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When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), our goal at Mack Media is to generate more consumer traffic to your website and Ridgefield business. Similar to advertising, think of SEO as sprucing up your website to rise above your competitors when competing for rank on search engines like Google and Bing. Mack Media as Connecticut’s SEO experts, we work diligently to optimize your website so that it ranks better than your competition when customers make a search.

While we make sure your website is thriving on the digital end, we also focus on retrieving meaningful information, as far metrics, so you can get a good sense of your ROI. Digital marketing is an investment and you deserve to know where your money is benefiting you. Mack Media is CT & NY’s trusted SEO agency.

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Why Trust the Mack Media Group with Your Ridgefield, CT SEO?


One of the great things about SEO are the measurable units when a campaign is implemented. With these metrics you can see the areas where your money is benefiting you the most. We are able to track metrics such as conversions, phone call leads, and much more!


There are shady companies who engage in unethical practices and will not tell you. At Mack Media Group we provide you with 100% transparency. There is not a thing that we do you will not know about. We have a clean record, keep you updated frequently, and are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have when you use us for SEO.


Every business is different, therefore every SEO campaign we implement will be different. At Mack Media we are always creating custom plans for every business we work with. This ensures quality results for all websites we work on.


You deserve to know how your money is being spent and the results we’re bringing in. That is why we send you monthly reports on your website’s performance, in addition to weekly updates. These reports include impressions on your website, conversions, keyword rankings, and other relevant metrics.

What is Included in Your Ridgefield, CT SEO Services?

Initial SEO Audit

Before we begin any search engine optimization on your website, we will audit your website to give us a good understanding of the work that needs to be done. We look at your website’s current standings on search engines, it’s UX and design, title tags, backlink portfolio, and much more. If not done already, we will implement a Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, to track your website’s future SEO results.

Keyword Research

After a proper SEO audit is done on your website, we will research what your site is all about and then formulate the best keywords relevant to your website. This is done by understanding the goals and services your Ridgefield business and website are trying to achieve, including what potential customers are likely to search for, so they can be directed to your Ridgefield business.


Competitor Analysis

We analyze your competition too! This is important because if there is a lot of competition surrounding keywords relevant to your website then we will make adjustments accordingly. At Mack Media our SEO methods are dynamic, so we optimize your website all the time to stay ahead of the competition.


Technical Site Optimization

Since nearly everything about your website affects search engine optimization, we spend a lot of time making improvements throughout your site. We work on improving content, url and internal linking, image links, schema markup, title tags, load time, and much more.

Inbound Marketing

With SEO we can also increase the amount of traffic that comes through the front doors of your business. Inbound marketing is able to generate impressions for your Ridgefield business since we spend time researching your target audience, creating meaningful content for your site, along with video production, and more.

Link Building

Another way we improve ranking is by acquiring links on other websites that trace back to your website. This is called link building. When search engines pick up on legitimate sites that reference a link to your website, it will boost you up in their rankings.

Local Listing Optimization

We make sure all local listing websites that contain your business’ information is correct and up-to-date across all platforms. This is crucial because if this information is not accurate you will lose a lot of customers who are searching for your business.

Backlink Audit & Cleanup

Sometimes SEO services will create links on illegitimate websites to boost your rankings as a form of linking building. However, popular search engines like Google and Bing discourage this practice and can penalize your site as a result. That is why we conduct a backlink audit to make sure this has not happened on your website, and if it has, we take the time to carefully undo this poor SEO practice.

Conversion Tracking

By tracking conversions we are able get a good understanding of what methods are benefiting your website, and as a result, gives you good idea of your return-on-investment. We track conversion metrics such as: form submission, phone call leads, online purchases, review submissions, and much more.


Regular Reporting

There is a lot of information being gathered when we conduct SEO for your Ridgefield business and website and we believe you should get a good understanding of what we’re doing as well. That is why we send you detailed reports every month covering your website’s performance, as well as weekly updates to keep you in the loop.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

The name of the game now is digital and you do not want to be the website that is left in the past. That is why you need search engine optimization now, so you can stay current with what it takes for your site to perform sufficiently, as well as increase organic traffic as a result. Some may choose to use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on search engines to give them an immediately boost to their site. However, this method can easily become costly and will end up eating through most of your budget. With SEO you get long lasting results for no cost, in addition to a well performing website and an increase in organic traffic.
Yes! SEO is a long-term investment. While pay-per-click (PPC) ads can bring benefits in the short-term, those results can disappear just as fast, should you choose to discontinue. That is why SEO is so important. Search engine optimization is a reworking of your site that will continue to produce quality results for a very long time. In most cases, it eliminates the need for spending so much money on PPC ads. While SEO does take time, you will experience its benefits long term!
Search engines are run on algorithms that prioritize search results based on an individual’s search terms. However, the websites that are selected to be shown at the top-most rankings are determined by their relevance to key terms, legitimacy or credibility, and many other aspects. By optimizing the different aspects of your website to fit the parameters set by search engines like Google and Bing, you are essentially influencing these search engines to show your website at higher ranks when someone conducts a search with search terms relevant to your website.
Mack Media will NEVER use Black Hat methods for your Ridgefield company. Black Hat practices in SEO tend to be more harmful to a website in the long-run because if search engines like Google and Bing catch your website engaging in black hat methods, they will flag and penalize your website. When this happens the website for your Ridgefield business will drop significantly in the search results, sometimes to the point where your website is almost never seen. To recover from such a penalty is a very lengthy process and can be much more costly; whereas, if that person just took the time to do SEO properly their results would be far more beneficial.

Mack Media only uses White Hat SEO practices. We’ve taken the time to study and learn all about what it takes to reap the benefits from following the parameters set forth by search engines. Therefore choosing us to handle your SEO you eliminate any risk of your website being penalized and only experience better, and long-lasting results.

Honestly, it all depends. If your website has not undergone SEO, or there is a lot of competition surrounding key search words relevant to your website, then SEO can take some time. On average it takes about 4 to 6 months before you start seeing results from SEO. But this is why SEO is a long-term investment, because once those results start showing it will only get better from there. That is why it best to start SEO on your website as soon as possible.

Companies that promise you the top-most rankings on search engines within a suspiciously short-period of time are most likely engaging in black hat methods and should be avoided. It is not worth getting short-term benefits, followed by long-term hinderances.

Simply put, yes and no. After much research, extensive planning, and effective implementation, with some time, there is a good chance your Ridgefield business can reach that #1 spot. However, important things to keep in mind are the competition, the amount of time your website has existed, as well as the amount of keywords associated with your website.

Professionals at Mack Media are always keeping track of your website’s rankings, along with your websites keywords. Because search engine ranking is always subject to change, we are always doing research for keywords and creating content that will boost your rank and generate traffic to your website. Mack Media works diligently on finding ways to get your website to that #1 position.

SEO Services to Grow Your Ridgefield, CT Company

If you believe your website can use some help with search engine optimization, you can count on Mack Media for quality SEO! We emphasize ethical SEO services that are ROI driven. We act as your reliable digital-marketing partner for your Ridgefield business. We proudly serve all business in the CT & NY areas.

The Mack Media Group is your one-stop marketing agency for PPC management, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), and web design & development.

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