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The power of Search Engine Optimization can make your Nashville business discovered. The Mack Media Group can use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive organic traffic to your websites from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We’ll create a custom SEO strategy for your business and see how it ranks for target keywords related to your business. Whatever business you’re in, we can help you rise to the top of the search results page.

A positive return on investment (ROI) is not only essential for us as a Tennessee business, but for each of our clients as well. To give you an accurate ROI, we’ll use SEO to determine the number of clients generated from conversion and dynamic phone tracking. The Mack Media Group, the best SEO agency in TN, is located in Nashville, TN.

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We value your investments in your Nashville business. We can give you an accurate number of customers acquired through our SEO campaign to provide you with a precise and accurate ROI. We do this by utilizing conversion tracking and dynamic calls.


We are proud of how we do our SEO. We only use white hat SEO practices that are proven and tested to improve your SEO rankings in the long run. Using black hat SEO techniques is unacceptable and can ruin your website and business.


What’s the point of using a single SEO template if every company has different needs? We will not compromise on quality by relying on a solitary plan. Instead, we’ll customize a specific plan for your website and business needs.


We want to involve you in our SEO process. To do that, we’ll send you detailed reports at the end of each month. These reports will include conversions, keyword rankings, and other essential metrics you should be aware of. You will also receive weekly email updates from us.


Initial SEO Audit

Before our team of SEO experts starts our SEO services, we will first conduct an audit on both your website and online presence. Afterward, we’ll gather local 3-pack and organic rankings and then probe your site’s backlink portfolio along with its on-site practices. Once this process is done, we will proceed with the SEO work.

Keyword Research

Once we finish our SEO audit, we’ll explore ideal target keywords for your website. To do this, we’ll research what products or services your company offers and use those insights to determine the most popular keywords based on how high your ranking is and how good is your website traffic. Doing this strategy has given us proven-and-tested results that eventually lead to the best ROI.

Competitor Analysis

Other businesses will fiercely compete with you for clients, and it’s challenging to determine which are online or brick-and-mortar competitors. We’ll make sure you get the upper hand by examining your competitors’ backlink portfolio so you can get the most effective strategy to beat them.

Technical Site Optimization

Optimizing the technical aspects of your website is crucial for your business’ growth. Our SEO specialists will ensure that your Technical SEO is on point. From meta tags, URL structures, load time, schema markup – you name it, and we’ll make sure it’s optimized. SEO is the first step your Nashville company needs to take to reach the top of the search results page.

Inbound Marketing

Do you want your customers to flock to you instead of coming to them? This is possible with inbound marketing. Our team of SEO marketing experts will do marketing research and design media to persuade customers to buy your product/services. Using elements like blog entries, infographics, and videos will make it easy for your customers to discover and reach your company.

Link Building

Link building is a critical part of any SEO strategy. With the use of white-hat link-building techniques, we will improve your Nashville company’s organic ranking. Our team of SEO specialists will conduct research, outreach, and appropriate link-building strategies to develop the necessary connections.

Local Listing Optimization

Local listings are essential for your Nashville business. We guarantee that your business’ name, address, and contact information (NAP) consistently ranks high in the local 3-pack. We also keep an eye for customer reviews and respond to them on your behalf.

Backlink Audit & Cleanup

While we solely utilize white hat link-building practices, we cannot guarantee that other agencies would follow our lead. So if you’ve entrusted your SEO marketing to SEO firms who use black hat link-building techniques, we’ll make sure to deal with it effectively. We’ll assess your backlink portfolio and eliminate malicious links hurting your website’s search ranking capabilities.

Conversion Tracking

A solid search engine optimization strategy requires calculating an ROI. We’ll keep track of organic search results for phone calls and participation in web forums and chat boxes. Conversion tracking is one of the best ways to help you allocate the right amount for your marketing budget.

Regular Reporting

What good is SEO if you don’t know how effective it is? We provide you with a monthly report and weekly email updates tailored to your business. Please contact us via mail or phone if you have questions, comments, or concerns not addressed in the reports.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

SEO plays an integral role in digital marketing for Branford based business’ and continues to work even after the campaigns have been completed. These long-lasting results transcend paid advertising efforts because paid advertising only lasts as long as the advertisements are being run.
Yes, SEO is worth the investment. SEO brings an organic way to market your website, without having to rely on an on-going paid advertising budget that only lasts as long as the ads are running. Once an SEO campaign has been completed, you can continue to enjoy to ROI long after the campaign has been completed without adding any more money into the campaign. Your website’s ranking will continue to stay at number one for years after Mack Media’s SEO efforts.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that organically brings your business’ website to the top of search engine results pages (SERPS) without running paid advertising. Search engines crawl websites after someone has searched for a specific keyword or phrase and determines which website best matches the search. With over 200 factors that go into determining a website’s ranking, SEO uses these factors to implement tactics like keyword research, technical SEO local listing to put your website at number one.
No, Mack Media never uses black hat methods in their SEO strategies. Chancing the use of these frowned upon tactics could risk your website to be penalized or disavowed on search engines. Although white hat techniques may take longer to see results, they will bring positive and long-lasting results that will never harm your website.
The length of time it takes for SEO results to take place varies on a number of different factors. The age of the website, the number of backlinks already in place, whether or not SEO has been performed on the website before and many other indicators will play a role in how long it takes for your website to start bringing results. The average length of time it takes for a website to rank ranges between 4-6 months.
Yes and no. You website will rank at the top of search engines for the targeted keywords that were selected in the SEO proposal provided. Your website may also rank on the first page for the other keywords that were implemented on the website. It is impossible however to rank number one for every single keyword used on the SEO campaign. If a company does make this promise, then they are more than likely using black hat techniques and are trying to scam you.

Keep in mind that SEO goes beyond keyword ranking and being at the top of Google. We strive to build and grow your business and get you the most traffic and customers to your website. It is better to rank third or forth on a search page for a number of keywords than it is to rank number one for just one keyword, as well. The focus of Mack Media Group is to bring your Branford business the highest ROI and conversions.


The Mack Media Group is Tennessee’s authority amongst other local SEO agencies, and we can help you achieve impressive results to build your business. We’re not just an SEO agency; we are your partner who wants to see your business grow. We want to see your Nashville, TN business succeed, and with the help of our effective, ROI-driven, and straightforward approach to SEO, it can.

PPC managementsearch engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM)web design & development  are available through The Mack Media Group.

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