Mack Media is one of Bing Ads’s biggest fans. Being a newer & local agency in Brookfield, CT isn’t easy, but as we take on more and more customers, it helps to have a vendor that cares about the success of its clients. When you work with the Bing Ads platform, you’ll get to speak with a dedicated account manager and even an account strategist. It’s a service that is truly unmatched by any of it’s competitors.

Bing Ads for Small Agencies

We find it very advantageous to use Bing Ads due to the size of our company. We are small, and still in the early stages of development as an Internet Marketing and Website Design agency. Bing Ads will help get your campaigns set up and recommend adjustments over time. This streamlines our workday and lets us focus on running the company.

Education for Digital Marketing?

Up until recent years, there was no true educational path to prepare you for a career in the online marketing field. This concept is amplified by the variety of degree paths our colleagues and competitors have taken. There are plenty of Liberal Arts graduates and other unrelated disciplines. There is no “Google Adwords 101” when you go to college. So when you are thrown out to the wolves and expected to produce excellent ROIs for all of your clients, it can be nerve racking! But having a helping hand to guide you through the good times and the bad makes all the difference. Stick with them and you’ll see results. Choosing Bing Ads is a no-brainer!

At the end of the day, it’s a partnership that benefits both sides. The advertiser improves campaign return on investment and makes their clients happy. The vendor increases overall revenue and attracts new agencies.

For any new advertisers looking to start PPC initiatives for their clients, be sure to take a look at Bing Ads! They will help you unlock the full potential of your campaigns and provide excellent customer service throughout the whole process.

Thanks Bing Ads! (Specifically Ellen, our Account Manager)