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Building Your West Hartford, CT Business With PPC Advertising

The Mack Media Group can cultivate your business through PPC Management Services. With the right strategy, we can attract new potential customers to your website. Through ADwords, Bing Ads, and their partner sites, we can find the right target demographic for your West Hartford, CT business.

A positive return on investment (ROI) on your PPC is the primary goal of our agency. Our PPC team performs thorough research on keywords and your competitors before crafting your campaign. Once we have the campaign up and running, we will routinely optimize and review the advertizing to net you the greatest return on your marketing dollars. The Mack Media Group is West Hartford’s trusted PPC agency. Give us a call today: 203-456-9671.

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Why Trust the Mack Media Group with Your Hartford PPC Management?


Investing in PPC advertising is investing in your business. To properly define the value produced, the Mack Media Group uses dynamic call and conversion tracking, giving you an accurate sum of customers generated through PPC.


We take pride in our PPC management. Because of this, we are transparent with the strategies and tactics we use. We are always within reach via email and phone to respond to any questions, comments or concerns. If, for any reason, you need to terminate our services, you will keep your accounts.


Once placed, we will not neglect your PPC. The Mack Media Group will routinely review your PPC campaign, fine-tune budgets, test ad copy, and adjust targets. We want your West Hartford business to be successful and that is possible through PPC campaign.


As our business partner, you will always be included. You will receive weekly updates of work on your campaigns via email. In addition to this, you will be sent a monthly comprehensive report including clicks, conversions, impressions and any  changes made to the campaign.

What is Included in Your West Hartford PPC Services?

Keyword Research

Our first step is to perform in depth keyword research. We do not want to waste your marketing dollars, so we perform a search identifying keyword variations with intent of transaction.

Competitor Analysis

We will fully take advantage of the fact that your competitors have already invested time and money into PPC. We analyze your business rivals’ keyword targets and budgets to provide proper insight into how to make your PPC better.

Google Adwords Setup

The Google Adwords platform is our main platform for PPC advertising. Since campaigns, adgroups, keywords and ads are created, tested, and run in Google Search Results and partner search engines, advertising in search results gives us access to potential customers looking for services offered by your business or with the intent to purchase your product.

Bing Ads Setup

After we craft the PPC campaign for your West Hartford business through Google Adwords, we can recreate it within Bing Ads. Bing Ads can be used to garner more search traffic if Google Adwords is not providing enough or if your target demographic prefers Bing to its search partners.

Search Ads Campaigns

Paid search ads comprise most of PPC advertising. These advertisements display within Google and Bing search results at the top and/or the bottom of search results. This returns the highest ROI because you are guaranteeing your spot in a search your potential customer is makes.

Display Ads Campaigns

Another option are display ad campaigns. Although they have a lower click-through-rate (CTR), they offer a deeper set of targeting options. It also offers the opportunity of brand building and supplementary search traffic.

Remarketing Ads Campaigns

Remarketing ads are responsive banner ads displayed on different websites to individuals who have previously visited your business website. You have a second chance of marketing your business to those who have already shown interest in your services. This improves awareness of the brand and thus increases the conversion rate of advertising.

PPC Ad Optimization

We tailor your PPC campaign with keywords, tested copy, targeting and ad extensions. The Mack Media Group will continue to test the ads, bids and keyword variations to generate the largest amount of customers. PPC ad optimization is a central facet in your advertising campaign.

Conversion Tracking

Utilizing dynamic phone and conversion tracking, we can produce a concrete ROI. We can track any caller, anybody who fills out a web form or web chat. You will know how many leads or products purchased came from our PPC advertising for your West Hartford, CT business.

Regular Reporting

This is your West Hartford business, so we keep you in the loop concerning your PPC advertising. We provide weekly emails that detail the development and new work done. You will also be sent a custom PPC report at the end of every month that entails the progress of your campaigns with any notes necessary.

PPC Management FAQs

Search engines generate most of your web traffic. Search engine traffic is comprised of relevant, transactionally minded potential customers, interested in the services of your business. While search engine optimization (SEO) can display your business website higher in search results naturally, it takes much longer.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising provides immediate access to your intended demographic by placing ads above and below those natural search results. This gives you the upper hand in terms of leads and customers needed for your business.

Pay-per-click (PPC) has the advantage of offering different options in targeting such as seeking those who type in specific keywords into a search engine. This allows you to display ads only to those who show interest in your business, service or product.  This circumvents the hassle of whittling down masses for potential customers.

Furthermore, the targeting can focus on location of the search, the time of the day, whether they were on a desktop or mobile device and even their income level. The remarketing through display ads also offer the targeting avenues of demographic and psychographic attributes.

Google Adwords and Bing Ads create an auction for specific keyword search ad placements. Who receives the ad is dependent on how willing competing advertisers are to pay for a click on their PPC ad for a particular set of keywords.

To whom the spot is given is reliant on both the winner of the auction and their Ad Rank. An Ad Rank is composed of the cost-per-click the advertiser bid and the quality score of the ad itself.

The quality score is measured by numerous factors such as relevance, the expected clicks, the content of the landing page to which the ad points along with the usage of ad extensions.

The quality score and CPC bid provide the resulting Ad Rank, which then determines the order of ads in the search engine results.

The cost of each click on your ad will vary. The more competitors bidding for a keyword will be the higher your cost-per-click CPC is.

Having a lower quality score also increases the CPC, while having a higher quality score lowers your CPC.

Quality Score is a method of evaluating the relevancy of an ad and its landing page to the searcher’s inputted keywords. The more relevant the ad is the more likely the search provider will have your ad displayed to a searcher. An ad with a high quality score for a keyword can rank number one with a lower bid than one with a low quality score.

PPC ads will appear in different places depending on the type and setup of the ad.

Search Advertising – search ads display above or below the natural results in Bing, Google and their search partners, meaning the websites who use a customized Google or Bing search engine.

Display Advertising – Display ads are banner images, videos, or rich content ads that appear on websites agreeing to display advertising. They are all part of a large network of sites who are all open to using ads on their pages. Youtube, owned by Google, is included on this list. Which websites you wish to display your ads is up to you and your keywords.

Remarketing Ads – Remarketing ads are display ads that appear on websites within the display network. Remarketing ads are only displayed for those that have visited your website or a specific part of your website. You have the option to control how many websites display your ads.

Yes. Your existing Adwords ad Bing Ads accounts will be used for your PPC campaigns. If you don’t have one, we will create it for you.

If our services are ever terminated for any reason, we will make sure you keep your accounts.

PPC Services to Grow Your West Hartford, CT Company

The Mack Media Group will help grow your business. With the intent of a positive ROI, our PPC management services offer efficient results that include you every step of the way. We work with you and your budget to create an effective PPC campaign. We are your faithful PPC management company.

The Mack Media Group is your one-stop marketing agency for PPC management, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), web design & development. Please reach out to us today to get started: 203-456-9671.