Episode #41 :

World Series, Female CEOs

Mattress Mack Goes All In, World Series Interrupted & Women Taking Over the Finance Industry | Ep. 41

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On this week’s episode of the Mack Talks, Scott and Tori give you this weeks Rundown, and Mack Move or Wack Move. Topics include the scariest haunted house experience in America, Netlflix’s newest playback speed feature controversy, Coldplay’s advertising strategy for their newest album, and many other topics! Your hosts also go through a rundown of some trending stories for the week and discuss their views on them.


In this week’s rundown, the group cover a  multitude of topics among the following:

New info is coming out about female CEOs and the benefits they’re having on their companies causing Scott to reconsider his choice of co host.

Johnson & Johnson (no affiliation to Scott of course) face a controversial scandal after asbestos was found in some of their baby powder products.

Owner and operator of the Gallery Furniture chain, Jim McIngvale, also known as Mattress Mack has made a three and a half million dollar bet on the World Series gamble which has consumers holding their breath with hopes for an Astros win.

A company is offering to pay you to stay ten hours in the scariest haunted house designed in America. The catch? You have to pass mental and physical fitness tests and sign a release, makes one wonder what they plan on doing to you once you sign along the dotted line?

Mack Move or Wack Move

During this week’s segment of Mack Move or Wack Move, Scott and Tori discuss the following topics among others:

A company’s released a new creation which answers the age old question, “What if your cell phone was covered in human skin?” with eerily realistic skin for your smart device.

An infamous marketing campaign in Philadelphia for a local jeweler, Steven Signer ends after 10 years caused by a man blaming the jeweler for the unplanned birth of his third son.

Shagmag’s CEO, Julia Rose gives some cameras more than they bargained for at the World Series when she and her coworker flash them.

The owners of the Mall of America introduced a new five billion dollar dream mall opening in New Jersey that took seventeen years to build.

Highlights from this episode:

» 6:15 – 10:38 – Female CEO’s bring 1.8 Trillion Dollars
» 10:40 – 14:18 – Johnson and Johnson Recall
» 14:20 – 20:25 – Mattress Mack
» 20:30 – 24:05 – Cold Play letters
» 24:10 – 29:28 – Haunted House
» 29:30 – 32:53 – Skin for Your Phone
» 32:58 – 38:45 – WS flashers
» 38:50 – 42:25 – Netflix Speed Binge
» 42:30 – 47:40 – I Hate Steven Singer
» 47:54 – 53:30 – New Mall of America


00:00 Tori: On this week’s episode of the Mack Talks, we cover a horrifying haunted house, the World Series flashers and artificial skin for your electronic devices.


00:10 Scott: Chase, tell the people what the Mack Talks are.

00:12 Chase Hutchison: If you’re an entrepreneur, impactful leader, or business owner, the Mack Talks are that vehicle that brings you the stories that you need to hear.

00:19 Scott: That’s right, real stories from real leaders. Check us out every Thursday.

00:27 Scott: Welcome, welcome, welcome. Mack Talks, Episode 41, correct?

00:33 CH: Yup. 41.

00:35 Scott: That’s what we’re doing, we’re doing Episode 41, and this is the episode that we rolled out our new intro. And we’re forcing ourselves into our new intro by starting this episode the way we’re starting it, without knowing that the intro is done.

00:50 CH: Hopefully, it’ll be a positive user experience for our audience.

00:54 Scott: My co-host, Chase Hutchison, across from me.

00:56 CH: Good morning, guys.

01:00 Scott: Our lovely producer, Tori. Say hello.

01:02 Tori: Hi, guys.

01:04 Scott: We got some Meek Mill playing through the headphones, which we can’t play in the podcast.

01:09 CH: Speaking of having a positive user experience, you wanna talk about our waiter from last night, real quick?

01:16 Scott: Yeah, let’s talk about it.

01:17 CH: Because that’s… I feel as though it’s business-related.

01:19 Scott: Yes.

01:20 CH: Everything kind of is a little bit, but…

01:22 Scott: So we went to… We had an event that we did, where Chase got up there like a hero and spoke to a bunch of addiction treatment… What would they run? Like sober houses, and stuff?

01:33 CH: Yeah, I burned that room down.

01:35 Scott: Yeah.

01:35 CH: It’s currently in ashes.

01:37 Scott: Jesus, that sounds a little aggressive, maybe.

01:40 CH: In other words, I crushed.

01:43 Scott: Yeah, so he did okay [laughter] I was there to spot him, every once in a while, I had to come in and flex.

01:50 CH: Yup.

01:51 Scott: So we went there in a Gaylordsville Hospital. Is that what it was?

01:58 CH: Yeah, Gaylord’s Hospital.

01:58 Scott: I think it’s Gaylordsville, not just Gaylord.

02:00 CH: Alright. Well, it’s a hospital in Wallingford, Connecticut.

02:01 Scott: Whatever. On the way home, we decided to stop at Prime One Eleven in Trumbull, correct?

02:06 CH: Mm-hmm, yup.

02:06 Scott: And got a couple of these New York strip hitters.

02:11 CH: Yeah.

02:12 Scott: And the waiter was one of these waiters that was… They just go overboard with the fake-ness.

02:21 CH: Yeah.

02:22 Scott: And it’s annoying, I hate it.

02:27 CH: It’s fine to do a little bit of that, because you kinda have to put on a face, but just be yourself, you don’t have to…

02:34 Scott: Yeah, he spread it on extra thick.

02:35 CH: What did he say that he came over, that really set us off?

02:37 Scott: Just the way that he’s talking, and…

02:39 CH: He goes, “Are you enjoying your meal?” Just so stiff, like be stiffer.

02:45 Scott: Yeah. Yeah, but anyway, the point is be yourself.

02:47 CH: Be yourself.

02:48 Scott: Be yourself, you’ll get a bigger tip from me.

02:50 CH: Be who you are.

02:51 Scott: Yes.

02:52 CH: Be who you are.

02:53 Scott: Be yourself, be who you are, but most importantly, bring me that goddamn steak within a reasonable time, ’cause ultimately, I don’t really give a shit about all the other stuff.

03:00 CH: Also, when I ask for bread, I expect that bread to be out within five minutes.

03:04 Scott: Yeah, guy needs his freaking carbs.

03:06 CH: Carbs.

03:07 Scott: What do you think about that, Tori? You ever have those type of servers that go like way overboard?

03:12 Tori: Oh, yeah.

03:13 Scott: I think that all of them are like that at La Zingara. I love La Zingara. I think La Zingara is great in Bethel. It’s great. I’m just saying they expect their waiters and waitresses to perform the specials. And honestly, that’s a whole ‘nother gripe. What is so bad about actually printing out your specials? Because maybe I need to look at them for a little while, and actually try to figure out half of the ingredients that you put in there, because that’s the other thing that La Zingara does. First of all, I’m not trying to crap on La Zingara. I love it there, it’s great, it’s my wife’s favorite spot. It’s in Bethel.

03:47 CH: Yeah.

03:48 Scott: And I like it a lot. The food is good. But there’s some things I don’t like, and number one is, “Can I get the goddamn specials printed on a sheet of paper so I don’t have to ask this waiter to keep coming over to me?”

03:58 CH: Yeah.

03:58 Scott: It’s annoying. It’s really annoying.

04:00 CH: You know what’s even worse than that? Is when they pronounce the accent in the dish.

04:05 Scott: Yes.

04:05 CH: So they’re like, “Would you like a steak au poivre?”

04:08 Scott: Kind of like how…

04:08 CH: You’re like, what?

04:09 Scott: Well, it’s funny that you say that because when we were going to have our little pizza tour in New Haven, Chase was trying to describe Bruschetta as Bruschetta, Bruschetta. And I’m like, “Bro, it’s Bruschetta.” And he goes, “Well, listen, I worked in an Italian restaurant, and that’s the way the guy said it.” And I was like, “Well then, okay, then commit across the board, I wanna hear, ‘Mozzarella.'” I wanna hear, ‘Oh, that’s my friend, Mario, over there.'”

04:35 CH: Well, I guess I stabbed myself in the back with that. Yeah.

04:37 Scott: Yeah. Yeah. You did, you did, you did.

04:38 CH: It is Bruschetta though.

04:40 Scott: Let’s not… Stop talking about restaurants, because I’m getting freaking hungry and I’m gonna wanna get some of them eggs Benny hitters. You know what eggs Benny with crab cakes is all about? It’s about sweet, sweet sweetness, is what it’s about.

04:55 CH: Not a fan.

04:55 Scott: You go to that Windmill diner, bro, off of exit 4? Newly-renovated, you get that eggs Benny with the cajun hollandaise sauce.

05:05 CH: You’re a psychopath for eating seafood in the morning. That’s clearly insane.

05:09 Scott: It’s crab cakes, bro.

05:10 CH: It’s seafood.

05:11 Scott: There’s nothing wrong with that. Is there anything wrong with eating seafood in the morning?

05:14 Tori: Not for me, but for you.

05:15 Scott: Real men eat seafood in the morning.

05:17 CH: I really thought Tori was gonna agree with me on that one, but you don’t seem like a seafood in the morning type of girl…

05:24 Tori: No.

05:25 CH: I could just tell. With you, you’re a psychopath.

05:27 Scott: You would eat a steak.

05:28 CH: I look at you, and I go, “Oh, you probably eat seafood in the morning.”

