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At Mack Media we take pride in assisting you to get your business easily found online with Search Engine Optimization. SEO uses various tactics to affect the way in which your business appears on different search engines like Bing and Google. Your business can use SEO to make your website appear on top of the first page when customers search key words associated with your business. We can make your business rank using SEO.

A good ROI is our goal and is an essential part of optimizing your presence online. When you improve your ranking, it’s a great start. When you set up dynamic phone tracking, we can tell you exactly how many customers are finding you through your SEO. Mack Media is the leader in NY and CT for SEO.

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Why Trust the Mack Media Group with Your Southbury, CT SEO?


We understand the significance your marketing budget has in your business. We know it is incredibly important to utilize this budget effectively. We use dynamic call conversion tracking to provide an exact tally of customers that are generated by SEO campaigns.


At Mack Media of Southbury, we take pride in our SEO work. We don’t use black hat practices which have long term detrimental effects on your business and website. We only use white hat SEO practices which improve your rankings for the long term.


We customize each plan for different companies because every Southbury, CT business has different needs when it comes to SEO. Developing a plan for each businesses SEO is not a one-size-fits-all.


Every month, you will receive a detailed and customized report that includes all of your key metrics. More specifically, it will show things like your keyword rankings and conversion rate. We will also email you a weekly report.

What is Included in Your Southbury, CT SEO Services?

Initial SEO Audit

To begin our SEO work for your Southbury business, we will conduct an assessment of your online presence as well as your current website. We take an inventory of your local rankings, 3 pack rankings, and a review of your site link portfolio.  We will establish proper analytics and Google Webmaster tools while we analyze on- site SEO practices.

Keyword Research

When we have completed our SEO audit, we will look into the keyword data for your Southbury CT business. We comb through your services to identify your top keywords rated by web traffic and determine how difficult it will be to rank your website. Our research will get you the best ROI by mapping out the keywords you need.

Competitor Analysis

Your Southbury, CT business is not the only company seeking your customers in your industry! Your online competitors may be very different than your offline competition. We will assess the tactics of your backlink portfolio and content used by your competitors to find the absolute best SEO strategies, so you get the business!

Technical Site Optimization

Your website if the first stop for your SEO optimization. We address meta descriptions, site content, title tags, URL structure, load time, image optimization, schema markup, alt tags, and much more. Onsite SEO is the first step in getting better rankings for your website while increasing the success of your Southbury, CT business.

Inbound Marketing

With inbound marketing and content and content optimization, you can make your customers come to you. We will research your target consumer, find out their interests, and then make content that is specifically geared towards them. We may write blog posts, white papers, infographics, or something else. No matter what, we will always check for your approval.

Link Building

Link building is a key part of SEO strategy. We use white hat link building only to boost the ranking of your Southbury business organically.  We don’t use black hat techniques as they are incredibly damaging to your site. We do all the research, get all the links, and complete the outreach. You will be thrilled to see a consistent flow of brand new customers!

Local Listing Optimization

Local listings are an important part of your SEO. We make sure that your name, address and phone are all consistent so that you can get higher rankings in the local 3-pack. WE watch and respond to reviews so that your reputation in Southbury, CT is accurate.

Backlink Audit & Cleanup

If someone used black hat techniques on your website in the past, we will audit your backlink portfolio to make sure your website has been carefully cleaned. We will remove anything that you impede your sites organic rankings. We use white hat link building only.

Conversion Tracking

It is incredibly important for you to see an ROI. Search Engine Optimization is an excellent tool. You will see the benefits of it. We track and monitor all activity that results from our work on your businesses SEO. This includes web forum submissions, chat bot submissions, phone calls, and all organic search results. Accurate conversion tracking will enforce how you should spend your marketing budget in the best way for your business.

Regular Reporting

Every month, we will send you detailed feedback. These reports will include keyword ranking, conversions, and other metrics that are important for you to know. We will email these reports to you along with a weekly report that will keep you entirely up to date. We are accessible to answer the questions you may have, so please don’t hesitate to call us.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

Pay-per-click ads guarantee placement of your website in the search rankings. As the alternative to SEO, you have to pay for every single visitor that arrives on your website. This can add up quickly. By using Search Engine Optimization, you will get free visitors to your website. SEO helps your websites ranking which means more customers and more revenue for your business.
Search Engine Optimization takes some time, but it will result in customers finding your website. Pay-per-click advertising as well as social media ads will give you immediate results, but they will provide zero results in the moment you stop advertising. SEO is a slow build over time, but once it is built, it gives you a constant flow of traffic for your customers at a much lower cost than other marketing tactics.
Search Engine Optimization is the process of influencing the natural flow of search results in a search engine. Bing or Google use an algorithm to decide which sites are relevant to your keyword. These authoritative websites are them placed in the search results for said keyword. Search engines use hundreds of factors to place website rankings. SEO utilizes tactics and specific strategies to optimize your Southbury, CT businesses website. The more fitting your SEO is to your specific needs, the more organic flow of visitors to your website.
We do not use black hat SEO methods. This refers to strategies that are not approved by major search engines like Bing or Google. When a search engine discovers that a website is using black hat methods, the website will be penalized. This makes it, so the search rankings will significantly drop. The risk is not worth the reward of using black hat methods.

Mack Media only uses white hat methods which are approved by Google and Bing. White hate methods take a little longer until you see results but choosing this way does not expose your business to be vulnerable to consequences of the black hat method.

SEO takes some time to show results, but it depends greatly on the target search terms, competitors, and starting point of your Southbury website. If a search term has a lot of competition but has never done any SEO optimization, the results will take much longer. SEO, on average, takes four to six months to see effective results. The higher the ranking the more organic traffic you will get. If a company promises you top ranking, that should be an indication they will use black hat SEO methods. This will be disapproved by Google and will cause your business rankings to drop. This will cause nearly irreparable harm to your site.
Your Southbury, CT businesses website will rank on the top of the first page. This will not be the case for every target keyword.  Any SEO firm who promises you that this is possible, is giving you inaccurate information. It is more important to get new customers to grow your Southbury, CT business than ranking number 1.  Businesses that are new to SEO tactics can become hung up on rankings for a tiny selection of keywords.

Mack Media will track your ranking positions but will not focus on few specific keywords. This is because we focus on dozens of them. We perform keyword research to identify the best keywords to bring customers to you. After this, we work on making those keywords rank highly.

SEO Services to Grow Your Southbury, CT Company

Mack Media is the most trusted SEO solution in Southbury, CT. Our ROI-driven and honest SEO services are proven effective, and make us a trusted partner in your Southbury, CT businesses growth. At Mack Media we care about your success!

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