.

0:39:20 Scott: I tried to just pull one in Manhattan, in Time Square, a few months back. I tried to. Got a lot of newsagents that’s pissed off…

0:39:27 Chase: You know, a certain someone that I know…

0:39:28 Scott: Certain some… Somebody…

0:39:30 Chase: I actually… I was gonna… Actually, I suggested this last night, I thought it was hilarious, and when I said it, I immediately thought of you, and that you would find it funny. But I said, “You should… ” A certain someone that I know is on a Team USA winter sports team.

0:39:45 Scott: Yeah.

0:39:45 Chase: And she’s like, “How do I grow the brand, and how do I grow my followers and awareness about the sport?”

0:39:54 Scott: Yeah.

0:39:55 Chase: And I was like, “What you do is, at the next competition, instead of getting on the sled, you take a knee and you make it about a social issue, and then you make… And then you blow it up, and you make it all about like, ‘Oh, they’re not paying women enough, or they’re not doing… ‘ Make it… Just do that.”

0:40:16 Scott: Yes.

0:40:16 Chase: “Just pull it… Yes… ”

0:40:17 Scott: That’s what you do nowadays.

0:40:17 Chase: “And then you get all the attention.” That’s what you do.

0:40:19 Scott: That’s what you do.

0:40:19 Chase: And she laughed it off, but I was being dead serious.

0:40:23 Scott: Yeah. She’s like, “Oh, it’s so funny.” And you’re like, “I’m serious.”

0:40:26 Chase: I was like, “I’m dead ass.”

0:40:28 Scott: Yeah, yeah. Dead ass.

0:40:29 Chase: Dead ass.

0:40:30 Scott: I’m dead ass, low-key serious.

0:40:32 Chase: So, actually, I… You know what? I’ve never been to an IHOP in my life. I haven’t. I’ve never been to a Denny’s in my life.

0:40:38 Scott: I went to an IHOP once…

0:40:39 Chase: And I… I’m… Keep telling myself…

0:40:39 Scott: Don’t ever go to a Denny’s.

0:40:40 Chase: “Are you making this up? Are you… Is this true?” But it really is true. I’ve never been to a IHOP or a Denny’s.

0:40:47 Scott: Really quickly, I just wanna say that I’m gonna go Wack move on this topic because I hate shitty food.

0:40:55 Chase: Yeah.

0:40:56 Scott: Like low-cost food is not okay. It’s not okay, low-cost food. I don’t know…


0:41:04 Chase: That’s why we go to Jersey Mike’s instead of Subway.

0:41:06 Scott: I see a trend happening around here, and I’m going to make a statement. This doesn’t have to do with IHOP, but it’s along the same lines. Denny’s, IHOP, their food is disgusting. It’s like a different level, like a lower level of food. And I’m not some fancy guy, you know what I mean? I eat Scrapple. So, when you eat Scrapple, your bar isn’t that high.

0:41:28 Chase: You just want a wholesome selection.

0:41:28 Scott: But I’m just saying… What do you call it?

0:41:30 Chase: Fresh food.

0:41:31 Scott: What do you call it, Grade B chicken? What is it called? What is the name?

0:41:33 Chase: Yeah, I just said they’re probably using the B Grade chicken.

0:41:36 Scott: B Grade chicken. I’m gonna go out on a limb and I’m gonna say, “From now on, if you serve B grade chicken, you’re losing this guy. I’m out. I’m not trying to chew on that chicken, that shit’s gross.”

0:41:50 Chase: Yeah.

0:41:50 Scott: Why is it even being made? And why am I starting to see it and more or less feel it in my mouth, more and more?


0:41:57 Scott: I know that sounded bad. That sounded bad. This is not that type of podcast, everybody. Alright, so… But I’m just saying, “Me? I’m out. You’re serving Grade B… What’s it called?”

0:42:07 Chase: B Grade.

0:42:08 Scott: “B Grade chicken?”

0:42:10 Chase: Yeah.

0:42:10 Scott: “Bring that B Grade chicken? I’m out.”

0:42:13 Chase: Yeah, me too.

