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Mack Media Group is your one-stop shop for all of your digital marketing needs. We specialize in helping both large and local businesses with Search Engine Optimization, increasing their online presence and customer site visitations. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, works with popular search engines like Google or Bing to influence results around certain keywords. Our goal as Connecticut’s SEO provider is to get your Waterford company to rank at the top of the page. No matter what your business or industry may be, Mack Media is here to help.

Our services are designed to help your Waterford business in the long-term, not just with immediate rank results. We want to see you experience success and have a positive return on investment with your campaign. Through carefully tracked conversion and SEO tactics, we can report on new customers generated and other important data. This is what makes Mack Media the trusted SEO agency for Connecticut and New York.

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Why Trust the Mack Media Group with Your Waterford, CT SEO?


Every dollar you spend on your Waterford business marketing is an investment, and we are here to make sure it is worth your money. Through conversion tracking and dynamic phone tracking, we provide exact results for your SEO campaign.


We firmly believe in the power of ethical work, which is why Mack Media always uses white hat SEO tactics. Black hat methods put your Waterford company at high risk, and we avoid them at all costs. If you ever have questions about our tactics, please feel free to ask.


Your Waterford company could be for dentists, lawyers, carpenters, journalism, or part of any other industry. Mack Media offers unique and customized SEO campaign plans for your specific business that will optimize your services and keywords.


We take pride in keeping our Waterford clients updated and informed on the status of their SEO campaigns. At the end of each month, we provide a heavily detailed report containing key metrics, such as keyword rankings. 

What is Included in Your Waterford, CT SEO Services?

Initial SEO Audit

All successful SEO campaigns first begin with an SEO background audit. This helps us to better understand where your Waterford company currently stands: what is your online presence? How is your website? With this information, we are able to collect local and organic rankings to prepare your business for greater success.

Keyword Research

The next step of an SEO campaign involves intense research to understand the specific industry for your Waterford company. Certain keywords hold power and influence among clients, and by using these keywords, we can increase web traffic and help your website receive a higher ranking. The research we perform plans out targeted keywords for your benefit.

Competitor Analysis

To help your business and its website stand out from the crowd, we have to understand the crowd. Mack Media performs competitor analysis, including backlink portfolio analysis, content, tactics, and other approaches used by the competition. We then craft a strong SEO approach to help you stay ahead of the herd.

Technical Site Optimization

Search Engine Optimization often comes down to the power and presence of your website. We make sure it is in top condition, complete with related url structures, internal linking, appropriate meta descriptions, title tags, quicker load time, and other attributes that increase customer retention.

Inbound Marketing

Some of the best ways to attract new customers is with powerful and appealing content. We like to call this inbound marketing, and it includes specific research on your Waterford clients and customers, what they like, and how they can find you easier. We help in the creation of infographics, videos, blog posts, white papers, and more.

Link Building

Link building is an important part of any SEO strategy, and we make sure it plays in integral role in how we help your Waterford company. With the help of white hat link-building techniques, we aim to boost your organic rankings and have a long-term effect.

Local Listing Optimization

To make sure your website has proper exposure to the target audience, we optimize on local listings to give you the best SEO campaign. These local listings help for a higher consistency and rankings in the Local 3-Pack, and we closely monitor these results. For questions about local listings, give us a call!

Backlink Audit & Cleanup

Mack Media is honest in every single practice, and that is something you can have trust in. Other companies, however, may have already negatively affected your Waterford website. No need to worry! We perform professional backlink cleanup and remove any aspects that could be damaging your organic search rankings.

Conversion Tracking

With all of this research performed and all of these steps taken, Mack Media ties it off with quality tracking. We strive for a positive ROI on every campaign for your Waterford company. Phone calls, online submissions, web interactions, and more are all tracked to help you better understand your audience.

Regular Reporting

At the end of the day, this is your Waterford company and we make sure you understand what is going on. Our detailed reports provide you with meticulous insights at the end of each month. We also send you a weekly update through email so you are kept in the loop.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

Search engines play an essential role in how customers are finding businesses and how they are interacting with companies. For your Waterford business, using SEO campaigns is an effective and efficient way to learn more about customers while simultaneously increasing online visitors. Other methods, such as pay-per-click advertising, require you to pay for every single visitor. But with SEO, you can have free visitors and also improve your organic search rankings.
Yes indeed! SEO is a prime way for your Waterford company to be seen by more people and potentially increase your customer crowd. SEO campaigns do require a bit more time than other methods, but it has long-term effects that last longer than other tactics. Pay-per-click and social media advertising both come to an end when the campaign is down. But with the slow build up of SEO, you can have a stronger flow of new customers and new business.
SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a marketing technique that influences results from search engines. These search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others, use algorithms to determine search result rankings, often based off of keywords and their relevance. Over 200 factors play a role in determining these results, and SEO combines techniques with these factors to influence the ranking results. With strong SEO, your website will rank higher.
Mack Media avoids black hat methods at all costs. Black hat methods are harmful and can negatively affect your Waterford business. Search engines disapprove of some methods used to increase rankings, and these methods (black hat methods) are penalized and rankings will drop quickly. Black hat methods have quick results, but lasting negative impressions.

That’s why Mack Media uses only white hat techniques, never putting your company at risk. Everything we do is approved by search engines, and while it does take longer for results, the results are longer lasting and more beneficial for your business.

Every SEO campaign is different, as it is created uniquely for each company we work for. A variety of factors play a role in determining what goes into it. As a result, the time required to complete the SEO campaign varies as well. If there is greater competition or your website is newer, then more time will be required. Generally, SEO requires around 4-6 months before results are seen. This investment, though, is exactly that–an investment. You will see a higher ranking and more web traffic afterwards.

If you are ever approached by an SEO company telling you your Waterford company will receive a top ranking in a week, you should avoid working with them. Such results are typically black hat methods and will result in a penalty for your website, which could decrease rankings or lose them all together.

Mack Media works hard to have your SEO campaign produce the most beneficial and positive results for your Waterford company. We will have your website rank on the first page for SEO keywords, as well as near the top of the first page. We cannot, however, have your company be the first positive in search results for every single keyword. If an SEO company is promising such results, they should be avoided. Sometimes companies get too caught up in the rankings and the numbers, and not necessarily on the results it is producing.

Mack Media is committed to bringing your company greater success. Rather than focusing on just one or two keywords, we emphasize dozens of them. Our research highlights one specifically, refining the rankings, and then we move on to the next one. We wait until there is success before moving on to more. Everything we do is the increase your customer base and business.

SEO Services to Grow Your Waterford, CT Company

For all of your SEO needs, Mack Media is the trusted company in the Connecticut and New York region. Our work is honest and transparent, with frequent reports and measurable results. We work directly with our clients to boost business and increase success. We look forward to working with you!

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