Game Of Thrones is Over. What’s Next For HBO? (Spoilers)

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Post-Series Depression

The epic story of Game of Thrones has finally come to an end. The finale left a lot to be desired for many, but others seem to be quite satisfied. The takeaway is definitely polarizing to say the least. It seems like most viewers are raging on social media about their disappointments and what they would have liked to see.

Did Somebody Say “Spin-off”?

The eighth and last season of Game of Thrones has averaged at about ten to twelve million viewers in the U.S. only. HBO claims that so far, the episodes of this season have averaged at about 43 million views per episode. The season finale generated about $19.3 million views. It’s hard to tell at this point whether or not the franchise will capitalize on all the buzz regarding the finale and make spin-offs. But, the chances seem very high. After all, regardless of what people have to say about the finale, it’s hard to deny the amount of notoriety the show has gotten. It’s always being talked about, whether it be about speculations regarding where the characters will end up or why they should watch if they haven’t already (or if they live under a rock). This is relatively reminiscent of the Breaking Bad finale. Many were unsatisfied with the ending. However, all of the publicity that the show received resulted in them creating Better Call Saul and an upcoming sequel.

It’s no question that Netflix is the leading streaming service right now and has been for a while. With over 60 million consumers, they are leading the pack with Hulu only having 25 million and HBO Now having only 5 million. With Game of Thrones ending, it is very possible that consumer percentages will go down. This can only mean one thing: More content. HBO needs to jump on the success of Game of Thrones and make more related content.

What’s NExt?

Maybe the show follows Arya Stark in her voyages west of Westeros. Maybe it follows Sansa’s reign in Winterfell, Maybe it focuses on Bran’s kingdom with Tyrion and Podrick, or even a prequel to the story. No matter what they do, one thing is undeniable: There are not many opportunities to create such a following for a television show. HBO needs to milk this for all its worth. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you would rather see Daenerys or Jon take the Throne. It doesn’t matter if you wanted to see Cersei completely obliterate everyone. What matters is the profitability of the show and probability that the show can branch off in other ways. This way, everyone’s happy. Viewers can get more to content to obsess over and HBO can thrive off of this franchise that is so critically-acclaimed.