0:42:14 Scott: Alright, back to IHOP. They suck, Denny’s sucks. These type of places suck. Waffle House sucks. White Castle sucks. And I like fast food. I’ll smash Wendy’s. Boy, you stack them square burgers up…

0:42:29 Chase: But when Wendy’s has got better quality chicken than your restaurant, you need to take a look in the mirror and really evaluate your decisions.

0:42:38 Scott: Yeah, analyze yourself as a human being.

0:42:40 Chase: Yeah, yeah.

0:42:41 Scott: You know what I mean?

0:42:41 Chase: You need to start questioning your role.

0:42:42 Scott: What are you going with?

0:42:43 Chase: I already went with Mack move, I lifted up the sign and everything.

0:42:46 Scott: That’s a Wack move.

0:42:46 Chase: Wack move.

0:42:47 Scott: Okay. Alright.

0:42:48 Chase: Don’t mean to confuse our audience. Topic number three.


0:42:58 Chase: Apple, Google, Amazon, and others are partnering to improve smart home devices. So, right now, there’s some lesser-known companies out there. I know Vivint is into the game right now.

0:43:11 Scott: Yeah.

0:43:11 Chase: And their solutions to this… Their offerings for this product are not satisfactory. Apple, Google, and Amazon are gonna get into the game. I don’t know, Tommy, is it together? They’re cooperating, right? They’re working together to create… It’s called ‘Project Connected Home over IP’, and it will work to create a new standard that will make it easier for the fragmented ecosystem of smart home products to work together. I am gonna go Wack move right off the bat. I hate this stuff. I don’t want you in my home. Even though you’re already in my home, I don’t want you more in my home, more in control of my home. I know you already hear everything that I’m saying, and you see everything that I’m doing, but I don’t want you to control when my lights come on and off, and when my garage door opens, when my alarm goes off. You… I’m then in a glass… I’m in a glass box of emotion right now.


0:44:08 Chase: I’m in a glass box of emotion and that glass box was created by these three companies, and I want out. I’m gonna start throwing stones.

0:44:17 Scott: I hear you, bro.

0:44:19 Chase: What is your take?

0:44:20 Scott: I’m gonna go Wack move as well.

0:44:22 Chase: Yeah.

0:44:22 Scott: I think you covered it all there. I foresee there being some major, major issues with this stuff. There’s another topic that I actually wanted to cover about how you can hack the nest. The problem is this, people come up with this and they don’t think of security until bad shit happens. Then they’re like, “Oh, that’s right, we have to think of security.” Why not think security first?

0:44:27 Chase: Yeah.

0:44:27 Scott: If your whole entire house, from your refrigerator to your baby monitor, to your… Whatever feeds your dog runs on a network, you can get hacked. You know what I’m saying?

0:45:06 Chase: People are hacking these ring devices and…

0:45:08 Scott: That’s what I’m saying.

0:45:08 Chase: And saying creepy shit to you while you sleep.

0:45:10 Scott: You can hack the ring or the nest, once you get in, and if that’s connected to the rest of your network… I’m sure you can hack the other shit too, you know what I mean? But, yeah, I’m going Wack move. I’m too old for this shit.

0:45:23 Chase: Yeah.

0:45:23 Scott: I’m gonna go as far as to say I don’t want it, I don’t want it.

0:45:27 Chase: And I love technology. I love new stuff. I love… I’m a…

0:45:30 Scott: Old man Johnson doesn’t want it. Listen, would I like for my refrigerator to tell my wife that I’m out of 2% milk? I would, I would like that, but I also don’t want somebody jacking up my heat when I’m not home.

0:45:46 Chase: Yeah, the trade-off is too steep.

0:45:47 Scott: Exactly.

0:45:48 Chase: It’s too steep of a trade-off.

0:45:49 Scott: They could be watching Scrappy…

0:45:51 Chase: Also…

0:45:51 Scott: Who’s laying there, doing his business on the couch that he might do when I’m not home… I don’t know. I don’t know what he does, but let him have his privacy.

0:45:58 Chase: Yeah.

0:45:58 Scott: You know what I mean? He’s a private pup, let him have his privacy, so…

0:46:01 Chase: I don’t know, maybe we sound like old men here, but…

0:46:02 Scott: I think we do sound like old men, but I also think there’s some reasoning behind what we have to say, you know what I mean?

0:46:08 Chase: But it’s the classic reasoning behind all old men arguments, which is keep it the way it is. You don’t need to do it.

