Webmaster Tools Setup

Every website can benefit from Google Webmaster Tools, but it’s not an industry standard. Proper setup and implementation is an area that Mack Media specializes in. Webmaster tools allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize website visibility. It’s an important tool for any SEO worth their salt. This is why the specialists here at Mack Media recommend that you get your Google Webmaster Tools account set up ASAP. Let us help you get started!

Search Queries

One of the most powerful aspects of Webmaster Tools is the search queries tab. It allows nerds like us to dive deep into your search data and analyze how users are getting to your page. Once we analyze the search queries and determine the changes that occur over time, it makes our life a whole lot easier. It gives us clear insight into what your individual SEO needs are, and what they will be in the future.


Mack Media can set up your Google Webmaster Tools account in no time. As you continue to grow your online business it’s likely that your site will expand as well. Google Webmaster Tools allows you to view traffic patterns over time, and see which pieces of content or which pages on your site have the best click through rates. This can help determine which types of content perform the best for you. Keeping this information in mind, it makes it easier to optimize your site and increase your overall organic traffic numbers.

Keyword Insights

Google Webmaster Tools can also give users valuable keyword insights that other programs simply cannot provide. Viewing queries by keyword can help determine which pages are ranking the best for specific keywords. Once we know which keywords are driving traffic to your pages, we can work to further optimize each individual page for each individual keyword. The result? Better SEO and even more web traffic.