05:31 Scott: Would you eat steak and eggs?

05:32 CH: Yeah, that’s not seafood, though.

05:33 Scott: Well, I’m just saying, some might think that’s a little bit aggressive.

05:37 CH: It is aggressive.

05:38 Scott: I’m just saying.

05:38 CH: Alright.

05:39 Scott: Alright, let’s get into this goddamn show, and let’s get into these goddamn topics, and let’s get into this goddamn rundown.


05:46 Scott: Alright?

05:50 Tori: Alrighty.

05:51 Scott: Alright, so where are we at here on the rundown? Tori, go ahead.

05:56 Tori: So topic number one, a 2019 study found that female CEOs brought in $1.8 trillion more than male peers. Within the first 24 months of appointing female CFOs, companies saw, on average, a 6% increase in profits and an 8% better stock return, compared to the performance under male predecessors.

06:19 Scott: Wow.

06:23 Tori: 1.8 trillion of additional cumulative profits. I mean…

06:27 Scott: I feel like I can’t comment on this unless you show me a bunch of… I’m gonna say something that might be a little, borderline, an issue, but can we see what some of these ladies look like? I’m just saying, ’cause I feel as though… I feel as though that maybe they’re using their sexuality.

06:40 CH: I bet you there are some nice-looking…

06:42 Scott: And good for them if they are.

06:44 CH: Yeah. I bet you they’re very nice… Take very good care of themselves.

06:49 Scott: So, basically, what’s happening here is women are taking over this industry, right?

06:54 CH: It’s about time.

06:55 Scott: You don’t wanna buy stocks from…

07:00 Tori: The point is women are a good investment, even though…

07:04 Scott: Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to say. Go ahead. Go ahead. I’m with you.

07:08 Tori: But men outnumber women in the CFO position about 6.5 to 1, so companies need to jump on this.

07:16 Scott: Wow.

07:17 CH: You’re saying men outnumber…

07:20 Scott: Women, and they outsold them.

07:21 Tori: Yes.

07:21 CH: What? Really?

07:22 Tori: Mm-hmm.

07:22 Scott: And they outsold them.

07:24 CH: Wow. Well, I’m all about just getting the best person in there to do the job. Meritocracy, right, Scott?

07:30 Scott: Meritocracy.

07:31 CH: Meritocracy. And women are apparently much better at handling financials than men, and I’m all about that.

07:37 Scott: I’m thinking that maybe we should actually have two women on the show and get rid of…


07:42 CH: Yeah, right.

07:43 Scott: Get rid of this guy.

07:44 Tori: There you go.

07:44 CH: The show would crumble beneath your feet.

07:45 Scott: I think the same stats apply for podcasters. That’s pretty amazing, though. That is pretty amazing.

07:54 CH: I would say about goddamn time.

07:54 Scott: You know what else I think that it is too? These fat, gross, old men that I imagine do a lot… Have a lot of… There’s a lot of people that look like that, that hold this position, ’cause it’s the old-school. They’re lazy and they’re content, and women are hustlers.

08:10 Tori: Exactly.

08:11 Scott: And they’re like, “Fuck this shit.” You know what I mean?

08:14 CH: Yeah. What’s the average age of these women? I’m just curious.

08:17 Scott: I don’t know, but…

08:18 CH: You can’t ask that, right? You can’t ask that.

08:19 Scott: No.

08:20 CH: No, they don’t know.

08:20 Scott: We can ask it. They can’t ask it.

08:21 CH: We can, but they can’t ask it.

08:23 Scott: Tori, you don’t have any of those stats, do you?

08:25 Tori: No, I don’t.

08:26 CH: Can I say one thing though?

08:27 Scott: What?

08:28 CH: I don’t know, this might be…

08:28 Scott: Girls rule the world?

08:29 CH: No, it’s that I think, traditionally, women have kind of always handled the books and the finances of the house and the business. For example, even Mac Media Group, Carla’s the controller. She’s in the bank accounts every single day. Restaurants, a lot of times, like when there are mom and pop shops, like the guy handles the operations and the food, or whatever, and the female runs the front of the place and the books. And so it just kind of makes sense to me that they’re better and the best person should get the job, always, always, in every case, no matter what gender, how they identify.

09:09 Scott: And I got to be honest with you though, I don’t think that’s been the case though. Why has it taken so long? I don’t think the best person… I just think just now, recently, in the past, however many years it’s been, that women actually are getting these positions. And basically, what it sounds like to me is that you could actually cut this whole industry down if you just put a bunch of women in there. [chuckle] You’d have less employees, with higher numbers. I don’t know, but from now on, I’m replacing everybody out there with females.


09:41 Scott: And if not, if you wanna be a male, you better come in here with a wig on. You know what I’m saying? Be productive, maybe a dress.

09:47 CH: Be who you are, though. Be yourself, though. Be yourself.

09:50 Scott: Alright. Well, that’s pretty interesting. I like to hear that. Chase is trying to say that because a woman holds a house down that she can hold a business down.

09:58 CH: And a business down.

10:00 Scott: Yeah.

10:00 CH: I said house and business. They run the financials.

10:02 Scott: You’re treading there. Yup, I hear you.

10:03 CH: They run the financials. They run the financials.

10:05 Scott: Yeah, I hear you. I hear you. Alright, Tori, what else you have on that? That’s it?

10:07 Tori: That’s it.

10:08 Scott: Very interesting. Very interesting. What about CPOs, Chief Pod Operators?


10:14 Tori: I think we run the world as well.

10:16 Scott: Yeah, that’s right.

10:17 CH: That’s right.

10:18 Scott: Alright, what do we got for topic two?


10:23 Tori: So topic two, the iconic family-owned company Johnson & Johnson recalls baby powder after trace amounts of asbestos is found in their talc products. Pretty scary.

10:34 Scott: How the hell does that happen? The worst part is they didn’t find it, somebody else probably found it, right? I don’t understand. How does that work? That’s crazy.

10:44 CH: How does asbestos find its way into a baby bottle even?

10:49 Scott: It means they must be using some… I don’t even know. I can’t get into this article though.

10:54 CH: I don’t know, this comes on the coattails of Taco Bell recalling all of their… They had metal shavings in their beef. Can you imagine biting into a quesarito and you get one of those metal hitters stuck in your jaw?


11:07 Tori: I saw a…

11:08 CH: You need surgery and shit.

11:11 Tori: A post on Twitter yesterday that showed a dead mouse at the bottom of someone’s Starbucks drink.

11:17 Scott: Oh my God.

11:17 Tori: Like I saw a picture of it.

11:19 CH: That’s on purpose. Somebody’s putting that in the drink, like…

11:21 Scott: I always gotta think that too. How the hell is it getting in the cup? There’s no way. I always thought that. But, I mean, like you can do something like that and if you’re the only one that does it, who’s to say that you’re lying or, whatever? You know what I mean? It’s your word versus their word. I mean, I guess cameras, maybe?

11:38 CH: Gotta be a little bit more careful with what we’re giving our babies.

11:43 Scott: Yeah, I would agree.

11:44 CH: This is for babies.

11:45 Scott: I would agree.

11:46 CH: They can’t even…

11:46 Scott: It’s one thing when toys come over from China with lead paint on them and kids stick them in their mouth. That’s really bad. That’s really bad. This is on a whole ‘nother level.

11:57 CH: Baby powder.

11:58 Scott: I wanna say that I have no affiliation with Johnson & Johnson.


12:02 Scott: I wanna, first of all, make that very clear. I wish I did, to be honest with you. I wish I was one of the Johnsons from Johnson & Johnson, but no, I’m from one of the poor Johnsons down in Delaware.

12:13 CH: Well, not now, you don’t wanna be, but…

12:15 Scott: No, now I don’t wanna be.

12:16 CH: But what’s up, man? It’s like every week there’s a new recall, you know? People are not…

12:18 Scott: I just don’t understand how that happens.

12:18 CH: I don’t either.

12:18 Scott: Does it mean they’re working in a really old building and the asbestos fell from inside of the building?

12:18 CH: Equipment. Yeah, something, like the equipment is old.

12:18 Scott: Does it say at all, Tori, how such a thing could happen?

12:18 CH: The warehouse is old.

12:18 Tori: I don’t know. Reuters is saying that the company’s known that they’ve had asbestos in their products for 10 years. But then the company…

12:18 Scott: Yeah, but it’s only a small amount, though, that makes it okay. Why? That’s so weird. There must be something within the chemicals…

12:18 Tori: Right.

12:18 CH: Johnson & Johnson is a corrupt organization.

12:18 Tori: Yes.

12:18 Scott: Any big, any big, big… Is bad.

12:18 CH: I know, but them in particular. They’re bad. Aren’t they doing stuff with the opiates too? Johnson & Johnson, they have their hand in everything, don’t they? They’re huge. They got products, they own all these different companies that provide household products…

12:18 Scott: Do they have an asbestos department? Do they have an asbestos department and maybe there was cross-contamination?

13:13 CH: Yeah, they’re in the same building as the baby powder.

13:15 Scott: Yeah.

13:16 CH: “Oh, sorry, we keep our baby powder next to our cancer-causing chemicals.”

13:20 Scott: That’s unbelievable. Do better, Johnson & Johnson, do better. Silky… Their logo here on some of this is, “Silky soft skin.”

13:28 CH: And that’s just the stuff that we find out about.

