Will Ford’s New Delivery Robot Change the Entire Shipping Industry?

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With Ford's development of delivery robots, plenty of jobs are at stake. What does this mean for the advancement of AI and delivery-based companies?

Is Horror Making A Comeback?

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Horror movies have long been looked down upon. Cheap jump scares and faulty plots have taken over the industry since the mid 2000’s, and they have not been getting any…

What will abbreviated Subscribers mean for influencers and companies?

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The way the companies view engagement and subscribers are about to change, but for the better or worse?

quality vs money? The Decline of RuPaul’s Drag Race

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How RuPaul's Drag Race's mainstream success could have lead to it's decline in quality.

Game Of Thrones is Over. What’s Next For HBO? (Spoilers)

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The Game of Thrones series finale received some polarizing reviews. Is the ending a set up for potential spin-offs or prequels?

Will Niantic’s New Endeavor, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Succeed or Fall Flat?

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Niantic’s next big idea, is due to release soon. Will it follow in the footsteps of Pokémon Go, or will it fall on its face?

How To Set Up Podcast Gear: A Beginners Tutorial

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How To set up your first podcast for two people and gear recommendations.

simba being held up

The British Royal Brand Found Their New Posterboy: Archie

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Have you ever spent $500,000 on maternity clothes? Here's how much it costs to have a royal baby.

In Defense of “The Netflix of Podcasts”

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Luminary is betting 100 million dollars you'll start paying for free content. Is their content good enough to warrant the price tag?

What You Need to Know about Slack’s IPO

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The details behind Slack filing its initial public offering (IPO) were released. What is the most important thing to know about Slack?