It’s Apple’s World, and We’re Just Living in It

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Apple’s New Creation

Apple is a powerhouse. We knew this. They are constantly pumping out new versions of all of their products, seemingly finding new ways to improve them every year. However, one product that they haven’t touched on for a while is the iPod Touch. It seems that their main focus has been their iPhones and Macs over this product.

Right Place, Right Time

It seems that Apple has waited for the right time to introduce a new version of the iPod Touch, introducing a new service called Apple Arcade only a few months ago. The service is paid monthly, not unlike Apple’s other services such as Music and News. Apple Arcade offers over one hundred new and innovative games that are exclusively sold by Apple, for Apple products. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, must want to rebrand the iPod, something that was once focused on music, into a multimedia device more than ever.


The Specs

This revamped version of the iPod Touch doesn’t seem to be that much different than its predecessors, which is something that will likely disappoint Apple consumers. Or not, because most of Apple’s new inventions don’t include anything groundbreaking. The new device features an A10 Fusion chip (which is an older version) and a new 256 GB storage, but other than that, the device doesn’t seem all that different. But, hey, they must be doing something right, considering the fact that they’ve generated $25.6 billion in revenue in the second quarter of 2019 only.

Did Apple Stop Caring?

This brings up the question: Did Apple stop caring? Since their humble beginnings in 1976, they have invented truly great things, from the iMac and MacBook, to the iPod Classic, Shuffle, Nano, and Touch, to the various iPhones that have been created. But, in the recent years, it seems like their products are more gimmicky than ever before. Do they do it because they know that people will buy it? Probably. But why not try being more creative? Wouldn’t that create even more customers? Maybe Cook doesn’t feel that they need to do anymore than they’ve already done, being the leading provider for computers, laptops, and phones.