13:30 Scott: Yes.

13:30 Tori: Right.

13:31 CH: What about the stuff that we don’t find out about?

13:33 Scott: Exactly.

13:34 CH: Like you know what’s in Uncle Ben’s rice? I’ve always wondered, it’s gotta be more than just freaking brown pilaf.

13:40 Scott: Yeah.

13:41 CH: They’re sticking… You know.

13:42 Scott: There’s definitely something in that.

13:43 CH: Some hormones in there, I don’t know.

13:45 Scott: Alright, topic three here on the rundown.


13:48 CH: Shout out to Uncle Ben’s rice.

13:52 Scott: This is my boy right here.

13:54 Tori: Topic three, so had to include this, Mattress Mack…

13:58 Scott: Love his name.

13:58 Tori: Places $3.5 million bet on Astros to win World Series.

14:04 Scott: This guy is a beast. So the thing that he did and what he’s going to do is if he wins… And how much did you say, Tori?

14:13 Tori: 3.5 million.

14:14 Scott: Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and say he’s up to, I think, 10… So this one right here says, “New Jersey Sportsbook, so this is just New Jersey Sportsbook, could lose 6 million to him.” So I think that he’s got over $10, 12 million invested into this game. And I’m just gonna say if you have the cojones to bet that amount of money on the Astros, that’s not the only thing this guy bets. I mean, this guy must have a little bit of a gambling problem, no?

14:47 CH: Only if he loses.

14:48 Scott: The thing that I love about what he’s doing, though, is… Which is pretty cool, is that if he wins this bet and you bought 3000… Like anything over $3000 or up to $3000, he credits you back. Basically, anybody that’s bought anything from Mattress Mack in, I don’t know how long he does it for, this season, I guess, if the Astros win, they get their shit for free. He sends them back the money, which is just like… So everybody is sitting there rooting for the Astros to win.

15:20 CH: So it’s kinda like charity.

15:22 Scott: Yeah.

15:23 CH: Yeah.

15:23 Scott: But then, on top of that, he gives himself just a shitload of advertising as well.

15:27 CH: But he’s just giving free furniture.

15:28 Scott: So I wanna see this man take it to the house. And I don’t mean running down the sidelines. I mean banging the casino for a bunch of millies. I’d love to see somebody hurt the casino. And although it’s not really gonna hurt the casino, but they won’t let him bet more than a million or 2 million, so he’s got people like Chase running in there throwing down a bag of cash.

15:55 CH: That I don’t have. But Mattress Mack, man, there’s something about this guy that I don’t like, that I find disingenuous. There’s something about what he’s doing. He’s basically trying to find whoever will take the biggest bet. He’s got some… It’s kinda inside… He started betting before the Astros even made it to the World Series, and it makes me think that he knows something we don’t. That’s why I want the… That’s why I want the Nats to win in seven, Nats in seven, baby. That’s what I’ve been saying.

16:27 Scott: What? Why are you rooting against this man? His name is Mack.

16:29 CH: ‘Cause I feel like there’s something…

16:30 Scott: His name is Mack.

16:32 CH: Look, he…

16:33 Scott: I’m gonna have him come on this show and we’ll see what you have to say to him then, buddy. We’re gonna put him up on that TV on Skype.

16:39 CH: This guy knows something we don’t, and it makes me uncomfortable, and also…

16:42 Scott: What does he know that we don’t?

16:43 CH: He’s kinda creepy. He’s a little creepy.

16:45 Scott: He does look a little creepy.

16:45 CH: He looks a little creepy, knows something we don’t. He’s got this kinda like, you know… You know what he’s got? He’s got the grandpa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, like that kind of vibe, like, “What are you doing laying in bed all day?” [chuckle]

17:00 Scott: It says he’s bet around 11 million. It says he’s bet 11 million on the Astros to win the World Series, and if that ends up happening, he is going to make 19 million because he took the odds.

17:09 CH: I don’t like the casino… The bookmakers, though.

17:11 Scott: He took the odds. Yeah, why are you rooting for the house?

17:13 CH: I don’t know why I’m rooting for the house, normally, I’d never do that, but something about Mattress Mack, it just makes me a little uneasy.

17:18 Scott: When you go to the casino and you stand next to me and do the shit that I tell you not to do, with your little red chips, and every once in a while you step it up to a green chip, which is a 25, and they’re sucking you out, they’re like sucking the chips and the life out of you.

17:31 CH: Don’t make fun of me, that I don’t have enough money to gamble, okay?

17:35 Scott: They’re sucking the life… I’m not making fun of you because you don’t have enough money to gamble.

17:37 CH: That is a low… That is a low, low blow.

17:39 Scott: I’m making fun of you because you walk up to a table and I’m doing something…

17:42 CH: You’re like, “You only bet with $5 chips, what are you? Poor?”

17:44 Scott: No, when they milk you dry and they take all that money from you and now you’re rooting for them over Mattress Mack, first of all, his name is Mack, second of all, he’s giving it back to the people, there’s zero reason why you should say anything bad about this man.

17:58 CH: But all I said is that he’s creepy and he makes me uneasy.

18:00 Scott: I want you to take it back.

18:00 CH: And that’s why I don’t like him.

18:01 Scott: He doesn’t know anything that we don’t know.

18:02 CH: That’s kinda… I don’t really need any more reason than that.

18:06 Scott: Listen, if he was betting on NFL games, I’d be nervous, alright? Because those refs…

18:11 CH: Yeah, those refs.

18:12 Scott: Are crook as shit.

18:13 CH: They’re crackable.

18:14 Scott: Yes. Tori, what’s your thoughts on this guy?

18:17 Tori: I don’t understand gambling at all, and it honestly could be a different language.

18:23 Scott: Well, what if just knowing the fact that he’s gonna win, but he’s also gonna spread the wealth around. I mean that’s pretty dope, right?

18:30 Tori: That’s kind of nice, yeah.

18:31 Scott: Right, I… Like tell me…

18:33 Tori: Spread it to me.

18:34 Scott: Everybody go buy a bedroom set down in Houston or in Texas, in general, I think. Is he like the Bob’s… Why can’t Bob’s Discount Furniture do this?

18:43 CH: He’s got the money.

18:44 Scott: Oh wait, because all the teams around us suck. No, he should do it with the Patriots, that’s what he should have did it with. That guy would of caked off if every year he did this exact same thing with the Patriots.

18:53 CH: Oh my God, yeah.

18:53 Scott: Except for when they played the Eagles and the Giants because they can’t beat the NFC East, that’s what’s up.

19:01 CH: They got a Giants and an Eagles problem.

19:03 Scott: They sure do. I don’t care, Patriots are awesome. They’re unbelievable.

19:06 CH: Always have. Yeah, I respect them.

19:07 Scott: Just don’t run into the NFC East because we’ll smash that ass. [chuckle] What? Alright, that’s enough of Mattress Mack. I hope he wins, and I hope everybody wins, and I hope everybody in Texas has brand new waterbeds.

19:07 Tori: Right.

19:07 Scott: Does anybody even rock waterbeds anymore?

19:24 Tori: I don’t think so.

19:24 CH: No.

19:25 Scott: Remember how cool they were though?

19:26 CH: It’s just impractical.

19:28 Scott: Not good for you.

19:28 CH: Nats in seven, it’s a moral lock. Moral lock of the week, Nats in seven.

19:32 Scott: I don’t know why you’re rooting against this, man, it really pisses me off. It’s equivalent to…

19:35 CH: I think it’s because I wanna be right because I said Nats in seven.

19:38 Scott: No, it’s equivalent to when you walk up to the table and I’m playing craps and I’m betting one way, and then he comes over and he bets the complete opposite way, and I look at him and I go, “What the fuck are you doing?” And he’s like, “What man? I’m just… I’m just playing my chips.” I’m like, “No, you’re hoping that I lose, and I’m hoping that you lose.” [laughter] This isn’t fun. Let’s just go play heads up against each other in the room.

20:01 CH: Alright, in the room.

20:03 Scott: Whoa, alright.

20:04 CH: Whoa. [chuckle]

20:04 Scott: There would be a dealer there. There would be a dealer.

20:07 CH: Why does somebody have to hit on somebody on every episode? I’m the main culprit.


20:12 Scott: We are gonna go on to a topic number four.


20:19 Tori: So, after a four-year album hiatus, Coldplay announces their next album the old-fashioned way, via typewritten letters. So, they delivered these handwritten letters, or I guess typewritten letters into all of their fans’ mailboxes. That’s so unique.

20:37 Scott: It is.

20:38 CH: Did you say via typewritten letters?

20:40 Scott: Yeah.

20:41 CH: It’s via.

20:41 Scott: Oh, here he comes.

20:43 Tori: What? No. No.

20:43 Scott: Oh boy.

20:44 Tori: We’re not having this conversation.

20:44 CH: Alright. Anyway, this is a little… This is cool, isn’t it? I think it’s nice.

20:49 Tori: I think it’s cool.

20:50 CH: It’s a little weird, and also, giant waste of paper, right? Environmentally…

20:55 Scott: Yup.

20:56 CH: I hope this is recycled.

20:57 Scott: Yup. Apparently, they haven’t been woke yet.

21:00 CH: I hope this is biodegradable paper because, otherwise, it’s… This is a giant, “Just do it digitally.” Use Mack Media, we’ll put it together for you.

