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The Mack Media Group offers search engine optimization (SEO), to get businesses discovered within search engines. SEO is a practice that utilizes organic and natural ways to improve rankings within search results. This increases awareness and number of customers to your business in Paterson, NJ.

We focus on return on investment (ROI) when performing SEO. We analyze the number of customers generated through your website through conversion rates and dynamic phone tracking. Let Mack Media Group help your Patterson, NJ business achieve greater success. We’re CT, NY & NJ’s trusted SEO agency. 

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Why Trust the Mack Media Group with Your Paterson, NJ SEO?


We utilize dynamic call and conversions tracking to ensure that we are generating a positive ROI for your Paterson business. SEO can be help grow your business through better search results.


Our team at Mack Media Group only uses white hat SEO tactics to improve your organic search rankings. This promotes positive long term results for your Paterson business that are sustainable.


Each business that comes to us will have a custom SEO plan to optimize their site and make sure it gets results. As every business is unique, we want to make sure each your campaign is too.


We believe in creating and maintaining transparency through your Paterson business and ours. We send out weekly updates and monthly reports that go over ROI results driven through conversions for your site.

What is Included in Your Paterson, NJ SEO Services?

Initial SEO Audit

Prior to creating an SEO plan and performing work for you Paterson business, we will audit your website, and online presence. This is done by analyzing organic rankings, 3-pack rankings, website backlinks and previous SEO methods practiced.

Keyword Research

After completion of a full SEO audit, we will begin to perform keyword research to find the best words to utilize for your Paterson business. We will compile a list, analyze the web traffic and identify the top keywords to improve site rank. Our method charts the way to the best ROI.

Competitor Analysis

We analyze the banklink portfolio, content and even keywords possibly used by your competitors to optimize your own SEO plan and make sure you’re meeting up to standards. Competitors for your Paterson business can help us get a boost on your campaign!

Technical Site Optimization

We will go into the backend of your site and begin to optimize a multitude of elements from title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, site content, internal linking, load time, schema markup, url structure, and much more. This helps increase your rankings among search engines.

Inbound Marketing

We will use inbound marketing to attract and retain customers to your website. This is done by creating interactive and engaging content such as blog posts, white papers, infographics, videos, photos and the like! We will be sure to analyze your audience to make content they want.

Link Building

We will research, obtain and optimize proper links that will direct back to your site. This increases relevance and therefore organic or natural search rankings. We will utilize white hat link building techniques, re-framing from using black hat tactics that jeopardize your Paterson business.

Local Listing Optimization

Local listing includes ensuring that your business name, address, and phone (NAP) are consistent across directory platforms. This will ensure that your rank higher in the local 3-pack. We can also monitor and respond to reviews/feedback within your listings.

Backlink Audit & Cleanup

Black hat techniques can be detrimental to your site as they lower your organic search rankings to the point people can’t even find your site! These techniques are punishable by Google. We will audit your backlink portfolio, clean up links and make sure you’re meeting standards.

Conversion Tracking

Making sure that you are receiving positive ROI results is our priority for your SEO. We will analyze results from web forum submissions, phone calls and chat-box submissions. Through conversion tracking, we can help you understand what’s working and what isn’t for further investment in the future.

Regular Reporting

We strive to provide transparency between our clients and our team. We provide weekly updates to keep you in the loop. In addition, we provide monthly reports that go further into depth about key metrics, conversions, keyword rankings and more.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements and campaigns cost your for every time someone clicks on your ad. This is good to get your business recognized and drive quick results, but it goes away as soon as you stop. Search engine optimization (SEO) works to improve organic results that display your Patterson business in higher search results. As customers search for related keywords and click on your site, you are not charged for them visiting!
SEO is a long-term investment that helps to establish your site within search engines, the first place most people go to when searching for a product or service.  While search engine optimization takes longer the pay-per-click advertising, it has been proven to product largest amount of traffic to site, therefore increasing the number of customers interested. SEO results will last long after pack-per-click or social media advertising end, making it a great place to invest your marketing dollars.
SEO works by using an algorithm with over 200 factors to determine how relevant your land page is in relation to keywords users search for. This will correlate to what position you end up obtaining with search engines like Google, Bing and their search partners. By optimizing your site and improving search engine optimization (SEO), your website can improve its rankings, set long-term results and draw in customers to your Patterson business.
Absolutely not. Black hat methods end up destroying your results, becoming detrimental to your site’s rankings, and therefor your business. These acts are punishable by Google and Bing, among whom take these acts very seriously. While black hat methods can produce fast results, they really just end up corrupting your site.

At Mack Media Group, we only practice white hat methods taking careful steps and precautions to ensure that your sites backlinks, keywords and other seo tactics meet Google and Bing standards.

The time will vary from business to business depending on past practices and how much work will be needed to improve results. Roughly, SEO takes between 4-6 months to produce noticeable and recognizable results. SEO takes into account competition, site creation date, key search terms and target audience. Depending on how complex the industry is, popularity of keywords, and previous SEO on site will all contribute to the time it takes.

Companies that promise to improve the SEO of your company within a week are most likely using black hat SEO which will only hurt your business in the long run. Watch out for these ads and be sure to stick with a trusted agency like Mack Media Group.

Yes and no. The Mack Media Group can help your Patterson, NY business improve its search results and make it to the first page of Google and Bing. But remember, we will be ranking for a multitude of keywords, not just one. This means that when a user’s searches for keyword A, you may achieve higher results compared to keyword B. SEO is meant to grow awareness of your business, attract customers and generate new leads. This means it’s better to rank third to fourth for fifty keywords then to rank first for only one or a few keywords.

We will work with you, learn about your business and perform extensive research to find the most attractive and high competing keywords that will draw in customers. As we look to optimize the rankings for these specific rankings through site edits, you will begin to see higher organic search results.

SEO Services to Grow Your Paterson, NJ Company

The Mack Media Group of Paterson, NJ is offer search engine optimization to grow your business. We focus on ROI-drive results, white hat SEO methods, and highly relevant keywords to improve your organic search results. We are your trusted NJ SEO company, serving businesses in Paterson, NJ.  Call us today:  203-456-9671