0:46:13 Scott: I feel as though…

0:46:14 Chase: Like that’s the classic reasoning.

0:46:15 Scott: If we add on Bud Light, Coors Light sweaters right now, we would be even more like the old folks.

0:46:20 Chase: I’m 24, but I feel like I’m 34, or at least like maybe 38.

0:46:24 Scott: If you look at pictures of Chase from when he started two years ago, he looks 18. Now when you look at pictures of Chase, he looks 34.

0:46:34 Chase: I know. I was in great, great shape.

0:46:35 Scott: And that has to do with hanging out with me. He sits in front of me and he takes all the stress that I take, I just push it right on him, just push it right over there, right over the desk, right onto his lap.

0:46:47 Chase: That’s how diamonds are made.

0:46:48 Scott: It is, and that’s the reason why this guy looks so old. I’m planning on making him look like Robert Redford in the next…

0:46:53 Chase: Jesus. Alright, I’ll take it.

0:47:00 Scott: In the next six months.

0:47:00 Chase: I’ll take that. He’s a handsome man.

0:47:01 Scott: No, Robert Redford now, now, now.

0:47:03 Chase: He’s still a handsome man. I mean, he’s 80.

0:47:07 Scott: AARP Robert Redford.

0:47:08 Chase: Oh, alright.

0:47:09 Scott: Alright? Okay, next topic. Let’s wrap this thing up. Let’s go.

0:47:12 Chase: Pepsi. Okay, ready? Topic number four.

0:47:15 Scott: Ready? Okay.


0:47:20 Chase: Pepsi to unveil a Pepsi coffee next year.

0:47:22 Scott: [laughter] I know what you’re doing…

0:47:23 Chase: Pepsi is gonna unveil a Pepsi coffee next year, and it’s actually… There’s also a Coca-Cola coffee coming out as well, so I’m assuming it’s in response to that, but you know how we’re all drinking these drinks nowadays, you know, frappuccino, mocha, latte, extra shot, turbo…

0:47:42 Scott: Gimme a dunkaccino!

0:47:43 Chase: And it’s not enough to go to a Starbucks and order that, we now have to have it in cans and bottles available in our homes, or in a refrigerator at a deli near you. So these things are gonna do really well because we… Our palates have expanded as a nation, and we’re looking for funkier and funkier stuff, a la White Claw, a la… You know I like saying “a la”, Aladeen. But this looks like it could be pretty good. And honestly, I’m always looking for different ways of shooting up caffeine into my system.

0:48:18 Scott: Yeah, I hear you.

0:48:19 Chase: So I’ve tried suppositories…

0:48:22 Scott: I knew it. I knew he was going there. I knew he was going there.

0:48:26 Chase: I’ve tried coffee-flavored chewing gum, and this just adds to that array of different products that I use, so Mack move.

0:48:35 Scott: Yeah, I’m gonna go Wack move. Stay in your lane. Stay in your lane.

0:48:38 Chase: Stay in your lane?

0:48:39 Scott: Stay in your goddamn lane, you know what I mean? I’m not okay with it. I’m not a big soda guy, and when I see Pepsi and it says that it’s cafe, I think that there’s high-fructose corn syrup in there.

0:48:57 Chase: If you bought Coke or Pepsi stock at the beginning of this year, like Warren Buffet freaking told you to…

0:49:03 Scott: Yeah.

0:49:03 Chase: He’s been telling everybody, “Buy Coke, buy Pepsi,” for his whole life, he’s been saying that, it’s up 24%.

0:49:13 Scott: Can I just tell you?

0:49:13 Chase: On the year.

0:49:14 Scott: You’d have to be Warren Buffet to buy that stock. How much is it per share?

0:49:19 Chase: Don’t know.

0:49:20 Scott: Yeah.

0:49:21 Chase: But…

0:49:21 Scott: I’m gonna say it’s probably in a very high… A very high amount.

0:49:25 Chase: How much do you think Coke is worth?

0:49:28 Scott: A lot.

0:49:28 Chase: The company.

0:49:29 Scott: A lot.

0:49:30 Chase: The whole thing, the whole tamale.

0:49:31 Scott: Well, they’re owned by a bunch of other shit, aren’t they?

