Episode #34 :

Bierstick Boys & Fingaz Bowl

Bierstick Boys & Fingaz Bowl

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Today on the podcast, we hang out with Julien, Brandon, and Justin, the creative minds behind the Bierstick beer bong syringe and the Fingaz Bowl drinking game. They share how they turned their unique ideas into physical products, market to their audience, and partake in a little Mack Move or Wack Move.

Product review

Bierstick and Fingaz Bowl focused mainly on eCommerce, but then got involved with Spencer’s and got their BierStick product selling there. The college party culture is always looking for new games to bring to parties and get everyone playing. These entrepreneurs believe that it’s all about the nature of the device. When people use snapchat and social media to record these games, it all becomes word of mouth, where people who have never seen this product before want it which leads to website purchases. Along with this, they’ve worked with many popular Instagram accounts like Old Row, 5th Year, Barstool. Watch Scott test the Bierstick, by seeing who really is the champion of the game and even incorporating his unique mixtures into the syringe.  

Wack Move or Mack Move

In this week’s program of wack move or mack move trending business news is brought up and the group debates between topics like Elon Musk planning to cause ‘Global Warming’ on Mars.

Highlights from this episode:

» 1:28 – 7:52 – The Bierstick is Born
» 10:10 – What is Fingaz Bowl?
» 17:51 – 25:42 – Attempting the Bierstick
» 26:43 – 32:00 – Barstool Sports Debate
» 32:01 – 34:00 – Trump Tries to Buy Greenland
» 34:03 – 36:58 – Nate Diaz Lights a Joint During Pre-fight
» 37:10 – 39:55 – LSU Locker room
» 40:00 – 44:38 – Elon Musk to Populate the Planet of Mars