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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the perfect way to get potential customers to discover your Albany business. SEO is a way to optimize your website for specific keywords and appear higher in searches for said keywords on Google, Bing, and other search engines. With our SEO we can make it easier than ever for interested consumers to find you.

In order to make sure that your investment pays off we track your ROI carefully. We’ll use dynamic phone and conversion tracking to keep a careful eye on the number of customers generated. You can rely on Mack Media to be the trusted Albany SEO company you need.

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Why Trust the Mack Media Group with Your Albany, NY SEO?


We know that it is important that you can see just how effective your SEO services are. That’s why we use conversion tracking and dynamic call to provide accurate information and give you a measurable ROI.


We’re very proud of our work here at Mack Media and happy to share any information you might ask for. We avoid short term only black hat methods, that could end up hurting your business and website, like the plague and instead use white hat methods that are good for your company in the long run.


No company in Albany or elsewhere is the same. That’s why we make sure to customize our plans to your business and no one else’s. We don’t use SEO templates and instead build our plan around your business needs.


All of this is far less useful useful if you’re kept out of the loop. That’s why we make sure to provide regular updates with our highly detailed, customized monthly reports and even weekly updates.

What is Included in Your Albany, NY SEO Services?

Initial SEO Audit

Every SEO task starts with a thorough audit of your website and online presence. This is in addition to collecting local organic rankings and 3 pack rankings. We’ll also make sure to go through your site’s backlink portfolio and examine your on site practices.

Keyword Research

We’ll follow up our audit with research on the best keywords for your Albany business. We’ll carefully identify keywords that not just receive high web traffic but are also relevant to the services your business offers. We’ll then base our plans around these keyword targets.

Competitor Analysis

Much of your competition in Albany and beyond is also trying to grow their businesses with SEO, allowing us to take advantage of their efforts. We’ll take a thorough look through their backlinks and content to engineer a plan to best them.

Technical Site Optimization

The core of SEO is always going to be your website so that is where we will focus much of our efforts. We’ll go through your content and optimize title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, internal linking, site content and architecture, URL structure, schema markup, load times, and the list goes on.

Inbound Marketing

We’ll also work on inbound marketing for your website to reach your target customers. After analyzing your target audience we will create content blog posts, white papers, infographics, and even videos in order to appeal to them.

Link Building

Links are also a huge part of any successful SEO effort. We’ll make sure to carefully research and acquire legitimate white hat links that will help your website, not hurt it, in order to boost your site’s rankings. We stay well clear of the spammy backlink techniques that mark black hat SEO.

Local Listing Optimization

Local listings are playing ever bigger roles in the area of SEO. That is why we’ll go through the local listings for your Albany business to make sure your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are consistent across the board and you rank highly for the local 3-pack. We’ll also monitor customer reviews and even respond for you.

Backlink Audit & Cleanup

While we only use white hat techniques, you may have been burned by a company using black hat techniques before. If this is the case we will carefully audit your backlink portfolio by disavowing and removing harmful links that might be hurting your rankings.

Conversion Tracking

We want to help ensure that you receive a great return on your investment. In order to provide you with accurate numbers and statistics we’ll track web forum and chat-box submissions in addition to phone calls. This will let you know just how effective these techniques have proven for your Albany business.

Regular Reporting

You can rely on us to always keep you in the loop. Every month we send you a report with detailed statistics customized to your business. We also send shorter weekly updates and are always happy to answer any questions you have over the phone or via email.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

Search engines are a huge source of information for the average consumer. You probably are familiar with the phrase “Google It.” As a result it is vital to your business’s visibility that you rank highly in search results, especially for your local Albany area. While you can of course use Pay-Per-Click ads to secure a high spot, this grows expensive and every visitor, regardless of whether they made a purchase or not, costs you. SEO provides an alternative way to improve your visibility without being charged for every visitor.
Undoubtedly. SEO does not provide instantaneous results, but in the long run it saves a great deal of money and will bring many, many new customers. PPC and Social Media advertising are faster but also more expensive in the long term, ceasing to provide results once you stop paying. Despite SEO’s slower start it ultimately provides a far lower cost-per-acquisition than most other methods.
SEO is a way to influence the search results of search engines, most notably Google and Bing. These search engines tend to use a complicated algorithm to calculate just how relevant/authoritative a website is for a particular keyword. There can be over 200 different factors for the algorithm to consider and proper SEO tailors your website to these factors for your target keywords. Hence the better your SEO the higher your website will rank for your target keywords.
No, we avoid black hat methods like the plague. Black hat methods are ways to quickly boost organic rankings with methods that search engines strongly disapprove. These methods are almost always tailored to manipulating search engines rather than improving your website. When search engines discover that your webiste used these practices, and they will pretty much always discover this, they punish the website heavily and crash your organic search rankings.

The methods that we use here at Mack Media are solely white hat, or methods approved of by search engines. While they don’t provide quite the same instantaneous results, they also don’t completely ruin your search results after a few weeks or months and instead provide potent long term results.

Every SEO project is unique with different problems and a different SEO strategy making it difficult to provide a concrete estimate. The kind of competition your Albany business faces, the keywords you’re targeting (how popular they are for example), the state of your website, and of course whether you’ve done SEO work before, will all affect how long the SEO process will take. That said, on average SEO takes about 4-6 months to see effective results, although this can of course vary depending on the factors mentioned previously. SEO is ultimately though a long term investment designed to provide lots of free traffic over time.
Both yes and no. Yes your website will rank on the top of the page for the keywords that you’re targeting and perhaps even number one for some of them. However, it is highly unlikely (probably even impossible) that your website will rank first for every keyword that you are targeting. Any SEO company that promises such ludicrous results is probably scamming you or using black hat techniques that will blow up in your face a month or so after you’ve signed their check (even black hat techniques though will probably not get you number one for every keyword, even temporarily).

However, aiming for number one on every keyword is ultimately a bit of a trap. While we certainly do track and consider rankings, the exact rank is far less important than the number of keywords you rank highly for. Being ranked 5th on 20 keywords ultimately brings far, far more traffic than ranking number 1 for 5.

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