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With search engine optimization (SEO), the Mack Media Group can help your customers find your New York business. SEO is what influences the search results within search engines like Google, Bing and their search partners. With proper SEO, your New York business can rank first in a search involving relevant key terms to your services or product. Regardless of what your business is, we can make it rank fist.

A positive return on investment (ROI) is our goal here at the Mack Media Group. We can view the number of customers generated through dynamic phone and conversion tracking to provide you an accurate ROI through the use of SEO. Reach out to the Mack Media Group, New York’s trusted SEO agency now: 203-778-1120

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Why Trust the Mack Media Group with Your New York SEO?


Your marketing dollars paying off with a return on investment is our priority. We can provide you the data needed to grow your New York business’ online success via dynamic call and conversion tracking.


Through white hat SEO, we do proud, honest SEO work. Other companies may stoop towards black hat SEO tactics that can harm your business. The Mack Media Group wants to help your business long term by improving your NY SEO rankings the right way.


Each of our clients are unique. Therefore, the SEO needed by each client is unique as well. We know this so your SEO strategy will be tailored to best fit your NY business.


Tracking your investment is important. This is your New York business, so we are transparent with all decisions. We send emails of our progress weekly as well as monthly reports that include conversions, keyword rankings and other key metrics.

What is Included in Your New York SEO Services?

Initial SEO Audit

Before we begin SEO work, we audit your website and web presence. Then, we collect organic (or natural) rankings and 3-pack rankings, check the site backlink portfolio and on-site SEO practices in place. We start here.

Keyword Research

After the SEO audit, we perform research on the best keywords for your business. We study which services or products are provided by your New York business, identify the top keywords by web traffic and how high the site ranks. We are thorough to receive the best ROI.

Competitor Analysis

Your competitors are battling everyday for your New York customers. Don’t fret. We undercut them by analyzing the backlink portfolio and content used by your competitors to find the best way to surpass them.

Technical Site Optimization

SEO begins on your website. We better the title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, site content, internal linking, url structure, site architecture, schema markup, load time and more. To rank first on search engines, search engine optimization is the first step.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing can attract your potential customers in New York. We research your target customers and create different kinds of media to lure in customers. Through blog posts, white papers, infographics and videos we can further your brand.

Link Building

SEO is nothing without link building. By utilizing white hat link building techniques, we upgrade the organic, or natural, rank of your New York business. The Mack Media Group will never put your website and business at risk with black hat tactics. We do proper, honest link research.

Local Listing Optimization

Do you want your business listed on some of the best listing websites? The Mack Media Group do that for your New York business. Our team will verify your New York establishment, address, and phone (NAP) number. We can even  respond to comments and reviews on your behalf.

Backlink Audit & Cleanup

Backlinks are behind the wheel of your New York SEO campaign. We audit the backlink portfolio, removing any debilitating backlinks that weaken your organic search rankings.

Conversion Tracking

Determining is a privilege of proper SEO. We provide you with information provided by web forum submissions, phone calls, and chat-box submission, along with conversion tracking. You can invest wisely through SEO.

Regular Reporting

We will send a monthly report that focuses specifically on the most prominent pieces of your New York business as well as emailing progress updates weekly. If you have any questions, email or call us.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

You can spend large sums of investing your marketing dollars in a costly pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, paying for each individual who clicks on your ad. Or through search engine optimization, you can improve the organic results so your business website appears higher on the search results. This is pool free customers who are already interested in services or products related to your New York business.
Yes, SEO is more than worth it. It takes some time to get off the ground, but will help more in the long run than any other facet of digital media. With more web traffic and customers viewing your website, you will be able to create more revenue. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and social media marketing (SMM) may provide immediate results, but they also end when the advertising ends. SEO may begin slowly, but once in place, provides free traffic at a much lower cost-per-acquisition than the other strategies mentioned and lasts much longer.
Google and Bing use algorithms to decide which websites are the most relevant to keyword entries. With better search engine optimization (SEO), your website can be ranked on their first page. This is long-term marketing for your New York business.
No. Black hat SEO is a debilitating practice that search engines punish. Google and Bing plummet the organic rankings of websites who resort to these tactics, losing business. Black hat SEO may bring quick rankings for short term, but the it will only harm your business once it is flagged.

The Mack Media Group practices only white hat SEO.

There’s no real answer. An average SEO takes about a third of year to half a year to show positive results. SEO is a long-term investment that factors in the competition, creation of the website, the key search terms and target customers. The competition of keywords and whether or not a business has previously undergone SEO can take longer to complete the campaign.

There will be New York SEO companies that promise that they can get you ranked in at the top in a single week. They are most likely practicing black hat SEO practices that will hurt your business and null the process overall.

There will be Connecticut SEO companies that promise that they can get you ranked in at the top in a single week. They are using black hat SEO practices that will only harm your website and business in the long run.

Yes and no. The Mack Media Group can get your New York business to rank first on Google and Bing’s first pages. But it is impossible to rank your business number one for every one of your keywords. The purpose of SEO is to bring new customers to your website in order to grow your New York business. It’s better to rank fifth for sixty keywords to rank first for your main keyword.

While we can keep track of your rankings, we focus on multiple key terms as opposed to a select few. We find the most powerful keywords to attract customers to your business. Next, we up the rankings for these keywords. After a success, we move onto the next, and so on. Eventually, we achieve a high organic result.

SEO Services to Grow Your New York Company

The Mack Media Group is New York’s trusted and honest search engine optimization company. With our ROI-focused, white hat SEO methods; we are able to provide higher organic search results for many companies throughout New York. We are not just an SEO company, we are a business partner who wants to see your business succeed. Call us today: 203-778-1120

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