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In this day and age, a company’s online presence is crucial to their success and increasing a customer base. With all of the different social media platforms, networks, and techniques, it is hard to know where to begin and what steps to take. That’s where we come in.
Mack Media is a social media agency that specializes in online campaigns that strengthen your engagement with current customers, expose you to new customers, and prepare you for future involvements. Our Social Media Marketing (SMM) is customizable to help your Greenwich business.

Our campaigns are beneficial to your company, no matter the current circumstances. If you are wanting to edit your current social media marketing attempts or want to start anew all together, we help you create influential content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Our services, including scheduled posts and frequent reports, make us the trusted SMM experts in the Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York area. For your Greenwich company, we are here to help.

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Why the Mack Media Group for Your Greenwich, CT Social Media Management?


Investing money is a big step and you want to make sure you make wise decisions with your money. Mack Media helps ease those concerns. Social media efforts are vital to maintaining a strong presence in any industry, and our agency helps you capitalize on those efforts with Pay-Per-Click (PCC) advertising.


At Mack Media, our social media experts are experts for a reason. Our work is effective, efficient, and uses the best available resources. All of our work is transparent and ethical, helping your Greenwich company strengthen its online presence through beneficial techniques. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via phone or email.


Each one of our social media campaigns is specialized to match the needs of your business. We help identify and refine your goals and desired messages to coincide with your Greenwich company.


Another aspect of Mack Media’s SMM campaigns is the consistent reports. On a weekly and monthly basis, we provide you with a detailed report on the current ROI and progress of the entire campaign. This includes the PPC advertising and the amount of new customers generated.

What is Included in Your Greenwich, CT Social Media Marketing?

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the most effective social media platforms for connecting with your target audience. We help run your Facebook page with posts that increase customer involvement. We optimize on your current Facebook page and create new pages to attract new target audience members. We measure the marketing performance, focusing on increasing likes, site traffic, and more. 

Instagram Marketing

Right behind Facebook is Instagram, a community of over 600 million users. Instagram helps businesses connect with current and potential clients. It is an easy way to promote upcoming products or services, new events, and additional promotions for your Greenwich business and Mack Media will help you every step of the way.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is another social media form that has high levels of customer engagements. It helps you simply post information about your company, increase your network, and strengthen your brand. It is an impactful way to update customers on current products and deals or any upcoming events and promotions. Mack Media’s specialists develop tweets and Twitter marketing that benefit your Greenwich company.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is an effective social media network that helps industries spread information and bring companies together for effective connections. For your Greenwich business, you can distribute company updates and increase client engagement. We can help alter your LinkedIn profile by creating groups and running advertisements to reach out to your specific audience, connecting them with your industry company.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the leading social media platform for videos and has high customer engagement. Videos are shared across all other social media platforms. Mack Media can create professionally produced videos that help your Greenwich business connect with customers in new, exciting ways. This helps keep your advertisements fresh and enjoyable, thus inviting more potential clients to your business. 

Conversion Tracking

At Mack Media, our campaigns are ethical and measurable. As a result of that, we also track any conversion that occurs. We report on clicks, conversions, and any online impressions made throughout the social media marketing. We provide you with a detailed ROI report in our monthly report, helping you feel confident in the success of your business.

Regular Reporting

We’ll send you weekly and monthly reports on all of the details involving the social media campaign. Each report is customized to your business and the specific campaign. If you ever desire to make any changes in the campaign, you can contact us. We are more than willing to tailor the aim of your campaign for your Greenwich company.

Social Media Marketing FAQs

Social media has become the primary way that customers seek to find businesses. As a result, it has become the primary way for businesses to connect with current customers and potential clients. Mack Media utilizes social media campaigns to either create, update, or concentrate your company’s online influence. Detailed content across social media can help your business take advantage on the different platforms, increasing customer involvement. It also exposes your services and products to more of your target audience. You are not alone in this pursuit, however. Your competition has the same goals and same opportunities.

That’s where we come in. We take away the stress and worry about social media marketing and help your business beat out the competition. We channel all social media advertisements to the right target audience and establish a strong, long-lasting influence. We measure all of our efforts and provide you with frequent reports, keeping you informed and updated on any progress, including the number of new customers generated. All of our marketing efforts help with PPC and seek to introduce your Greenwich company to interested members of the target audience. Our goal is your success.

Deciding on which social networks to be involved with are important for capitalizing on your company’s social media influence. Each platform has a certain audience, and we help determine how to connect your Greenwich company to the desired potential customers. Choosing the wrong social media network can lead to ineffective posts, which can create a negative online presence. This damages your influence and reputation. Thankfully, with Mack Media, we eliminate any worry about negative influences. Each campaign, advertisement, and post is altered and refined to hit your Greenwich target audience.
Depending on which social media networks your company is using, the frequency of posts will vary. It is affected by who your target audience is, your current content, and other information associated with your business. It also depends on information about your industry that you would like to distribute. Each post is designed to pique the interest of potential customers and increase engagement. This encourages them to visit your profiles, websites, and pages, often providing feedback. As you return engagement with these customers, you avoid the potential loss that comes from ignoring comments. Rather than losing followers, your company can begin to flourish.
Advertisements across social media have become crucial for companies and industries to engage with target audiences. Facebook advertisements are now more effective than organic advertisements. As a result, paying for social media marketing practically becomes a necessity. It helps boost your page’s posts, which exposes them to new and potential customers. It increases the visibility of your displayed information. This helps your content stay above competition and receive recognition.
Online involvement is a key way for companies to connect with customers. Regardless of product or service, social media can help you reach out to new clients and potential target members. Almost every person has one more social media profiles, and there may be someone highly interested in your content. Mack Media’s social media experts design campaigns that bring you to these individuals. Our goal is to bring new customers to your Greenwich company.

Social Media Marketing Services to Grow Your Greenwich Company

Mack Media aims to help you in the most successful and impactful manner. We help you begin your online presence, refine your online content, or further your influence with social media campaigns. Our services are specialized to your needs, services, and offered products. We give you measurable content that keeps you informed and in the know. We provide accurate ROI and detailed reports, always keeping your best interest in mind.

Mack Media is your one-stop marketing agency for PPC management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Web Design & Development and Email Marketing.

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