ben & jerry’s using cbd in a new flavor?

Ben & Jerry's new CBD flavored ice cream. Leave a Comment / Advertising, Travel, Uncategorized / By Chase Hutchison


Marijuana has become more prevalent in society. States are starting to legalize it for medical and recreational usage. The FDA might be looking to change their rules on including it in food. Even notable ice cream chain, Ben & Jerry’s, wants to jump on the opportunity. On May 30, Ben & Jerry’s announced on their website, that they are looking to develop a new flavor using CBD.


This isn’t too insane for everyone’s favorite ice cream chain with two male names. They have often introduced new flavors to jump on certain current social trends. Several well-known celebrities, like Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert, have developed their own flavors. The “30 Rock” character Liz Lemon even has a flavor named after her. 


Ben and Jerry themselves, have also previously advocated for marijuana legalization and decriminalization. On their official announcement, they also say that they have submitted a comment to the FDA in favor of the issue.

giving the people what they want


The post also says that other food brands have considered adding marijuana as well, and they would like to keep up with this trend. CEO Matthew McCarthy says, “We’re doing this for the fans.” McCarthy says Ben & Jerry’s has created flavors, like their “Dairy Free’’ line, that were fan requested. “We aspire to love our fans more than they love us,” McCarthy says, “we want to give them what they’re looking for.”

Some of their flavors,  the popular “Half Baked” and the Dave Matthews Band inspired flavor “Magic Brownies’ allude to marijuana usage. So the idea of using some ganja in a new ice cream isn’t too off-brand. Since marijuana has notably been used in and associated with dessert items, like brownies and cookies, it seems like ice cream is the next logical step.