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The Mack Media Group can help your business by establishing trust, building relationships and growing your network through Social Media Marketing (SMM). Social Media Marketing helps promote engagement between you and your customers.

Whether you’re improving your current SMM or just starting out for the first time, the Mack Media Group can create meaningful content for your customers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We offer both regular social posts as well as full-on social media advertising campaigns. The Mack Media Group is CT & NY’s trusted Social Media Marketing specialist.

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Why Trust Mack Media with Your SMM?


Marketing dollars spent on Social Media Marketing is an investment for your business. We provide Social Media Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising that allows you to measure the number of individuals who have engaged with your SMM Campaigns.


We are proud of the social media marketing we provide for our clients. We are here to help you build your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. You can always reach out to a Mack Media team member by e-mail of phone.


Every company needs a unique SMM plan. We will make sure that your company is on the right path geared toward your target audience. In addition, the content generated will all be carefully crafted to fit the identity and message of your business.


You will receive detailed, monthly reports that go over your Social Media Marketing return-on-investment (ROI). This will consist of Social Media PPC and the number of customers that have engaged with your website from SMM. We can also provide weekly updates that include notes on the progress of your campaign. 

What Is Included in Your Social Media Marketing?

Facebook Marketing

We can create and optimize a Facebook page for your business. We will post regularly for your business while measuring successful engagements and boosting performing posts. We also run complete Facebook advertising for your business goals with page likes, site traffic, and customer acquisition. All of this comes with measurable results so you know what you are getting for your marketing dollars. 

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a fast growing platform that can help your business gain brand awareness, inform customers of the latest services or products and promote events. As part of Facebook’s advertising platform, we can extend your Facebook advertising or create unique marketing campaigns for Instagram.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is the place to keep your customers engaged, informed and excited about everything going on in your business. We can create tweets just for your business that draw in customers attention of the latest happenings. We’ll work with you to decide what content we will use. If you are interested in running advertising on Twitter we can develop custom campaigns.

LinkedIn Marketing

For businesses looking to gain an edge, LinkedIn is the place to be, especially for B2B advertising. We can build your business page, groups, and run advertising that will target individuals or businesses with your products and services. The LinkedIn content we create will be professional and industry-specific. Together, we can help build your company through LinkedIn advertising.

YouTube Marketing

Video advertising has taken the lead in the digital marketing world because of how engaging the content can be. We run video advertising campaigns through YouTube, targeting your ideal customer base. If you need professional video production as part of your YouTube advertising campaign, we can help with that as well. Even video production has taken the lead in marketing. 

Conversion Tracking

The success of your social media marketing campaigns is impossible without proper conversion tracking. We track and report impressions, clicks, and conversions coming through your social media marketing campaigns. We understand that social media advertising is an investment and we are here to help you determine your ROI.

Regular Reporting

We are proud of our social media marketing and want you to know it. Each month we send a detailed report and analytics of your current campaign. We also send you weekly updates so you are always in the loop with the work going on for your business.

Social Media Marketing FAQs

In today’s digitally driven world, Social Media platforms are usually the first place customers learn about your business. Developing a positive image and creating meaningful content will make a huge impact on how potential customers view your business. It’s no longer an option to sit on the sidelines and let other big advertisers take over the market. Being pro-active within Social Media can make a big difference in how you attract and retain customers.

Mack Media can help reshape your social media presence. We provide more than just quick posts and short tweets, but a solid foundation of interactive content that attracts customers to your business. We can also use Social Media PPC and Facebook Ads to help get your posts noticed by specific audiences. This helps your business gain new customers and improve your ROI.

The answer is simple, no. There is now a multitude of social media platforms to choose from, but not all will be valuable to your company. Each platform contains a different set of viewers (or customers) who are interested in specific products and services. Often, these go along with a lifestyle or a group of people with common shared interests.

When trying to figure out which social media platforms you should be on, some questions to ask yourself could be, “What kind of audience am I looking to attract?” Or “Where am I trying to grow my network?” These will help you decide between platforms like the creative Instagram, the Facebook mix, and the professional LinkedIn.

In addition, you may want to ask yourself, “Does my company add value to this platform?” If you’re on a platform producing content that viewers don’t want to see, you could end up hurting your social media presence, and therefore your business. But not to worry, at Mack Media Group we can help you either get started with SMM or reshape your existing presence.

As you go about creating posts, we will work with you to decide what your customers are looking for. Do they want something educational like an industry-related article to read or do they want something funny and entertaining? The answers to these questions will help us create the most relevant and effective social media posts for your company.

The amount and frequency of your social media posts will vary.

The frequency of your posts depends on two elements. The first deals with the number of available resources. These resources may include the latest industry-related articles, short video clips or company information on new products, services, or events. You want to make sure that you’re providing your users with content they want to see, and not just filler content. It’s always quality over quantity. For that reason, well-written posts will lead to higher engagements and be more valuable to you than a bunch of wasted effort.

The second element consists of your audience. While some audience may accept a lot of posts running through their feeds, others are more reluctant to staying engaged. This kind of user may stop following you because of the overwhelming amount of posts they are receiving. This will hurt your business because you lose a potentially loyal customer. Going back to posting good content that is valuable to your users can save you here.

We’ll sit down with you to discuss the best practices for your business on the different social platforms. 

Paying for Social Media Advertising can help boost your posts to be seen by additional viewers. So the answer to this questions is, yes, you should.

Here’s Why: Organic reach dropped by nearly 52% in 2016 alone as Facebook Ads began to take over top spots for posts. Facebook uses an algorithmic feed to decide which content should be placed within user’s feeds. This has made it increasingly difficult to get content seen organically, or when not used within a Facebook Ad.

Depending on your budget, we recommend setting aside marketing dollars for Social Media Marketing. Social Media has become a leading tool for companies to generate leads, grow their email list and gain more viewers just by being exposed to their advertising.

Every platform will offer their own form of paid social media marketing. First, determine which platform you’d like to be on, your budget, audience and what kind of content you want to be posted. Many businesses start by utilizing Facebook Ads because there are many opportunities to reach customers on this platform compared to others. 


Research shows that 78% of all Americans are known to have at least one social media profile. The top being Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. This means that you have a higher probability of reaching your customers through one of these platforms. Social Media is on the rise and connecting with your customers is essential to your businesses success.

Your posts don’t just have to be all about advertising. Remember that social posts are a two-way line of communication. You will often receive likes, comments and other arrays of feedback from your customers. Use this to your advantage as you sell your products and services or promote an event!

Putting together fun, interactive and entertaining posts can help you keep users informed, and aware of what is going on in your industry. Making fun facts for your contracting business, or health tips for you medical facility are all great ways to keep consumers engaged.

SMM Services to Grow Your Company

Your Social Media presence plays a crucial role in business growth today. Don’t let your competition outrun you. At Mack Media Group, we provide the social media advertising that you need for your business. We offer effective SMM with the ability to track your leads and determine your ROI.

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