0:49:33 Chase: 200… Coke? No, Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola.

0:49:36 Scott: No, but the Coca-Cola owns a bunch of shit underneath…

0:49:37 Chase: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes, they’re huge.

0:49:38 Scott: They own Vitaminwater, they own…

0:49:40 Chase: They’re massive. $231 billion valuation on the stock market. $231 billion, billion dollars.

0:49:47 Scott: Wow.

0:49:47 Chase: Quarter-trillion.

0:49:47 Scott: Wow.

0:49:50 Chase: Yeah.

0:49:51 Scott: Yeah. Stay in the soda lane, alright? Just stay in the soda lane.

0:49:54 Chase: Yeah.

0:49:55 Scott: Alright.

0:49:56 Chase: Alright. Mack move on that for me.

0:50:00 Scott: Wack move for me.

0:50:01 Chase: So, I shared this article… We’re on topic number five, ladies and gentlemen. Hit it.


0:50:08 Scott: Ladies and gent… Why did you do that?

0:50:09 Chase: Whoops. I went to go hit it.

0:50:12 Scott: Why did you do that?

0:50:14 Chase: Topic numero…

0:50:15 Scott: Cinco.


0:50:19 Chase: Alright, went with a different one there. I posted this on our Facebook… On the Mack Talks Facebook, which by the way, go to Facebook, type in The Mack Talks and hit follow, but Greta Thunberg who’s like a 13-year-old, 14-year-old…

0:50:33 Scott: I think she should change her name to Thunderberg.

0:50:34 Chase: Eco-activist.

0:50:36 Scott: Yes, puppet.

0:50:37 Chase: And she won the Time Person Of The Year award, which was…

0:50:40 Scott: A-bullshit.

0:50:41 Chase: She was the youngest person to ever win. A very controversial decision, but people are saying there are a lot more deserving… I’m not saying that, other people are saying that. I just… You know, I’m…

0:50:52 Scott: I’m saying it.

0:50:53 Chase: Other people are more deserving. And she won, and we shared this on our Facebook page…

0:50:53 Scott: I’d give that shit to Howie Long.

0:50:53 Chase: And, honestly, it got less interaction than I thought it would get.

0:50:53 Scott: Can I tell you that Howie Long… Or wait, what’s his name? Chris Long, played for the… Who is the one that plays for the Eagles? Which Long? Chris Long?

0:50:53 Tommy: Howie…

0:50:53 Scott: That dude deserves it. That dude deserves it more than her, he donated his whole goddamn salary. Anyway, carry on.

0:50:53 Chase: He’s rich. So, anyway… So you know what she’s famous for, is her speech at the UN.

0:50:53 Scott: Everybody knows what she’s famous for.

0:50:53 Chase: Let me do my impression of it. Hang on, hang on. Wait, what did she say again?

0:50:53 Scott: She says something about how like…

0:50:53 Tommy: “You stole my childhood,” or something like that.

0:50:53 Scott: “You’re going to ruin my childhood.”

0:50:53 Chase: Yeah, yeah.

0:51:33 Scott: Don’t make fun… Bro. In the beginning, you were trying to be politically-correct.

0:51:38 Chase: No, but this is my…

0:51:39 Scott: And now you’re gonna make fun of her.

0:51:40 Chase: This is my impersonation of her.

0:51:41 Scott: He’s so funny. “It’s not my opinion. It’s not my opinion.”

0:51:43 Chase: This is my opinion…

0:51:44 Scott: Now he’s going into making fun of her, the way she speaks.

0:51:46 Chase: No, and honestly, I am… I’m the most…

0:51:47 Scott: Fucking psychopath.

0:51:50 Chase: I love being green, I love being environmentally-friendly.

0:51:53 Scott: So green, bruh.

0:51:54 Chase: I believe in it 100%. Scientists are the ones that are telling us this is what’s happening, and I believe it.

0:52:00 S?: Yes, yes!

0:52:00 Chase: So I’m all about that, and I think that we should raise awareness about this stuff, but my point is this girl has done nothing but give a speech and travel by boat.


0:52:13 Chase: She travels by boat, by sailboat.

0:52:14 Scott: Also by train. There’s a picture of her on the train, eating fruit out of a single serving cup.

