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Mack Media’s talented, professional team can help get your East Orange business discovered using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an assortment of techniques that help you website rank on the first page for terms important to your business in search engines like Google and Bing. From the medical field to contractors, whatever your business, we can make it rank.

While improving your search ranking is important, a positive ROI is just as crucial. By setting up conversions and dynamic phone tracking we can demonstrate the return on your investment. We can demonstrate just how many customers are generated through SEO providing you with an ROI you can measure. Mack Media is East Orange NJ’s trusted SEO agency.

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Why Trust the Mack Media Group with Your East Orange, NJ SEO?


Your marketing dollars represent a very tangible investment for your East Orange business. It is thus crucial that you know the ROI and how many customers SEO generates. That is why we use dynamic call and conversion tracking to provide you with an exact amount.


We never use black hat SEO practices that could harm your website and business. Instead we pride ourselves on our use of white hat SEO techniques which improve your long term SEO rankings. If you ever have questions we are happy to answer.


Every company is unique with a different set of needs, especially in SEO. As such we provide clients with a customized SEO plan designed with strategies built around your company and website.


We will always keep your business involved and thus provide detailed reports at the end of every month customized to your business. These include conversions, keyword rankings, and other crucial information. You will also be provided with regular weekly updates to make sure you are always informed.

What is Included in Your East Orange, NJ SEO Services?

Initial SEO Audit

We start our process by running an SEO audit on your company’s online presence and website. We use this audit to collect current local organic rankings, 3-Pack rankings, check the site backlink portfolio, set up Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, and analyze the current SEO practices used by your site.

Keyword Research

Shortly after the audit we perform keyword research for your East Orange business. We closely examine your services in order to discover your top keywords and analyze their potential web traffic and the difficulty to rank. This research identifies which keywords have the greatest ROI.

Competitor Analysis

There are other companies in East Orange and the worldwide web competing for your customers, although your online competition may differ from your local competition. We scour the backlink portfolios of your competitors and examine their content and tactics to brainstorm the most effective SEO strategy to beat them.

Technical Site Optimization

The best place to start optimizing your web presence with SEO is your website. Consequently, one of our first steps is to optimize the website title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, site content, internal linking, url structure, image optimization, schema markup, load time, and more. This will provide a strong start to improving your rankings and getting your company noticed.

Inbound Marketing

We will get your customers to come to you with Inbound Marketing and Content Optimization. Once we’ve identified your target customer base we can tailor the content to them. We will use content blog posts, white papers, infographics, videos, and other mediums so that they’ll find you.

Link Building

One of the most important parts of any SEO strategy is link building, which we use to help boost the organic ranking of your business. However, we only use white hat link building techniques and stay well clear of black hat tactics that provide only short term results before potentially backfiring. We will acquire links and do research and outreach. You can simply enjoy all the new customers.

Local Listing Optimization

Local listings are another huge part of your search engine optimization. We check your local listings across the top listing websites, paying careful attention to make sure that your name, address, phone (NAP) are consistent to give you higher rankings in your local 3-Pack. Additionally we monitor reviews and respond to any on your listings.

Backlink Audit & Cleanup

We will only ever use white hat link-building with your website. If you’ve already had someone use black hat techniques have no fear. We carefully audit the backlink portfolio of your website taking pains to remove and disavow any back links that are hurting your site’s rankings.

Conversion Tracking

Because we know how important it is that your hard earned marketing dollars result in a clear ROI we make sure to track web forum submission, phone calls, and chat-box submission coming from your natural search results. Our precise tracking of conversions helps you make smart decisions with your marketing dollars.

Regular Reporting

We try to make sure you always know about the SEO work we do for your business. Therefore we keep you regularly informed with a detailed, custom monthly report in addition to regular weekly updates. If you every have questions you are always free to email or call.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

The goal of any business’s marketing efforts is to get noticed. In the internet age that often means going through a search engine like Google. As such appearing higher in the search results is crucial. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads can guarantee placement of your site in search results that you care about, but every potential customer costs you a fee, even if they don’t buy anything. This quickly becomes expensive. But with search engine optimization (SEO) you can attract visitors to your website through the organic search results, thus avoiding the cost per acquisition of PPC while also leading to more visitors and thus more revenue for your East Orange business.
Yes the investment is worth it. Search engine optimization can take some time but will ultimately be a huge source of traffic and potential customers, at no pay-per-click charge, to your site. PPC advertising and social media advertising only provide results so long as you continue to pay. While SEO is less immediate, the traffic it provides comes at no extra cost, building up into a potent source of free customers and providing a far lower cost per acquisition.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works by optimizing the organic search results from search engines like Google. Search engines use proprietary algorithms which use 200+ factors to determine what sources are the relevant or authoritative on any given subject. The higher the site’s rating in the algorithm for a given keyword, the higher the site will appear in the search engine results for that given term. SEO uses strategies designed around these factors to cause your site to appear higher in natural search results.
No and we never will use black hat methods on your site. For those unfamiliar, black hat methods refer to SEO strategies and tactics that Google and Bing do not appreciate. These tactics can sometimes be effective in boosting a site relatively quickly. However, as soon as Google or Bing become aware of the usage of these techniques in question, the site gets heavily penalized with its ranking taking a nosedive. The potential harm of these techniques outweighs any kind of benefit.

Because of this Mack Media only ever uses white hat SEO methods. As you might expect these are methods approved of by Google and Bing. While this process takes slightly longer, it is devoid of the extreme danger and risk associated with black hat techniques. Just like your business, our SEO is built for the long term.

The type of search terms in question, the competition, and the initial status of the website, in regard to SEO, will affect the length of time SEO takes. If target terms are subject of fierce competition, or the website has not had any kind of SEO optimization before, SEO will take longer. The average amount of time for SEO though is 4-6 months for significant results. SEO is for the long term. A higher website rank means more views for your site and thus ultimately more potential customers and thus more sales. The only way to potentially receive faster results is through black hat tactics which carry a heavy risk. Once discovered, a business using such tactics to boost their rankings often finds itself below even where it started.
Yes and no. We can get you high on the rankings for your target key words. However, no one can guarantee you the top spot for every keyword you choose. In fact, it is actually far more important to rank high on a variety of keywords rather than the highest on one or two. A company ranked third or fourth on fifty keywords will receive far more traffic, and thus potential customers, than one ranked first on one or even two keywords. An obsession with ranking can often be detrimental for a company.

Thus we at Mack Media Group focus on getting your website highly ranked on a variety of different target terms rather than focusing on being number one for any single one, although that may certainly happen. Once we see results for one list of words we’ll add more to help you reach the widest audience possible.

SEO Services to Grow Your East Orange, NJ Company

We here at Mack Media are determined to help your East Orange business with all of its SEO needs. We aim to impress with our ROI-driven, white hat SEO services that will help your business grow. Your business’s success is important to us and we hope to see you thrive in East Orange.

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