21:07 Scott: I mean, it’s definitely a creative… Something different to do, but how many did they send? What did they do, they just send it to everybody like…

21:18 CH: Here’s something creepy as hell, how do they have all of their fans’ addresses?

21:23 Tori: No, that’s what I was thinking.

21:24 Scott: Really?

21:25 Tori: Like how?

21:26 Scott: Really?

21:26 Tori: And I tried researching.

21:27 CH: I know you could say, “Really.” [chuckle] But it’s still…

21:31 Scott: In this data world that we live in, Coldplay can get their goddamn social security if they wanted to, alright?

21:37 CH: It’s a little weird.

21:38 Scott: I mean, I think that they just go into…

21:40 CH: Do you guys like Coldplay?

21:41 Scott: They go into Facebook and they just pull all the people that like Coldplay, and they just… You know.

21:45 CH: You know that song, “The Scientist?”

21:47 Scott: Nana likes Coldplay.

21:48 CH: Tell you how lovely you are.

21:50 Scott: Nana, at Christmas… I think Nana has a… Does Coldplay have a Christmas album?

21:53 Tori: No.

21:54 Scott: I think they do.

21:55 Tori: I don’t think they do.

21:55 Scott: I think they do.

21:56 CH: Oh my God, there’s a part of that song, “The Scientist,” where he hits the high note, he goes, “Awoo.”

22:01 Scott: Woah.

22:02 Tori: Wow, he went for it.

22:03 Scott: Jesus Christ, bro.

22:05 CH: We used to sing it together in the car.

22:06 Scott: Sounds like this is gonna be…

22:07 CH: Me and my fam.

22:08 Scott: That actually makes me wanna talk about Karaoke Fridays at the office.

22:10 CH: How wholesome is that?

22:11 Scott: What if we instituted a must, like you have to do a karaoke song in the office?

22:17 CH: Yeah, I don’t think legal… Is that legal? You have to force somebody to perform?

22:20 Scott: Ah, you know… Listen.

22:22 CH: Listen, performer, you’re fired.

22:24 Scott: I’m not gonna say, “You’re fired.” But we’re just gonna, you know… I think we should do it.

22:27 CH: All the interns have to do it too.

22:29 Scott: I think we should do it. Alright, and let’s get back to Coldplay.

22:31 CH: Otherwise, there’s no point. We need like 15 people.

22:33 Scott: Let’s get back to Coldplay.

22:37 CH: From a business standpoint, from a marketing standpoint, I’d say…

22:40 Scott: Yeah, I mean, they put themselves in the news by it, but they are gonna get people. I guarantee you people are gonna be like, “Oh, why are you doing that? You’re killing trees.”

22:49 CH: I think if you announce that you… If you’re Coldplay and you announce that you have a new album coming out, you’re gonna make it in the news.

22:56 Scott: Yeah.

22:56 CH: You don’t have to do this whole like artistic show.

23:00 Scott: Yeah, you’re right.

23:00 CH: People will be like, “Oh, Coldplay has a new album.”

23:02 Scott: But my whole thing is like she said it was from a typewriter. There’s no… No, they did it with a font that was a typewriter.


23:10 Scott: They printed a bunch of copies of it.

23:13 CH: I love typewriters.

23:14 Scott: There’s no way somebody was picking and rowing right there.

23:16 CH: My grandma has a typewriter, I used to play with it when I was a kid.

23:19 Scott: Wow.

23:19 CH: Yeah.

23:19 Scott: Nice.

23:20 CH: No, they’re fun. Have you ever seen one?

23:21 Scott: Yeah.

23:22 CH: You go…


23:23 Scott: Yeah, I know how it works, bro. I used to use one. I used to use one. Oh, boy, this guy.


23:28 CH: It’s fun, dude. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a lot of fun.

23:33 Scott: You know what’s next to a typewriter, right? A rolodex.

23:38 CH: Yeah.

23:39 Scott: Something that you don’t know nothing about, boy.

23:41 CH: Nope, just learned about that.

23:43 Scott: Alright, Coldplay, go get them. Good luck. Good luck with those tree-huggers out there. They’re coming for you. They are coming for you. I foresee a protest outside of their first show. Anyway, topic number four? Five?

24:00 CH: This one’s…

24:00 Scott: Five? This is the end of the rundown.

24:03 Tori: Yes.

24:03 CH: You guys won’t see this episode until probably mid-November. So, this is a little after the fact, but right now, tomorrow’s Halloween, correct?

24:11 Tori: Right.

24:12 CH: And this is a Halloween topic, so it’s very timely.

24:15 Scott: Yes.

24:16 Tori: Exactly.

24:17 CH: And it’s also very scary.

24:19 Tori: Yes.

24:19 CH: So, go ahead, Tori.


24:22 CH: Tori.

24:24 Tori: So, topic number five, this haunted house makes you sign a 40-page waiver before entering. It requires a doctor’s note, stating you’re physically and mentally cleared for the experience, and you also need a proof of medical insurance, pass a drug test, and then sign the 40-page waiver. And the haunt can last over 10 hours.

24:49 Scott: This is like a torture chamber.

24:52 Tori: No one’s ever finished it.

24:54 Scott: Apparently, they must be beating you or something. There’s no way that… There has to be things that aren’t covered in that waiver. I would love to see that waiver.

25:05 CH: Yeah.

25:05 Scott: Not that I’d be able to read it, but I’d give it to you and have you google…

25:08 CH: And then I’d have to interpret it for you, and you’d be like, “Oh, oh, oh.”

25:12 Scott: Because, I don’t know, I just can imagine a lot of shady things happening.

25:18 CH: This makes me really uncomfortable.

25:20 Scott: So, isn’t there somebody that’s trying… Wait, what did you say yesterday? There’s somebody that’s trying to stop this from happening?

25:24 CH: Yeah, there’s a petition, right?

25:25 Tori: Oh, yeah. Mm-hmm.

25:26 CH: 30,000 people signed a petition to shut this place down.

25:30 Scott: Because what did they say that it was?

25:32 CH: They said it’s torture.

25:33 Scott: Just a torture chamber?

25:34 CH: It’s a torture chamber.

25:36 Scott: Wow.

25:37 CH: What is this? McKamey Manor does not charge a fee to enter, the owner who, according to the WFLA, has five dogs, only requires people to bring a bag of dog food.

25:46 Tori: I thought that was so funny.

25:47 Scott: Wait, what?

25:48 CH: What?

25:49 Scott: What does he do?

25:50 CH: You don’t have to pay to enter. So how is he making money off this? You just bring a bag of dog food. Everything about this makes me uncomfortable.


25:57 Scott: Hold on a second, and this is the guy that we’re supposed to trust?

26:00 Tori: Yeah, there’s something off about this. Russ McKamey.

26:04 CH: One other thing I wanted to mention about this guy, apparently, he’s completely straight-edged sober and conservative, that’s what he claims. They interviewed him and he goes, “I’ve never done drugs. I don’t drink. I’m a very conservative individual,” but then he’s the owner of this torture chamber house of horror that I would never… I would never set foot in this place…

26:25 Scott: I got a great idea.

26:26 CH: In a million years.

26:27 Scott: I think you should do this.

26:28 CH: No.

26:28 Scott: And I think you should do it, and I think that you should get the money so we can fund the show. What do you think?

26:34 Tori: Love it.

26:34 Scott: Let’s do it, bro.

26:35 Tori: Field trip.

26:36 Scott: Let’s do it. Come on, bro. You’re tough.

26:39 CH: I don’t have to… I’m not that tough, bro.

26:41 Scott: No, you’re a wrestler, dude.

26:43 CH: I’m not wrestling any of these things. I’m running from these things. I’ve never been like the guy who’s all tough…

26:49 Scott: Why is it that my brain just immediately goes to sexual activity?

26:53 CH: Because you’re a male.

26:57 Scott: No, I’m not talking about… I’m paranoid about the fact that they’re going to try to do sexual things to you inside of this thing.

27:05 CH: Yeah.

27:06 Scott: That can’t be covered under the waiver. There’s no way.

27:12 CH: They don’t have to do that stuff.

27:13 Scott: You can’t sign a waiver to say you could be sexually-assaulted, right? I mean, that’s not possible, is it? Like…

27:17 Tori: You’d hope not.

27:18 Scott: I signed a waiver. I signed a waiver.

27:20 CH: I didn’t come to this haunted house to be sexually-assaulted, I could have just went to the bar down the street.

27:25 Scott: Exactly.

27:26 CH: You know what I mean?

27:26 Scott: Exactly. I don’t know…

27:27 CH: I could have went to Delta Gamma Phi, or whatever.

27:30 Scott: Why does he only want dog food? What a freaking weirdo.

27:34 Tori: So weird.

27:35 Scott: Like what a freaking weirdo. And where is this at? It’s in Tampa.

27:40 Tori: I think it is.

27:41 Scott: He might be probably the only person that’s…

27:43 CH: Alright. So, let’s tie this into business. So, he’s not making money from admittance, from entry, from people who pay to get in. So, what is he making money from? Is this a whole marketing scheme? Is there some production company behind this, that does these haunted houses, that is building a reputation? Like I don’t know.

28:03 Scott: The thing that’s funny is that… The thing that’s funny is that only three people have done it. No, I don’t know. But this part right here…

28:09 Tori: There’s two locations.

28:11 Scott: What?

28:11 Tori: Tennessee and Alabama.