0:52:21 Chase: Honestly…

0:52:22 Scott: That’s a no-no. If you’re worried about the environment, that’s a no-no, just eat the goddamn fruit out of your hand.

0:52:27 Chase: Oh, fun fact. Adolf Hitler…

0:52:29 Scott: Yeah, yeah.

0:52:29 Chase: And Joseph Stalin were also…

0:52:31 Scott: I never knew that.

0:52:32 Chase: Time People Of The Year.

0:52:32 Scott: You better get your hand out of my camera angle, bro. Seriously, don’t do it. You’re trying to be like John Sienna, you’re like…



0:52:40 Scott: Alright, so… Really?

0:52:44 Chase: Yeah, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were also Time People Of The Year, so she joins…

0:52:48 Scott: Where’s Saddam Hussein?

0:52:50 Chase: I think he’s on there too.

0:52:53 Scott: How did Adolf Hitler… Why didn’t they stop doing Time Life Person Of The Year? Why didn’t they stop doing it? How does it have any credibility?

0:53:02 Chase: It used to be Time Man Of The Year, now it’s Time Person of the Year, just so you know that as well.

0:53:07 Scott: Whatever. What were you going to say, Tommy?

0:53:08 Tommy: So, I think Time actually put up a poll, and said, “Who do you think should be Time Person Of The Year?”

0:53:13 S?: It’s big-time Tommy!

0:53:15 Tommy: Protesters, Greta Thunberg…

0:53:18 Scott: Thunderberg. I changed her new name. Yeah.

0:53:19 Tommy: And then I forget who the third one was. And it was like 90% voted for the Hong Kong protesters, and I think maybe 1 or 2% voted for her.

0:53:28 Chase: Yeah.

0:53:28 Scott: Yeah, but can you fit all those people in the front of a magazine, though?


0:53:33 Scott: I don’t know. And I don’t think they’re allowed to be on the magazine either. They’d get tear gas shot at them, trying to pose for that picture.

0:53:40 Chase: Yeah, but I don’t think the message is altogether bad, that she’s spreading.

0:53:46 Scott: No, but she’s a puppet.

0:53:47 Chase: I get that when you’re a kid in the school systems today, those things get drilled into your head, the stuff about the climate and the way that we treat animals…

0:53:55 Scott: Listen, I like her, she seems like a great kid.

0:53:57 Chase: Which I think is all justified.

0:53:58 Scott: She seems like a great kid. Maybe she’s should start a YouTube channel, maybe she should go be a kid. Go be a kid for a little bit. I just feel like, number one, you’re using her as a puppet, that’s what you’re doing, number one, like you’re using a child, and I’m usually for that. I have my child come on this program a lot, and I’m usually for that, but, in this case, I’m not for it. It’s a lot of pressure to put on this kid.

0:54:21 Chase: How dare you!

0:54:22 Scott: You know how much hate mail…

0:54:23 Chase: That was my impression…

0:54:24 Scott: This kid probably gets?

0:54:25 Chase: How dare you…


0:54:28 Chase: Take my childhood from me?


0:54:30 Chase: You’re taking your childhood from yourself.


0:54:34 Chase: That was it. That was my impression.

0:54:35 Scott: Chase flip-flops on shit like you can’t believe, bro.

0:54:37 Chase: How dare you?

0:54:41 Scott: A couple weeks ago, when I was calling her a puppet… Or last week, when I was calling her a puppet, he’s said, “How is she a puppet, bro? How is she a puppet?”

0:54:43 Chase: No.

0:54:44 Scott: And he’s going at me about it, and now he’s completely on board. How dare you?

0:54:47 Chase: No, I’m not completely on board. I said that I think that she’s being sincere…

0:54:52 Scott: You’re in the chill zone, bro. You’re in the chill zone.

0:54:53 Chase: She’s being sincere. I just don’t think that she’s accomplished or done anything besides just be vocal about this issue, and she hasn’t really sacrifice… I need blood. No, I need sacrifice.


0:55:09 Chase: I need sacrifice. You need to shed sweat, tears, something in order to… You know what I mean? Put Jeff Bezos on there, Jesus.

0:55:16 Scott: Whoa, dude.

0:55:17 Chase: Hate Amazon.

0:55:17 Scott: That guy’s a dick.

