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The 40 Under 40 Awards: CT’s Premier Business Leaders Share Their Advice for Success

The 40 Under Forty of Fairfield County share the best advice they've received.

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The Mack Talks Pushes Against Cancer

This year, Scott and Chase here at Mack Media attended the Push Against Cancer event, raising $3,000!

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Leslie Mayes in the NBC Connecticut newsroom.

Leslie Mayes’ 4 Tips for Aspiring Reporters and Journalists

Find out about NBC CT reporter, Leslie Mayes' rise to sucess!

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The front of Bumble's new cafe.

bumble opening up a wine bar slash cafe?

The dating app Bumble has announced it will be opening a cafe slash wine bar in SoHo in fall 2019.

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Ben & Jerry's new CBD flavored ice cream.

ben & jerry’s using cbd in a new flavor?

Ben & Jerry's is looking to include CBD in its newest ice cream flavor.

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Tyler Babin’s 4 Tips For New Creators

Tyler Babin, former videographer for Gary Vaynerchuck, spoke to Chase and Scott on The Mack Talks and told them to "stop worrying about dumb s***."

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do people care about music videos?

Why music videos aren't cool anymore.

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Is Apple Shutting Down iTunes a Bad Idea?

Apple is shutting down iTunes. What does this mean for consumers as well as the well-being of the company?

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It’s Apple’s World, and We’re Just Living in It

The release of Apple’s new iPod Touch is just around the corner. Will it provide anything new and groundbreaking, or will Apple continue its streak…

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bring back the virtual websites, already

Bring the virtual sites back.

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$2 MILLION FOR ONE INJECTION: The Most Expensive Drug in the World

The World’s Most Expensive Drug As of May 24, what is being called “the most expensive drug in the world” was approved by the Food…

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Is Juul Opening Retail Stores a Smart Idea?

Juul wants to open up retail stores in the United States. Will the FDA let them get away with this? If they do, will this…

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abc’s reality show problem

American Idol's 2018 revival has been nothing but trouble for ABC.

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how to get the most engagement on posts

Here's how you can be a boss at social media.

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Will Lilium’s Flying Taxi Service Make Uber and Lyft Obsolete?

With Lilium’s new proposal of a new flying taxi service comes the pressing question: Will they put up a fight against other taxi services, such…

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Virtual Reality Becomes the Business World’s New Gimmick

The use of virtual reality is now a viable business option. How can it improve your business?

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Will Ford’s New Delivery Robot Change the Entire Shipping Industry?

With Ford's development of delivery robots, plenty of jobs are at stake. What does this mean for the advancement of AI and delivery-based companies?

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Is Horror Making A Comeback?

Horror movies have long been looked down upon. Cheap jump scares and faulty plots have taken over the industry since the mid 2000’s, and they…

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What will abbreviated Subscribers mean for influencers and companies?

The way the companies view engagement and subscribers are about to change, but for the better or worse?

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quality vs money? The Decline of RuPaul’s Drag Race

How RuPaul's Drag Race's mainstream success could have lead to it's decline in quality.

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