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Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an effective medium for your business to connect with customers throughout the Kingston, NY area. At the Mack Media Group we specialize in SMM, and can help your business launch a successful social media marketing campaign.

Whether you are starting from scratch, or would like us to take over what you started, The Mack Media Group is equipped and experienced to take on all of your SMM needs. For your business we can develop a comprehensive plan on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others depending on the needs and goals of your marketing strategy. The Mack Media Group is the premier Social Media Marketing agency serving CT & NY.

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Why trust Mack Media with your SMM?


The steps we take to market your business on social media take into account that each dollar you spent is an investment in your business. The Mack Media Group relies on a pay-per-click strategy (PPC). This allows us to get you the maximize return on every dollar allocated to your SMM budget.


 At The Mack Media Group we rely on open communication with each of our clients to market their business on social media. You have the ability to speak directly with the people who are working on promoting your page. You can always reach a Mack Media team member by e-mail or phone.


The requirements for each businesses SMM differ dependent on the business type and the target audience. We put great thought and time into all of the content we write so we can perfectly capture the target tone and gear it toward the correct group of consumers.


Each month your business will receive a comprehensive report that will outline your Social Media Marketing ROI. Included in the report will be a detailed outline of the customers who have engaged with the social media of your Kingston business. We will also provide you with a weekly report.

What is Included in Your Poughkeepsie, NY Social Media Marketing?

Facebook Marketing

The Mack Media Group can help your business establish an engaging Facebook page for your Kingston, NY business. We will develop a customized Facebook strategy for your business needs, and target audience. We will engage with customers by posted adds geared toward a specified target demographic. The success of the campaign will be measured by metrics including but not limited to audience engagements such as page likes, customer acquisition, and site traffic. Our goal is to maximize engagement and ROI. 

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is an optimal platform to promote events, engage with customers, and promote brand awareness.The Mack Media Group can help your business take advantage of Instagram’s paid and Organic growth strategies, to target a specific target audience. Let us help you gain Instagram followers and promote your business.  

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is an excellent platform for cultivating a personal network of customers and spreading the word of your brand. The Mack Media Group can craft content that is catered to a target audience, and help cultivate a loyal customer base- all in 140 character or less! Additionally, Twitter can support other content including video. We can help your business design and implement a successful twitter advertising campaign!

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the premier B2B social media platform. This platform is optimal for connecting businesses, business individuals, and driving brand awareness throughout a target demographic. The Mack Media Group can help your business by providing regular postings aimed at cultivating a network, and we can also help develop your business page or profile. Our services can help you take advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer.

YouTube Marketing

Video advertising has become extremely useful with the emergence of Youtube and its advertising platform. The Mack Media Group can help your business grow a youtube following and attract a specific audience. In addition, our professional video production team can help you create an engaging video to attract even more customers.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking is a crucial tool to track the success of a SMM campaign and evaluate ROI. Clicks, impressions, and conversions offer insight into the campaigns ability to engage and attract the target audience. At The Mack Media Group we rely heavily on conversion tracking to ensure that your Kingston business SMM campaign is successful, and you are getting the most on your marketing budget dollar for dollar. 

Regular Reporting

The Mack Media Group places a great deal of value on transparency with our marketing efforts. We pride ourselves on our work an believe that it is important you know exactly what steps we are taking to promote your business. Every month we send full reports that outline our strategy and the results of the strategy. More specifically we report social media PPC, ROI, and we send your company weekly updates so you are always in the loop with the steps we are taking to promote your business.

Social Media Marketing FAQs

Customers are relying on information from social media more than ever when making their buying decisions. Having a robust social media presence is vital to ensure your company can compete in the digital environment.  The Mack Media Group can help your business establish a strong presence and cultivate a positive social network to attract more customers. Using social media PPC and Facebook Ads we are able to increase ROI, and promote your Kingston business to reach a larger audience.
In a word, No.

Each social media platform is designed to cater to a varied select audience centered around different themes and goals. Some will prove more valuable than others in terms of marketing your business.

To determine the optimal platform to launch your SMM campaign you must consider your target audience, and your campaign goals. This first step will allow your to get the most benefit from each marketing dollar.

In addition, you may want to consider if your business adds value to the specified platform. If your companies posts are not in line with the platform, you will not be able to connect with the target audience and you will waste your marketing budget? For your Kingston business, The Mack Media Group will help establish a audience specific strategy. Using your input, we will help determine the best strategy to keep your audience engaged, and implement the most beneficial social media posts for your business.

The frequency of your social media posts should be determined by two primary factors, available resources, and audience.

Available resources include the articles, promotional graphics, or short video clips that compose the bulk of your social media postings. You want to make sure that you’re providing your users with content of interest to them, and not just content meant to fill up the page. Quality is much more valuable than quantity. Well-written posts will lead to higher engagements and be more valuable to you than a bunch of wasted effort.

Audience is the other element of social media marketing that is used to determine frequency. A business much understand how much content their audience is willing to digest over a period of time. To little information and the message is lost. Too much information and the audience will become annoyed and unsubscribe from the posting. Finding this balance can be tricky and The Mack Media Group is here to help.


In 2016 social media results stemming from Facebook ads changed the the digital landscape. Organic reach dropped by nearly 52% that year alone. Top spots have become dominated by Facebook Ads, and this new strategy has made it extremely difficult to promote content without the use of Facebooks paid features. 

Each social platform offers their own form of paid social media marketing. Once we develop a comprehensive strategy including budget and audience, The Mack Media Group can help determining which platform will give you the best bang for the buck per marketing dollar. Almost every company will benefit from setting aside a minimum social media advertising budget because it is so difficult to be featured in the top spots. Paying for ads gives your businesses advertising a serious advantage. 

Yes! All companies should have at least some presence on social media. 

Over 78% of Americans have one or more social media profiles. The top sites including LinkedIn Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat dominate the field. When used correctly these platforms present a powerful tool to promote your Kingston, NY business. They can help you reach potential customers, drive brand awareness, and target new markets.

It is important to remember that social media marketing is not just a bunch of ads. This form of marketing requires a personal and creative approach, that keeps customers constantly engaged with forms of entertaining or interesting content.

Social Media Marketing Services to Grow Your Kingston, NY Company

Social media marketing can help a business develop a brand image, cultivate a supportive network, and attract new customers. No digital marketing effort is complete without a comprehensive SMM strategy. At The Mack Media Group we can provide you with the guidance and help you need to implement a compelling SMM campaign. With our help your business can maximize ROI, drive brand awareness, and generate new leads. 

The Mack Media Group is ready to work with you to build your business.

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