28:13 Scott: Some people… It says it’s literally just kidnapping and a torture house. Some people have to seek professional psychiatric help and medical care for extensive injuries. I propose all locations where this is happening to be shut down immediately. I kind of agree. If… You’re not agreeing to get the shit beat out of you, are you? Apparently, you are. That’s what I’m saying with the sexual assault stuff.

28:36 CH: I wanna talk to… You know who we should have on the podcast? Somebody who freaking did this.

28:40 Scott: Visited this?

28:42 Tori: Yes.

28:42 CH: That’d be so cool.

28:43 Scott: I think that would be a great idea.

28:43 CH: That’d be so cool.

28:47 Scott: I think that would be a great idea.

28:47 CH: I’d love to hear about it, but would never wanna experience it.

28:47 Scott: And the other thing is like I have a feeling that there’s no end to it. I have a feeling that they’re just gonna like… They’re just gonna keep going, so they don’t have to pay you the money, like there’s no end to it, right?

28:57 CH: Yeah.

28:58 Scott: So, they’re just gonna keep going and keep torturing the shit out of you until you give in, basically. I don’t know, sounds like a mess.

29:04 CH: How is this legal?

29:05 Scott: Sounds like a mess.

29:06 CH: How is this legal at all?

29:06 Scott: Waiver, waiver, bro. Waiver.

29:09 CH: Waivers don’t allow you to assault… Whatever.

29:12 Scott: Alright. So, that is the end of the rundown, so now we get to move on to Chase’s favorite, favorite, favorite, favorite part of the program, and everybody’s favorite part of the program.

29:25 CH: Yes, yes, yes. Mack Move or Wack Move.

29:27 Scott: Stop acting like Steve Ballmer, seriously, you’re like, “Let’s go, alright! Yeah!”

29:35 CH: Windows 95.

29:35 Scott: That actually has to be… When we get our soundboard, that’s gonna be the intro to the Mack Move or the Wack Move, is gonna be Steve Ballmer soundbite.

29:43 CH: What a guy.

29:43 Scott: And we don’t have the signs on the table. So let me go grab those real quick.


29:49 Tori: So keeping with the spooky theme, the first one is scientists have created an artificial skin, they say, can give devices, such as smartphones or tablets, a more human-like quality. So, this is basically like a piece of plastic that you can put on your laptop’s touch pad, a band of your smart watch, or the back of your smartphone to make technology feel more personal and approachable. And I guess it makes your screens more sensitive.

30:24 Scott: That is… I don’t…

30:26 Tori: It’s so weird.

30:27 CH: A pervert came up with this.

30:29 Tori: It’s so weird.

30:31 CH: Some type of perverted person came up with this.

30:31 Scott: Does this actually exist?

30:33 Tori: Oh, and there’s two versions. There’s the simple version which looks like plastic, it looks unrealistic, and then there’s ultra-realistic, which has pores and ridges like normal skin.

30:45 Scott: But what’s the reasoning behind it? Do you feel the need, like you’re holding somebody’s hand? Like, why does your phone have to be…

30:55 CH: Yeah.

30:55 Scott: I’m confused by it.

30:56 CH: The only way I could see this being a thing is if you wanted to shake someone’s hand or touch your… Whatever, touch your spouse, like shake her hand through the phone.

31:06 Scott: From across the room?

31:07 CH: Yeah, like through the phone. And I don’t even know how that makes sense, even.

31:10 Scott: Yeah.

31:11 CH: The Simpsons probably thought of it first, though.

31:13 Scott: The only thing that I could think that it would work is if you had a hand on a stick and you just wanted to… You’re laying on the other side of the couch, and you wanted to caress your wife’s face, you could take that stick and just…

31:27 CH: That’s what I’m… Yeah.

31:27 Scott: Or pet your dog, pet your dog. That’s a good boy over there. Why the hell would it be on your phone? I don’t even think this… I bet you they don’t even… I mean, this can’t really exist.

31:38 CH: It seems like a joke.

31:39 Scott: Yeah. I’m gonna go Wack move. I think it’s pretty stoop, if you ask me. But I like the fact that whoever this company is, is they’re in the news, so I’m all for that. I like it if you can get in the news over dumb shit. I’m all for that. I’m trying to do the same thing myself with my staff here, with my peoples.

32:00 CH: I don’t want robots or anything computerized to be more human-like, that’s just weird and perverted to me.

32:10 Scott: Perverted.

32:11 CH: That’s what it says. It says it’s programmed to improve capabilities and better respond to human gestures.

32:16 Scott: What?

32:16 CH: So like it makes…

32:17 Scott: Why?

32:18 CH: Such as pinching, poking and tickling. So you’re trying to make a computer like a human. It’s like no.

32:25 Scott: That’s weird.

32:25 CH: I like how my phone looks like a brick, I like that.

32:30 Scott: It does look like a brick.

32:31 CH: Yeah, it’s a brick.

32:32 Scott: Tori, what do you got on this?

32:33 CH: Build a house with this.

32:34 Tori: Wack move. It’s unnecessary and really horrifying.

32:37 Scott: It’s just kind of stoop, it’s just kinda stoop. I don’t even know that it really exists.

32:42 CH: I’m not about it.

32:43 Scott: I don’t even know, but… Alright, topic number two.

32:46 Tori: Topic number two…

32:46 Scott: Ooh, I like this one.

32:46 Tori: Was a special request.

32:46 Scott: By who, I wonder?

32:46 Tori: Instagram model Julia Rose, the CEO of Shagmag and co-worker Lauren Summer…

32:46 Scott: Oh, my God! Holy shit! Sorry about that.

33:04 Tori: Lifted up their yellow t-shirts during Game Five of the World Series while Houston Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole was on the mound, preparing for a pitch, temporarily halting the game and eventually landing the women an indefinite suspension from MLB match-ups.

33:20 Scott: Did he point them out? He saw them, right? And he was like, “Those girls are flashing their…

33:25 Tori: That’s what Tommy said.

33:26 Scott: Their boobies,” and then they asked them to leave?

33:29 CH: Talk about a distraction, huh?

33:31 Scott: Yeah.

33:31 CH: How do you focus on the World Series after that happens? You’re like…

33:35 Scott: I wanna say that’s not cool. Being a parent, I wanna be like, “That’s not cool. If you took your kids to the stadium, that’s not cool,” but…

33:43 CH: It is kinda not cool.

33:44 Scott: It is, it is, but also it’s like… Come on.

33:49 Tori: They also said that… They claimed they were promoting breast cancer awareness month, which is kinda nice.

33:57 Scott: That’s true.

33:58 CH: It’s for a good cause.

34:00 Scott: For a good cause, and also their Instagram accounts. I would love to know…

34:04 CH: And Shagmag, whatever the hell that is.

34:05 Scott: I would love to know exactly how much they’ve increased their following from doing this. That’s what I’d like to know.

34:14 CH: Let’s see… No, I couldn’t tell you.

34:17 Scott: Now, is it a double standard that men are allowed to do this?

34:20 CH: I was just gonna say the same thing.

34:22 Scott: Is it a double standard?

34:22 CH: Can you imagine if a male did this?

34:25 Scott: It wouldn’t be a big deal.

34:26 CH: It wouldn’t be…

34:26 Tori: Men do it all the time, they paint their bodies.

34:29 Scott: No, at basketball stadiums, they take their shirt off and dance all the time with their big bellies.

34:33 Tori: Yeah.

34:33 Scott: They do that all the time. They do it at the Sixers games. They do it everywhere.

34:37 CH: Yeah, but it’s not quite equivalent to showing, as a female, your breasts, isn’t it?

34:44 Scott: I don’t know, but I’ll tell you what…

34:45 CH: It’s not the… It’s not equivalent. It’s not equivalent.

34:47 Scott: It worked for me. I followed them both. I followed them both. And that’s only for work reasons, though, because I’m interested to see how their following increased.

34:57 CH: I just think it’s kind of unethical, man. And then the way that they run their social media accounts too, like… It’s, literally, look at… Have you seen their social media account? Obviously, you follow them now.

35:06 Scott: No, no, I haven’t looked though.

35:08 CH: You haven’t looked?

35:09 Scott: No.

35:09 CH: So, it’s every photo.

35:11 Scott: Yeah.

35:11 CH: It’s every photo. They never have clothes on. Every photo is a picture of them exposed.

35:17 Scott: Listen, are they following the regulations of Instagram?

35:20 CH: It’s just not… Your kid, right now, Macy or Finley, could, if they had the Instagram app, which anybody can get, you don’t have to be any age, they can follow her. It’s public. It’s public.

35:31 Scott: No, but what it’s called is Comcast has a blocker for those types of content, buddy.

35:35 CH: I know, but still, if they get their hands on even… What if your… “Hey, dad, can I use your phone?”

35:42 Scott: Bro, this is the society that we live in nowadays.

35:44 CH: You’d be like, “Yeah, sure, here’s my phone, sweetie,” and she clicks your Instagram app.

35:46 Scott: This is the society that we live in nowadays.

35:48 CH: I know but I’m just saying it’s unethical. It’s unethical.

35:49 Scott: You know what’s worse? Do you know what’s worse? Getting asbestos put on your buns. Alright? That’s way worse.


