Will Ford’s New Delivery Robot Change the Entire Shipping Industry?

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The Shipping War

For a while now, Walmart and Amazon have been competing to have the superior shipping service. There’s been talk of using robots and drones to help deliver goods to homes, and some have even been implemented. But an unexpected company has joined the race, and that company is Ford. Offering a robot that can walk up stairs and carry up to 40lbs, accompanied by a self-driving car, Ford has created a means in which Walmart, Amazon, and many other businesses can reach their goals quicker.

The Game-changer

Although this is a cool idea and all, how will this affect jobs for those delivering the packages themselves? In the past, the argument has been that robots cannot get out of the vehicle and deliver the packages, so humans are still necessary for the job. But with the manufacturing of Digit, that argument seems to be invalid now.

Ford’s new invention is a huge game-changer for delivery-based companies. Although the use of these robots can get rid of jobs, it can also increase the efficiency and speed of deliveries. If a company wants to get ahead in the delivery industry, then they should take advantage of Digit and use it before another company gets their hands on it.


Do we Need This?

The robot isn’t set to even begin trials until early 2021, but it begs the question: Do people even really want this? What’s wrong with the way we are delivering now? With services such as Amazon Prime, most packages are delivered within one or two days as it is. And how is this going to affect the delivery industry? Soon, every company that offers a delivery service is going to be using these robots, getting rid of normal jobs for humans. Sure, consumer rates will go up with the implementation of these robots, but rates will go up no matter what because the reality of the situation is that nobody wants to go out to do their shopping. I know that I’ll order something off of Amazon when I can easily get the same thing at the Walmart down the street, even if that means waiting an extra few days.

Whether you like the idea of robots and AI becoming more commonplace, it is undeniable that it’s happening. Businesses can decide to either get rid of existing jobs and greatly increase revenue and efficiency or not use Ford’s Digit and continue business as it is. The real question is, are they willing to make the sacrifice?