0:55:18 Tommy: He hates Amazon.

0:55:19 Chase: I hate Amazon.

0:55:20 Scott: I don’t think you’d put Jeff Bezos on there. Why the hell would you do that?

0:55:22 Chase: Well, if you’re putting Hitler and freaking Stalin up there, then put Jeff Bezos on there as well.

0:55:27 Scott: True dat. True dat. So… Alright. Well, what are we going with on this one, did we already say? I lost track of what we’re doing here.

0:55:35 Chase: So, I’m gonna go Wack move. I wish all the best to this girl. I think she’s smart and she speaks well and she got a great career in politics coming up.

0:55:45 Scott: Oh, she definitely has a career in politics.

0:55:48 Chase: But, God, just be a kid…

0:55:50 Scott: Some might actually say, “Is she a Manchurian?” What is it called? Manchurian candidate?

0:55:55 Chase: Can you imagine what I was like when I was her age?

0:55:57 Scott: What’s it called when they plant the…

0:55:58 Chase: Dude, you couldn’t bother me with that shit.

0:56:00 Scott: What’s it called?

0:56:00 Chase: What?

0:56:00 Scott: Manchurian…

0:56:01 Chase: Manchurian candidate?

0:56:02 Scott: Yeah. Maybe that’s what she is.

0:56:05 Chase: No.

0:56:05 Scott: She could be.

0:56:07 Chase: She could be. No, a Manchurian candidate is like a terrorist who gets put in as President, like a covert agent, like a terrorist who gets…

0:56:17 Scott: Dude, I saw the movie, bro. I saw the movie.

0:56:17 Chase: Elected as president. I don’t think you did.

0:56:20 Scott: Is it my turn?

0:56:21 Chase: Mm.

0:56:23 Scott: I’m gonna go Wack move on Thunderberg.


0:56:29 Scott: She seems like… I’m gonna say what Chase said, she seems like a great kid.

0:56:33 Chase: Smart, speaks well…

0:56:33 Scott: If she ever wanted to ever come over and play with Macy, I’d let her.

0:56:35 Chase: If she wants an internship here, I’ll definitely consider it.

0:56:39 Scott: If her and Macy wanted to go to the mall, I’d take them. I’d take them. She might be upset that I’m driving in a Tahoe, sucking up gas, but I’d take them. You know what I mean?

0:56:48 Chase: I just feel like she’s so serious, and she’s robbing herself of something.

0:56:51 Scott: I know.

0:56:52 Chase: There’s not gonna be a complete growth there as a human if you just focus on those things.

0:56:57 Scott: I would say this: If we can get Tommy to care about this podcast the way that she cares about global warming, there will be no stopping us.

0:57:07 Chase: Roll, Tommy.

0:57:10 Scott: Roll, Tommy, roll!

0:57:13 Chase: Roll, Tommy.

0:57:14 S?: Big-time Tommy.

0:57:15 Chase: I was gonna say Roll Tide but… Alright. That’s it for our Mack Move or Wack Move topics, ladies and gentlemen.

0:57:20 Scott: And that’s gonna conclude this episode number 47 of the Mack Talks. We have some delicious food coming.

0:57:28 Chase: Oh my God, I’m so hungry right now.

0:57:30 Scott: Right? We got some delicious food coming.

0:57:32 S?: Yes, yes!

0:57:33 Scott: I have an appointment at 1 o’clock.

0:57:35 S?: Yes, yes!

0:57:37 Scott: Who’s gonna go get this food?

0:57:39 Chase: Tommy.

0:57:43 Scott: Can we trust him?

0:57:43 Chase: No.

0:57:44 Scott: He was telling me…

0:57:46 Chase: I’ll bring him with me. Tommy, we’ll go together.

0:57:48 Scott: Tommy was telling me that he’s got a… An addiction for empanadas.

0:57:52 Chase: Is it Cowbell?

0:57:53 Scott: For empanadas.

0:57:54 Chase: Is it more Cowbell?

0:57:54 Scott: Yeah, more Cowbell. He’s got addiction for empanadas, and…

0:57:57 Chase: Tommy, I’ve never seen you with an empanada.

0:58:04 Scott: Freakin Irish boy loves him some empanadas.