35:55 CH: Some people don’t want… Some people don’t want their kids exposed to that stuff, and I’m just saying…

36:00 Scott: Alright. Well, I’m gonna go Mack Move, and he’s not even the one with the kids, I’m the one with the kids, but I’m gonna go Mack Move because, listen, I’m all for… Doing… I just said it, doing dumb shit and building your name. That’s what we’re all about in this day and age.

36:16 CH: To get a big following, but make it ethical.

36:19 Scott: Whatevs. I’m just saying, whatevs. Did that hurt anybody? Did that really hurt anybody?

36:23 CH: You don’t wanna be… I know, “There’s no such thing as bad press”, but… I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t wanna be known as the guy who did something like, you know, bad.

36:35 Scott: Yeah, like didn’t take his pants down in Times Square, in front of naked cowboy?

36:39 CH: I’m actually glad to be known as the guy who didn’t do that.

36:40 Scott: You should’ve been that… You should’ve been that guy, because if you did, this show would have so many more followers, bro, because you got quads like… You’re like the white Saquan, bro. You’re like the white Saquan.


36:51 CH: No.

36:52 Scott: They call him ‘white-quan.’ That’s what they call… [chuckle] Yeah, look, I’m going Mack move. What’re you doing bro? Make a decision here, let’s go. We got shit to do. You just shit all over it, and then you go freaking Mack move. I don’t know.


37:08 CH: I’m not saying anything. I’m not saying anything.

37:09 Scott: I don’t know. Tori, what do you have?

37:10 Tori: I’m gonna go Wack move. It’s like…

37:12 Scott: Why?

37:12 CH: Do you like how I did that? How I shit on it for five minutes, and then I did Mack move?

37:16 Tori: Yeah, makes no sense.

37:17 Scott: Why, Tori?

37:18 CH: It makes sense.

37:19 Tori: Because I don’t wanna bring my kids to a sporting event and have to worry about naked people.

37:24 Scott: They were in the front row… But they were in the front row. So you’d have to be either on the field to be able to see it, right, or directly to the right and left?

37:31 Tori: I feel like a lot of people probably saw that.

37:34 Scott: Listen, there’s a lot of things at baseball games that kids see that are way worse than those breasts.

37:42 CH: Like what?

37:43 Scott: I’m just saying. I’m just saying, bro.

37:46 CH: Like what?

37:47 Scott: Like Tommy. [laughter]

37:48 CH: Oh, true.

37:49 Tori: That’s true.

37:49 CH: He wasn’t at the World Series but…

37:51 Scott: Like Tommy walking around, screaming at the top of his lungs about how a grown-ass man wears rompers. “Harper wears rompers.”

37:58 CH: Yeah, also there’s fights going on, and all that.

38:01 Scott: Yeah, exactly. How about somebody getting their face busted open by another Phillys fan, a Phillys fan getting their face busted open by another Phillys fan.

38:11 CH: You Philly… You guys are filthy in Philly.

38:13 Scott: That is way worse.

38:15 CH: Philly scumbags.

38:15 Scott: How is that not way worse? You open up National Geographic, what do you see? Boobs. I’m just saying… [chuckle] It’s not that bad. It is not that bad.

38:28 CH: Alright. Mack Move.

38:30 Scott: Sounds like I’m… So, anyway, Tori, what’s the… [laughter]

38:35 CH: Alright, here we go. Topic three.

38:39 Scott: Alright, topic number three.

38:41 Tori: Yes, tres. So, Netflix tests a speed binge feature on Android phones. This allows subscribers to speed up or slow down playback without muting the volume, used by some listeners to consume content more quickly.

39:02 Scott: So, I don’t understand, you watch the show but it just goes through faster? Why does this thing keep going on? So it just plays it faster? Like YouTube?

39:15 Tori: Yeah, so if people can’t… Let’s say I’m watching Peaky Blinders and I can’t understand what they’re saying, you can slow it down.

39:24 CH: Just put on the captions.

39:25 Tori: Yeah.

39:25 CH: No, listen… So, apparently, Hollywood is…

39:25 Scott: It’s the same thing that YouTube does, right? You could just speed it up.

39:31 Tori: Yeah, you can do it on podcasts, songs.

39:35 CH: That makes no sense to me, though. The way that I would do it, Chase Hutchison, Producer Extraordinaire…

39:41 Scott: You’d watch a highlight of it.

39:43 CH: Yes. Why would you do this? This is so stupid.

39:46 Scott: I wouldn’t do that. No, I wouldn’t do that.

39:46 CH: Do the highlight thing so you get all the best parts of the episode.

39:49 Scott: I don’t feel like you’re gonna really…

39:50 CH: Anyway, the huge point in this is that Hollywood is upset, like actors, directors, creatives, anybody involved in movie-making says this is an abomination, this is an affront, if you will, on the art of movie-making and film-producing, that you shouldn’t be able to just fast-forward through these artistic creations.

40:13 Scott: How can you even absorb all of it? There’s no way. If you can watch stuff 50% faster, there’s no way. There’s no way that you’re gaining all of that. Right?

40:26 CH: But Scott, this is practically made for a guy like you.

40:29 Scott: No, it’s not. Because I’ll just watch…

40:29 CH: Practically.

40:30 Scott: No, what I want is…

40:32 CH: What I was describing earlier.

40:34 Scott: Yeah, give me the whole season in a 30…

40:36 CH: In an hour.

40:37 Scott: Yeah, in an hour, to where it’s like, “Oh, this happened, that happened, this happened, that happened.” CliffNotes. This isn’t CliffNotes, this is speed reading, and I ain’t down with that, so I’m going el wacky move-o.

40:50 CH: El wacko.

40:52 Scott: You’re going Wack move too?

40:53 CH: Wack move.

40:54 Scott: Tori, what do you have with this?

40:55 CH: This is garbage.

40:56 Tori: I’m going Mack move. I’m just thinking about elderly people that wanna watch their shows can’t understand the millennial actors on the show.

41:05 Scott: The slowing down I get, but the speeding up…

41:08 Tori: That’s the only use I can see for this.

41:13 Scott: But re-watch it, back it up a little bit.

41:16 Tori: I don’t know, have the option, I don’t care, I don’t need to use it, but if someone wants to use it.

41:19 CH: Yeah, I guess I have no problem with it being an option.

41:22 Scott: I didn’t even know that it wasn’t an option, to be honest with you. [laughter] I thought it was the same thing as YouTube. That’s always been the case with YouTube.

41:27 CH: This isn’t even a story.

41:28 Scott: That’s always been the case with YouTube.

41:30 CH: Scott thought that this already existed.

41:32 Scott: Yeah, I didn’t even know. I know now.

41:35 Tori: Okay.

41:36 Scott: Alright. So that is number three or four?

41:37 CH: Scott says he has Netflix, but I have never seen him watch Netflix or have Netflix on.

41:40 Tori: So, now we’re onto number four.

41:42 Scott: Dude, I watched all of Game of Thrones, all of it…

41:45 CH: Not on Netflix.

41:46 Scott: In 30 seconds.

41:47 CH: Guy thinks Game of Thrones is on Netflix. Look at this old geezer.

41:51 Scott: It’s coming soon.

41:51 CH: Yeah, you know what? That would be kind of interesting, the Bee Movie sped up like 15 billion times fast. People will start doing those videos.

41:58 Scott: Exactly. Can they do this in the movie theater? Can they do this in the movie theater, please?

42:00 Tori: Yeah, there you go.

42:03 CH: Isn’t Game of Thrones like 80 hours? If you wanted to watch the whole thing, you’d have to sit down for four or five days, six days, and watch…

42:13 Scott: Nothing but that?

42:14 CH: Yes. In order for you to catch up to the latest season, it would take forever.

42:18 Scott: Alright, topic number four.

42:21 CH: Okay. So anyone from the Philadelphia area would understand what this is, but it’s the ‘I hate Steven Singer’ billboard campaign ends after 10 years. According to legend, a man bought his wife a ring from Steven Singer jewelry for their 20th wedding anniversary. The purchase led to the couple having a third very accidental child. The husband allegedly told Singer about their new kid, and blamed his late night diaper changes on Singer and his diamond rings by yelling, “I hate Steven Singer!”

42:53 Scott: I like the whole story behind it, it’s funny, and I like the whole marketing idea behind it, and I’ve always heard the commercials and stuff like that, but I never knew what it was. It’s cool to hear the story behind it. I don’t know, though… These people never used contraceptives? Or they just decided not to that night? I’m just curious. What makes it to where…

43:20 CH: Accidents can happen, even with contraceptives.

43:23 Scott: But how did it just so happen to happen on the night that they got the ring?

43:26 CH: I have a description for this night, and keep it up here, you can keep it up here.

43:32 Scott: Yeah, I think we probably should.

43:32 CH: I have a description for what happened, but anyway, contraceptive isn’t 100% effective 100% of the time.

43:40 Scott: It sounds like it should be a freaking… Steven Singer sounds like it should be a condom company, don’t you think? ‘Cause it’s like… [laughter]

43:46 CH: Yeah.

43:46 Scott: I hate Steven Singer, but…

43:48 CH: Let’s talk about billboards though, right? Because this is a billboard, it just says, “I hate Steven Singer” on it, and it makes you think in your head, “Oh my god, what is that?”

43:56 Scott: Why? And then you go and look it up.

43:56 CH: And then you go and Google it. And we’ve had this discussion before about other stuff. You know Eat Clean Bro? I was like, “Wait, what is Eat Clean Bro?”

