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The Mack Media Group is Mansfield’s premier SEO agency with a proven track record of bringing the best return on investment Connecticut has ever seen.

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a tactic used to rank your website #1 on Google. We use the safest and most effective white hat techniques to get your Mansfield business website ranking on top.

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Why Trust the Mack Media Group with Your Mansfield, CT SEO?


We use the best software to provide the most accurate and measurable results possible. We ensure that the results you are provided are also based on key performance indicators that you can review to see that you are getting the highest return on investment for your Mansfield SEO campaign possible.



Mack Media offers the most transparent business relationship possibly by walking you through every step of your Mansfield SEO campaign, providing regular reporting and welcoming the opportunity to answer any questions. You will never be left in the dark when working with Mack Media.



We understand the importance of investing in your company and wanting the best results. That’s why we make sure you’re getting the best! Each client we work is never the same and that is why we provide a completely customized SEO plan that is catered to your business and its products and services.


In order to provide you with the best service possible and to show you our efforts are working, Mack Media Group offers regular reporting on your Mansfield website’s SEO campaign. Offering weekly and monthly reports, you will be in-the-know if everything we are doing to your website and what the results of each step are. We include key metrics for each step that can include keyword ranking and conversion tracking. You have the opportunity to email us each time you get your report with any questions you may have.

What is Included in Your Mansfield, CT SEO Services?

Initial SEO Audit

We start each of our SEO campaigns with an initial SEO audit. This audit is essential in determining the baseline of your website and allows us to then analyze what the next steps are. We are looking for key factors like your business’ online presence, what type of backlinks your website has and competitor websites among others to create the best SEO plan for your Mansfield business.

Keyword Research

Our SEO campaigns are centered around the type of keywords you want your business’ website to rank for, so we make sure to spend an extensive amount of time performing keyword research. We analyze your Manfield business’ products and services to know what your customers are researching to make sure you are both ranking for the right words and ranking high for them on Google.


Competitor Analysis

Mack Media makes a point to check out the competition to make sure you stand out online. We look at how other Mansfield business’ is ranking and what keywords they are ranking for so that you can outrank them and get the best conversions and ROI as possible.

Technical Site Optimization

It is our duty as the best SEO agency in Connecticut to investigate all parts of your site and optimize accordingly. Our technical site optimization looks at your page load speeds, title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, internal linking, url structure, site architecture and schema markup to make sure they are being utilized as efficiently as possible within the realm of your Mansfield business SEO campaign. We will also make sure to incorporate those keywords we researched wherever possible.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is just as important as search engine optimization when it comes to your Mansfield business campaign. SEO is only successful if your potential clients click on your links. Therefore we strive to make the most compelling and eye-catching content as possible. This content includes blog posts, white papers, infographics and videos.

Link Building

Link building is known to be one of the most important and most effective SEO strategies available. The Mack Media Group implements this by researching the most relevant and highest authority websites and only uses white hat tactics for link building.

Local Listing Optimization

Mack Media incorporates an effective form of SEO by making sure your customers are viewing the most accurate information on your local listings. If your local 3-pack is incorrect, it is not only unhelpful to your customers but it is also bad for SEO. We verify your name, address and phone number in the local 3-pack as well as monitor all your customer reviews.

Backlink Audit & Cleanup

Having questionable backlinks to your website could be detrimental to your website’s SEO. Mack Media takes care of this by performing an extensive backlink audit and cleanup. We determine where there are backlinks to your Mansfield website and whether or not they are harming your SEO. Then if needed, we will remove the links.

Conversion Tracking

We want you to see the success we are making on your Mansfield business’ ROI. Therefore we offer conversion tracking so you can see the direct results of our SEO efforts such as inbound calls, link clicks and chat-box submissions.

Regular Reporting

In order to keep our Mansfield clients as informed as possible, we provide both weekly and monthly reporting on their SEO campaigns. This regular reporting will include key metrics like conversion tracking and keyword ranking to allow our clients the most up-to-date information possible. We also welcome all questions pertaining to these reports.


Search Engine Optimization FAQs

SEO is an investment that continues to give long after the campaign has been completed. Along with organic marketing that is earned through SEO, we help boost your business’ reputation and online presence along with ranking your website on top of Google.
Yes. The ROI on your SEO efforts will prove to be well worth the investments for up to years after the campaign has been completed. Unlike paid advertising, SEO offers long-lasting positive results that will keep you high on Google’s search engine rankings.
Search engine optimization is a unique marketing practice that uses organic (unpaid) tactics to boost your website’s ranking on Google. We do this by performing keyword research, link building, local listing optimization and much more.
The Mack Media Group never uses black hat methods on any of our client’s SEO campaigns. Black hat methods are an untrustworthy way to boost a website’s SEO abnormally quickly, and while the results may take effect quickly, Google could potentially penalize and disavow your website. While white hat methods take longer, they are safer and provide long-lasting and positive results without any risk of being penalized by Google.
The timeline to notice positive results on Google can vary and usually depend on the previous state of your Mansfield website. That is why our first steps on our SEO campaigns is an initial audit. Factors that can affect how long it takes to see results can include the age of the website, what types of backlinks are on the internet, whether or not your website has been penalized by Google and others. The average time for a website to notice positive SEO results is 4-6 months.
Yes and no. Our SEO efforts on your Mansfield website will rank it at number one for the target keyword but does not mean it will rank number one for every single keyword in the campaign. If an SEO agency ever promises that, then you may be the victim of a scam.

Keep in mind that the goal of an SEO campaign is to build and grow your website through organic inbound traffic to gain conversions. While SEO typically does this by increasing the ranking on your website, our focus is much more than simply ranking your website #1.

SEO Services to Grow Your Mansfield, CT Company

Located in Mansfield, CT, The Mack Media Group is the top SEO agency serving Connecticut. They pride themselves on providing the most efficient digital marketing services available and provide the highest ROI.

Along with SEO, Mack Media also offers services that include social media, PPC, web design and web development.

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