0:58:04 Chase: I’m probably… You know what’s funny? Is I’ve been moving around so much, I’m probably not even in frame anymore, so sorry, guys, you can’t see this. You know, what I’m more pissed about is that I’m not on that side because that’s my angle. This is my angle. This is not my angle, but I still do it because I love you and I love this podcast, and I want you to be happy, and I want what’s best for you, so [laughter].. So I took this side and I didn’t say anything.

0:58:26 Scott: Dude, this guy is feeling that Christmas spirit right now. Is he not?

0:58:30 Chase: Yeah, by the way, somebody asked me something. They said, “Do you like Christmas music?” I said, “No.” He said, “Doesn’t it put you in the mood?” I said, “No.” The entire… The whole… Everything puts me in the Christmas mood. The snow outside, the Christmas trees I see. The last thing I need is Mariah Carey making another $100 million in the month of December, and me having to listen to it, listen to her music. Do you know that? Do you know that about Mariah Carey? Is that her song is number one every year.

0:59:00 Scott: Unbelievable.

0:59:00 Chase: On the Billboard charts.

0:59:01 Scott: Dude, back off the mic, you’re blowing out the sound. [chuckle]

0:59:02 Chase: On the Billboard charts every year, in December, Mariah Carey hits number one.

0:59:07 Scott: Yo, Mariah Carey should be Time Life Person Of The Year.

0:59:10 Chase: Yeah, but Scott, you know people go their entire music careers, successful musicians that make money, and they never make the number one spot, and she makes it every year.

0:59:19 Scott: Just ’cause of the song? ‘Cause of the Christmas song?

0:59:21 Chase: ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’, baby.

0:59:25 Scott: I hear you, bro.

0:59:26 Chase: That’s a little fun fact that actually has to do with business and… So I’m full of this stuff. So if you guys need…

0:59:32 Scott: Get me the DMs.

0:59:33 Chase: I got you, I got you, I got you. I’ll be your news plug. Alright?

0:59:39 Scott: Also, what else? If you got an aux cord?

0:59:40 Chase: Pass me that.

0:59:41 Scott: Why?

0:59:43 Chase: Pass that. Pass that.

0:59:43 Scott: Why?

0:59:44 Chase: Because if you want that Spanish hitter, I got that. You want that trap music, I got that. You want that French rap, I got that. You just pass me that aux, boy.

0:59:52 Scott: Chase thinks he has the…

0:59:54 Chase: I’ll crank it up to 11, baby.

0:59:55 Scott: Best music on his phone, he’s got the… He’s like, “I got the best music and the fastest way to get to it on my phone.”

1:00:01 Chase: And you know what? Shoutout to Alex Sobchak, in college, he had actually the best music. And it wasn’t current, it was just he had the best library put together, it was like everything, and really, I take a lot from him, but now I am the leader. I have the aux. I have the best music in the office…

1:00:19 Scott: Pass me the aux.

1:00:20 Chase: And that’s indisputable. I think you have to give that to me. I’m the best in the office.

1:00:25 Scott: He’s the best around. Alright, cool. So this is gonna wrap up the episode. Happy Holidays. You have to be politically-correct and say, “Happy Holidays.”

1:00:34 Chase: Merry Christmas.

1:00:35 Scott: Oh, he did it. He went there, girlfriend.

1:00:37 Chase: Happy holidays. Happy Hanukkah. Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa…

1:00:41 Scott: Everything, alright?

1:00:41 Chase: New year, whatever holiday it is.

1:00:43 Scott: Go ahead and…

1:00:44 Chase: Be with your family.

1:00:45 Scott: Look at your notes and go ahead and close us out, bro.

1:00:48 Chase: I don’t need notes for this shit. Guys, if you wanna help the podcast grow, give us a review on iTunes, give us five stars, we’d really appreciate it. It’s really the best way that you can tribute. Number two, go to www.themacktalks.com, you can view all of our different platforms on there. It’s Spotify. It’s… Everything, okay? Go there, listen to some of our episodes, YouTube, type in The Mack Talks, Facebook type in The Mack Talks, Instagram at M-A-C-K talks.

1:01:21 Scott: Happy Holidays. Merry Kwanzaa.

1:01:24 Chase: Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.

1:01:26 Scott: That’s a wrap.