44:04 Scott: Yes.

44:04 CH: That’s… All that’s up there, and I have to Google it. It’s like if we bought a billboard and we just put, “Mack move” on there. People are like, “What is ‘Mack move’?”

44:13 Scott: Yeah, but you’d have to spend so much money to be able to do it.

44:16 CH: You’d have to spend a billion dollars.

44:19 Scott: I think it’s pretty cool. Obviously, the campaign worked. I actually bought something from Steven Singer once. It was the rose…

44:28 CH: Did you?

44:29 Scott: It was the rose that they dip. What is it? It’s like a gold… They dip a rose.

44:35 CH: In gold?

44:38 Scott: In like a plastic… I don’t know, it’s got gold on it.

44:40 Tori: And it’s preserved forever?

44:41 Scott: Yeah, and they say that it’s a real rose that they dip. It’s pretty cool.

44:45 CH: Oh, it’s a gilded… It’s a gilded rose.

44:46 Scott: Yeah, I bought that for my lovely lady. No babies were had after I bought that for her, though, so… I mean, there might have been what happens when you make a baby, but there was no actual baby, if you know what I mean? Anyway, I am going to go with Mack move, for a lot of reasons. Number one: Philadelphia is awesome, and anybody that does anything to do with business in Philly is the shit. That’s number one. Number two: Obviously, it made you ask the question. People were like, “Why do people hate Steven Singer? Who is this guy?” And it makes you then look into it, and that is the whole entire purpose of a campaign like this. Chase-a-ford.

45:10 CH: I feel this guy’s pain. I’m assuming that this guy’s at least in the 40-50s years old, and he has another accidental kid. Can you imagine having a kid out of nowhere? So I really feel for that guy, ’cause now he’s gotta pay for another frickin’…

45:10 Scott: Yeah, you know what I would’ve did? I would’ve taken the goddamn ring back. I would’ve returned the ring, because now you got pay for baby shit.

45:10 CH: Yeah.

45:10 Scott: Now you gotta pay for baby shit. See what I’m sayin’?

45:10 CH: Don’t buy your wife expensive things on your anniversary because it will lead to…

45:10 Scott: Baby-making.

45:10 CH: Is that the message here? I don’t know.

45:10 Scott: I think that’s the message here.

45:10 CH: Anyway, Mack move, for all the reasons Scott said.

45:10 Scott: Yup.

45:10 CH: Great marketing, great branding.

45:10 Scott: And he loves Philly.

45:10 CH: And… I hate Philly.

46:08 Scott: Loves Philly.

46:09 CH: Well, I don’t hate Philly.

46:10 Scott: You like Philly.

46:10 CH: I don’t know how I feel about the Eagles.

46:11 Scott: You’re a Sixers fan. I was telling Tommy that you’re a Sixers fan.

46:13 CH: You guys are rivals so I watch all your games.

46:15 Scott: Yeah, you can hate the Eagles. That’s fine.

46:16 CH: I like Jimmy Butler, and he’s no longer on the 76ers, so I don’t have a reason to… He’s scrappy.

46:20 Scott: Bro, so many better players to like than Jimmy Butler, okay. Joel Embiid, okay.

46:26 CH: He’s kinda likeable too, but Jimmy Butler’s cool.

46:29 Scott: He eats burgers before the game, alright? Tori, what do you have?

46:33 Tori: I’m going Mack Move. I’m a very impressionable consumer and these mysterious ads target me personally, and I love them, they’re cool, I always thought that they’re smart…

46:42 Scott: And it obviously worked, he’s been on the same campaign for 10 years, that’s like unheard of. He had to have broke a record.

46:46 Tori: And he created a life.

46:47 Scott: Yes.

46:48 CH: If I don’t say this now…

46:49 Scott: He brought a life into the world.

46:50 CH: Yeah, I guess that’s a positive thing.

46:52 Scott: Can we see this baby?

46:53 CH: Dude, when we all…

46:54 Scott: This baby an influencer? Is this kid an influencer?

46:57 CH: When we all do Mack Move, we should have some kind of effect where it’s like, “Mack quake, everyone’s Mack move,” or something, like something. We need to have a soundboard effect where it’s like…

47:08 Scott: Yes.

47:08 CH: Holy shit, everybody did Mack Move at the same time, ’cause we…

47:10 Scott: Whoa, bro!

47:11 CH: As everybody on the show knows, Scott and I disagree on a lot of things, particularly, who has a better stadium.

47:20 Scott: No, you just like to bitch about… You just like to argue and make… Say hot takes, and I call you out on them. That’s really what it is.

47:26 CH: And vice versa, and vice versa so much.

47:28 Scott: Everything I say is 100% legit, and wait ’til you hear about the shit that I have to say.

47:33 CH: Wow. Oh my God, the ego on this guy is unbelievable.

47:33 Scott: Wait ’til you hear the shit I have to say about topic five.

47:35 CH: I don’t think there’s enough room in this room for all of us. I think me and Tori are gonna have to go out there and do this podcast.

47:41 Scott: Wait until you hear what I have to say about topic number five. Tori.

47:45 Tori: Okay. So, topic number five. Five million… Billion, excuse me, dollar American Dream Mall owned by the same developer as The Mall of America, opens in East Rutherford, New Jersey, complete with indoor ice rink, ski area, amusement parks, and, of course, plenty of retail stores, and it expects a whopping 40 million visitors a year.

48:10 Scott: I don’t know. It took him 17 years to build this. Why? Is it because they started and stopped numerous times? I think so. They ran out of money?

48:20 CH: I mean, it’s only a Mega Mall.

48:22 Scott: Yeah, I know, but still, 17 years? Like… So what are some of the features that they have in there?

48:26 CH: In East Rutherford.

48:26 Scott: Do they really have a…

48:29 CH: Nickelodeon theme park? Yes.

48:31 Scott: And they have a… Do they have a…

48:32 CH: Water slide? Theme park?

48:34 Scott: Thing that you can go skiing down?

48:37 CH: Do they have an Auntie Anne’s?

48:38 Scott: No. A ski…

48:39 CH: Tell me that. Do they have an Auntie Anne’s?

48:41 Tori: I’m sure they do.

48:42 Scott: They have like a thing that you can go skiing down in there, don’t they, or no?

48:45 CH: Yeah.

48:46 Scott: Or did they get rid of that? That was the original.

48:48 CH: No, no, no, that’s going on, that’s happening. That’s gonna be a ski slope.

48:51 Scott: All I gotta say is…

48:52 CH: It’s just they renamed it. You know that, right? They renamed it.

48:54 Scott: What?

48:55 CH: Remember, you told me that.

48:56 Scott: Yeah, it was supposed to be called… I don’t even know.

49:00 CH: I forget, but anyway, they renamed it. And…

49:02 Scott: Xanadu, or Xana something, or… I don’t know.

49:05 CH: We should go, and I’ll teach you how to snowboard, buddy. How’s that sound?

49:10 Scott: Yeah, I think it would be cool if we went there, and then we voted on whether it was a Mack move or a Wack Move. You think they’d have us? Let’s reach out to their PR person.

49:19 Tori: I’ll get on that.

49:20 Scott: I mean, why wouldn’t it be a part of Giants stadium? That would be cooler.

49:26 CH: I wanna put you in a big inner tube and shove you down that hill, and just see what happens.

49:31 Scott: I’m down. 17 years, it contains an indoor ice arena, a ski area, amusement parks, and of course, loads of retail stores, just in time for retail to go out.

49:45 CH: You think they sell iPhone cases there, or what?

49:47 Scott: Retail… Retail is going out, right? So, retail is going out, and now the American Dream is coming in, and as they’re building it, they’re like, “Shit, retail’s going out. What do we gotta do?” We gotta bring a bunch of people out with amusement parks and skis, ski hills, and all that shit.

50:03 CH: I think it’s gonna be a big flop.

50:05 Scott: Do you?

50:06 CH: Yeah, just got a gut feeling that you can incentivize the shit out of people, but they’re either about it or not about it, and what the data’s telling us is that retail is going out.

50:17 Scott: Yeah, and the whole thing is…

50:18 CH: And this is the wrong time to build a mall.

50:19 Scott: The fact that they’re making it an experience is definitely a good idea, but my whole thing is if it’s such a great idea, why did it take 17 years? Apparently, people have backed out of this process along the way, right?

50:31 CH: Yeah.

50:31 Scott: And let’s be honest, if you’re looking for the most expensive retail space that there is, that’s right about where it should be, unless you go to the other side of the bridge.

50:39 CH: Yeah.

50:40 Scott: So…

50:40 CH: You gotta build something that’s gonna bring the people out there, maybe…

50:43 Scott: Do they say that this is in New Jersey or in New York?

50:45 CH: Maybe a gaming…

50:46 Scott: Is this in New Jersey or in New York?

50:47 CH: They said it’s New Jersey.

50:49 Scott: Okay, they say it’s New Jersey, but it’s right next to the Giants and where they play, and they say that’s New York. I’m very confused.

50:56 Tori: That’s also up for debate.

50:57 Scott: I’m very confused. Your team’s a piece of shit.

51:00 CH: You’re not…

51:00 Scott: Your team’s a piece of shit.

51:01 CH: You’re not confused, you’re just being a dick.

51:03 Scott: Your team’s a piece of shit. They don’t even play in the right state.

