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The Mack Media Group is a team of web development and design experts who are here to help give your website a boost through search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization is the use of a combination of tactics and strategies that help you increase the rankings of your website in a search engine. We can help you improve those rankings whether you’re a contracting business, health business or online store!

We want to help your New Britain Company succeed. Mack Media is here to help drive your business online with effective, ROI driven results. Through specialized and unique techniques like dynamic phone and conversion tracking, we can help you get to where you want. The Mack Media Group is New Britain’s trusted SEO agency, so give us a call today: 203-456-9671

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Why Trust the Mack Media Group with Your New Britain, CT SEO?


We understand it’s a big step to invest in SEO strategies into your Waterbury business. That’s why we provide conversion tracking and utilize a variety of internal tools to track your business progress online.  We can help you understand where the results are coming from and what you can improve to optimize your site.


We only utilize white-hat methods which are safe, approved methods by Google that allow you to get the most out of your SEO. If you have any questions as what we do or how we do it you can feel comfortable contacting our team to decipher any concerns or questions.


Not every business is the same, just the way your New Britain business is different from other similar business in the area. We customize SEO plans, tailoring all our strategies and procedures to ensure you are getting the most out of our services. We will build all your site content and determine what needs to be done based on the needs of your business.


We provide weekly and monthly reports to ensure that you are getting the most out of your SEO services. Weekly reports include updates on what has been done, changed, improved or maintained. Monthly reports include detailed reviews of everything that has been conducted, with measurable results for you to see the progress. This is also a great time to discuss what’s working well and what could be improved.

What is Included in Your New Britain, CT SEO Services?

Initial SEO Audit

The first project we dive into when working on your site’s SEO is performing an SEO audit. This includes collecting local organic rankings, 3-Pack rankings, checking the site backlink portfolio & analyzing on-site SEO practices. This is important for us to understand where your site stands, what’s working well and what could be improved.

Keyword Research

Upon completion of our SEO audit, we will research the best keywords for your website. We study the services provided by your business, identifying the top keywords by web traffic and how high the site ranks. Our method charts the way to the best ROI.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis includes assessing, evaluating and identifying competitors near and around your New Britain business. We will analyze their backlink portfolio along with their content to make sure your are performing at the same or above them in the terms of site content.  Working off of competitors is also a great way to make improvements, come up with better variations and think of new – catchier ways to do things to your site. In turn, this attracts users to your site by demonstrating your professionalism.

Technical Site Optimization

The first place we start when performing search engine optimization is right in your website for you New Britain website. We will maintain and upgrade title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, site content, internal linking, url structure, site architecture, schema markup, load time & more. All these factors are the basic building blocks to an optimally functioning website. You want your users to have a good experience while also proving relevant and accurate information about the products or services your business offers.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a form of SEO that works to attracts customers to your site through rich, interactive content. At Mack Media Group, our team will perform extensive research on within your industry in order to create original content like blogs, infographics, white papers, video and other similar mediums. This showcases to your consumers your knowledge, expertise, and professionalism on the products and services you offer. We’re here to turn your business around and get it integrated into the digitally driven world.

Link Building

At The Mack Media Group, we provide link building which is a technique that allows search engines to discover and recognize your website as well as increase its page rank. Link building helps you get to the top of that list. We only use white-hat methods which are approved methods by Google, so you don’t have to worry about your site being booted like other black-hat techniques do. We begin link building by performing extensive research with the use of internal tools to analyze and implement link building for your company in New Britain.

Local Listing Optimization

Local Listing optimization includes analyzing your website’s name, address, phone number, and location to determine that it is consistent across all local listing websites like Google and Bing. This is important in order to ensure that your consumers are getting fluid results across borders and that they are not conflicting. We will be sure to optimize your local listing to increase your rankings in the Local 3-Pack. Further, you can be sure that we will monitor and respond to all consumer reviews, comments and feedback.

Backlink Audit & Cleanup

We only practice white hat backlink practices. But, if you’re website has already been built by someone who used black-hat practices, we will make conduct a backlink audit and rescind any links that could be damaging to your current website. This will ensure that your business in New Britain is in good standing offline and online.

Conversion Tracking

Through our dynamic call and conversion tracking system, we are able to monitor traffic to your site, as well as recent activity. Some of the activity may include customers making direct calls through the website, filling out web forms or providing contact information. Conversion tracking allow you to determine your ROI, ensuring your marketing dollars are well spent.

Regular Reporting

We want you to stay in the loop and be up to date on all the SEO services we provide for your New Britain company. We provide weekly and monthly reports that detail the latest changes and results from SEO. This allows you to grasp a better understanding of how your business rankings are improving as well as make decisions to make improvements

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

Search engine optimization allows you to increase your rankings among search engines like Google and Bing organically. Unlike Pay-per-click ads that cost you money every time someone visits your site, SEO improves the overall ranking of your website to secure better placement within the search engine. A better ranking draws in more customers at no additional cost to your business. This is done through practices like content creation and link building.
Yes. Overall, SEO contribute bigger amounts to your long term business goal. This is great for you New Britain business because it means even after PPC advertising and Social Media Advertising ends, your website can still prevail. SEO begins slowly as there is much background research that has to go into it. But, this is pay off over time as it creates a much lower cost-per-acquisition than other strategies or tactics.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method of improving your “organic” or “natural” rank among search engine results like Google or Bing. The higher your pang ranks, the more views it is likely to receive. Search engines utilize proprietary algorithms to determine which websites are the most relevant to the user. Quality is a big factor in the equation as search engines want to deliver the optimal search results for their users. These search engines will use over 200 factors in their algorithm to decide the rank and best placement of your site. Again, the better rank, the more viewers.
No, we never use black hat methods. Black hat SEO may produce fast results, but only for a limited time period. Google and Bing end up penalizing websites that use black hat SEO and their organic rankings drop dramatically. This will only serves as a punishment as all your work is lost.

At Mack Media Group, we only practice white hat SEO methods approved by search engines. While this does take longer to produce results, it will grant your grant you much more authority later in time. Your business should always stick with white hat SEO methods and at Mack Media Group we make sure that happens.

SEO is an ongoing process that is constantly evolving. As we begin to strategize an SEO method for you business in New Britain, we will consider factors such as competitor currently present, key search terms and targeted customers. Depending upon how popular certain keywords are within your industry, or whether your business has had SEO performed before can contribute to the length of the process. An average search engine optimization takes about 4-6 months to produce results. We will work to increase the ranking of your keywords for your website which will help the overall ranking.
Yes and no. It is possible for us to get your website to rank on the top of the first page with time; especially for certain target SEO keywords. But to have your pang rank #1 throughout every target keyword is nearly impossible. SEO companies that offer this service are scamming you of your valuable marketing dollars. At Mack Media Group, we work to gain for traffic and customers who have an intent to purchase to your New Britain business. For this reason, we will focus on particular keywords that demonstrate strength.

As we track your rank within search engine results, we’ll also focus on a variety of keywords that have the potential to generate leads. By identify strong keywords, we can than target them throughout your website in order to improve your organic rank. Keep in mind it’s better to rank third or fourth for fifty keywords than it is to rank for only one. That means your search results would be very limited. SEO should be focused on growing your New Britain business.

SEO Services to Grow Your New Britain, CT Company

You need a SEO company to help grow your business in New Britain and Mack Media is Connecticut’s trusted SEO company. We provide effective, ROI-driven results where you can watch your website improve in ranking in gain traffic. We strive to provide honest results for our clients, making them more like a partner. We care about our clients and your success. Please call today for a quote: 203-456-9671