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Mack Media wants to help your Stamford business to gain an online presence through Social Media Marketing. SMM helps establish trust, build relationships and grow the size of your network.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting SMM or trying to improve a plan that already exists, we can help you create meaningful content for your customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Mack Media is CT, NY & NJ’s Social Media Marketing specialist.

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Why the Mack Media Group for Your Stamford, CT Social Media Management?


The use of marketing dollars results in an investment for your Stamford business. We provide Social Media Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising that will provide the number of customers that were generated through your SMM campaign.


We are proud of our social media efforts and through honest work, we want to help you build your Stamford company through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. Questions? Feel free to contact us via email or phone.


Every company should have a unique SMM campaign, and we want to make sure yours is catered toward your Stamford business and your target audience. All of the content that we create will be carefully crafted to the message of your Stamford business.


To keep you in the loop, we send monthly and weekly emails. Monthly emails consist of Social Media PPC and how many customers were generated through your SMM campaign. Our weekly emails discuss any updates and progress notes for the week.

What is Included in Your Stamford, CT Social Media Marketing?

Facebook Marketing

Mack Media can create and optimize a Facebook page for your Stamford business. We can post regularly for your business while we measure successful engagements and boost posts that are performing well. Interested in advertising your business online? We can run Facebook Ads for your Stamford business and measure the results to give you an accurate ROI.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a visual platform that utilizes digital media from customer to customer. It can help your Stamford business gain brand awareness, inform customers of your latest services, products or upcoming events. If you would like to extend Facebook Advertising to Instagram, we can also do that. Want to create a unique campaign for Instagram? No problem! That’s also a possible option.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter serves best as a short message tool that allows users to create posts catered toward their followers. In this case, twitter would be used to inform your customers, while also engaging in a quick back-to-back conversation. You can also use links to blog posts, photos, documents and so on that will expand your ideas. Mack Media can create tweets for your business and help you gain customers that are interested in your products or services. All of the content that we use will first be discussed with you.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a place for B2B advertising as well as presenting your Stamford business in a more professional light. It’s also a great platform to launch new products, instead of the ordinary press release as well as finding lead generation. Have you not created a LinkedIn page, yet? No worries, we can create you a business page, groups and run advertising that will be presented toward individuals or businesses who are interested in your services. We only utilize industry-specific and professional content for LinkedIn.

YouTube Marketing

Over the last few years, video advertising has taken the lead in digital marketing. Actually having a visual of a company will make consumers more engaged and interested in your Stamford business has to offer. We run our video advertising campaigns through YouTube to help find you the correct customer base. Looking for professional video production services? No problem, we can provide that along with your YouTube advertising.

Conversion Tracking

In order to monitor the success of your social media marketing campaign, we need to put in place conversion tracking. We track and report your impressions, clicks, and conversions that are generated through your social media marketing campaign to understand where your customers come from as well as your return-on-investment (ROI).

Regular Reporting

We are proud of our social media marketing efforts and we love to inform you about the progress of your campaign. Each month we send out a detailed report including analytics about the current state of your SMM campaign. During the week, we will also send out an email that includes progress, changes, and updates made to your campaign. We always want your Stamford business to be in the loop.

Social Media Marketing FAQs

It is no contest that your customers will be looking for your Stamford business on social media platforms because most people have at least one SM account. This type of platform will help increase your brand awareness, attract new customers and inform them about new products, services, and upcoming events. It is also a great way to converse with your customers and receive feedback from them.

You can also create a positive image of your Stamford business and validate your brand by letting your customers know that your brand is active and regularly updating and informing the community about your industry. The use of social media can also help boost your website’s SEO by driving traffic to your optimized pages and helping you gain rankings in the search engine result pages (SERP).

Mack Media can assist you in any social media efforts that you want to achieve. We will help you create content to engage users and implement any advertising such as Social Media PPC and Facebook Ads that you should consider.

No, your Stamford business does not have to be on every social network. But, keep in mind that each site has its own characteristics and purposes. Here are a few that you can consider: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Facebook is one of the most powerful SM networks and has the most active monthly users, a great place to communicate with customers. Twitter is a fast-paced social network where you can definitely engage and gain more customers. Instagram highlights companies through photographs and LinkedIn is a professional site that focuses on B2B marketing.

In order where to fit in, you have to consider the mission of your Stamford business, your audience and the content you post. Need some assistance? Mack Media can help provide content for your social media profiles and give you insights about how to manage your accounts. No need to worry, we are here to help you figure out everything so that your Stamford business can grow.

The amount you post on social media will vary. It all depends on the resources you have available and your audience.

First, you need to decide what you will post. Either it is the latest industry-related news, video clips or information about your Stamford business for new products, services or upcoming events. All of the content that you use should be interesting and informative for your customers, always choose quality over quantity. You want customers to keep coming back to your profile, so your posts should be valuable.

You also need to be considerate of your audience and how many posts that will show up in their feed. Most users do not like to be bombarded with multiple posts and may unfollow you due to the amount you post. You don’t want to lose followers, a follower equals a potential customer. Instead, let us sit down together and create a posting schedule that will help you maintain your SM accounts.

We understand how important investments are for your Stamford business, and we recommend putting aside marketing dollars for Social Media Advertising. Paying for advertising can actually benefit you in many ways, especially if you utilize Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads that you pay for will be placed over organic advertising, due to the Facebook algorithm that is put in place. Other platforms also have their own paid social media marketing, and in order for you to choose where you want to advertise, think about your budget, audience, and content.

Every company should be on social media because almost every one of your customers will be on social media. Or you could gain even more customers by spreading the word about your company on the most popular sites that exist. On the other hand, who said your Stamford business is “boring?” Somewhere in the world, there are potential customers who would love to hear about your business, whatever you have to offer in fact!

Think about what makes your company special and go from there. If you have a hard time coming up with a hook or a slogan perhaps, our marketing team can help brainstorm with you. Once we figure out what makes your brand tick, we can then showcase your Stamford company to your audience and share industry-related information to keep them interested. 

Social Media Marketing Services to Grow Your Stamford Company

Social Media Marketing plays a large role in your Stamford Company when it comes to finding leads and connecting you to your customers. Mack Media wants to help assist you in developing your social media presence and help you increase customer loyalty. We can provide all the social media advertising that your Stamford business needs to stay ahead of the competition. We offer effective Social Media campaigns that have the ability to track your return-on-investment (ROI).

Mack Media is your one-stop marketing agency for PPC managementSearch Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM)Web Design & Development and Email Marketing.

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