51:06 CH: We’re having a rough year, I’ll give you that. It’s been a rough season.

51:09 Scott: No, how can you possibly, bro? How can you possibly? Your team plays in one state, and it wears another state’s… I don’t get it.

51:18 CH: We’re the New York Football Giants, I don’t know what to tell you.

51:21 Scott: You’re horseshit. I’m gonna go… I’m torn on this one, because I’m down with it, because it seems like it’d be fun, but it’s a one-time visit. This is definitely a one-time visit, right?

51:36 CH: That’s what I’m saying, I’m not gonna go there.

51:37 Scott: You’re never going to this place multiple times.

51:37 Tori: Is it? It sounds like a vacation.

51:39 Scott: Yeah, do they have a hotel in that?

51:41 Tori: Yeah, I think so.

51:42 Scott: Do they?

51:42 Tori: They have a pool, and a swimmer bar.

51:44 Scott: It’s right near Chase’s, actually, favorite place, his favorite franchise, Boner Fish. I mean, Bone Fish.

51:50 CH: Bone Fish?

51:51 Scott: Bone Fish. Bonefish Grill. It’s right near there.

51:53 CH: Yeah.

51:54 Scott: I’m gonna go Wack Move because retail is dead.

51:58 CH: Yeah.

51:58 Scott: And… But it’s funny, ’cause retail’s dead, but yet, these developers keep making, making money, making money.

52:05 CH: I mean Mack Move because it’s probably gonna be a lot of fun. I’ll go there. It definitely will… It will earn an outing from myself. It’s earned that, at the least. And I’d say, if you can get that, there’s chance maybe I’ll come back after a Giants game.

52:07 Scott: But are we going…

52:07 CH: After, apparently, a Giants loss, because we suck this year.

52:07 Scott: Are we going Mack Move or Wack Move on the business idea or just on the mall in general?

52:07 CH: Also the fact that they had a ski slope.

52:07 Scott: Did you hear my question? Are we going Mack Move, Wack Move on the… Because I think it’s a bad business idea and I think people are going to lose a lot of money.

52:07 CH: I’m going Mack Move on the fun that’s to be had and the good times, and the ski slope, I think, is awesome. They have one of those in Dubai, we gotta show them who’s boss. I like the entertainment aspect to it. Now, from a business perspective, I don’t know if this is the smartest thing, but I guess time will tell. Huh? Time will tell.

52:07 Scott: Time will tell. I see a government bailout coming for the American Dream Mall. Tori, what do you have? It’s a mall, so I know you’re going Mack move. Go ahead.

53:08 Tori: I’m going Mack move because…

53:09 Scott: She wants the shopping experience.

53:10 Tori: I want a Mall of America on the East Coast, like, that sounds cool to me.

53:14 Scott: Yeah, I guess.

53:17 CH: I’m down with that.

53:17 Scott: I guess.

53:18 CH: Yep.

53:19 Scott: Alright. Well, that concludes, doesn’t it?

53:21 CH: Yep.

53:22 Scott: Mack Move or Wack Move. That also will conclude the Episode 41 of the Mack Talks. I’ve been doing the pee pee dance over here for probably the past 30 minutes. I drank… I drank a very diesel coffee.


53:39 CH: Scott drinks motor oil in the morning.

53:43 Scott: I have to go and relieve myself, and then I gotta pay some bills, right? We gotta pay some bills.

53:48 CH: Yeah.

53:48 Scott: We gotta get some sales going.

53:50 CH: We gotta keep this thing running.

53:51 Scott: We have some housekeeping, a couple housekeeping news. And the only reason why I’m saying that is because the woman last night at that event was saying that, talking about housekeeping.

54:00 CH: Yeah, yeah. She kept saying that.

54:03 Scott: A couple of things. Number one, when this episode airs. As of right now, the Eagles are four and four, four and four.

54:10 CH: Four and four.

54:10 Scott: When this thing probably comes out January 2021… No, I’m just kidding. When this episode comes out, I will tell you this, the Eagles would have beaten the Pats.

54:23 CH: Who’s next for you guys?

54:24 Scott: Buckle up. We play the Bears this weekend, bye-week, rest up, get healthy, eat some cheese steaks, maybe watch some baseball with some boobies in the background.

54:34 CH: Ooh, I want a cheese steak.

54:35 Scott: And then, next thing you know, we’re beating the Patriots. You heard it here first, we’re beating the Patriots. I said it. Believe it, it’s gonna happen. That’s housekeeping number one. What was housekeeping number two?

54:50 CH: Giants Cowboys next Monday evening, primetime football. Make sure you tune in. Giants are gonna beat the Cowboys.

54:56 Scott: Nope. Yeah, we’re not talking about that. Those are two shitty teams that we’re not gonna talk about, although I do hope the Giants…

54:56 CH: Giants are gonna beat the Cowboys.

55:01 Scott: I need the Giants to beat the Cowboys. Is it in New Jersey or is it in Dallas?

55:05 CH: No, I’m pretty sure it’s in Dallas.

55:07 Scott: Okay, a couple of other things. I think we can talk about our Operation Fake News briefly, correct? Because by the time this rolls out, that’ll already be out.

55:17 CH: Oh yeah.

55:18 Scott: So I’m interested to see… So the video is almost ready. It’s definitely pretty funny. Tori, thoughts on the… Thoughts on the Fake News, Operation Fake News?

55:28 Tori: I think it went swimmingly. It looks great. The video’s high quality.

55:32 CH: “Swimmingly” she says.

55:33 Scott: I didn’t know that word, I don’t know that word. I’m not educated. You can’t be using big words like that.

55:38 Tori: I like that word. It’s not really a big word.

55:38 CH: It’s not really a big word. It’s a pretty common word, actually. Swimmingly.

55:39 Scott: What is it? Never heard anybody say that before.

55:41 Tori: It might not even be a word.

55:43 CH: Swimmingly, it just means it went smoothly.

55:44 Scott: Okay. So what we did was we went and we tried to create some fake news, and we staged a Donald Trump impersonator to show up in Times Square, and we’re getting ready to release the behind the scenes video of that. So, by the time you’re hearing this, it would have already come out, and hopefully, you would have seen us on Good Morning America, or some shit like that, you know what I mean?

56:11 CH: It’s almost like a dock or a vlog on how to spread and create fake news.

56:16 Scott: But we’re not political. We’re actually looking at it more from the viral side, kind of. We’re looking to create a viral moment on a very low budget. That was the goal of this. So, let’s see, we’re gonna roll it out, hopefully, in the next couple of days.

56:35 CH: Yup.

56:35 Scott: And we’ll see how it goes.

56:36 CH: Yup.

56:37 Scott: I know we… We definitely had some fun. Oh, Sober October? We gave it a go.

56:47 CH: We gave it a go. We got about three weeks and four days… Three weeks, four days.

56:51 Scott: 25 days. 25 days. And I came back from the bathroom at this pizza place that we were eating at, and Chase had two beers, sitting there, so I’m not really gonna blame myself.

57:01 CH: That’s not true.

57:02 Scott: I’m gonna blame Chase, but I’m easing back into the game. Apparently, it took Chase two days to catch up. Now, he’s right back in his routine that he was in. For me?

57:11 CH: I’m right back in the pocket. No, I’m in the pocket.

57:13 Scott: Not me, I’m still Scotty Lightweights, bro. I drank three, four beers… Drink a couple of beers and I’m done. I’m in bed by 9:30.

57:24 CH: I’m in the pocket.

57:25 Scott: Yeah. Did you go out last night after?

57:27 CH: No.

57:27 Scott: You did, didn’t you? You went and drank some more beers, didn’t you?

57:30 CH: No, I didn’t. I went right home.

57:31 Scott: Alright. Alright.

57:32 CH: I went to bed. I had work the next day.

57:34 Scott: That’s a good boy. That’s a good boy.

57:35 CH: You know what I’m saying?

57:36 Scott: Alright. So, Sober October, we gave it a go. 25 days.

57:43 CH: Scott, also you’re welcome for jumping your car this morning. That was fun.

57:47 Scott: Yeah, I woke up this morning, my car was dead, so Chase had to come and start that bish.

57:52 CH: So, I’m the most reliable, most honest, loyal guy that you’ve ever met, pretty much, hardest worker as well.

57:57 Scott: Yeah, you need to carry them jumper cables in your car, though. That’s what you gotta do. Bish. Alright, that’s gonna conclude this episode of the Mack Talks, Episode 41. Chase, go ahead, close us out. Give us all the… Everything that you gotta give.

58:14 CH: Guys, if you haven’t already, go to our YouTube channel, type in The Mack Talks in YouTube, hit the subscribe button, like this video, comment, let’s get some hype going. Go to Facebook, type in the Mack Talks, hit search, find us, like us.

58:31 Scott: Do it now!

58:32 CH: Comment, subscribe, @macktalks on Instagram. If you wanna see all of our podcasts, look at all of our stuff, go to our website www.themacktalks.com. Please, leave us a review on iTunes as well.

58:47 Scott: Jesus, wow. He’s begging.

58:48 Tori: And check out our Trump video.

58:51 Scott: Yeah, and check out our Trump video, let us know what you think, and that’s it.

58:52 CH: And check out the new Trump video. That should be good.

58:56 Scott: Tori, say goodbye.

59:02 Tori: Bye, guys.

59:06 Scott: Peace.

59:09 CH: Peace.