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The Mack Media Group are the Social Media Marketing (SMM) experts. For businesses throughout Elizabeth, NJ looking to build healthy relationships with current or new customers, our SMM services can help . Social Media Marketing can help produce healthy engagement between your business and your customer base, effectively growing and branding your product and services.

Whether your Elizabeth business is completely new to social media platforms, or just needs an improved presence, our team is here to help. Our services will help grow followings on various social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn. Regardless of your desired posting frequency or schedule, Mack Media will work with you and your Elizabeth business at the forefront. Our team is your team for trusted, effective Social Media Marketing results!

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Why Trust Mack Media with Your Social Media Marketing?


Social Media Marketing is an important investment for your Elizabeth business. It’s vital that you understand how your investment is paying off in the long run. By utilizing Social Media Pay-Per-Click (PPC) methods, we can  understand you return on investment (ROI). You’ll always have peace of mind, knowing your investment is paying off for your business, driving revenue.


We know our work is effective, thus we’re proud to show it off. You’ll always know how your social media strategy is working, and how our services are helping your presence on each network of your choice. If you ever have a question or concern, our team is only a short email or phone call away.


Your Elizabeth business is unique. Likewise, your Social Media Marketing should be. When designing your campaign, we always keep your business objectives and target audience in mind. The needs of business will help us create the custom plan best fit for your success.


Through weekly email updates, you will be able to monitor the progress of your campaign through every step. At the end of every month, we send a more detailed report detailing the number of customers your strategy has generated, as well as any metrics that are important to consider for future changes. We want you to always have control of your SMM campaign.

What is Included in Your Elizabeth, NJ Social Media Marketing?

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is an important factor reaching numerous current or potential customers for your Elizabeth business. Through a regular posting schedule, you’ll be able to measure how your engagements are for each post and your overall page. If you would like, we can run Facebook Advertising to reach further customers and measure metrics such as site traffic, customer conversions, and page likes to determine your ROI. When it comes to SMM, Facebook and FB Advertising can be the opportunity your business needs for success.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is an ever-growing social media platform that can help brand your business driving awareness on your latest services and news. Your Instagram can reach potential customers searching for related “hashtags”.. Facebook Advertising can also be extended to Instagram, to reach even more potential customers. Once an Instagram follower base is built, your business can keep its customer base up-to-date on the latest news of your business.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a social media platform that limits posting length, although still functions as a popular avenue for spreading awareness to potential customers. The latest news and services of your Elizabeth business can be outlined more routinely to customers through Twitter. Our team can work out details including content and posting schedule for your business, as well as possible advertising opportunities on Twitter.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a great piece to add to any social media marketing strategy. Your Elizabeth business can gain exposure to tons of customers including other businesses. B2B advertising is especially effective on LinkedIn. Our team can help develop your business page, groups and develop advertising for other business who may be interested in a service or product you offer. LinkedIn is the most professional, industry-specific social media posting option, thus each Ad will be profession in nature.

YouTube Marketing

Youtube advertising is effective for fully engaging audiences and customers for your Elizabeth business. Our video advertising services are run through youtube to reach the ideal audience for your ads. If you are interested in professional video production, our team can include these services in your youtube advertising services.

Conversion Tracking

Knowing how successful your social media marketing campaign is will be impossible if you do not utilize conversion tracking. We track and report impressions, clicks, and conversions coming from your campaign. We understand that you have invested in social media marketing, and we want to show you the progress of your investment by providing you with an accurate ROI.

Regular Reporting

Every month, we will send you a detailed report and analytics about your campaign. We also send weekly emails that keep you up-to-date with the progression of your campaign.

Social Media Marketing FAQs

In today’s world, most customers will first see your business through your social media sites. Having a strong social media presence is the key to finding, and keeping, customers for your Elizabeth business. You can build trusting relationships with you client base, and gain new customers with engaging and exciting content.


The Mack Media Group can help your Elizabeth business gain a strong social media presence. We take the time to create meaningful, engaging content for your social media sites. Our team can help find the right social media strategy to reach your ideal audience.

Your Elizabeth business has a specific goal for social media marketing. Some platforms may be more beneficial to market your business, while others may appeal to the wrong audience. Each platform will have a different use for your social media strategy.  Instagram is a very creative social media platform, while LinkedIn has a more professional feel.


When finding the right platform for your social media campaign, it’s important to consider the appropriate audience for your posts.


The Mack Media group can help you establish which social media platforms will benefit your business goals the most. These platforms will vary based on your audience and desired content. Our team can assist throughout the process, meaning your posts will be appropriate for each platform you chose to utilize.

The schedule for your social media posts will vary.

First, we must consider which social media platforms you chose for your Elizabeth business. Some platforms, including facebook and instagram, will require more in-depth posts which will not be run as frequently. These posts need to be relevant and engaging to outline news services or products. A platform like Twitter may have more regular posts, which tend to be shortly in length.

When creating a schedule for social media posts, it’s also important to understand your audience. Some customers will want more regular posting, while others may get annoyed by constant news. It’s best to find middle ground, while consistently providing quality content.

Mack Media can help you decide the best schedule for your social media strategy for your Elizabeth business.

Paying for Social Media Advertising can expose your Elizabeth business to potential customers at a much higher rate. Due to Facebook’s advanced algorithm, paid content can reach specific audiences over organic posts. Thus, it’s helpful to utilize paid posts to reach specific audiences, especially when organic posts are going unrecognized.

Your budget is always a factor to consider when developing a social media marketing strategy. PPC Social Media advertising can be crucial for generating lead and driving conversions on social media platforms. Every social media platform has a different form of advertising. It’s important to first decide which platform is most beneficial to your Elizabeth business. Depending on your goals and ad preference, our team will help find the right social media advertising strategy for you.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Regardless of your industry, every business should have a social media presence. Most Americans have at least one social media profile, while many have profiles on multiple sites. Your Elizabeth business can benefit from having a strong presence on some of these platforms. Your content can help connect you to your customers, receiving feedback and followers.


A strong social media presence can allow potential customers to find your Elizabeth business and keep them updated them on your services. No matter the services or products your business provides, social media marketing can help you find,and keep, more customers.

Social Media Marketing Services to Grow Your Elizabeth Company

Your Social Media Marketing could be the missing key to success for your Elizabeth business. Here at Mack Media, we specialize in social media advertising that meets the specifications of your business. Our effective strategies are ROI driven, ensuring your investment always provides something in return for your business. We work with business throughout Elizabeth to help establish healthy social media strategies. We want to help your business grow and prosper for years to come.

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